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How to Breed Chickens

Chicken is probably one of the most favored types of animal that can be eaten. It is rich in protein, and at the same time, it is delicious especially if it is cooked in so many different ways. Eating chicken is not possible without breeding them. So, if you are interested in breeding chickens by yourself, here are the steps on how to do it.

Before you start the breeding process, it is highly important that you check if your area allows the breeding of chicken. Some areas do not allow this because of sanitation purposes. Moreover, chicken wastes also do not smell good, and this is a problem in neighborhoods. So, to avoid further problems, it is best that you should check the laws of your locality. By doing so, you are avoiding the big payments of fines.

Moreover, you should also consider the amount of space that you have. When breeding chickens, you are aware that you will have more numbers soon. So, make sure that the coop is ready to house more chickens.

Then the breeding process as discussed at this link: chickenbreedslist.com/chicken-breeds/ starts by choosing a good rooster. Eggs will not hatch when you do not have a rooster prepared. Always bear in mind that one rooster can mate with ten hens. In choosing a rooster, you should check on his physical well-being. His feet should not be deformed in any way and also the eyes should have the same color. Also, it is important to choose a rooster that is less aggressive or else they have the high tendencies of hurting the hens.

Afterwards, you should start choosing the right time for breeding. In most cases, any time of the year is possible, but according to so many experts Spring breeds give out the best results. The roosters and hens are in the finest conditions of their bodies, and the weather seemed to be alright. When you start breeding, it is extremely important to feed your hens and roosters always and on time to get the best results possible.

Then the last thing that you have to do is to decide whether you are incubating the eggs yourself or you are letting the hen incubate it. According to chicken experts, eggs that are being incubated and raised by hens usually take a lot of time, and in most cases, the percentage of the live chicks or chicken is less. If you are thinking of having chickens for a business venture or so, then you should consider in buying an incubator.

In summary, breeding chickens is indeed a fun way to have more. Always remember that the essential animals needed for breeding are a rooster and a hen. The rooster can be any breed just choose the one which is less aggressive so that it will not hurt the hen or the chicks. Moreover, it is important to bear in mind that when it comes to breeding, hard work and patience are virtues that should be practiced.  

Shameful Highway Robbery by @BlacktownCC of Disabled Permit Holders

I copped a $155 fine for parking forwards in a disabled bay in a line of rear to curb parking, which is completely legal, as the disabled person has difficulty getting out and they can’t enforce that kind of stuff on disabled bays. The parking attendant ran off like a bitch (took photos and drove away) when I approached them to explain that the vehicle was still running / not parked. They didn’t give me a ticket, filed it as delivered, then set the SDRO on me with an enforcement order. Now I have to pay $55 to have a CHANCE at legal recourse / due process. Irony being at the time a bunch of guys at a fruit and veg store were jeering them, screaming something in Arabic, and telling them to ‘fuck off, his passenger is disabled and he’s helping her out’ while a 500 year old extremely disabled woman was being manhandled out the door of the very narrow parks by me while they were being ninja photographers. The RTA/RMS and Blacktown city council parking officers here are a fucking joke, that’s just inappropriate, inhuman, and disgusting. The best part is they have you stitched with so much red tape it’s easier to pay the $155 than see justice done and they RELY on that to fuck everyone over and raise surprise taxes off everyone with highway robbery. The SDRO woman I rang was unsympathetic and entirely disinterested, she even went as far as taunting me calling me stupid for not ‘ringing the SDRO if I saw a guy writing a ticket’ when 1. tickets aren’t filed for anywhere up to 30 days, 2. I wasn’t given a ticket just an enforcement order, and 3. I’m not psychic and didn’t know who to call. She told me ‘that’s the price of ignorance.’ My only recourse is to hope I can be given the privilege of taking it to court; whereas all other first world countries have the essential human right of due process, in Australia our statutory authorities are a law unto themselves. Hell, the RTA/RMS can still deduct points off your license if they want even if a court finds you innocent of what they’re claiming. It’s absolutely wrong, abhorrent, and disgusting. The old lady I was helping out offered to pay the fine, but that’s a fortnight of her pension so I flat refused. She has no family and her husband has really bad dementia and is in a home, so she’s on her own and has no one to help her, and apparently the reward for being a good citizen from Blacktown Council is getting butt raped with surprise fines. Today is a sad, sad day to be a resident of this area, clearly they are inheriting the traits of Sydney CBD and using us motorists as an easy revenue raising system. If anyone is aware of any civil disobedience or action groups to resist and overthrow these zany unconstitutional statutory authorities or cause them grief let me know. I’ll quite gladly throw my 50k+ social networks and 8m readership into the fight. This entire nation is an abundance of surprise tax, fines, licenses, fees, etc. even including things like ‘stamp duty’ on cars, something even the SDRO couldn’t tell me what it’s for, what ‘stamping’ is involved, or why my ‘stamp duty’ surprise tax goes to ‘public schools, parks and civil buildings’ or why I should have to pay for those things when I don’t have kids, don’t use parks, or community halls. It really is absurd. I am really reconsidering staying in Australia. I may have been born here but I was prudent enough to get citizenship from the country my father is from. Perhaps it’s time I go somewhere less tax happy where citizens aren’t punished arbitrarily for success, or in this case, philanthropic pursuits?
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White men are no longer being accepted by the SA Airways

Cadet pilot training course applications from white men are no longer being accepted by the SA Airways (SAA), it was reported on Friday. SAA spokesman Kabelo Ledwaba told Beeld that the cadet programme was being advertised online as an initiative to bring pilot demographics in line with the country’s broader demographics. “Only 15 percent of SAA’s pilots are currently black, and this includes Indians and coloureds. The rest are white, and 91 percent of them are men.” Ledwaba said the airline would appoint male, white pilots when there were vacant posts for which applicants of other races could not be found. Beeld had asked why white applicants were being rejected across the board. An irate father had called the newspaper to complain that his son, who had a commercial pilot’s licence and met the educational and physical criteria, had been rejected on the grounds of race. By filling out several dummy applications, Beeld established that the online form had been programmed to reject any white applicants.  
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The Assange Affair, UK Gone Wild & Julia Sits on Her Hands (@juliagillardpm @UKinUSA @ukinrussia @ukniqatar @ukinlebanon)

The UK have stated they will not allow Assange to leave the Ecuadorian embassy for safe passage after he was recently granted asylum. Never in the history of the world has one state raided the embassy of another over an allegation of possible sexual misconduct or harassment. The allegations have no evidence besides a statement by the alleged victims, which has absolutely no weight in the grand scheme of things. The entire Assange Affair is one of the most disgusting illustatrions of how nasty and manipulative world governments are, and how bitter and jaded the US government is for it’s own citizens being allowed to expose it for war crimes and acts of brutality. The irony is, everything the US got caught out doing was a SERIOUS heinous act, a war crime in most cases exposed, which we should all condemn in disgust, and thank those who exposed them. Right now Bradley Manning is rotting away in the concentration camps at Guantanamo Bay, without due process, without trial, without charge. The anti-terrorism legislations brought in after 9/11 have done nothing to stop terrorists, but have led to thousands of wrongful and illegal detainments, search and seizures, and other woefully unjust acts that should make each and every sane rational person utterly disgusted and fearful of their leaders. The UK is threatening to ‘storm’ the Ecuadorian embassy. They are blanket arresting protestors today all over the UK to try and keep it out of the media’s eye. They are behaving like absolute fucking animals, all because Uncle Sam has told them to get Assange to Sweden, where he ‘faces questioning’ in ‘regards to an allegations of sexual misconduct’, but all the while an extradition order is sitting there waiting for him in Sweden to be extradited to the United States to be brutally butt fucked without any sense of legality or justice and probably ‘vanished’ like thousands of others into concentration camps. If they do this, I’m burning my British citizenship. I will NOT be a part of a nation state that commits such atrocious acts against justice and freedom. The mere threat they have posed is more vile an act than any violent terrorism, as whilst violence affects those injured and killed, legislative abuse affects every single citizen for the rest of their lives usually (as we’re helpless to repeal corrupt laws), and leave the entire nation living in fear more so than a plane hitting a tower ever would. You and I both know we aren’t scared of jihadi’s in lolcopters as much as we are of our crazy governments. Here in Australia we have it too. The ASIO Act ammendments after 9/11 allow them to kidnap anyone without charge or warrant, and kidnap anyone who SEES the kidnapping who may reveal the kidnapping. I have seen court proceedings for similar matters with my own eyes, the prosecutors walked in and pretty much told the judge they’re holding these guys and didn’t state a charge, the judge said without a charge arresting and holding him is illegal, they said that there is a charge they just don’t have to tell the court what the charge is, nor the defendant (the person they kidnapped), nor anyone. He questioned the legality but eventually found that the legislation does in fact allow that; further the legislation allows them to also kidnap the judge should he so much as question them on the matter. In this case they didn’t. This all sounds too Orwellian for me. I do not fear terrorists, I fear the police. I do not fear the Taliban, I fear politicians. I do not fear Al Qaeda, I fear our eroded vacuous rights. I do not fear the Middle East, I fear the United States. I think many of you have the same feelings. We’re powerless, and now we’re living in a world where even if you try and express your rights to freedom of speech, or protest, you will most probably end up arrested. This leaves us with NO recourse to remove these fucking dreadful laws, as the politicians who aren’t corrupt asshats are too scared just as we are. At least the United States has a chance, their founding fathers were smart and left the right to bare arms in the constitution (albeit also eroded with time) for JUST THIS SITUATION, where the government is harming it’s people and needs to be forcibly removed. Sadly in Australia we lack those rights, in fact it’s quite the opposite. The parliamentarians love the fact that most Australian’s have a deluded view of firearm ownership, and every few years they bring in more draconian gun laws that make legitimate firearm owners like myself have to pay thousands more in surprise tax, yet the criminal ownership of firearms is ever growing and the legitimate ownership is diminishing. I’ve mentioned before how Australia used to take home almost all the gold medals at the Olympics for shooting sports, but our shooters all jumped ship and moved overseas with the last change to the laws. So we can’t talk, we can’t protest, we can’t fight back. What the fuck can we do? Seriously? HOW do we get horrific laws that give us absolutely no rights and give secret gestapo like police the ability to fuck you up anyway the please? I mean it’s even worse in New South Wales where I live; our state police have batshit powers, worse still, most of them are undereducated and do not know the law. They all have ‘university degrees’, but they’re from a diploma mill in Canberra and are the equivalent of a few 100 unit courses for two years as opposed to 1, 2, 3, 4 hundreds times 8 times two over four years. I’m a lawyer by qualification, and even I’ve been gobsmacked with high school drop out roughian cops trying to argue incorrect and even patently absurd lines with me, but you have to cop it on the chin or they’ll make your life hell. You sure as fuck can’t get snarky with them, and have to show as much patience and eloquence as possible or you’re done for. And right there on the road side they are judge jury and executioner. The FEW laws that require the approval of a magistrate before they execute some heinous act on you (pinning you down and ripping your hair out for a DNA sample, shoving a gloved hand up your arse, you name it) are thwarted by the fact that THE POLICE HAVE A CHAMBER MAGISTRATE AT THE STATION WHO THEY EMPLOY. I fucking shit you not. The magistrates who have to sign off on their goose stepping are employees of the police. If that’s not corruption I don’t know what is. Fuck, I don’t even remember where I’m going with this anymore. I’m sorry guys. I rarely lose the plot and you all know me more for my poignant arguments and rants of awesome. But this has been festering for about a decade now and every time I have to write about it I’m sickened even more by the fact that these cunts breathe the same air as me and claim to be the same species. They’re not. They’re some foul form of sub human that was beaten in the playground and spend the rest of their life finding ways to exert arbitrary ubiquitous and evil control over everyone around them. They’re reincarnated nazis, plain and fucking simple. And guess what. We’re the Jews. I can’t do this anymore, I’m done writing.
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News Limited’s @christoforpaine Racist Rant draws Internet Ire on Social Media

We Australian’s like to think we’re good sportsmen. The fact of the matter is, internationally, we’re notoriously bad sports. Sore losers, arrogant, and great at a few sports but mediocre at the rest. We lost our Olympic gold medal shooters because our gun laws are insane, most skipped off to other nations. That left us with swimming. Yep, and that’s about it. The only sport we have left where we usually always get a gold or ten. We actually did better at shooting than swimming, but AU is a notorious nanny state, so they don’t like showing things that go bang on TV, most Australian’s didn’t even KNOW we had some of the worlds best shooters until 2008 when they all left. Recently News Limited has been inciting racism, and racialised hatred between the UK and Australia in a tit for tat “LOL WE HAZ MOR MEDULZ DAN U” idiotic bitch fight by a social nobody, Chris Paine, who thought it would be hilarious to write a bitchy little rant attacking the British athletes, who I might add are our host nation for the games. On checking out his Twitter he has a whopping great following of SIX HUNDRED fans, seriously, how can someone who writes for a high profile website be such a social reject? Maybe his racist and bigoted attitude is also reflected on his social media posts? Who knows. Shortly after The Sun retaliated with an equally awkward “We’re journalists, we don’t get out much, but we hope the kids still say cowabunga dude?!” reposte. They were hoping we wouldn’t all click that they’re the same company, of course, and did everything they could to portray it as a legit bitch fight between two seperate entities. The bit where I got rubbed the wrong way was when it hit reddit. I saw my entire nation shamed in a global forum for the racist idiocy of one person. Rightly so, I might add, because his view was supported by hundreds of comments below the article by narrow minded ignorant twats who really should have been banned from purchasing a modem due to IQ deficiency. Oh, wait, they haven’t passed that law I’ve been lobbying for yet. Snap. HAHAHAHA SEE, I’M AS FUNNY AS CHRIS PAINE. Ok, back to task. These vapid little boorish cunts should be sacked for their efforts, IMHO. There’s enough intellectually handicapped fucktard twats in the press, the last thing we need is racist bigots added to that list. If they had ANY dignity they’d apologize and resign for their actions, in an era where we have their lame company pushing a #heroswalkaway theme against bullying, we have the same company spouting racist vitriol and hate? C’mon. Surely News Limited doesn’t support that kind of crap? I wouldn’t be shocked if they do, of course. Here is the offending article, and the wry reply to the Sun’s retaliation post. http://www.news.com.au/sport/london-olympics/borat-knows-best-when-it-comes-to-winning-gold-medals-team-gb-take-note/story-fndpu6dv-1226440264291 http://www.news.com.au/sport/london-olympics/oh-no-weve-offended-the-brits/story-fndpu6dv-1226444531757 It’s a bad day to be an Australian, utterly shameful.
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@Twitter Discriminate Against their Userbase, Read This to Find out More (Trust me, it effects you too! (@Support))

It’s hard to get a big faceless corporation to talk to you. I personally have managed to get all kinds of big faceless corporations, arguably even the souless variety, to address serious issues in the past of inequity or unfairness. Consumer activism is a passion of mine that comes with the territory of reviewing products and services whilst being a tech and entertainment blogger. I have personally had PR handlers from Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Telstra, British Petroleum and many other huge multi-nationals contact me first go in reply to issues from faulty products, dangerous claims, or discrimination. But there is one egg I’ve yet to crack. Twitter. I have almost 50,000 fans on Twitter on @bashpr0mpt and several other accounts nearing that under different projects I have run over the years. As a technology evangelist I promoted the absolute crap out of them, which is a hard line when Facebook rules the coop and only one in ten people are receptive to your “Hey, if you don’t use it, make an account and I’ll introduce you to a heap of cool people!” because they’re swamped and have Web 2.0 fatigue. The problem is I’m just one of many people in the same boat. The U is silent in Web 2.0 but without it companies like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, et al would not exist and wouldn’t be hiring and providing for the families of the very same people who ignore your reasonable requests and communication. It’s 2012, most companies know that social media is integral to being accepted as a reputable brand, but it seems that social media companies–out of all companies the ones you think would know better–are the few who think they’re an exception to the rule. My beef with Twitter has been ongoing for a few years now, every few weeks without fail I have people impersonating me trying to steal my fans. Given the subjects I review they’re quite often guerilla marketing guys selling technology or entertainment related products. Over the years I’ve built up significant demographic reach (each post of mine gets seen by approximately 8 million eyes within 24 hours) and brand recognition with the most important element being integrity. If you’re a fellow geek, you’ll know this as ‘having extremely high klout,’ for the less tech savvy what that basically means is people take my reviews so deadly serious that they base actual real world purchases ‘frequently’ upon my recommendations. To retain this integrity I have turned down many cash-for-comment offers. Spnsrtwt have offered me $89 per Tweet to comment on things they want to flog. Twitt4cash a similar company have offered a flat rate of $500 per blog post reviewing a product. Sounds good, right? Well, I guess it is. BUT. Yes there’s always a but. But my integrity will be sold out, and thus people wouldn’t actively pursue my reviews of products nor take them as seriously if they knew I was getting paid for it. In the past I have been given products and / or services for free, some of significant retail value, in hopes I will review their product. I do this but retain full autonomy and will not say something bad is good. I also get invitations to red carpet events for movies and games up the whazoo, which I usually gratefully accept and pass on to folks who would appreciate it far more than I, and then base my review on the actual product in question rather than the bells and whistles and wankery that goes on at PR handled events involving coloured floor coverings. I don’t want to delve too deep into the ambiguity of what kind of a beast being a blogger is, but what I want you–the reader–to clearly ascertain is that internet celebrities have a lot of sway in consumerism as a whole. This can be a good thing if the person isn’t a dick about it. But with my interactions I also hold consumer activism close to my heart. My biggest piss of in the world is seeing innocent people ripped off by big companies. This gets me back to Twitter. If you’re a cookie cut Z-grade IRL celebrity preferably of American citizenship, preferably with a PR firm who will threaten to not use their service if they don’t get super special treatment, social media companies will bend over backwards for you. If you are an internet celebrity who has helped in the growth and development of the social media companies, don’t threaten them, and don’t demand super special treatment you will be utterly invisible and not even get common decency dictates of behaviour such as protection from impersonation, abuse, stalkers, et cetera. Twitter still verify accounts, actively. They also promote their idea of ‘celebrities’ to new users, very actively. They don’t however consider people with equal or larger followings than many of their ‘celebrities’ to be people of any merit if they are famous not for a non-speaking role in a late night community TV soap opera, or some lame vanity pressed record label. We, you and I, are nobodies to them. And that stinks! I have written a final request to Twitter addressing this discrimination. If you are a normal person who hasn’t got a PR agent and has built a following by providing good content, sticking up for the underdog–the punter at home, the consumer–and using their service exactly how they want it to be used in a manner that makes it beneficial to all users and aids it’s growth and inevitably it’s value then you have a snowflakes chance in hell of being recommended to new users, and even less of being verified and protected from the plethora of spam bots, impersonators, and sociopaths who lurk within the interwebs. Jf your mummy and daddy are rich and bought you a heavily auto-tuned studio hour along with a corny music video (lolhi Ms Black!), have a heavy handed threat weilding agent or lawyer, and tweet about inane things like how frequently you flatulate and not do anything to aid community growth or provide any semblence of intellectual communication beyond that of monosyllabilic grunts (lolhi Twitter rap stars!) then you are offered the basic protections of your brand, your identity, your fan base, and your individuality. Heck, they’ll crucify you if you dare threaten their Hollywood stereotyped celebrities in any way or even annoy them. They’ll also promote the crap out of you to their new users so you can fill their feed with afforementioned grunts rather than y’know, horrible boring stuff like science, games, movies, awesome and win. Before you know it, you’ll have as many fans as I do and you only have to post the occasional ‘lol i did teh buggst sht in teh l00 jus den jks lololol’ to get such benefits. I have asked them to stop discriminating against Twitter celebrities versus IRL celebrities as many of us have a demographic cross over too. I’m not saying that intellectually vacuous gangsta rappers aren’t as entitled to Twitters protection as much as it’s other users. But I am saying that Twitter ought to remember that it’s the common person like you and I who made them, and when one of us (and thousands of us have!) become super popular BECAUSE of that delivery of good content and BECAUSE they stick up for the underdog and do the right thing by their fellow man they should at least have the same basic protection, verification, and propogation that Twitter offer Britney Spears. I have sent them my final request to stop the discrimination, I also mentioned the two alternatives which are the last remaining sanctions I can take against them to show my disgust that in 2012 a company would disriminate a person based on their geographical location, their social status, and their occupation. That being 1. seeking an injunction ex parte from a magistrate to force Twitter to offer basic protection of brand, intellectual property, and identity to people equally as it is required based on their demographic and not whether they’re on TV or have an album, or 2. leaving Twitter and exercising the same amount of evangelical peer pressure that brought many of my friends there to leave it too for another service which doesn’t discriminate. Now I know some of you are probably thinking “naww poor diddums is butthurt he doesn’t get a cool little blue tick like Kanye ‘Yommoletyewfinish’ West” but I want to make it brutally clear. We are you. You are us. Any one of you can be any one of us if you persevere and talk about something you love with dedication and passion. But! Unlike TV and music celebrities, internet celebrities have to provide a high quality product, our words, our voices, our ideas. We cannot autotune. We cannot pay a PR agency or a good sound studio to make up for mediocrity. And furthermore we cannot protect our brand and intellectual property to the degree of Kanye as we are, probably like you, not loaded and able to hire a team of lawyers to do so. Thus we are at the mercy of companies to do the right thing, just as they drop the ball with bullying, they also drop the ball with protection of their users brand and IP. Well, this has turned into quite a wall of text. But I’ll leave it here. The ball is in your court Twitter. Edit: I am shocked at the response this post has gotten in a matter of minutes. I just want to thank you guys for the support. I would like to discourage direct attempts to lobby Twitter by filing support tickets, it’ll just flood them and probably desensitise their L1 customer service reps to what I’m trying to do here. Also it’s important to me that they see that I am just one person presenting an open moral and ethical problem to them, and I want to see if they do the right thing WITHOUT massive amounts of social pressure. That will tell us a lot more about them than simply making them give in because of the mass of responders. Further Edit: I have had a person offer to create a website to publicize this issue to the media as a social interest / david v goliath matter and have agreed to let them do so if I don’t recieve a reply in 24 hours from Twitter as it really is an interesting issue that -needs- to be addressed by both the public (Via the media) and by corporations (via their panic riddled PR department) to prevent them from thinking that us regular folk are non-entities when it comes to who deserves protection and who doesn’t.
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2012 Honda Lead 100cc LAMS Scooter Review

I’ve just picked up and thoroughly test ridden a little 100cc Honda Lead which I originally bought for my girlfriend, who wanted a bike ever since I got mine but who’s mother would have murdered her, with intent to peer pressure her into getting her L’s for it once she got her hands on it. It was sitting in the show room for a few months at most before I picked it up. Now I know I should have been worried when ‘Lead’ is also the name of a heavy metal, and rightly so, but I have to honestly review this thing (photo attached taken at a mates house where I stopped for a break from the terror of riding a children’s toy on the M4) and if I discourage one person shopping for scooters from buying a Honda, then job well done IMHO. I personally feel that vehicles such as these should be made illegal or at least taken off the road. Full throttle of the lights and a Hyundai Getz will eat you. At 80kph it develops death wobbles something fierce and the engine rev limiter kicks in with a repetitive sound that gives the vehicle the feel of an exhausted small rodent having a heart attack after an excessive run on a treadmill. The aesthetics of the scooter are flawed. It feels and looks flimsy and cheap, a Kymco scooter (notoriously flimsy and cheap) actually has more of a ‘finished’ feel to it, and is significantly cheaper. They’re sold as able to reach 100kph+ (barely) for motorway use, and this is where I feel they should be canned and taken off the road; they simply can’t. The highest speed in Australia are 120 zones, anything that cannot safely do that speed or 10k’s more is unsafe and unsuitable for our roads. The tiny little toy trike type wheels are far too small for the bad road environment of heavily used and abused Sydney streets, and frankly it was one of the scariest experiences of my life riding a children’s toy at high speed in heavy traffic. And I’ve rally raced, flown, sky dived, blah, LOTS of scary things without fretting. Now we come to the part that adds insult to injury. The fucking thing is fresh from the factory, never been exposed to the elements, and it already has surface rust, not just on the mirrors where most two wheelers cop rust (idk why Japanese manufacturers mirrors ALWAYS rust, but they do) but every weld. Mind you, every weld is slaggy and messy as fuck and looks like it was put together in someone’s shed, but they all look like that. But these are starting to fracture and rust up, and the thing now has 20 km’s on the clock. I would take it back to the sales yard and demand a refund, but it’s not their fault, it’s Honda’s shonky manufacturing of a dodgy and poorly constructed / thought out vehicle. Buyers remorse++, but if I had to rate this scooter out of ten I’d give it: 1/10. (And that’s just because I like the color.)
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iCarte 4 Review, @NetBank / @CommonwealthBank Tech Failure

So, I got my hands on an iCarte 4. It’s basically a hardware add on for your iPhone required to do what PayPal has been doing using BlueTooth for the last half decade. It’s nice to see Australian banks trying to keep up with technology, but this hardware add on will set you back $50, and requires charging. If that’s not annoying enough, you also have to know your NetBank client number, and getting it if you’re using a new phone number requires going in to a store. So something I got to save myself time is going to cost me more time than it will probably save accumulatively in the long run. I don’t know why they don’t just use the in built BlueTooth like PayPal does, I can only write it off as upper management getting sucked into another techno-scam like they do with their $300,000 web forums and multi-million dollar websites all named in naive web 2.0 abbreviations that you’d expect your elderly father to embarrass you with (CommBank, NetBank, ComSec, ComInsure, ComBiz, et al) While only the most dedicated yuppies will fork out that much for a hardware device that acts as a glorified RFID you then need to download Kaching, an app that will basically manage your new hardware add on. Then comes the hard part; you have to hope the shop accepts it. Many city shops do already according to my googling and asking around, however many don’t. Most do accept in built RFID in your St. George bank card, American Express, or other ‘smart card’ type card. This makes the competition for this dorky add on cover immensely superior. No one wants to pay for something they can get from other banks free. No one wants to replace their exquisitely beautiful white iPhone’s aesthetics with a chunky black cover. No one wants to then have to charge that cover when it’s not even a battery storage cover that acts as a back up energy storage device. If we’re going to have a chunky dorky cover on our phone we’ll want it to at least give us more juice. Overall this lacklustre piece of technology is a great example of why I don’t use my Commonwealth Bank accounts, knowing many upper echelon staff members I hear about their constant spending and staff firings to squander funds on trendy-this-minute fly by night corporations that pitch wonderful new whizzbang ideas at them with steep price tags that they’re sure are essentially the next big thing only for it to expire with a poof a few months later. If only they squandered less and put that money into a social media or PR team to try and recover their ailing image. I pity the shareholders and customers, really. If I had to rate this, I’d rate it a 1/10. The 1 is for the fact it didn’t cost me $50.
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Magnesium (Idk, just because, ok?!)

Magnesium makes up 13% of the earths mass, the fourth most common element behind iron, oxygen, and silicon. Magnesium gains weight when it burns, it draws in oxygen when burning and stores extra oxygen cells within its compound creating magnesium oxide. There are three stable isotopes, M28 has a half life of 21 hours and is made in nuclear reactors, M26 has a half life of 717,000 years and decays from 25AL, found in some meteorites, which means they were formed in the solar nebula, making it the oldest object known to man predating the solar system. Other magnesium is created in stars, from the fusing of helium, usually helium 3, with neon in what is called the alpha process, it requires 600 megakelvins, which is 273C less than 600,000,000 C. It was a key element in breaking the scientific theory of phlogiston, because it didn’t lose mass when burnt, proving phlogiston wasn’t a fifth element like ether. In 1618 a farmer in Epsom, England attempted to give his cows water from a well there, they refused to drink it due to a bitter taste. He found, by accident, that the water seemed to heal cuts and scratches miraculously well, it’s fame spread and Epsom Salts (MgSO4) became a household item. Metal ribbon wasn’t produced until 1808 by Sir Humphry Davy in England, using electrolysis of magnesia with mercury oxide to cause the otherwise crystalline powder to form into a malleable shape. He first suggested the material be called magnium, but the name changed over the years to magnesium for no apparent reason. It’s uses from healthcare to photo engraving through to sacrificial galvanic anodes to protect underground structures and tanks from erosion and a reducing agent for uranium essential in energy production, it is one of the most useful materials known to man. Magnesium has an atomic weight of 24. Oxygen has an atomic weight of 16. If you burn 0.24g of magnesium you should end up with 0.40 grams. Thus ends the random lesson of the day.
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Why Sponsored Tweets (@SponTwts) Are Scammers, Conmen and Criminals

Remember ages back when I tried a bunch of LOLGETREECH@HOME schemes to review them for you all? The only one that payed anything considerable was Sponsored Tweets, but you just NEVER got offers, ever. Basically they tell Tweeters that they have MILLIONS of advertisers and post shit about how they’re flooded with work, and talk about how they need people with a hundred or even a thousand followers and you’ll be rewarded HUGELY so. So someone with a demographic reach like me is a goldmine to them, right? Right. But they don’t have advertisers at all. And the ones they do pay for click throughs only, so you’re giving away free advertising. The worst part is, they just spam you with these low paying things whilst by their own calculations you should be pulling $50 per tweet because you’re ten times larger than their usually twits, yet you get 2 cents a pop per click through max. Then the scam gets deeper, when you ask why they say it’s because you’re not a premium member, and for X per month you can become one and you’ll get WAY MORE OFFERS. You don’t. I tried it, you still get maybe one or two offers per month and they’re 2 cent jobs again. Then to make things worse you can only cash out at $50, or $100 if you’re not in the US. You’ll NEVER get that far, so the money sits in their bank collecting interest, interest they won’t give you of course. Now if that’s not enough, they’ve recently brought in a whole new level of scamming; an inactivity fee. If you don’t use their site often enough they deduct random arbitrary numbers of cash from what you’ve earned. That was the most shocking and outright scammish element of these swindlers. So, I highly recommend if you ever consider trying these things that you NEVER use Sponsored Tweets, and warn your friends and family of it too. I knew when I started that these things are ALL scams anyway, and you’d make more flipping burgers at McDonalds as slave labor amongst 14 year old kids than you EVER will with online scams. But Sponsored Tweets is a WHOLE new level of unconscionability. Their forums are FILLED with so many people complaining about their dodgy criminal nature that they removed their forums to silence their members. Their business practice is so unrealistic I’ve passed on the details to the FBI over in the US for investigation as they seem to breach several fraud laws in the way they operate. I’ll try and keep you guys posted on any updates I get on that investigation, but they seemed very interested in online fraudsters so it may lead to some con man ass kicking hopefully! 😀
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I don’t like pears and cats like cheese.

I’m not feeling very well, and today I was tricked into eating a pear. It tasted like mushroom. I conceded to a plate of thinly sliced tasty cheese and an apple, but there was a cut up pear hiding on the plate! Apparently cheese and pairs is an after dinner thing in Italy and most European nations have similar. But regardless, pears are like apples retarded older brothers with the mental capacity of 5 year old who steal attention from the apples even when the apples get good grades and land a lead role in the school play of Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat! Which wasn’t actually technicolor I might add, it is a translation error of much contention, it was probably made of patches of the same colored cloth just different shades because he was a slave, well, sold into slavery by his brothers. But he was also a Jew which makes me skeptical when the bible says he became a ruler of Egypt, that passage never sat well with me, it sounds like metaphor, he told the pharaoh to put grain in a granary during abundant seasons and the pharaoh freed him and made him vizier of Egypt. Sounds like bullshit, IMHO. But then again it wouldn’t be the first lie in the bible! I bet the people who wrote that are the kind of morons who put screen doors on upside down so when you go to open them in a hurry you face plant into them instead. Do you think cats eat mice because mice eat cheese? Cats like cheese and I’m sure a dead mouse doesn’t taste good, but maybe it’s like a kitty piñata; they eat them hoping to find a belly full of cheese? Makes more sense than eating a dead mouse or a Jewish slave becoming a leader of a polytheistic sun worshipping middle eastern nation to say the least!
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Sick of Unfair Online Pricing for Aussie Consumers?

There’s currently a government inquiry into it, first and foremost, on the off chance you haven’t heard about it yet. But I was urged to write this post when I noticed we are paying 30% more for Microsoft Points (a fictional currency to lock kids and parents in to buying pseudo-money ultimately at a depreciative loss of ‘change’ in transactions) than American’s do. Now, this week is a bad example, as we’re below parity, but for the last year or so the Australian dollar has bought $1.20ish USD because their economy is … well, purely fictitious and based on cooked books, number fudging and renegging on it’s debt to other nations. So due to the severe dangers the US economy faces, our little GDP that could is steaming on ahead, prior to the recent stockmarket dicks in the ass we copped which has temporarily set us back. That said, we pay several hundred percent more for products here than other nations do. One example that comes to mind for me is the recent motorcycle I built, $800 in parts it cost me because I imported everything piece by piece. A ‘kit’ doing the same is $1,300 in the US. In total I increased my bikes value by a RRP of $14,000 for $800, exploiting the “Aussie’s get ripped off” foundation of the free market economy as it stands. Now I’m unsure if I support economic interventionalism, but surely something has to be done to protect the consumer when the consumer obviously is too ignorant, moronic, or apathetic to protect itself as the Australian market clearly is. Earlier this month Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hit out at the price disparity between the Australia and the US. Adobe Photoshop CS5 costs $2285 in the US, compared to the $4000 Aussies are forking out for the same software. The Xbox 360 250GB console costs $247 in the US, while Australians have to pay $410. The pricing of the new iPad starts at $539 in Australia, compared to $496 in the US. These inequities are just ridiculous, it goes hand in hand with the fact that when the US oil price goes up our petrol price does, when it goes down they remind us we’re linked to the Asian oil price, and when that goes down they say that the US price is up and it’s impacting the Asian market. Bottom line is, we’re a western nation stuck on the far side of Asia, isolated from all western nations, with a spineless consumer market, and corporations (usually from the US) out to ram unlubricated cocks in our collective arses, all whilst having the luxury of being the highest taxed nation in the world, especially when you’re in NSW with ‘surprise tax’ (see: unrealistic road rules with 1 in 6 NSWelshmen being on a suspended license or GBH, and $300+ parking tickets, yes, non Aussies reading this, I shit you not, they pay anywhere up to $410 for parking fines here. Any other nation would be burning down the state revenue building and lynching politicians for not even pretending they’re not highwaymen out to loot us) adding insult to injury, and no fucking representation from parliamentarians that provides any relief to the ‘Aussie battler’. This inquiry is linked to everywhere by a gov website link that pretty much leads to a page that isn’t very forthcoming about how to contribute or add your complaints to the list. So, to make life easier, feel free to @bashpr0mpt me on Twitter and I’ll collate a group of grievances, but if you want to put together a submission, go to this link and click on ‘preparing a submission’, omit nothing, if it doesn’t meet form there’s a 99% chance it’s going in the bin (a reason that do gooder petition writers in this country fail all the time, there’s a set way petitions must be phrased and written, and if it isn’t, they don’t even read it or tell you so and just bin it) which can be found here: http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House_of_Representatives_Committees?url=ic/itpricing/subs.htm
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Pennant Hills BP Employee Abusing Woman?

I had the strangest altercation at the BP on Pennant Hills Rd cross of Parkes in Pennant Hills tonight around midnight. I was visiting a friend impromptu who needed a hand with something, pulled up and I noticed a woman pleading with a heavily bearded guy behind the security screen / night window. I couldn’t quite hear what was being said but noticed a car at the pumps and this distraught elderly woman walking off into the night. I chased after her and called out, “Is that your car?” “Yes blarble burble sniff idfk.” “Ok, I think I know what’s going on, come over here and talk to met, let’s get this sorted out.” “Burble.” I honestly deserve some award for translating snot and tears into words, but her EFTPOS / VISA fucked up and it can only be used once without auto voiding due to its security feature, and our mate, let’s just call him beardy champ, wouldn’t let her inside to use the ATM because clearly fat little old ladies are such a threat and wouldn’t let her drive to the nearest ATM. Mind you it’s freezing fucking cold, the middle of the night, and the middle of bum fuck nowhere with dead roads for miles and she is a she and old and now covered in snot. I go up to the window and before I can say anything he starts rabbiting on, I explained that he can take her drivers license as she agreed to give it to him if need be to resolve this issue like human fucking beings and let her drive to the nearest ATM (5m drive, 30m walk), he flat refused. I got a little more firm with him. Mind you I’m in motorcycle leathers, a big man, and well capable of handing most folks their own arses one on one, hell, even two on one. But no. No reason will be had in beardy champ land. He tells me how he’s been working at gas stations for three years (this is why he’s a champion, the rest is self explanatory, my mate suggested as he’s obviously Muslim maybe he didn’t like a fat white woman asking to impose to use the store ATM?) and blah fuckity blah. Snot gurgle blurb is reaching a cacophony beside me. I dropped the big guns, “Mate, there’s two elements to larceny missing. However every element to illegal detainment and wrongful arrest are present. You spent three years working here, cool, I spent six studying law and I can tell you for a fact you’re not only wrong, but you’re bullying an old lady in the middle of the night and being a dick.” He flipped me the bird, both hands, and yelled “Fuck you!” something I plan on going back during the daylight when the security doors aren’t shut to say g’day about. But here’s the rub. I took her license, and offered to wait until she returns. He gave me a mouth full of vitriol, and I may have goaded him a bit pointing out he has the entire fucking legal system in place to protect him as a shop owner AND business insurance and therefore has NO excuse to illegally detain a woman, or anyone, over a payment problem. Angry angry words that made little sense came back from him. Five minutes or less passed, guess who returned and paid him no problem. Now he’s in a bind. If I or her call the cops he’s facing three really hectic charges. He’s probably changed the tapes as he looked like he realized what a fuck stain he was when she returned. The alternative is I visit him again in the morning when the doors are open and have a chat to him about his gesticulations and apparent disregard for the legal system. Or wait across the street until he knocks off and get his plates or if I feel up for a ride follow him home and write him a love letter (to his home address) just to scare a little fucking respect for women into him. Which shall I do, dear reader? I’ll leave this up to you, @bashpr0mpt on Twitter. It’s like a choose your own adventure where you’re a big bad scary man on a big black bike. Choose wisely though. Also, if you live near that BP, or are particularly touched by this story (Mrs. Blubburble thanked me profusely and grabbed at and hugged me, traumatic, but she seemed so blown away that a complete stranger would step up for her like that which saddens me!) I urge you to email BP Australia. This guy deserves early retirement, clearly three years at a gas station is just too wearing on his soul. PS: I may have accidentally stumbled when leaving the service station and put my size 12 GP boot through the BP sign on the way riding past it. So police may not be the best option. Although it was totally to avoid a patch of diesel on the ground and keep my balance.
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@nswrta Bike Standards make all Classics Illegal to Raise Revenue through Fines

Inflammatory title, would you expect any less from me? But this is what I have put to the RTA in questioning their motorcycle standards (S28) on the modification of bikes, etc, which practically outlaw tens of thousands of manufactured stock motorcycles. The requirements actually don’t serve any purpose. It’s nothing to do with safety, at all. For example, handle bar height. Ape hangers are illegal, but sure maybe some of them are too silly high and dangerous, right? Well no, my stock cruisers handle bars are too high, they came that way from the factory, as are almost all Harley Davidson’s, Yamaha’s, and Honda’s in the cruiser division. Mud flaps are super important to your safety, aren’t they? No? Of course they’re fucking not. Even rock protection isn’t needed given the fact physics and aerodynamics are on your side, but those standards make all choppers and bobbers illegal, and even most cafe racers. The standards in S28 outlaw pretty much every classic design of bike you think of when you think of a bad ass bike. Beyond a sewing machine sound from your exhaust, dinky handlebars, and Tron light cycle style fenders and mud guards your bike is probably illegal. So, I wrote to them, albeit I didn’t convey my point too well as I wrote it in the middle of the night while nerd raging at their idiocy. But here it is below, I’ll update this post with any reply I get. Hello. I’m writing to you in relation to the inconsistency of law held by the RTA towards motorcycle riders. VSI28 outlaws choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, and most other classic designed motorcycles beyond contemporary cruisers and sports bikes, etc. for transportation. It outlaws ape hangers, outlaws modified exhausts beyond that of the sewing machine sound of a stock 8 baffled exhaust (which, if you value fuel economy, is one of the first things you open up) and other generic things that one thinks of when they think of motorcycles, classic or roadster types. I was wondering whether this is some round about way to punitively harass outlaw motorcycle gangs and by proxy is causing grief to legitimate riders in NSW? The laws of this new standard serve no engineering benefit, no safety benefit, and no logical benefit besides outlawing things for the sake of outlawing them. Having a mud flap has absolutely no purpose on the rear, for example, and most classic bikes like choppers and bobbers lack them, or have small duck tails. You cannot be struck by a rock from the rear due to, well, physics and the way the wheel moves. You cannot even be struck by mud at the rear given the aerodynamics of the wheel. In all probability, at a speed above a fast walking pace, you cannot even be spritzed with water. Thus, what is the purpose of outlawing tens of thousands of motorcycles and making more criminals on the road (as the RTA oft. seem to do) beyond allowing a whole new surprise tax threshold of ‘customers’? By that I mean, is the RTA making these absurd pointless standards requirements so that they can then send out the police tyre biters to raise more state revenue? Because that is all it is doing. Another issue, ape hangers. 38cm is the maximum height you can have the highest point of the handlebar above the steering yolk. Now I ride a cruiser, it’s little. Very little. In fact, most people would call me a punce for riding it. It’s completely stock, mind you. And yet the handlebars are 45 cm risen above the yolk at the highest point, 65 if you include the mirrors which are affixed thus part of the assembly. So basically I bought an illegal bike, and yet, every Yamaha cruiser manufactured in the last forty years is also illegal according to these standards. That brings me to my final point. Most of the modifications listed in the Standard I am referring to are things most bikes have breached from manufacture. In fact, you can walk into ANY bike shop in NSW and find multiple bikes for sale all of which breach multiple entries of this standard. There’s six bobbers for sale and one chopper down at Penrith Yamaha right now. Four bobbers and one chopper at Campbelltown. These are all registered motorcycles, that have roadworthy ceritifcation. So I put it to you that either the RTA’s farcical standards which have no impetus beyond making more riders criminals and potential tax collection points of state revenue are not only inconsistent but seem to turn a blind eye to the tens of thousands of motorcycles imported every week you can buy from a shop front perfectly registered and in stock condition that already breach these laws, leaving the rider open to harassment and fines by police. Why would the RTA want to do this to the road users who obviously are the entire purpose the RTA have the pleasure of existing? These standards affect nothing, beyond making more criminals, and more fines, and more revenue for the state.
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Skeezy Keesey of Invisible Children; Slacktivists more Dangerous than Kony

So, Ben Skeezy the slacktivist who embezzled millions of dollars in travel expenses to save children from a monster who left Uganda six years ago and hasn’t been heard of since has fired his counter shot after the broadside bloggers gave him (Myself, proudly, being one of the first noted by News Ltd.) and it fell short. It’s spent very little on the people it’s claiming to protect, as the San Diego hipsters are found in various photos floating around weilding RPG’s and looking smug–albeit as fragile as Bambi in a bull pen–amongst a bunch of Ugandan soldiers. The irony lies in the fact that those who helped put the message out, are those most critical, and those firing afforementioned broadsides at these craptivists. To add insult to injury the fuck knuckle admitted that the vast majority of missing funds on ‘transport’ also contributed to flights all over the world to help 3,000 people view his shitty videographical piece. 3,000 people got flown. To see. His shitty movie. If you’re not outraged by that more than by Kony baby-fucking his way through Africa and conveniently not being anywhere to seen when a bunch of ad hoc film makers who profess that ‘daddy catches bad guys for a living’ to their children and other vacuous lumps with the IQ on par with their retarded hipster babies, then you really need to unplug and gtfo the internet, as you really shouldn’t be operating heavy machinery. And yes, if you’re that doltish, a computer is totally heavy machinery for your brain. So, what can you do about this? Not much. RT articles pointing out what charlatans they are. I’ll look into possibly contacting a few people stateside to get their charity audited, yet beyond that even I’m pretty much powerless to stop shysters conning people for sympathy (and sadly money). Although this has been a good lesson in why you need to think critically. You’ll notice in my propogation of the message (after watching the full video and doing a bit of internuts research thereafter) that I was cynical albeit skeptical in my approach but thought that it may be a worthy cause. It’s just a shame the huge media giants and news companies out there aren’t as intellectually gifted and switched on as a mildly retarded gamer and tech blogger, huh?
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Emotive Creativity Derailing ‘Kony 2012′ War Criminal Indictment?

Inflammatory topic, I agree. But after being lobbied by a few dozen people to use my social media presence to draw my 14 million viewer demographic’s attention to this issue I have a few issues that overwhelmingly give me great misgivings over the impact of the ‘Kony 2012′ project. Everyone knows about child soldiers in Africa. It’s old hat. This is like the WSPA and their bear bile farming, they talk about it like it’s new when they’ve been fund raising on the issue for decades. This guy alone has been public for almost a decade. Although this isn’t the real criticism that’s damaging this campaign. I should also immediately state has little to no relevance outside of America and project organisers haven’t even factored in that there are 194 other nations besides Uganda and the US. Now, let’s begin. For starters, the name is moronic. Making a war criminal famous is one thing, but ‘Kony 2012′ tells me fuck all. ‘Katch Kony’ straight up identifies that the person needs to be caught and conveys more in two words than the first 15 minutes of the video outlining the project. The video itself is boring, long winded, and tries far too hard to be creative and hip, which disengages the majority of people in the world who aren’t coffee shop working or welfare hopping wankers who are usually incapable of any social change. You’re disenfranchising real people who contribute real value to a real society and can commit that real change required. The organiser of the project is a wanky hipster, so it’s a given this will be the agenda, and we all know that wanky hipsters are the ‘dirty hippy’ of this generation and that alone costs the hunt significantly. The forced over the top near snotty feigned sincerity that these pustulous muppets instil in everything they say or do wore thin with us about a year after their sub-culture emerged from the primordial goop. Yes, about last week. The propaganda being released to encourage his capture is again extremely ambiguous. When I see “Kony 2012″ looking like an election campaign flyer, I shut down and ignore it. When I see a picture of a black dude in stencil format with his name on it I assume he’s some leader of a humanitarian push against oppression. I think he’s a good guy or something. I don’t think “OH WOW THIS IS REALLY NOVEL AND UNIQUE IT MAY NOT JUST BE A STICKER AND MAY BE WORTH FURTHER INVESTIGATION!” and then waste my time and effort looking up some silly cunts name I found on the wall in the dunny at the local cinemas. These are common sense things, things that any halfwit would be aware of if they want to lobby effectively, and things that clearly these guys would have faced as criticism repeaetdly in the past and thus that lends us to believe that they ignored this criticism. That tells me they want to be emotively creative and come across as ‘hip’ and edgy rather than embracing mainstream and leading psychological consensus on lobbying and promotion of materials to enter the human psyche. So how have they done anything at all? Their whiney little hipster child army have harassed people like me. Why? Because we can reach a bigger audience and deliver a better message than they can and get shit done. So why don’t they do that themselves? Because it’s too fucking hard. Call me a cynic, call me an arsehole. Re-read this, look at the facts, and there’s one thing you’ll find evident. I’m right.     Addendum 07/03/2012: Before you have a sook at me; I’m not saying don’t support this objective. Do so. Just don’t get caught up in irrationality. If these guys wanted to get the job done, they’d have done it properly. They instead are milking it like cause whores, probably to cash in on the snivelling hipster chicks who make up 90% of the crowd photos for easy sex. I mean the guy who made the video has convinced his son that he ‘catches bad men’ for a living. He’s a fucking jobless amateur journo with a camera, not Superman. The amount of public pressure that could be brought to bare on this subject if handled correctly would be intense enough to see to it that the fuckjob kiddy-killer would be dangling from a noose before sun down, but instead the project coordinators run the project as best suits them, their egos, and their hidden agendas. That, when children are the victims, is a crime against humanity in itself.   Addendum 08/03/2012: I feel vindicated. Per News Ltd. But not everyone has fallen in love with KONY 2012. Some are raising doubts as to whether social media is an appropriate forum for advocacy and fund-raising. Blogs, such as Visiblechildren.tumblr, implore people to research the facts before putting their names to the cause. “Do I have a better answer? No, I don’t, but that doesn’t mean that you should support KONY 2012 just because it’s something. Something isn’t always better than nothing. Sometimes it’s worse.” Charity monitor Charity Navigator gives Invisible Children 2/4 stars for accountability and transparency, prompting concerns over how the not-for-profit organisation spends its money. Invisible Children reports that in an official account of the $13.7 million raised in the 2010/11 financial year, $8.8 million was allocated for expenses – including filming costs, transportation and production.  
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Laser Pointers Ban: Irrationality in Australian Law (@claasn please read)

(I have included a request for @claasn to read this, they are Civil Liberties Australia, one of the many civil liberties bodies we have over here who butt their heads against the brick wall of our pathologically insane and corrupt laws, and I hope they can possibly tweet me a reply, or let me know how to go about addressing this issue and challenging it to get rid of nasty dangerous precedents like these.) I just got done watching a video of a guy getting in grief on a plane for having his mobile phone on during take-off. As a private pilot I’ve always found this myth amusing, it’s up there with mobile phones at petrol stations ‘needing’ to be switched off for safety reasons. Pilots carry mobile phones with them at all times in case their radios drop out, at about 3,000 feet you’ll get a signal strong enough to call the tower rather than relying on a 7700 call on your transponder to alert the tower your radio is out then a blind descent. There are many rubbish ‘safety’ myths out there, and many become law. In Australia laser pointers are banned, at various levels, to various strengths. The reason was, airline pilots had been ‘blinded’ by them, and the media made a storm in a tea cup out of it. As a pilot I was very unimpressed with the Australian Pilots Association director being all over the radio sanctioning this nonsense, so I rang their office up. After a bit of bullshitting and passing myself off as his 10:30AM appointment who’s hit a hurdle I tricked his secretary into putting me onto him directly. I told him as a pilot I felt he was making us all look like a bunch of pussies, because anyone with a scrap of intelligence would know that laser pointers are safe, and that it is impossible to look into a laser pointer long enough (4+ seconds) to cause harm because your body forcibly defends itself by closing your eyes or looking away. It’s worth noting at this point the complaints weren’t that they were distracting pilots, but that they were blinding them and causing them to take time off work. Further, without a tripod, you cannot successfully aim a laser pointer at the cockpit of a plane intentionally that isn’t literally a few hundred feet away due to the minor motor tremors in the human hand and body. He didn’t hang up, and actually tried to argue the toss with me. I asked him how many people have legally been disabled or lost work over this issue, he told me that ‘a few dozen’ pilots had taken sick days after a ‘laser attack’, and that ‘one pilot in South Australia is now legally blind because of it’. He fell into my trap, I’d read about the SA pilot, he had a degenerative eye condition prior, and arguably the blindness (although it was 6/12, which is the minimum level for ‘legal’ blindness for pilots yet is still perfectly usable for non-pilots) was caused by this and not the laser. Aside from anecdotes, and “I know someone who …” stories, there is only ONE case in the world of surgical proof of damage from a laser, and it was that of a teen in Manchester, England who bought a laser pointed, forcibly held his eye lid open, and shone it into his eye to see how long he could stand it. After a month without treatment his surgeon noticed a marked increase, aside from a ‘minor dark spot’ where the laser burn affected his retina. Now so what, I don’t use laser pointers, maybe you don’t too. What’s the big deal if they’re banned, right? The big deal is, an urban legend posing as a ‘laser attack’ has led to millions of wasted tax payer funds on investigating, millions on legislating, millions on passing bills, and many millions on policing something that is innocuous and innocent beyond that of minor ass hattery. Further, people have been arrested, locked up and deprived of liberty pending trials, and fined equal millions for ‘laser attacks’ on planes and helicopters, including one man who served a month in gaol over here for a ‘laser attack’ of PolAir, a police helicopter. The law is meant to represent the views and moral/ethical beliefs of the people. The law is meant to be rational, clinical, scientific, and logical. The law is meant to be right. So a law that is based on bullshit figures, pussy pilots wanting sickies, and draconian authoratarian angry politicians and law enforcement soap boxing on every news channel and every talk back radio show about these horrible ‘attacks’ is an abhorrent blight on our rights and our legal system. If THIS can happen, with something so trivial as a kids toy, what other laws have slipped by unnoticed and cost billions of dollars and deprived people of their freedom in the name of public safety? There’s even been allegations made that ‘terrorists’ (see: this era’s ‘communist’, or last centuries ‘witch’) intentionally using laser pointers to attack and incite terror and try and kill, maim, rape and destroy western civilisation … with a fucking $2 laser pointer. A brief google search and you’ll realise just how insane and over the top this issue got in Australia and many other countries. Things like these MUST be investigated by rational minded people, and evidence must be more than sooky muppets wanting sickies from their commercial piloting jobs. Any bullshit trumped up law like this needs to be challenged and defeated. It’s as ridiculous as Australian gun laws, those have gotten so bad that if you buy a childs cap gun (all of which have to be fluro colored, and have a different colored fluro plug in the end of the barrel (y’know, just in case you somehow convert a plastic gun into a real one, or just in case you scare an old lady when your kid is running around the streets playing cops and robbers)) then paint it black, you face 15 years in prison for possession of a prohibited handgun. Even replicas, some nerf guns, a Transformer toy, and airsoft guns are illegal here. I don’t want to dwell on that topic or digress too much, but (cool story bro story time) I decided to take the cunts to bat on this one, I rang up the local police, told them I bought a cap gun and painted it black. They asked why, I told them my mates and I were filming a lolvideo for YouTube and we wanted to make sure things were legally kosher. After being told that it’s a criminal offence which could bring 15 years gaol, and escalating to the duty officer, I confirmed beyond doubt that for $2 and a lick of paint you can lose the better part of your life in prison for it. So, being a horrible troll, I kept my deadpan tone of serious concern, and asked how I can deal with this situation. They explained I had to get a theatrical armorers license, and register it as a handgun, and also get a category H firearms license. I told them I have a handgun license at present (but naturally wasn’t keen on giving any details away that could identify me) and they told me in that case I could hire a theatrical armorer (those guys cost a few grand for a day) and just have to register the pistol (a few hundred bucks and a 30-90 day wait) so that I can complete my 3 minute lolvideo with my mates. So, again, I persisted. I contacted the firearms registry and explained my situation. They were more than happy to help me register my new $2 handgun, and sent me to their website where we got the right forms in PDF, she also suggested I take the cap gun to the police so they may store it in their armory where it will be kept safe. I pointed out that I’d very happily do that, because I’m still quite shell shocked that I accidentally made an illegal firearm, and I don’t want anyone to go on a killing spree with it because then I’d be as guilty for letting them get their hands on such a weapon. Ironically that flew under her radar and she agreed with me. When looking at the form I found a problem; my cap gun didn’t have a serial number. She had to talk to her supervisor about that, and about half an hour later she rang back and told me that if it doesn’t have a serial number on the frame we can’t register it. I pointed out that no cap guns in the world have serial numbers, and asked if I could just write one on it. She explained it has to be engraved in a metal portion of the gun. Unfortunately aside from a spring, there were no metal parts, thus per the legislation I could not register it and was forced to remain a criminal at large. Whilst this is just an ironic documentation of a conference call where my mates and I wanted to be dicks, we did illustrate a clear point that most governmental parties involved refused to concur with; Australian laws can be insanely daft, irrational, and purely to win votes. The anti-gun lobby also jumped on the ‘laser attack’ issue when it was out. Given that it takes about $5-10 grand and a few years to get your hands on a gun in this country, not to mention the hundreds of hoops, training, background checks, psychological evaluations by unqualified pistol club captains with mullets in a classroom atmosphere asked to comment professionally evaluating your mental competence, and other rather inane and psychopathic elements to the gun laws, the gun lobby are still looking at American crime statistics, watching American films, and convinced everyone, not just gun owners, are batshit insane serial killers who need to be locked up; all except them and people they agree are sane of course. So while you’ve got psychotic lobby groups and vocal minorities squeeling about the dangers outside their living room, on the flipside your rational population are gutless, or apathetic, or both. These bullshit laws permeate our culture, and other cultures, and go unchallenged. They set dangerous precedents for other psychopathy posing as jurisprudence, and the societal costs of all such things probably run into a sizable chunk of our GDP in wasted spending, not to mention the impact on people charged by these bullshit laws. How deranged must law makers be to err on the side of restriction of freedom? Could it be linked to the fact that this law also outlawed the trade in black market light-storage medium devices and game console hacking involving the replacement of lasers and drives? Could it be linked to the psychotic anti-gun lobby thinking laser pointers are weapons? After all, they’re now listed as prohibited WEAPONS (ironically so is body armor, because you could totally kill someone with a ceramic tile in a vest!) so maybe they do?
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First Pulsar had NASA thinking Aliens, but does the Aurora Carry a Message?

When astronomers discovered a pulsar for the first time, they thought the regular signal coming from the star was a call from aliens. A similar story happened in Russia, although it is far less-known to the public. It started in 1938, when famous polar explorer Ivan Papanin and his team returned from the world’s first-ever drifting ice station expedition. Among the numerous meteorological, oceanographical, hydrobiological and other materials, the brave explorers brought with them films with photos of a rare kind of aurora borealis. The films had been shelved for several years and narrowly escaped a fire, when an incendiary bomb hit the Institute of Oceanography during a Nazi German bombing raid on Moscow. In 1949, the photos were shown by a fellow scientist to Igor Tamm, a famous physicist and future Nobel Prize winner. Tamm, who was researching high energy particles at the time, was greatly agitated, after noticing that patterns in the luminosity of the aurora were similar to those he had seen in his lab. Tamm consulted Ernst Krenkel, Papanin’s radioman, and came up with the theory that aurora borealis could be used as a communication medium if a powerful electromagnetic radiation is applied to the solar wind, which causes the northern lights. He called the phenomenon “chromatically modulated transmission” and submitted a secret memorandum directly to Joseph Stalin, requesting finances and access to top secret equipment to put the theory to the test. The letter was reviewed by the Kremlin’s inner circle and the result was unlike anything Tamm expected. He was accused of being an American spy, and it took seven months and a lot of political maneuvering from his influential colleagues to get his name cleared. Tamm’s idea was buried for two decades. It was in 1986, when the research of the strange aurora was actually carried out on the direct order of Mikhail Gorbachev. It is not clear how he ever got the information on Tamm’s theory in the first place, but some researchers suggest a link through physicist and human rights activist Andrey Sakharov, who used to work with Tamm on a project of thermonuclear power plant. A small and top-secret research institution was opened in the northern port city of Murmansk, which closely monitored auroras. In August 1991, a breakthrough happened – cryptologists working on three records of suspected communication signals finally came up with proof that the northern lights really contained information embedded it their colors. A report was sent to Gorbachev, but on the next day, several officials and generals launched a coup d’etat. On that same day, a stolen fighter jet of the Finnish Air Force crossed the border and crashed into the research facility in Murmansk, killing 16 people and destroying most of their records. Three days later, chief of the aliens, who secretly rule the world, ordered the replacement of the transmitter on the dark side of the moon, which caused interference with aurora borealis. Of course, the whole story has nothing to do with reality. Skeptically-minded readers probably have felt it from the very beginning, while those with a taste for mystery may have made it almost to the end without feeling that it is bogus. The point is that, to a certain point, people will not doubt what they are told, as long as it is in tune with their gut feeling of how the world works. It is not that bad actually. Our imagination, curiosity and desire for a miracle distinguish us from machines and animals. Somehow we need to believe in UFOs, or in the “love conquers all” motto, or in special value of Apple products. It probably helps us believe in other stupid illusions like fairness, family values and the importance of human life.
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@Interpol arrest 25 Anons, 2500 More Born (In other news, Mudkips.)

Article at the bottom stolen (fair use) from News Ltd. about the arrest of 25 anons. Rant up the top provided by an unknown party who types remarkably like I do.   In the last few weeks we’ve had fucknut’s at the NSA starting to spread propaganda about anon saying that ‘in a few years they will be able to take down the US power grid’ through to this nonsense. The power grid was lol, I mean, no anon would bother, and PLENTY anons could drop a power grid already. Fuck, all you’d need are a few dozen $5 pagers and some magnesium and aluminium filings from a hardware store along with some sparklers and you could systematically physically drop a power network at infrastructure level; but the kicker is, why the fuck would you? Lots of anons live in the US, we all need our internet access and computers, EVERYONE does these days, so no one would touch a power grid. We all also know that people are on life support, people are operating machinery which if interrupted may do horrible things, and that in general a DOS of a primary infrastructure like that wouldn’t earn you cool points, isn’t justified, and just makes you an epic boner.   BUT! No one is going to do that. No one will target innocent people for no reason. Every attack by anonymous has been justified, righteous and to punish a corrupt or otherwise evil tosser. The people have no power these days. Protests do nothing, and police don’t even obey their own laws when dealing with them and wrongfully arrest and inhumanely treat protestors, and worse, you’ve got cockless wonder nearly-retired baby boomer conservative fucks who instantly assume ANYONE protesting ANYTHING is a dirty filthy hippie and the police should shoot them and save the justice system money. Without an outlet, people’s rage and anger at evil and corruption hits boiling point. 100 years ago people would be storming the places that were hacked heavily armed and violently overthrowing governments or burning down offices and lynching people. That ironically is not kosher with the above mentioned cowardly baby boomers who think 40 years gaol for a possession charge is acceptable, and that the death penalty is rad. So, what can angry, angry people do? Vote? Like that’ll make a difference when cunts with one foot in the grave who serve no purpose in this world anymore and are anachronisms that we’re just waiting to pass away outnumber us significantly. Voting only works if the average person is intelligent enough to make the right, moral, and ethical choices. Democracy only works when you can say that most people aren’t brainless fucking uneducated morons living in fantasy land of AM radio and Fox news channels. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anarchist, or a … well, anything. I’m a centrist libertarian in it’s dictionary definition not the trendy hipster alternate that seems to be around these days who believes in common sense prevailing.) People want to lash out. You have disenfranchised masses of reasonably intelligent mostly middle class mostly white mostly men mostly between the ages of 15-30 who have everything in the world going against them, yes that’s a lot of mostly’s but it really is the touchstone demographic in Australia at least for the average anon, and based on all of those mostly’s each one compounds their lack of a voice and the public right to victimise and otherwise destroy and dead agent until the cows come home and they can’t do or say a thing about it. So, where do these demographics go? Online! Now there are many other demographics in anon besides the silenced majority, which are also silenced and otherwise the worlds bitch. But together, they can make a difference. Together they can kick a bully’s ass in the global playground that is the game of life. And you blame them for taking this action? You blame them for lashing out at paedophiles, animal torturers, corrupt politicians, corporations, governments, you name it? For every anon arrested a hundred more will take their place. This has been the agreed maxim since it began, and this will be the truth until the end. Anons are a game of pokemon you cannot win. Contemporary society owe anon more than it will ever realise, and in a hundred years time think about how society will look back at those who targetted and demonized them, trying to pretend they’re terrorists and communists and anarchists who are hell bent on destroying the world. With the NSA’s bullshit feeding and lies, now with this Interpol attack, I can honestly say I see within the next 2-5 years that the American government will somehow claim anon is a terrorist organisation and start blanket arresting them where they can. It’ll be McArthyism all over again. Just like the nazi’s came up with bullshit made up excuses to victimise Jews and use a few rare examples of corrupt Jewish bankers (even in some cases citing Shylock himself as cause) to tar an entire peoples with the same brush, Anonymous will be engaged on that same level. It’s only a matter of time. The only difference is, they don’t know who or where to look to catch them all, and they don’t know how or when the revenge will come. From puppy killers being fucked over by /b/rothers, through to /i/nsurgency taking down corrupt governments during the recent grab for democracy in the middle east (then counter attacks when the dictators deposed were replaced with a council of dictators like the muslim brotherhood) even down to the Quran burnings of 1 Quran per person killed in the psychopathic mass riots and massacres in the middle east because a prison burnt Quran’s filled with hate propaganda and terrorist instructions and directions to be smuggled out to the pbulic, EVERY action that makes the headlines even under basic scrutiny appears just and fair. Yes, you will get trolls. Yes, people will attack organisations that attack piracy or obtaining entertainment in a timely and affordable manner because the industry needs a paradigm shift to bring it into this century. YES you will get fuckwits operating outside of the scope and morals of the collective. But ultimately, at the end of the day, Anonymous is a force of good, and unlike most others, it keeps FORCE in the forefront of that statement, and cannot be stopped. All hail Epic Beard Man, Ubiquitous Ruler and Overlord of ANONYMOOSE! *does secret salute*   Police from Interpol arrest 25 suspected members of the Anonymous hackers group in a swoop covering more than a dozen cities in Europe and Latin America, the global police body said yesterday.
“Operation Unmask was launched in mid-February following a series of coordinated cyber-attacks originating from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain,” said the world police body based in the French city of Lyon. The statement cited attacks on the websites of the Colombian Ministry of Defence and the presidency, as well as on Chile’s Endesa electricity company and its National Library, among others. The operation was carried out by police from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain, the statement said, with 250 items of computer equipment and mobile phones seized in raids on 40 premises in 15 cities. Police also seized credit cards and cash from the suspects, aged 17 to 40. “This operation shows that crime in the virtual world does have real consequences for those involved, and that the Internet cannot be seen as a safe haven for criminal activity,” said Interpol’s acting director of police services.
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Italian Barista’s Slutty Outfit Addiction has Wives Woeful

“Here the high-waisted trousers no longer know what they are!” states one sassy anti sexpresso public servant. I don’t know what’s more amusing. Women bawwing that their husbands and boyfriends are going to a cafe with a scantly clad barista or her personal fan website’s horrible translation into English. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s made the news almost globally, that women of a certain town in Italy have b& their boys from visiting a specific cafe. The barista, Laura Maggi. works in a little cafe in Bagnolo Mella, near Brescia, and decided to spruce up business by wearing slutty outfits. From PVC (ew, thrush factory!) to lacey underwear and even down to tassle-tittied pasties, she has a keen business acumen of how stupid desperate men will do anything for a bit of T&A. But aside from her slutty photos (which can be found all over the internets) the translation of her website had me in tears. First and foremost, here are some links to her more provocative photos. (NSFW obviously) http://www.google.com.au/search?q=Laura+Maggi&hl=en&safe=off&prmd=imvnsuo&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=1y9IT_uVOpCuiQeyw8SADg&ved=0CEIQsAQ&biw=1680&bih=949 And more raunchy ones at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2105339/Sexpresso-Wives-ban-husbands-visiting-Italian-cafe-busty-barmaid-serves-drinks-skimpy-outfits.html?ito=feeds-newsxml But seriously, this part had me cacking myself. I love bad translations, it really is brilliant how batshit insane things can seem if translated, or worse, translate something from English to, say, Chinese and then back again. Go on, do it, I dare you. Either way you’ll probably get something more coherent than this (translated by Google Chrome on the fly): PHOTOS – And Laura knows to be fair. Even more. Post all your photos on Facebook, before I hang them in his restaurant. And business is booming more than they say they are even tripled in the last year. Business is business? Do not you agree the mayoress of Bagnolo Mella. Indeed, ironically: “Here the high-waisted trousers no longer know what they are,” accuses the Mayoress Christine Almici. “Now the country is only known from the sexy bar. Here the towns furious, have even turned to the police. ” Really? “Sure. Ms. Maggi has been summoned to headquarters. It warned verbally. ” Someone has even given permission to work until late at night. “Permission has it, but I knew that would serve cocktails dressed like that? Give me time, I’m thinking of a measure. Here the public has gone to hell. “
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