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News for January 2010

Weekly Tweets for 2010-01-31

  • Just watched Insanitarium (2008) a horror flick about a guy who gets committed to spring his sister. B-grade splatter / grindhouse fun. 3/10 #
  • Also, @gear4gamers just launched my latest freebie for Forza 3, Evo X Fujimi Attack drift car, follow them! #forza #gaming #xbox #forza3 #jp #
  • Watching The Thing (1982), wtf is with Kurt Russell's hat about 41m in?I almost burst a kidney laughing at it. Silly hat club remnant? #
  • Btw, anyone who grabs that free Fujimi Attack drift car I designed for @gear4gamers DM me any feedback, it's Top Secret influenced iirc. #
  • RT @mayhemstudios RT @Jason_Pollock: "The power of Twitter is in your sharing, not your selling." ~ @iconic88 < I HATE MLM SCAMMERS! 🙁 #
  • If you treat social networks as a place to try and scab a few bucks off some idiots then you're not only poor financially but in friendship. #
  • RT @gear4gamers Free Forza 3 G4G Nissan GT-R34 MINE with CF bodywork and more, http://bit.ly/4RlRpZ #forza #gaming #xbox #forza3 #
  • RT @gear4gamers Free Forza 3 G4G Mitsu Evo X Fujimi Attack drift car, sleek design, http://bit.ly/7N7qza #forza #gaming #xbox #forza3 #swag #
  • Follow @gear4gamers for a follow back, free swag, and awesome specials for the gamer in all of us! #gaming #forza #l4d2 #xbox #ps3 #ff #fact #
  • I just made a Hyundai that blows the doors off the HKS & Turn 10 specials; using it for one race then taking offers of $350k+ DM me. #forza #
  • In talks with another Forza designer to expand on designs, exciting stuff for players as it'll mean more top notch free swag! 😉 #
  • Watching The Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008), a sequel about surfy vampires, I mean wtf? #
  • If it weren't for the scantly clad hotties this film would bite it hard. #
  • I innocently asked a chiropractor on my list if there's any scientific proof behind their 'alternate medicine,' they quietly removed me. 😛 #
  • Zombie Strippers! (2008), so wonderfully grindhouse it feels like it should be hardcore porn. Cliche's everywhere; worth the watch. #
  • Remember, braking turns kinetic energy into heat and wastes petrol. Keep on the gas, and tell the cops you're environmentally concious. #
  • I hate it when euro or south american models try and sell things in broken English making their pitch utterly corny. FTV is so lame. #
  • About to watch Shutter (2008) a psych. thril. about a spooky photo, sounds corny so my expectations are low, I'll keep you posted! #movies #
  • Crap. Japanese DoP got me worried, scenes of Mt Fuji, yup, it's jhorror redone by Americans. Lame ghost girl with long black hair included. #
  • Someone should make a horror version of not another teen movie focusing on jhorror. It's all SO cliche and lame. *sigh* #
  • The cute female lead and pointless nudity 18 minutes in is Shutters only redeeming quality. #movies #
  • Shutter (2008) 3/10, predictable, tedious, painful to endure. Might scare Japanese schoolgirls, won't scare horror fans at all. #movies #
  • Turning up the car give away awesome designs to 11, working with another pro artist on a collaborative art car. #forza #forza3 #gaming #
  • With the ignorant demographic of mobile users Twitter has seeing #WitMyRefundCheque trending is no surprise. More like #WitMyWelfareCheque. #
  • Speaking of ignorant demographics; apparently it's Australia day. How tardy of me! Time to throw another shrimp on the bar.. y'know fuck it. #
  • But srsly, happy #australiaday to all the Aussies on my friends list. <3 Go for a punch on at Northies for me! #
  • The Mothman Prophesies (2001), great corny backyard scifi from the halls of Fortean Times, the journal of strange phenomenon. 7/10. #movies #
  • Feline grace and beauty? They've never seen my cat sleep: http://yfrog.com/4ixaugj #
  • An irrational fear is a fear of flying .. with sharks. #
  • More car art in production for release through @gear4gamers / gear4gamers.com: http://yfrog.com/1d27828946j #
  • More car art in production for release through @gear4gamers / gear4gamers.com: http://yfrog.com/1ykiulj #
  • More car art in production for release through @gear4gamers / gear4gamers.com: http://yfrog.com/4gjtdoj #
  • Previously released car preview for you folks: http://yfrog.com/4e3ywyj #forza #gaming #eyecandy #xbox #art #
  • From another angle: http://yfrog.com/auv6dzj #forza #gaming #eyecandy #xbox #art #
  • Side on: http://yfrog.com/4gi9ldej #forza #gaming #eyecandy #xbox #art #
  • Anyone want to recommend a car for the anime demon art? All previous designs are available free in Forza 3 search term gear4gamers.com #
  • Ever feel like those 'get paid to tweet 'get paid to tweet'' schemes is kind of like yelling into an abyss? I still think MLM should = ban. #
  • The pope has urged the clergy to embrace new media and tweet more: http://bit.ly/7Is4RU oh those crazy Catholics! #
  • Design is nearing completion; Forza 3 fans, what're your favorite drift cars? Need quick inspiration! #forza #xbox #gaming #g4g #
  • Epic weaboo Fujimi driftu dark angel art nearing completion: http://yfrog.com/3g34bxj #forza #gaming #xbox #forza3 #g4g #
  • BP Racing HKS Genesis Dark Drifter for http://gear4gamers.com follow @gear4gamers for the free swag, pics http://bit.ly/5Z7l6C #forza #xbox #
  • Very strange yet amazing snack, almonds dipped in vegemite (marmite in some nations), really strange mix! #
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) is so the Rocky Horror of this new generation. Except less cliche and lame, for now! 8/10. #movies #
  • Wow, @ParisHilton is CRAZY hot in Repo! Why was this never brought to my attention? (I'm expecting flak for this observation, but she is.) #
  • Okay, so she was hot until her face fell off. Speaking of heat, it's muggy as hell in Sydney tonight. Can't get to sleep. :/ #
  • Just watched The Experiment on BBC Knowledge, it's interesting how quick random people take on an us & them persona in a prison environment. #
  • Pulling 19000+ ms pings and 0.8 kbps on Optus when 'shaped to 64k', these guys are such scammers they even count your UPstream! :/ #
  • My car was meant to be out of the repair shop 'today', if it's a day late I swear I'll lose my mind. Being carless for so long sucks. 🙁 #
  • Watching Death Race (2008), fucking brilliant opening scene, great cinematography and it's a total rip of a late 80s arcader I used to play! #
  • Twenty days to get ADSL2 with TPG? What're they doing? Shitting the copper wire? It's 2010 TPG, there is NO excuse for that shit. #
  • Started my application with TPG on the 5th of January, installation will be complete on the 4th of February … WTF. #
  • I'm really looking forward to trying an iPad out. I always said if my iPhone were twice it's size I'd never use a laptop again. #apple #iPad #
  • NSW police use big winnebago's as mobile drug test stops, narrowly missed one this morning. Not that I use drugs, I just lack a license. #
  • Turn 10 have sent Forza 3 players #25 ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430, why? Idgi. It's not much of an R2 though. #forza #xbox #gaming #forza3 #
  • Follow @gear4gamers & DM them your GT to enter the random give away of a Challenger 09 drifter designed by me! #forza #xbox #forza3 #gaming #
  • Preview of the prize car: – http://yfrog.com/1emp3kj #forza #forza3 #xbox #gaming follow @gear4gamers and DM them your XBL GT. #
  • 18k off the perfect 100k Fujimi Kaido in the Challenger @gear4gamers is giving away, proof it fucking rocks! http://yfrog.com/4alu6wj #
  • I barely slept, there's a giant spider on my car, and Michael Bolton is on the radio. What possibly could be worse? FML. 🙁 #
  • I'm positive the nurses in Bad Love by Lady Gaga are heavily inspired by the nurses in Repo. #movies #
  • Follow Friday recommendations: @RivetheadRasta @beamoore61 @TR1C1A43 @kelsilove @sojourner8 will bash up a blog #FF later! 🙂 in reply to RivetheadRasta #
  • I've been watching Discovery Turbo Max of late. Just in case I need to hand make a helicopter or rice up a Rolls Royce. It's pretty cool! #
  • Speaking of motosports; the BOSS V6TT engine won't be coming to Australia as Ford say they'll cease making Falcons. 60 yrs of history gone. #
  • 2012-15 is the estimate on Falcon's cessation to be replaced with underpowered American Taurus type mid size shit. Lame! #
  • And yes underpowered; AU sedans have the BHP of top end American muscle cars at half the price. We build 'em mean down under. </rant> #
  • Is my kitten trying to help me tie my shoes or merely secretly trying to learn to tie a hangmans noose to take me out? :/ #
  • Is my kitten trying to help me tie my shoes or secretly trying to learn to tie a hangmans noose to take me out? http://twitpic.com/10ew6g #
  • Best sign ever, and versatile advice too! http://twitpic.com/10g9fi Dangerous things are dangerous! #engrish #humor #twitpic #nowplaying #
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), unnecessary fat male comedian nudity, not even amusing, 0/10; terminated early, too shit to watch. #
  • And yes, that's the first movie I've turned over on, possibly ever. Normally I figure if I've invested this much time maybe it'll turn good. #
  • That being said, I really want to change my name to William Posters to substantiate my inner paranoid schizophrenic. #
  • My apologies to the 87 tweeps I can't follow back today; I hit my cap daily just following people back. @twitter need to fix caps properly. #
  • I saw someone abbreviate 2010 as 2K10 … doesn't that defeat the purpose of an abbreviation? How about 2K1D for accuracy at least? #
  • To my facebook and MySpace friends, add me on http://twitter.com/bashpr0mpt if you use Twitter; if not then sign up and try it? 😛 #
  • I just awoke from a chain of nightmares so bizarre they left me confused a good ten minutes on. If dreams had meanings I'd be worried. #
  • RT @NTLGguild World of Warcraft hacked through Adobe Flash flaw http://bit.ly/8bNRKC – don't freak out folks this is a 2 year old vuln. 😛 #
  • I've been asked to do some alpha testing for Firefly Studios on a very exciting new MMORPG this February. Looking forward to it. #
  • Twitter is an MMORPG. Many Men Online Role-Playing Girls. Every MLM spam bot I see has some scantly clad female disp. pic up. #
  • Friend of mine has a new puppy, I want a puppy! 🙁 Their squishy little noses rock. Want: http://twitpic.com/10notc #
  • I highly recommend following @annanabanana for an interesting read; but hands off boys she's married! 😛 in reply to annanabanana #
  • MySpace and Facebook people, add me on Twitter, http://twitter.com/bashpr0mpt .. others, click on my profile to add me on MS or FB too! 🙂 #
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Best Way to Lose Followers?

TrueTwit is the number one way to deter followers, it’s viral, in the bad sense. It forces your followers to answer a captcha to ‘save time and avoid spammers’. I don’t know about you, but only spammers’ would give a damn enough for the numerical marketing fix to bother.

While you ‘save time’ you waste the time of hundreds if not thousands of people, so it’s wiser and far less rude to just manage your list like everyone else. To begin with I’d fill out the captchas but after a while you notice only a certain ‘type’ of person uses TrueTwit and they’re usually 13 year old Beiber fan girls or people who just aren’t net savvy.

How does this epic time waster spread? It forces users to ‘sign up’ so you never have to fill in another captcha again (which is all the spammers do to get around it) and force YOUR followers to waste time filling in captchas.

It targets the less net savvy especially as they tend to not know how to check what applications they’ve let access their Twitter, a common err oft reflected in preteen girls and their ‘voting’ DM spammers.

The solution? Inform TrueTwit users, link them to this or any other post explaining the bane and biggest waste of time on Twitter to hopefully discourage the use of it.

Another solution is to do what everyone else tends to do and just remove them rather than filling in a captcha; let the numerical shift educate them and vote with your feet!

Btw, if you’re reading this and use it, nows the time to slink away and deactivate it and contemplate the several hundred followers you scared off!

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Tardy, but good news

I’ve been very tardy of late blogging, but my Internet has been shaped to under 2kbps and I’m waiting to churn to TPG because Optus just doesn’t get the market trends and aren’t competative. A lot has happened behind the scenes, it started when I got to talking to a few other bloggers about wanting a depeche mode shirt from Left 4 Dead 2 which is impossible to get.

Within a day or so we registered gear4gamers.com with intent to track down hard to find shit we want but can’t get and offer them to the public too. It’s mostly been a platform for my obsessive giving away of expesive race cars from Forza 3 heavily modified and custom painted with my art or great quality racing livery.

Now I’ve come to a turning point, other services are coming forwards gamers would love, such as a bespoke console, hand held and laptop laminating firm wanting to do customs for gamers, through to gamer point grinding for xbox epeen but one that’s been on my mind is TPG Internet reseller status.

Their customer service is shit and it’s all through some dodgy off shore call centre but it’s the fastest and largest cap for the lowest price in Australia. Now it’s cheap as it is but resellers would get it cheaper, right? And mark it up to make a profit? Stands to reason that if I use my business registrations for gear4gamers.com (btw follow us on Twitter, http://twitter.com/gear4gamers for give aways and news) that I can get it at a discount rate and allow people to sign up discounted! I mean they can’t bar me from their service if I refuse to make a profit right? That’s my own perogative, or should be.

So, for all my Australian fans, stay tuned. I’ll apply and read over the fine print, and all going well you’ll have an excuse to churn to naked ADSL2+ with a 160GB cap for less than their regular price which is already the cheapest in the country.

I’ll specifically point out on the site that it’s only for net savvy people, because even their level 2 technicians in the customer service area are moronic. Basically TPG is a virtual ISP reselling Telstra ADSL2+ which is great quality but like a mac, too expensive to be practical. So I’ll be a virtual-virtual ISP yet giving away a discounted service just because .. well, it’s 2010, we as a nation SHOULD HAVE affordable high speed Internet to bloody begin with.

So yeah, forgive my tardiness for a few more days as my net gets sorted and I’ll get working on gear4gamers.com’s site and organize services and products ASAP. If anyone wants to help out, just contact me or G4G on Twitter. We’re after bloggers to review gamer shit as well as people willing to band together in a tree hugging commie cluster fuck of providing gamers with great deals.

Also writing a few iPhone apps over the next month or so targeting gamers to make their lives easier; especially apt now that the iPad has been declared. (amusingly iPad isn’t in the iPhone I’m talking ons dictionary, it changed it to oLaf. Guess it wasn’t a glint in Steve Jobs’ eye back then!)

Caveat, I can smell BS from a mile away so if products or services seem dodgy or you’re out to make a savage bite at my gamer friends wallets save your time and DIAF. But if you legitimately want to make a fair profit and provide quality for a niche let’s talk and work something out.

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Follow Friday (Follow4Follow) Recommendations

Belated Follow Friday post time! This week I stirred up a bit of a storm with a controversial ‘calling you bitches out’ tweet of, “Why do twits with nothing to say feel quoting some random figure will make us think them less vacuous? Stop quoting, speak your own words!” A lot of people agreed, 6 people removed me, life went on. That being said, has anyone else noticed the amount of people with nothing to post who turn to a text list of random gems to copy paste? I think that’s just ADMITTING you have nothing better to say when you have to quote other people. An RT is one thing, sure, but constant quoting is the realm of the empty vessel or MLM scammers trying not to appear to be MLM scammers. 😛

Speaking of Shorty Awards, follow the folks who’ve thrown me votes, and vote for me to inadvertently gain exposure from this post at http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt where I’m up in nominations for #humor, #weird, #gaming, #design, #celebrity, and other random things. I’m almost in the top twenty for most categories too, so vote for me and I’ll find some way to compensate you, kidneys and firstborns are options. Also follow the folks who vote for me, they follow back and are the real active twitter types who’ve caught my attention. 🙂

So, here’s the BaSH PR0MPT #FF short (very very short this time) list for this week. And remember, has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

www.the10k.com check it oot! | totally in love with @trulove_06 | XBL – Mistah Clutch < Awesome guy, awesome awesome. Met him through twitter as a fellow forza 3 player. DM him your xbox gamer tag if you’re a hardcore forza nut too, and check out his storefront!

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

I love life by the ocean < Far too optimistic person I’ve bumped into who makes me want whatever happy pills she’s on, but alledges that she’s on nothing. An optimistic dreamer hailing from the north of sunny Australia, on the coast of Queensland.

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

I believe in peace, love, mutual unstanding, the protection of personal beliefs and UNICORNS. < Horses aren’t gay. Horns aren’t gay. But you put them together … 😛

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

web developer + designer + multitasking machine + zombie killer + geek + pc gamer + irked by odd numbers < Another awesome Queenslander uni bum with design skeeelz that would make the masters cry. (Is that an insult or a compliment? You be the judge! :P)

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

I love to live, and live to love.I also love to play, explore, and learn.I aim to improve and grow each moment, and unveil my inner light. < Another far too optimistic person I know, having so many cheery folk around makes my inner cynic cry but tends to balance my personality out a little.

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

To generalize is to be an idiot. – William Blake < Ignoring the use of a quote in his bio (see my above commentary on vacuous users) this guy is definitely a good read. 🙂

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

sneakerhead stoner with a genius level IQ & 4/20 for a DOB. startin a brand cuz i’m scared of a 9-5, a boss, and not being able to wear kicks to work. < Any man who freely admits he wants to bum around rather than conform to a 9-5 is awesome in my books.

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

Oh, and remember, VOTE FOR ME and get shoutouts to my huge list of tweeps for being awesome. Should help those with dwindling follower lists too! 😉

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Weekly Tweets for 2010-01-24

  • Wow. Why are ISP's and telco's the only market where something so simple can be so timely and over complicated? :/ #
  • Thanks to @CanadaCredit @_Kyra @Tr3aLiZsoFaMouS for the #ff #shoutout <3 #
  • #thingsyouneversee Someone taking a shit while running. Unless you're Raab. #
  • Listening to the Cure and relaxing on the couch having a play with the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS, trimming bonnet to boot in carbon fiber. #
  • The difference between a good carbon job in Forza 3 is a lot of fine masking technique, so subtle it's lost on most people! #forza #xbox #
  • As much disdain as I have for people who believe in or profess psychic powers, Medium is a pretty good show, albeit surprisingly macabre! #
  • Added @adrimanning @chantarose @cherrytorn to my list, I wonder if they'll follow me back or whether they're Twitter snobs?! :O #
  • Going to try to get back to sleep, bit of a sore throat, bit under the weather the last few days; hope to wake up with it gone. Night again! #
  • I'm positive 'Charmed' gets most of it's rating because the girls have an aversion to bras and wear tight satin tops. :/ #
  • Pretty sure that 'Charmed' is NOT science-fiction, @SciFiTV you fail so hard they need to invent a new level of fail to describe it. #fail #
  • I hate self centered fucks who refuse to follow their fans back, with lists the spammy feed is managed easy, there's no excuse except ego. #
  • Attempting the Forza 3 Nordschleif endurance race, 90m est, Aston Martin Lola, top speed 408kph. #forza #forza3 #
  • Second lap in badly injured driveline and diff, pit on third, second place. #forza #forza3 #
  • Best lap 07:26:376, lap 6/9 and in first, uploaded a pic of the paintwork uh mods I've made by grinding other cars to FMS. #forza #forza3 #
  • Lap 8/9 had to pit, low petrol. 1.02 hours still in first place. #forza #forza3 Nordschleif endurance #
  • Finished 187 gruelling kms of Forza 3 Nurburgring Nordschleife in 1st place. My thumb is raw, fuck endurance races. #forza #forza3 #
  • Australians bawwing about censorship make me laugh, too little too late; proof the 'she'll be right mate' attitude leads to Darwinian fail. #
  • To clarify, there were huge anti-censorship protests a year ago about it but the average Australian held a 'it'll never happen' mentality. #
  • Vegetarian burger for dinner, damn vegetarians eat better than we do. #
  • RT @anthonystevens4 "Top 500 Follow All Back" list – http://bit.ly/2c3mWD if you want to bolster your viewership give it a shot. #
  • Btw, if you folks have a second, http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt I'm nominated in #humor #gaming #weird and many more, please vote? <3 #
  • 400 followers over night? Did I make the news somewhere? Or is there just a sudden increase of interest in /<-rad geeky net socialites? :O #
  • RT @anthonystevens4 "Top 500 Follow All Back" list – http://bit.ly/2c3mWD – 500 follow backs, go claim 'em folks. 😛 #
  • Dude, your list is brilliant! I'll be encouraging my followers to add it more over the next few days. Slow going through the 2k cap ATM! #
  • 17 laps of Le Mans CDLS in Forza 3 on xbox, so tedious, http://yfrog.com/6or76j #forza #forza3 #xbox #
  • Can't add more users until tomorrow, my apologies to my new followers; I'll add you all back when my cap is lifted. <3 #
  • Anyone know a reasonable t-shirt printing getup that isn't crazy overpriced like cafepress is? #
  • Well, it's six in the morning, I have to be up in a few hours so time for a nap. About to release a new car design in Forza too! Stay tuned. #
  • Tease time: Nissan MINE, CF racing parts (bumpers, roof) mad detailing, hacked red & chrome rims, limited edition giveaway. #forza #forza3 #
  • RT @anthonystevens4 "Top 500 Follow All Back" list – http://bit.ly/2c3mWD – 500 follow backs, go claim 'em folks. Night for now. #
  • Had the worst sleep last night. My house is full of Telstra tradies installing the naked ADSL2+ line and Foxtel. HALP. 🙁 #
  • Follow @gear4gamers for a guaranteed follow back and stay tuned for some cool kit and freebies over the next few weeks! #
  • Still working over the gear4gamers.com limited edition give away, attention to detail pays with a subtle CF heavy racing product! #
  • Isn't it funny how those days you're so trashed or sleep deprived everyones super perky and want to talk your ear off? #fml #
  • I'm so tired. I feel like I'm going to bleed from my eyes, if eyes can bleed. Eye stigmata. Pillzy had it once: http://bit.ly/6Wc40o #
  • RT @anthonystevens4 "Top 500 Follow Back" list – http://bit.ly/2c3mWD – Got me 500 followers overnight, no catch, no gimmick, just a list. #
  • 1988 followers, this K was twice as fast as the last; can someone put me out my misery and pimp me 12 users? I always follow back btw. <3 #
  • 1994 friends. This is painful. PAINFUL. Someone follow me with the account you made for your cat. Don't pretend you didn't. Do it! 😛 #
  • I know it's absolutely disgusting, but I think I may very well be going to sleep soon. I had rotten sleep last night. #
  • Big thanks and #ff #shoutout to @blissfulsam for the vote in #humor at http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt follow her folks, she ROCKS. 🙂 #
  • Btw folks, I was serious when I said follow @blissfulsam — she's new to Twitter from FB and has no followers, give her a warm welcome! 😀 #
  • Easy 500 followers, click here and add them all, they follow back within 24 hours: http://bit.ly/2c3mWD courtesy of @anthonystevens4 #
  • The new IQ2 from Foxtel records inferior picture quality to your PC, NOT worth the $200 upgrade. Pissed off. Really noticable bar artifacts. #
  • Just made the best machinetta perculated coffee, perfect strength even for a caffeine addict like me! 😀 #
  • Kingdom Hospital had so much promise before it went all Twin Peaks on it's audience. There's something eternally unsettling about hospitals. #
  • My xbox has been downloading 10 cars for Forza 3 for 50 hours now, 110M file. @Optus, you are fucking cunts for shaping to 2kbps. DIAF. #
  • Forza 3 tweeps follow @gear4gamers for free swag (epic car giveaway designed by yours truly!) and phat lewt! #forza #forza3 #xbox #gaming #
  • Heard mixed reviews of Bayonetta, they didn't send me a free copy so I'm biased already; but using Laroux in the advert? Wtf man. #
  • Just rang Optus to complain, 50 hours and it downloaded 15% of a 100M pack. They suggested I change plans to the one I reviewed as a scam. #
  • FREE SWAG: Search designs within Forza 3 for gear4gamers.com to find the G4G promo racer designed by BP Racing! #forza #forza3 #gaming #xbox #
  • Watching an ep of Carnivale, claims to be Lynch meets JJ Abrams, sounds random. #
  • Watching an ep of Carnivale, claims to be Lynch meets JJ Abrams, sounds random. The intro is like HBO's Rome, eerily similar. #
  • Assassins Creed 2 stole a LOT from The Last Legion (2006) to a scary degree! Can't believe my eyes! #ac2 #xbox #gaming #
  • I liked The Last Legion, clche and predictble but a nice no brainer for me after a hectic crap day and epic headaches! #
  • It spins me out Foxtel (the only cable provider in AU) only has 16 HD channels and 13 of them are sports. Is it REALLY 2010? #
  • The X-Files rocked hard back in the day. Why'd that shit have to end?Great late night viewing when you wake at 3AM like a tard like I did. #
  • Lol, the LT from homicide in Dexter was in S02E19 of Medium? How random! AU is still a year behind on Dexter btw. Got to torrent it. 🙁 #
  • 3 DAYS and I'm 15% into downloading the new Forza car set (100MB), and Optus claim they shape to 64k? I'd never recommend them to anyone. :/ #
  • Highly recommend God On Trial (2008), prisoners in Auschwitz put God on trial when their faith is tested. Really good powerful human drama. #
  • Oh the irony of walking an hour for milk and coffee to be able to move the rest of the day. Fml. #
  • To clarify, I'm not in Sudan walking for water, my cars in the repairers and my license is suspended so I can't grab a rental. Livin' large. #
  • I may aswell be in Africa. Several dead / dying animals in the streets from a combo of yesterdays heat mixed with water restrictions. 🙁 #
  • It's going to be 43C today, if you're in AU be a champ and put some water out for the wildlife. #australia #oz #
  • Lamborghini started out manufacturing tractors from old truck parts in 1948 post-WWII. #omgfacts #facts #
  • Lap 10 of 32 Road America endurance in the R3 '10 Nissan GT-R, protip: few paint swaps on lapping and watch that front left wheel. #
  • A brand new '10 GT-R I might add, I'll be selling it after the race if anyone wants a L5 high R3 spec race car. $300k ONO, DM me. #
  • 21 laps in and the Nissan is sold for $500k and the race isn't even over yet. You guys are CRAZY. 😉 #
  • Big thanks and #ff #shoutout to @NaomiCPryce for the #humor vote at http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt really thankful to all you guys! 🙂 in reply to NaomiCPryce #
  • Follow @gear4gamers! Aiming for the Dodge Challenger, Saleen and AM One-77, ETA a few days for first rollout. #forza #forza3 #xbox #gaming in reply to gear4gamers #
  • At the mercy of Telstra and TPG to get my ADSL2 before I can work more on designs, Optus has me so badly shaped I can't login to Xbox Live! #
  • House is on Channel Ten, I just realized they haven't gone HD yet; looks like their days are numbered! :O #
  • In my randomness I wondered whether you can push one almond kernel INTO the side of another; they just get wet, try it, it's fucking weird! #
  • Needless to say the liquid exuded is almond oil, I do not recommend industrial sized extraction using my conka method. 😛 #
  • $18 pw to subscribe to low quality porn on your mobile? Are there people out there who have yet to discover the treasure trove of the net?! #
  • RT @anthonystevens4 Expand your tweet reach via DM to @retweet_center @retweet_direct @retweet_corner @retweet_heaven @retweet_station #
  • Why do twits with nothing to say feel quoting some random figure will make us think them less vacuous? Stop quoting, speak your own words! #
  • RT @BrotherJesse Everyday presents a blank canvass. You have the brush. What masterpiece do you have in mind? < seven legged spider! 🙂 #
  • When I have time to kill I show fake interest in MLM scammers and make them waste hours talking out their arse at me about how rich I'll be. #
  • British Rally C'ship is on, first time I've ever watched a sports HD channel. Crazy tarmac tracks, roads barely big enough for small cars. #
  • Goodnight tweeps. Speak to you all in a few hours. Vote for me @ http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt and make me feel a lil' special? <3 #
  • In 1898 the NYPD used police on bicycles to pursue speeding motorists. #facts #omgfacts #
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Review of Show Car DLC for Forza

After a screaming success of Forza fans who bought the first DLC for the game off scale over Christmas, Turn 10 decided to release the long anticipated next ten cars named the Show Car Pack. This pack promised to kick arse with ten big hitters that we all assumed would be kickin’ rad 2010 power houses.

We were so, so, so terribly wrong. I began this blog post positively in mind, excited after spending three days downloading the tiny pack due to shonky internet. Slowly as I began listing the specs of each car I realized what a lemon this DLC patch was.

Read on for a break down of the vehicles before buying it, if you still think it’s worth it at the end grab a copy. To save folks who aren’t into or don’t understand specs the read I added pros and cons and a conclusion at the bottom of this post.

Only the Astin Martin and the Saleen redeem the point of purchasing this car pack.

Aston Martin
2010 One-77


8.5 speed
6.0 handling
7.9 acceleration
7.0 launch
6.0 braking

Pros: Sleek looking design, expect plenty of wicked paint jobs from me through gear4gamers.com for it. The specs scream potential modifiable R2-R1 that doesn’t look like a freshly slapped arse.

Cons: Price tag, price tag, price tag. It’s also RWD, I like my ponies on the floor and AWD gives the launch and acceleration that let’s you tear up most courses.

2009 RS 6


7.9 speed
5.3 handling
5.6 acceleration
7.1 launch
5.3 braking

Pros: Nice top speed for a C, AWD potential to be a high end performer.

Cons: What is this car even doing here? 10% of the entire car pack wasted on a generic uninspired ugly sedan. We all know AUDI and Hyundai pay off Turn 10 and Microsoft to pump the game full of their shitty under performing cars with unrealistic specs compared to their IRL equiv.s but shit me. It’s a generic plain four door sedan. And it’s LAST YEARS MODEL. Wasted slot of the ten pack.

2009 R8 LMS Show Car

R3 712

6.8 speed
6.8 handling
7.8 acceleration
7.9 launch
7.0 braking

Pros: Looks mean, a cleaner lined version of the A4 Touring minus the badass stance.

Cons: Twice the price of the 2010 R8 and it’s bodykit doesn’t make up for it. It’s specs are BARELY worthy of R3, really uninspired addition. Grab the current year model and drop the spare $150k on engineering and you’ll blow the doors off idiots who buy or race this car. Wasted slot of the ten pack.

BMW Motorsports
2010 M6 Coupe


7.3 speed
5.2 handling
5.8 acceleration
6.0 launch
5.0 braking

Pros: … I can’t find a single thing nice to say. It … it’s red?

Cons: Its a stock standard uninspired coupe with nothing special about it but a hefty price tag for a very mediocre vehicle. Also there’s not much in the way of parts you could use to beef it up. Stock B class rubbish. Wasted slot in the ten pack.

2010 Corvette Grand Sport


7.5 speed
5.7 handling
6.7 acceleration
6.6 launch
5.5 braking

Pros: Sleek look, some may like it.

Cons: Looks like an AMG back when Merc were going through their annorexic south korean ‘hope there ain’t no cross breeze, someone fetch me a cover note’ days. It’s specs are acceptable for it’s class, but it’s no head turner. Another wasted slot.

2010 Shelby GT500


7.3 speed
5.0 handling
6.0 acceleration
5.4 launch
4.8 braking

Pros: Solid stance angry muscle car, lots of room for design fun, and heaps of room for modification to R3 maybe R2.

Cons: Barely different from the 2009 model, seems to be a bit bulkier around the front end body kit with a little more buldge on the bonnet, and has an arial. That’s pretty weird. Also, underpowered. Comparing US muscle car Fords to Australian Ford Falcons makes you realize while we pay twice as much for our cars they put out twice the power of the top end US equivs.

2009 2-Eleven


5.0 speed
6.5 handling
7.0 acceleration
7.9 launch
6.7 braking

Pros: Unique looking topless ride, looks like a fusion between a kit car and a smart car, some of you might like that, but some of you also like men fucking your arse. I sense a demographic overlap …

Cons: It looks like something you buy when you’re 55, divorced, realized you actually like the cock and it wasn’t just ‘exploration’ back at university after all. Lotus have always been that way though.

2010 Zonda R

R2 848

8.2 speed
7.6 handling
8.6 acceleration
7.9 launch
7.6 braking

Pros: Badass looking rear engine mounted RWD.

Cons: Not much design style available, average specs, not many parts to upgrade and a HUGE PRICE TAG.

2010 Boxter S


6.4 speed
5.5 handling
5.6 acceleration
6.4 launch
5.4 braking

Pros: Don’t even go there.

Cons: Looks like a fucking MR2 from the 1980s, shit specs, shit design, shit everything. What the hell were Porsche thinking? Why did Turn 10 even include this POS?

2010 S5S Raptor


7.5 speed
6.0 handling
7.8 acceleration
7.2 launch
6.0 braking

Pros: Sleek design, looks like it could be a lambo prototype if it mated with the 2010 AUDI R8 minus the worst elements of both. Good solid racing stats, low enough range to have lots of mods. Solid quick car.

Cons: Price is a little nasty and more engines and parts would be nice. A little too AUDI in that VW ‘new’ Beetle way.

Conclusion: I wasted 400 MSP buying this … WHY? 2/10 cars that don’t suck. Rating this content patch a 1 out of 5 stars for obvious reasons.

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Forza 3 Limited Car Give-away

Gear4Gamers LE Nissan GT-R 34 BP Racing Sneak Peek 1

Originally uploaded by BaSH PR0MPT

Sneak peek at the Gear4Gamers.com give-away car for Forza 3 on Xbox. This is a Nissan GT-R34 MINE respec V tricked out to 9.9 speed, and 9′s for acceleration and launch, handling can be increased with front splitter and rear spoiler but this baby is built for breaking 400kph, which it does, regularly. Faster than the famed Astin Martin Lola #007 on a stretch with the beautiful roar of a stock car engine mixed with the whines and appropriate hisses of twin racing turbos. The flawless carbon fiber sets it off perfectly replicating actual racing parts in raw black CF with ghost GT stripes (stripes make cars go faster than red does, it’s a scientific fact!)

No punches were pulled on this baby, and in true suicide machine fashion a roll cage was left out to minimise weight. Carbon fiber racing parts are a BPR creation, inspired in part by the Nissan V8 Supercar Safety Car, with attention to detail from general electrical certification docket to towing tag, from grey plastic inserts undermounting the front lights through to to-the-pixel clean lines thanks to my 60″ plasma and spending the night on my knees in front of it.

This baby is almost complete, a sneak peek of the (yet unfinished) project for gear4gamers.com can be found by searching the Forza storefront for ‘gear4gamers.com’, the design is up in the state it’s in atm and free to download, hence the meaning of the word give-away I’d guess!

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Encyclopedia Dramatica link removed from Google

Google has agreed to remove from its search index links to a satirical website that allegedly promotes racist views of indigenous Australians.

Aboriginal man Steve Hodder-Watt recently discovered the US-based site by searching “Aboriginal and Encyclopedia” in the search engine. He tried to modify the entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica, what the Australian media called ‘a satirical version of Wikipedia,’ but was blocked from doing so.

Hodder-Watt then undertook legal action, that resulted in Google removing the offensive site from its listings. However the site itself remains available by navigating directly to it, naturally.

His lawyer, George Newhouse, said the site was “one of the most offensive sorts of racial vilification you could possibly find”. “It portrays indigenous Australians in the most unsavoury light possible, and you wouldn’t want a child stumbling across it,” he told ABC Radio.

Newhouse said Google agreed to take the link down after he filed an official complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission. “Lo and behold they agreed last night to take down the sites.”

Newhouse later told AAP that he believed any material found to contravene the Racial Discrimination Act should be blocked under the federal government’s proposed internet filter.

The Federal Government plans to introduce legislation this year requiring all service providers to ban “refused classification” material.

What does this mean? Any website with a channer noon spamming ‘niggerniggernigger’ or linking to Electric Retard, etc will get that site blocked by the great Australian firewall?Fuck that, address the problem, don’t ban us all from seeing crap. As much as racism shits me, censorship shits me much, much more. Censorship erodes every demographics rights regardless of age, gender, sexuality or race; it punishes all equally for the sake of the moralist minority.

If it offends you, don’t fucking look at it. Once we start the OMG OFFENSE game on the Internet it’s game over to free speech. Besides, there’s a lot of us out there who enjoy trolling racists, that being said I’m not sure whether ED is inherently racist or more offensive for the sake of causing offence, I’d probably say the latter.

Interestingly the article on news.com.au was pulled due to the comments field being flooded with trolling from btards. 😛

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Telstra are hip, dawg

I received an illiterate n00bsp33k SMS from Telstra, something along the lines of: –

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND BY SMS AS THE REPLY CANNOT BE ACTIONED. IF RESPONDING YOU NEED TO CALL THE PHONE NUMBER AT THE END OF THE MESSAGE. Msg from Telstra: Yr new ph no may B working. Pls check if U can make and receive calls. If working pls call thx.

Now, if they used the sender address as TELSTRA then they’ve saved half that text,

‘Your new number may be working, please try it out, if it works call , please don’t reply to this SMS.’

Simple, literate, and conveying the same point.

I have to get a new phone line installed so TGP can then uninstall it and use the line for ADSL2+. It’s all so over complicated. ISP/telco’s in Australia really -are- that backwards.

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Telco Surveys, an Opportunity for Weird

I just got an automated phone call from Telstra. It was a survey. I answered their five quick questions then it gave me a chance to record a message about my ‘overall experience.’

I hurriedly pressed the * key to record my message, and said “I like turtles.” #

Making life strange, one survey at a time.

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Weekly Tweets for 2010-01-17

  • This is my 1001st tweet. Thank you to my fans and followers for bothering to listen. Btw, send your friends this way, I #followback 😉 #
  • This is my 1002nd tweet. #
  • This is a soup ladle, http://tr.im/JXRE and this is my 1003rd tweet. #
  • Goodnight you crazy people. <3 #
  • Japan are having a sad at acting PM Julia Gillard for urging whalers and activists in equal restraint. #
  • AU Gov. is fitting free aircon for old folks as temps soar. Great idea given 300 died last year due to heat related ailments. #
  • Apparently Fergie's boyfriend needs a belt, he can't keep his pants up. #celebrity #gossip #
  • NIB, Australia are using the xbox dashboard bloop noise, everytime their ad is on TV I get confused. 🙁 #
  • Australia loosens prenup's interpretation from an extremely narrow scope to allow lay prenup's to hold water. #legal #law #omgfacts #
  • Shaun Hern Lee, age 8, passed his Grade 8 piano examination. Started to play at age 2.5. THAT is an amazing musician. #omgfacts #music #
  • Big thing at 2010 gadget show? Wireless electrical charging. Invented by Tesla 100 years ago nearly. #omgfacts #gadget #technology #
  • I hate pain killers, rarely use them, but when I legitimately need them I find I hard to get any that work; news claims they're easy buys? #
  • Sick of knee jerk omgbaneverything mentality in Australian media these days. #
  • So many funeral plans / life insurance ads on Australian TV of late. Cashing in on the baby boomers mass bucket kicking coming up. Lame. #
  • That being said, if I have kids, LET them have to deal with my funeral arrangements. It's only fair if I deal with their life arrangements. #
  • With so many scammers and morons on Twitter, sometimes it masks the gems we have amongst us here. There are some truly inspirational folks. #
  • Japanese whalers caught in a lie as new footage released of intentional ramming and sinking of Sea Shepherds trimeran Ady Gil! More to come! #
  • Season 2 of V is to air soon as Channel Ten in Australia is about to debut the first episode. Why are we always a year behind the world? #
  • Remind me when I'm obese it all started here man: http://yfrog.com/3laxpj #
  • Last night I dreamt I had really bad and very little sleep. Last night I had really bad and very little sleep. #fml #
  • It's so bloody hot in Sydney today. #
  • RT @NaimaZarga I nominate @bashpr0mpt for a Shorty Award in #humor because… he keeps Australia in stitches. http://bit.ly/shorty – Thanks! #
  • Have you guys ever seen the shit that builds up under carpet? #
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  • I'm going to go cut myself in a corner someplace if I don't beat Ellen, I'm way funnier, and I -can- dance. Okay, the last part is a lie. 😛 #
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  • I am 6 votes off beating Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow), I'm gunning for you beyotch! 😛 C'mon vote for me tweeps! http://bit.ly/78ngBK #
  • The following made me laugh so hard I had to check my underwear: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/ptero #
  • Oh, and thanks and #ff #shoutouts to @able65 and @3l1m1nat0r for voting for me at http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt 😉 #
  • World of Warcraft is NOT designed for 60" screens, it's crap & fails to scale in a reasonable fashion. Then again, blizzard ARE pretty shit. #
  • To defend my prev. comment re: blizzard, it's 2010 and they can't hot patch servers? Y'know, just sayin'! 😉 #
  • And now there's nothing but crap repeats, or Buffy / Angel on @SciFiTV because they too are shit at providing basic services. 😛 #
  • And I can only bitch about all this because Optus Mobile have gifted me with my hourly five-minutes of ONE friggen bar of service! FML. #
  • I just ate yoghurt, then ate a few almonds shortly afterwards and it seems the yoghurt kills the taste of almonds completely. #omgfacts #
  • And yes, the prior was cynicism directed at the hash tag demonstrating their awesome empirical evidence requirements for facts. 😛 #
  • 6 x more people die in the US from diabetes than all the murders, car accidents, drugs, alcohol and tobacco deaths in Australia per annum. #
  • Thank you to the people voting for me, promise shouts when I wake up and get on my PC! Vote for me if you haven't pls! http://bit.ly/8B9rdd #
  • Battlestar Galactica just starte on @SciFiTV but unfortunately it's mad low def. Saw this ep like six years ago. :/ #
  • Worth rewatching just for Tricia Helfer of course, she plays ('Caprica') Six. #
  • Can't wait for Caprica, Lost & House to restart, House aired today in the US, it'll be up on http://eztv.it within hours! Gogogo. #
  • And yes I'm blatantly promoting piracy, if Australian networks insist on keeping us a year or more behind it's their corporate greeds loss. #
  • Go vote for me at http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt #
  • I finally did it! Registered with TPG for naked ADSL2, for $10 less than Optus I'm getting six times the download and shaped to 1M if over. #
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  • There is a lizzard in my living room. How the fuck does a lizzard get inside a house? Must have tail gated me in. :/ #
  • Where's Stee Irwin when you need him? Anyone know how to catch a lizzard? Do they like pizza? Coffee? #
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  • Ouch, bleeding http://yfrog.com/1dhhuuj #
  • Goodnight folks, sweet dreams. #
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  • You know, seeing these votes steadily rolling in, it shocks me how many people actually READ what I write. 😛 #
  • On the other hand, it gives me that cold realisation I need to actually put effort into my drivel a bit more. 😉 #
  • Thanks to @bitofanelbowman and #shoutouts for the vote at http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt remember you can vote in multiple categories! #
  • Sausages. #
  • Thanks and #ff #shoutout to @namfuakydna for the vote at http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt (good to see you're alive!) in reply to namfuakydna #
  • Uh, I mean .. *snores* because it's six am here. :/ #
  • Thanks and #ff #shoutouts to @brandranter for the vote in #humor at http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt It's really appreciated! <3 #
  • Five k's sounds like a short distance, but on a humid day it's one hell of a trek. Fml. #fitness #beinghealthyisntworththis #
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  • For fucks sake, I hit my pissy little 20 gb cap (Optus' highest available that doesn't count upstream (ie: SCAM)) and am shaped to 4kbps. :/ #
  • I apologise to my fans and followers, I won't be around for a week or so pending installation of a link with a real ISP. :/ #
  • So, while my house is leaving Optus and moving into 1990+ standards, anyone want a roommate? Must have good ADSL2+ connection pls. 😛 #
  • Like you're doing something for yourself other than wasting money, stick with science! I'm a guy, I'm in my late twenties but habitually #
  • RT @_SlimBody_ Best exercises to lose weight fast? <- anything that doesn't involve jaw muscles! Eat less, move more. Piss easy. #
  • RT @MissSugarLipz Q:soooo who's the best guy in the world i'll give you a hint its me! <- LIES! I am! #
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  • When shaped, Optus broadband is so poor quality that it takes anywhere up to six minutes to send a tweet. How ridiculous is that? #omgfacts #
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  • For those who cbf'd reading my blog, to provide maximum exposure for tweeps I consider above and beyond the call of tweepdom. 🙂 #
  • Twitter needs to ban anyone who uses get rich quick scam keywords, arbitrarily. It'd remove 85% of users but increase quality. #
  • I think @Twitter should allow accounts to apply for a higher cap, after 1k users I can never add back as many people who add me, wtf. #
  • Sorry to folks who've followed me on Twitter lately, I'll follow you back when my cap's removed; FB/MS users add me on http://bit.ly/6aEpUw #
  • I never thought Dougie Howser could redeem himself, but How I Met Your Mother amuses the crap out of me. #
  • Not to mention Alyson Hannigan. *purr* #
  • A friend of mine got the L4D2 hand shirt (10k kills) without realizing / before even getting the first aid kit, wtf? #zombies #gaming #
  • Got them the FAK and pink Depeche Mode shirt in 1 play thru with 1 repeat level, way cooler avatar reward IMO. #gaming #zombies #L4D2 #
  • Damn retweet function, never lets me add to it on the PC but on my iPhone it does. Although, that girl's post made me lol, I'd so do that. #
  • As in, I would find a decoy as an excuse to stay at home and game. 🙂 #
  • Year 6 completed in Forza 3, AWESOME! #xbox Oh, also, if you love me, vote #humor #gaming #weird @ http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt #
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Follow Friday (Follow4Follow) Recommendations

It’s Follow Friday in Australia, and normally I just accept recommendations of randoms to follow, but I figured I should try and point out a few users each week who I actively read, who won’t try and sell you some fucking MLM marketing scam, and who aren’t boring. I’ll do this in no particular order, so don’t think I love any of you more than the other. If you don’t make the cut, nag me in DM, or better yet bribe me with votes in the Shorty Awards.

Speaking of Shorty Awards, follow the folks who’ve thrown me votes, and vote for me to inadvertently gain exposure from this post at http://shortyawards.com/bashpr0mpt where I’m up in nominations for #humor, #weird, #gaming, #design, #celebrity, and other random things. I’m almost in the top twenty for most categories too, so vote for me and I’ll find some way to compensate you, kidneys and firstborns are options. Also follow the folks who vote for me, they follow back and are the real active twitter types who’ve caught my attention. 🙂

So, here’s the BaSH PR0MPT #FF short (very short) list for this week. And remember, I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve!

Interested in my loved ones, storytelling, film, books, media studies, philanthropy, and working with NPO’s to strengthen our social economy <- Bleeding heart job who does too much charity work like me!

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

It’s football season so expect a lot of tweets Sun/Mon. You’ve been warned! <- Great for sports fans in the US? 😛

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

It’s all about me… <- Top bloke.

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

Paranormal Investigator, Avid video-gamer, Computer Tech, 3D Artist <- Another absolutely top bloke!

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

Lover of all things fitness-Cert TKB Instructor & Bootcamp Leader, fitness management entreprenuer & fitness mentor! <- Great when you need someone to tell you to harden the fuck up. 🙂

Hold shift and click here to follow them!

Bibliophile, secretly goth, lover of movies, thinks guyliner is hot, loves drag queens, hates autotweeters, cultural experimental traveler. <- Crazy mofo who started my Shorty Award nomination craze. 😉

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Telstra Mobile v Optus Mobile?

So I have laid down the gauntlet. As most of you are aware, from my incessant bitching, Optus have been providing substandard service to me for far too long and my contracts with them have expired, or are expiring.

TPG won my custom as far as ISP’s go, beating Optus by offering SIX TIMES the download, TWICE the speed, and for $50 less per month.

I have examined Foxtel as contenders as far as cable television goes, and am entering into negotiations with them.

As far as mobile phones go, this is the kicker. There are very few service providers in the country, and many of them utilise the Optus 3G network, which provides maybe a bar of service, if you’re standing on a table flapping your arms, for an hour a day. Mind you, I’m not even living in the sticks, plain jane suburbia and the reception is that poor.

What I have asked Telstra is, to match Optus’ packages. I have two iPhone 3G’s, one for business one for pleasure, both are on $60-80 plans, with the essential part being UNLIMITED SMS. I don’t care about calls, data, or anything, just unlimited SMS, it’s 2010 they SHOULD be unlimited. Unfortunately no Telstra plans offer it, except their old HipTop plans, and I do NOT want to touch a shit-top.

So I thought screw it, I’ll see what they can do, and emailed them enquiring. The ball is in their court, it’ll be interesting to see if Telstra can at least match Optus.

Stay tuned for updates!

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Cynics Guide to 2010 Technology

With 2009 now well and truly over, our eyes must inevitably turn to 2010. In Arthur C Clarke’s famous novel, this was the year when the Russians and Americans teamed up on a universe redefining mission to uncover the secrets of reality.

In the real world, there’ll probably be a slightly faster iPhone. All things considered, we’ll call it a draw.

But what else can we expect? We’ve dug out the crystal ball (in the knowledge that nobody ever, ever bothers looking back at futurologists’ old work) to bring you this exclusive preview of the months to come. It’s science!

January: Windows 8 is released, several years ahead of schedule. New features include an updated title screen, three new pieces of wallpaper, and a version of Minesweeper with the xyzzy cheat code back in.

Apple counters by releasing a blank CD as the next version of OS X, describing it as ‘the atom bomb in our war against bloat’.

February: Rupert Murdoch gives up on the internet in disgust, citing widespread piracy and the impossibility of selling content online as the main reasons.

As one final act of revenge, he releases the world’s first hard copy of the web. ‘Taste of your own bloody medicine,’ he tells the pirate community, which immediately sets about scanning it in for the torrent sites.

March: Declining advertising revenues finally force change on web services. Around the world, former online millionaires are seen holding desperate cardboard signs reading ‘Will Host Photos For Food’.

April: Google launches Chrome OS, a Linux-based operating system designed to capitalise on what’s left of the web economy. Users aren’t entirely blown away by it, citing its limited features and the inherent benefits of downloadable software over online JavaScript applications, especially in the face of May’s zombie apocalypse.

June: With May officially declared The Month We Never Speak Of Again, the world returns to the important stuff: the brand-new iPhone. New features include a diamond screen to prevent scratching, an updated maps application that tells you where you’re going before you’ve even decided, and an FM tuner.

Worried that the market might be getting oversaturated, Steve Jobs only permits one to be built. Apple fanboys happily queue up for the chance to buy a photograph of him using it.

July: Hollywood finally closes the infamous ‘analogue hole’. Previous attempts at foiling ‘if you can see it, you can copy it’ are declared to have failed due to aiming at the wrong half of the sentence. Giant metal barriers are constructed in front of every cinema screen.

Viewers comment that while this does detract from the experience, it’s still better than sitting through Transformers 2. Pirates continue to rip Oscar screener DVDs like before.

August: First conviction for Skype Rage upheld. The judge says that while he appreciates the frustration new college student Phillip Carmichael built up after listening to his parents saying ‘Can you hear me? Is this coming through?’ for two hours, actually jumping into a car, driving seven hours across the country and murdering them as they continued parroting the question into their cheap microphone was a little too much.

September: Intel fights back against AMD’s latest so-small-you-can-only-see-it-under-a-microscope chip by building one so small, you can’t even do that. At least, that’s what it claims. AMD is invited to prove it’s lying.

October: Scandal rages through the graphics industry as the world’s first completely digital actor turns out to be merely be a deeply unconvincing human.

With his plastic skin, dead eyes and no trace of personality, mournful meat marionette Virtual Actor-One confesses that he thought officially changing his name would be the best way of finding work in an increasingly tech-focused Hollywood. Actor-One’s past roles include the third guard on the right in Tron and the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

November: Scientists at CERN finally manage to create the elusive ‘god particle’ in the Large Hadron Collider. Fighting promptly breaks out over what it should be called, how it should be studied and how technicians should dress to do so. Luckily, the community soon finds a way to settle the various issues to everyone’s satisfaction. “If only we’d had Halo 3 Deathmatch during the Crusades,” sighs the Pope.

December: Bill Gates announces the discovery of clinical immortality. Everyone under the age of 55 is eligible and anyone can afford it, until someone finally reads the EULA in detail and discovers that the yearly licence renewal fee for their existence is based on an exponential scale. On the plus side, the slave collars are really very fetching.

First published in PC Plus Issue #290

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14 y/o in India ‘Crying Blood’

Twinkle Dwivedi, a 14-year-old who lives in northern India, has been spontaneously bleeding from her eyes, nose, hairline, neck and soles of her feet for the last three years, UK tabloid The Sun reports. The bleeding can happen up to 50 times a day and result in the loss of litres of blood.

“I bleed from my eyes, my hands, my head, from everywhere. From my ears and nose as well,” Twinkle said. “It doesn’t hurt when the bleeding starts. But it makes me tired and sometimes I have headaches.” Because of the bleeding Twinkle has been unable to attend her school in Lucknar, Uttar Pradesh.

Dr George Buchanan, an expert haematologist from the US, examined Twinkle in a Mumbai hospital but was unable to explain the strange condition. “I’ve never seen a case of someone who bleeds spontaneously from their scalp or their palms, or read about it in medical history,’ Dr George Buchanan said. “It doesn’t seem physically possible for blood to seep through intact skin.”

Clearly the media misrepresented Dr Buchanan, or he need return to general practice, as hematidrosis (also called hematohidrosis) is a well documented but very rare condition in which a human being sweats blood. It may occur when a person is suffering extreme levels of stress, for example, facing his or her own death. Several historical references have been described; notably by Leonardo da Vinci: describing a soldier who sweated blood before battle, men unexpectedly given a death sentence, as well as descriptions in the Bible, that Jesus experienced hematidrosis when he was praying in the garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22,44).

Hemochromatosis, another form of sweating blood, is a disorder due to deposition of hemosiderin in the parenchymal cells, causing tissue damage and dysfunction of the liver, pancreas, heart, and pituitary. Other clinical signs include bronze pigmentation of skin which may fly under the radar given the girls complexion, arthropathy, diabetes, cirrhosis, hepatosplenomegaly, hypogonadism, and loss of body hair, none of which are evident. Full development of the disease among women is restricted by menstruation and pregnancy.

According to Dr. Frederick Zugibe, Chief Medical Examiner of Rockland County, New York, sweating blood is well-known, and there have been many cases of it, “Around the sweat glands, there are multiple blood vessels in a net-like form. Under the pressure of great stress the vessels constrict. Then as the anxiety passes the blood vessels dilate to the point of rupture. The blood goes into the sweat glands. As the sweat glands are producing a lot of sweat, it pushes the blood to the surface – coming out as droplets of blood mixed with sweat.”

In a lecture, Dr. Zugibe stated: “The severe mental anxiety…activated the sympathetic nervous system to invoke the stress-fight or flight reaction to such a degree causing hemorrhage of the vessels supplying the sweat glands into the ducts of the sweat glands and extruding out onto the skin. While hematidrosis has been reported to occur from other rare medical entities, the presence of profound fear accounted for a significant number of reported cases including six cases in men condemned to execution, a case occurring during the London blitz, a case involving a fear of being raped, a fear of a storm while sailing, etc. The effects on the body is that of weakness and mild to moderate dehydration from the severe anxiety and both the blood and sweat loss.”

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Japanese Whalers Caught Lying

After super conservative fuckwits jumped up and down while the mainstream media was being ambiguous about the ramming of the Ady Gil, originally referring to it as ‘allegedly rammed’, more video has come to light, and even the mainstream media are releasing the footage from the Ady Gil’s cameraman around about the place that shows without doubt the Japanese vessel moved to ram the Ady Gil, which was floating dead in the water with all crew on deck taking a break, including the captain.

Earlier in the week, Japanese whalers and their puppet ‘research’ groups in New Zealand (who have, off the record, been showing strong pro-whaling flags backing Japan, in exchange for Japanese funding of course) claimed that the Ady Gil pulled in their way at the last minute causing the collision and went as far as demanding that Australia intervene against Sea Shepherd.

Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd announced that $170,000 was pledged in the first few hours after the incident while more was flooding in following the screening of a Sea Shepherd advert featuring Transformers actress Isabel Lucas to replace the $3,000,000 dollar stealth yacht the whalers sunk.

Captain Watson also praised Australian Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard – who has been accused by Japan of inflaming public opinion and making diplomatic resolution of the whaling dispute harder to realise – for speaking out. “Julia Gillard is the only politician who has had the courage to say something about the illegal activities Japan has undertaken; the rest of them are hiding behind Japan’s kimonos as far as I can see.” It’s a fair call given pre-election promises by Kevin Rudd that he would engage the Japanese illegal whaling activities under the guise of research, amongst other intra-political matters along the employment lines, and delivered on none of them.

Captain Watson was especially scathing of New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully, who has said it was not the NZ Government’s responsibility to send armed vessels to protect people “determined to break the law”. “The Minister of Foreign Affairs has made ignorant and unsubstantiated accusations and he should apologise and if he refuses to apologise he should be asked to resign,” Mr Watson said. A fair call given the almost blatent public backing of Japan’s piratical acts over the past decade in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

“How dare he take Japan’s side in this issue against his own citizens? If a Sea Shepherd ship had rammed and sunk a Japanese ship, there would be no hesitation in sending a Navy ship to the Southern Ocean with a warrant of arrest.” It’s unfortunate no governments are taking any action, especially in light of the new evidence that the Japanese vessel intentionally rammed and sunk the yacht.

Below is the only footage to go by prior to the release of footage from the Ady Gil’s cameraman, yes you have to click this to view it, but here’s two views, one from a Sea Shepherd ship and another from the pirate whalers (language warning ahoy): –

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Weekly Tweets for 2010-01-11

  • I made @2BitViews must follow list, I feel special! Send some Twitter follow love his way tweeps! <3 #
  • My iPhone always trys to correct tweeps to twerps, they take an eternity to learn new words. :/ #
  • Stephanie too it seems, follow her @town_biz too. 🙂 #
  • Goodnight twits. <3 #
  • You're telling me with millions of copies of L4D2 there are NO vs or scavenge matches on the Internet? WTF is with Valve servers?!? #
  • WTF is with L4D2 and NO active games anywhere ever? It sold MILLIONS of units, wtf are all the people? #
  • My cat is farting in it's sleep. Whoever said cats are nicer than dogs?! :/ #
  • I told her if she shits on the floor I'll post a photo of her 'poo face' on the internet. Pwned: http://yfrog.com/4f3e5sj #
  • Apparently Battlestar Galactica's sequel, Caprica, was originally suggested as a 2007 release, 2010 and it's near: http://yfrog.com/1ese8ohj #
  • Just wasted an hour or so of my life trying to GP boost the last achievements out of L4D2. Any gamers out there boosting? Add my gamer tag! #
  • It's 6AM, woke up from crazy as hell dreams to notice my TV was on the crime channel while I slept. TV gave me bad dreams subliminally! 🙁 #
  • Playing Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix / OOTP, quite a grind but steady flow of GP which is what I like. Point boosting with a wand? #
  • Next doors dog has a chew toy that sounds like the clowns in Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) which lead a heap of undead at you. It's making me twitch. #
  • I just made instant coffee with stone cold water, needless to say it didn't work out too well. Drinking it still though, caffeine FTW. #
  • Playing Tom Clancy's Endwar on xbox, I forgot how fun this is! You operate the entire game with voice commands and orders! Novelty++ #
  • Grabbed "V" (2009) ep 1-4, 2 in and I'm loving it. I LOVED V as a kid, this is different but still great, especially on my 60" plasma in HD! #
  • By S01E03 of 'V' I'm starting to notice similarities between the aliens and Scientologists, especially their 'disconnection' shit, weird! #
  • Two things I like in movies / TV shows, people going to the toilet, and ugly people. It's a rarely depicted slither of reality. 😛 #
  • What is it with MLM scammers and every tweet that isn't 'get rich' puff being some lame series of wishywashy quotes? Eg: @marcusapassey in reply to marcusapassey #
  • Fell asleep on a leather lounge, woke up with a start from how stuck I was and almost ripped myself asunder stuck to the leather. Fml. #
  • Finally made it to bed, at six am. Today should be fun, need to take my car to the mechanics at some point today. Wah. 🙁 #
  • In other news, I'm SO AWESOME that I'm being sent a free PS3. #
  • Without gamer points as incentive though, idk how competative it'd get me. Thoughts or opinions from PS3 gamers please? #
  • Serious question folks, need an answer, it'll benefit you! Do you use an iPhone, and do you xbox/ps3/wii? If so which? DM me replies please! #
  • Currently watching The Day of the Triffids, recent remake. It's bloody good stuff. Scifi thriller with a dashing of armageddon of man! #
  • Kingdom Hospital on @Scifitv +2, S01E01, not bad so far, quirky, but it had an anteater in it, which-like zombies-earns extra cool points. #
  • Natural almonds, as opposed to artificial ones: http://yfrog.com/4gz1mscj oddly enough my kitten eats almonds, just gave her few as a treat! #
  • Oh I remember Kingdom Hospital now, watched it all online like half a decade or more ago. @SciFiTV fails again @ new shows. #fail #
  • Kingdom Hospital was worth staying up for. Although for a Stephen King series it's very David Lynch circa Twin Peaks, little too daft IMHO. #
  • Those 'natural almonds' dipped in Tofutti imitation cream cheese make a wonderful tasty (and healthy!) snack, try it out! #
  • RT @Scifitv @bashpr0mpt turning your back on funky anteaters? Make anteaters sad. < They reply?! Sure it doesn't make sense, but WTF? #
  • God they're pimping this Bayonetta crap lately, in other news Dante's Inferno by Visceral launch is nearing! Looks bloody good! #
  • Random fact: most car horns are in the key of F. #fact #
  • It's so hot I can't sleep. Feel all anxious and frustrated. Blah. #
  • Boys, manicures aren't just for girls. Spend 15m a week on your hands and see the appreciation non-gross hands get from women. #
  • My kitten can be so cute sometimes, multi-thousand $ purchases are only as good as their packing, what do you think? – pic http://tr.im/JHA5 #
  • There comes a point when you know the fine will make it worthwhile to run from the cops, $300,000 is well above it: http://tr.im/JIuC #
  • Myer has it's knickers in a knot over Jennifer Hawkin's getting her much appreciated assets out for Marie Claire: http://tr.im/JIuN #
  • There comes a point where delayed justice is just bizarre, 30 years later, 74 year old Polanski is still in the shite: http://tr.im/JIwb #
  • Microsoft are quick on Apple's heels to release a tablet PC by 'mid-2010': http://tr.im/JIzT #
  • I read this AFTER a big TV purchase, typical, but yeah it's a TV that makes everything look 3D, I question the claim but: http://tr.im/JIAO #
  • Natal is an add-on to Microsoft's Xbox 360 that senses total body movement and turns the gamer's body into the controller: http://tr.im/JIBN #
  • Sorry for the link spam today, but I found those articles legitimately interesting; if you did too, DM me, I might make it a habit. 🙂 #
  • Cops seized a lambo of guy a because guy b sped in it, nuts? Yes. That law is also unconstitutional. Hope they get sued. #
  • Deprivation of property without just compensation is one of the few constitutional rights Australians have FYI. NSW Police oft ignore it. #
  • Victorian police in knee jerk reactionary fashion are randomly searching citizens for 'knives' without suspicion or warrant, under new laws. #
  • Laying in bed snuggling my cat, or vice versa. I'm too manly to snuggle a cat. Manly. Man. Men. Man. Big balls, see. Okay, I like my cat. 🙁 #
  • Okay, seriously folks, add me on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook or Flickr, go to http://bashpr0mpt.com & click on links to find my profiles. 😉 #
  • I never link adult stuff, but I laughed SO hard when I saw this Star Trek spoof called "Sex Trek", warning NSFW – http://bit.ly/4uoCCf #
  • That 'Sex Trek' film is so corny and lame that it's almost win. I've never laughed so hard, okay, well not in a long while! #
  • January and hot cross buns are in stores, wtf at commercial whoredom of holdays, see pic for proof: http://yfrog.com/33ag1fj #
  • You know everything is meant to be WHOACRAZY when they use Dutch angles on Star Trek: The Next Generation. 😛 #
  • Watching Star Trek (remake) on DVD, it has the most camp interface menu I've ever seen. Looks like a first year TAFE art students work. #
  • I think I'm pregnant, all I've wanted to eat the past two days is yoghurt and green olives! D: #
  • Jaebum is trending because some South Korean lame-o boy band fag had some 'myspace scandal' and bawwquit back to his home in the US. Idgaf! #
  • Dear @kevinrudd .. I urge you to recall your pre-election promise to take Japan to an international court over its whaling practices. Do it. #
  • Those super thin LCD/Plasma TV's are great, but like the Apple Air, super thin = loss of structural integrity and easy to break. #
  • Girls are like RPG's; You gain XP as you go along, but the fights always get tougher. #quote #quotes #omgfacts #
  • Thanks to @rootnl2k for #ff / #followfriday recommendation! Forgot it's Follow Friday again, protip; I auto-followback! 😉 #followforfollow in reply to rootnl2k #
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  • I've been playing World of Warcraft again lately, grinding a LOT of gold but don't have the time to even spend it. Any WoW players here? #
  • Thinking of writing up some gold generating methods, but hesitant as World of Warcraft players are an apathetic bunch. Should I bother? #WoW #
  • Either a neighbor has had a kid or a mental breakdown, I can hear repetative babytalk everytime the wind blows this way. :/ #
  • Naive doltish fangirls of Justin Beiber have propogated what has turned out to be a hoax: http://yfrog.com/3nmr7vj #zealotry #belieber #hoax #
  • I got shampoo in my eyes, and accidentally used dettol instead of mouthwash! (For US audiences, it's a UK/Commonwealth brand of antiseptic!) #
  • Special thanks to @delprado for a Follow Friday shout out, spread the #follow love, #ff #followforfollow #followfriday #shoutout in reply to delprado #
  • Dear MLM dicks, if all you scammers make SO MUCH money on social networks why do you spend every minute trying to tell us your secrets? #mlm #
  • RT @x11r5 My worsest injury….i feel like a thing of the freedom to make it happen 4 me <- WTF bro? What does that even MEAN?!? :/ #
  • Does Stephen Hawkings have a wife/GF? He's by far the most amazing man of our times, but do women appreciate that? #
  • RT @x11r5 @bashpr0mpt So hey i going to happen <- Now you're just trolling me, surely! 😛 #
  • RT @brighthub How to Get Your Baby on a Sleeping Schedule http://linkomitted.com/dyls #parenting <- House brick to the head. #
  • RT @OMGFacts 25% of your bones are located in your feet. #omgfacts < WRONG! 12.6%, or 26 of 206 bones. I hate pop-sci, morons believe it. #
  • RT @OMGFacts Honolulu is the only place in the United States that has a royal palace. #omgfacts – because the US deposed their monarchy. #
  • RT @OMGfacts If you were to roll a lung .. flat it would .. size of a tennis court. #omgfacts – WRONG! Tennis court 260sqm, lung 1200sqm! #
  • Lots of cops on the streets in NSW, AU today, be careful. If you use an iPhone, grab Trapster, it's free and helps you avoid hectic fines! #
  • RT @OMGFacts Phobatrivaphobia is.. #omgfacts Phobatrivaphobia is just monged Latin because your facts are shit & you need something to post. #
  • RT @OMGFacts The average person has over 1,400 dreams a year. #omgfacts WRONG AGAIN! Avg 12 dream cycles per night * 365 = 4,380! in reply to OMGFacts #
  • RT @OMGFacts During the Gold Rush in 1849, some people paid as much as $100 for a glass of water. #omgfacts 'Some people,' yeah.. right. BS! #
  • Calling out @OMGFacts for being failtards, RT this if you agree:


    #omgfacts #facts #science #skeptics #

  • I just shoo'd a spider the size of a kitten out my window! 😛 #
  • Rose from Two and a Half Men was the cute chick in Rose Red. Reckon the name was a tongue in cheek? #
  • Some beiber fanatic, @SelMarieGom, actually started a petitio to 'demand he follow' her. Needless to say it has 3 sigs. Pedophiles abound! in reply to SelMarieGom #
  • Calling out @OMGFacts for being failtards, RT this if you agree: http://tr.im/JWiz #omgfacts #facts #science #skeptics #
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Optic Fiber to go ‘Bubbly’

Optical fibres make it possible for us to use the technologies we take for granted, such as the internet our mobile phones, and other ‘unwired’ tech, but now new research from Macquarie University may hold the key to more cost-effective, energy-efficient, durable and easy-to-use fibre optics in the future.

Professor Town’s team of fibre optics specialists from the University’s Department of Electronic Engineering has been developing a new prototype for fibre optics which is made from a “bubbly” polymer fibre. “Our technique involves heating the polymer to form bubbles-it’s easier and cheaper than assembling tubes or drilling,” he says. “This could be a cheap, clean and relatively fast way of developing an optical network and the production process uses significantly less energy than if we were working with glass.”

Traditionally, glass has been used to produce optical fibres, but the equipment needed in order to process the glass at high temperatures makes this an expensive option. While several groups around the world are investigating polymer as a potential future replacement, the Macquarie team is the only group to develop and test a system which uses bubbles within the polymer to guide and scatter light.

Deliberately leaky fibres are ideal for transmitting data over short distances. “This technology would be applicable to, for example, inter-office connections where workers could use ‘wireless’ laptops within a certain area of the workplace,” Professor Town says. “The bubbly design allows you to scatter out of the fibre and also to scatter back in: if you can do that, it reduces the cost of coupling and the overall system costs are reduced.

“It’s like when you drive into the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and you can still listen to your car radio-they use a co-axial cable that leaks in a similar way so that you can receive the signal anywhere on the roadway.” He doesn’t go on to explain how a leaky feeder can be implemented with light, where light lost will cause errors in reception of the signals target.

Because the bubbly polymer allows light out and in, it also makes it potentially very useful for sensing applications. “This type of polymer optical fibre may also prove useful for distributed sensing of materials such as toxic or explosive gases,” says Professor Town.

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Action Games Improve Eyesight

I’ve had many an argument online with folks obsessed with ‘you’ll go blind’ mentality towards video games, amongst other things. I feel vindicated today as I read that a study found video games are “good for eyes”, far from being harmful to eyesight action games provide excellent training for what eye doctors call contrast sensitivity.

Contrast sensitivity is the ability to notice tiny changes in shades of grey against a uniform background, and is critical to everyday activities such as night driving and reading. It often degrades with age.

The findings, published in Nature Neuroscience, reveal a previously unsuspected adaptability in the brain, and could open the way to new therapies, the researchers said. ”This is not a skill that people were supposed to get better at by training,” said Daphne Bavelier, a professor at the University of Rochester in New York state and the study’s lead researcher.

”It was something that we corrected for at the level of the optics of the eye – to get better contrast detection you get glasses or laser surgery.”

”What we found is that even without this correction you can help your brain make better use of whatever information is received from your retina,” she said.

For the study, Bavelier and three colleagues conducted two sets of experiments. In the first, they compared the contrast sensitivity of hard-core action game players with video game aficionados of the same age who preferred less rapid-fire fare.

In action games, players typically target and shoot figures that pop up suddenly on a computer screen. The researchers found that the action buffs were 50 percent more efficient at detecting contrast. But there remained a chicken-or-egg question: had their vision been improved by playing, or did they become action game players because they had better than average contrast sensitivity to start with?

To find out, Bavelier asked two groups of non-action video game players to undergo 50 hours of training. One played a popular point-and-shoot game called Call of Duty, and the other played a game that offered a rich visual experience, but one bereft of action.

”We found that the people in the first group improved by 43 percent, and the other group not at all,” she said. As important, the study also found that the improvement was not transitory. ”The positive effect remained months, even years after training, indicating long-lasting gains,” she said.

Is there some limit beyond which playing action games loses its positive effect or becomes detrimental? Can you, in other words, have too much of a ‘good thing’?

“For your visual system, probably not. For your social life, perhaps,” said Bavelier.

Roxxxy the Sexbot, by ‘TrueCompanion’

In what is billed as a world first, a life-size robotic girlfriend complete with artificial intelligence and flesh-like synthetic skin was introduced to adoring fans at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

“She can’t vacuum, she can’t cook but she can do almost anything else if you know what I mean,” TrueCompanion’s Douglas Hines said while introducing Roxxxy to the world, needless to say most men would see that as a fair trade off.

“She’s a companion. She has a personality. She hears you. She listens to you. She speaks. She feels your touch. She goes to sleep. We are trying to replicate a personality of a person.”

Roxxxy stands 170cm (five feet, seven inches) tall, weighs 54.43kg (120lbs), “has a full C cup and is ready for action,” according to Hines, who was an artificial intelligence engineer at Bell Labs before starting TrueCompanion.

Roxxxy comes with five personalities. Wild Wendy is outgoing and adventurous, while Frigid Farrah is reserved and shy.

There is a young naive personality along with a Mature Martha that Hines described as having a “matriarchal kind of caring”. S & M Susan is geared for more adventurous types.

Aspiring partners can customise Roxxxy features, including race, hair colour and breast size. A male sex robot named Rocky is in development.

People ordering the robots online at truecompanion.com detail their tastes and interests much like online dating sites but here, the information is used to get the mechanical girlfriend in synch with her mate.

Posted: January 10th, 2010
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