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News for February 2010

Weekly Tweets for 2010-02-28

  • The Biggest Loser Australia has descended into a fusion of survivor crossed with lord of the flies at fat camp. D: #
  • The AU prime minister @kevinrudd is in good form on Good News Week. He needs to get back to being a people person and pseudo-TV type. #
  • Death Note is airing on ABC2, not sure how long they've been running it? Set my STB to record the series in future. #
  • Speaking of series', anyone seen Threshold? Recorded the first three eps, about to watch it while dropping off to sleep. Seen it? Like it? #
  • Okay the first establishing scene is horribly corny and packed with lame CGI, it's losing me already. :/ #
  • The most common cause of depression is obesity, the most common side effect of anti-depressants is weight gain. Ironic! #fact #omgfacts #ff #
  • I fell asleep watching Threshold last night, giving it a second chance, fatigue made me biased it's actually pretty good. #
  • Uh, cancel that. My @foxtel IQ2 STB only recorded five minutes of part three because they must have run the shows later than they said. :/ #
  • Yup, Threshold is corny as. In some parts. Like the lame fractal appearing everywhere. Dumbed down for a dumber audience I guess? #
  • The media seem to agree with my Good News Week comment on the PM: http://bit.ly/di24jF #
  • John Carpenter's Vampires: Los Muertos (2002), how this nastily produced cliche piece of crap got greenlit makes me wonder. 2/10. #movies #
  • Tomorrow all Australian 7/11's are selling Monster (reg/juiced/lo) for $1 a 500ml can! $20 = 10 liters! Kgo! #caffeine #geek #gaming #oz #
  • Sushi. I like it. Although there's that male urge to add too much wasabi. The primate need to prove how big my dong is. Tonight it's HUGE. #
  • Peel those checkpoint barcodes off products and slip the etag into someones handbag, or drop it sticky side up so it's trod on. Good fun! #
  • Nick Xenophon and Sunrise claiming need for an internet ombudsman because dicks with FB tribute pages can't manage them. #nocleanfeed #
  • Mmm, hot cross buns. Religion never tasted so good. #
  • Gran Tarino (2009), almost redeemed Clint Eastwood, but the ending made me change what would have been my highest rated to 6/10. #movies #
  • Battlefield 2: Bad Company 2 is the ONLY game on any platform that has given my plasma burn-in, HUD too bright. @BF2BC2 @OfficialBF2BC2 #
  • Big exposè in the news today; less than 40% of Australians get the speeds their ISPs promise them. We're such a technological backwater. #
  • No matter how companies market small cars, they're still shitty plastic go karts. Ford sales in AU will flatline if they can the Falcon. #
  • Conan O'brian's twitter bio made me lol, http://twitpic.com/157n2w #
  • Regardless of how old and cynical I get with life, I still secretly grin when I hear someone say 'poo'. 🙁 Blame Family Guy. #
  • If you use the iPhone app 'trapster' as I do, thank you, sincerely, for being part of an opt-out network for involuntary surprise tax. #apps #
  • What's with this Paris/love@hotmail scamming? What's their angle? Any of you examined their scam? http://twitpic.com/15c5hu #
  • I had a giant pretzel for breakfast. Carb party for one. 🙁 #
  • Optus are outsourcing and have flew under the media radar with their operation, their call centre is in the Phillipines like TPG's. #
  • Don't get me wrong, I don't mind globalization due to competition, but for tech/cust support outsourcing can compound logistics issues. #
  • TVS (channel 31/44) is more painful than YouTube, and surprisingly lower quality. I should make some Lynchesque shorts for them. 😀 #
  • Thunder so loud the windows rattled. I love big storms, they're both beautiful and apply perspective to our insignificant place in nature. #
  • Zooper Doopers! Do they exist outside Australia? Or does the rest of the world miss the galactic awesome? #
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Goodbye Democracy, Alo Presidente (Or: Chavez is a muppet)

As we learned last summer in Iran, whenever a dictatorial regime senses trouble in Totalitarianville, one of the first things it does is tighten its grip on the media. And whenever the thick walls of censorship go up, Twitter is there to slip through the cracks.

Case in point: Venezuela, where we may be witnessing the signs of an Iran-like brouhaha. With its economy floundering, crime rates skyrocketing, and civil unrest escalating, Venezuela isn’t exactly the happiest place on Earth these days. In the face of this discontent, President Hugo Chavez has decided to step up his propaganda game and has unleashed a major campaign to suppress any oppositional media outlets. When five cable stations recently refused to broadcast one of his speeches, Chavez ordered them to shut down operations, a decree that set off a firestorm of protests, police intervention, and the eventual death of two student dissidents.

The catalyst behind most of these protests is, of course, Twitter, which anti-Chavez activists have used to organize demonstrations and to spread their cause internationally. Dissidents have also taken to Facebook, where a group titled “Chavez esta PONCHAO!” (“Chavez, you struck out!”) is already 80,000 members strong. Chavez, not surprisingly, has undertaken efforts to squash this social media mini-revolution, going so far as to equate Twitter, the Internet, and text-messaging (?) with “terrorism”. As FOX News reports, Chavez has promised a “radical” response to the Twitter-fueled uprising, and has already “launched an army of Twitter users to bring down online networks and try to infiltrate student groups.”

Chavez used his weekly propaganda television and radio show ‘Alo Presidente’ to rally Latin America behind the ’cause’ of his Argentine counterpart Cristina Kirchner by making a direct demands to Buckingham Palace.

“Look, England, how long are you going to be in Las Malvinas? Queen of England, I’m talking to you. The time for empires are over, haven’t you noticed? Return the Malvinas to the Argentine people.” ignoring the fact all occupants of the Falklands are British citizens and don’t want a bar of South America and their petty dictators.

Still addressing the Queen, he went on: “The English are still threatening Argentina. Things have changed. We are no longer in 1982. If conflict breaks out, be sure Argentina will not be alone like it was back then.”

He described British control of the islands in the South Atlantic as “anti-historic and irrational”.

Mrs Kirchner sought to win new allies in Argentina’s claims to the islands when she made a direct appeal for support at a meeting in Mexico of the Rio Group of Latin American and Caribbean countries. Venezuela and Nicaragua rallied to Argentina’s side even before Mrs Krichner’s appeal, and it was reported that Brazil was ready to support any resolution backing Argentina’s sovereignty claims.

Argentine anger is likely to increase after Desire Petroleum, the British oil company that has towed a rig from Scotland to about 60 miles off the north of the Falklands, announced on Monday it had begun drilling, the natural gas and oil surrounding the Falklands are naturally the only reason Argentinians suddenly interested, as most South American countries are in dire financial shape.

Argentina is attempting to hamper oil exploration, insisting last week that all vessels using its ports must now seek permission if they plan to enter or leave British-controlled waters. Argentina wants other South American countries to impose its transport restrictions to the Falklands but it is unlikely to win support from those closest to the islands such as Chile and Uruguay.

Chile, Argentina’s traditional enemy, has long been a major supplier to the Falklands. An operations manager of a Uruguayan shipping agency who came out to Port Stanley on Saturday to discuss business was dismissive about the effectiveness of the latest Argentine decree.

Meanwhile, passengers from the British cruise liner Star Princess disembarked at Port Stanley on Monday for a day trip after the vessel reported leaving Buenos Aires with no demand for permission to sail to the Falklands.
Stepping on to the jetty for a few hours watching penguins or touring one of the battlefields from the 1982 war, passengers said the ship’s captain had reassured them several days ago it was “perfectly safe” to get off at when they reached the islands.

However, Maurice and Sylvia Bellamy from Felixstowe reported some unusual Falklands-related advice had been issued over the ship’s tannoy system.
“They told us we had to refer to the islands as the Falklands when we were there but as the Malvinas when we were in Argentina,” said Mr Bellamy, 74.

Argentina wants other South American countries to impose its transport restrictions to the Falklands but this would mean that they, too, could miss out on the lucrative profits from providing refining and port facilities if, as drillers believe, large amounts of oil and natural gas are retrieved off the Falklands.

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Posted: February 25th, 2010
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Windscreens O’Brian Ad Gaffe

Okay so it’s more a slip than gaffe, but watching their advert for the millionth time where they show CGI windscreen chips turning into cracks and miraculously being healed when filled and repaired I realized that the voice over guy says “And in dirty minutes the windscreen is strong again.”

The mind adopts context and applies interpretation subconciously so one doesn’t even pick up on it, but I was repeating a certain part examining how poor their CGI glass rendering was and thus that part played several times and caught me by surprise.

Now you know he ballsed up the ad you’ll hear it every time! It’s like the arrow in FedEx! 🙁

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Weekly Tweets for 2010-02-21

  • Dark Horse Comics made Hellboy?! I used to read Aliens and it's awesome spin offs by them. No comparison to Judge Dredd in 2000 AD though! #
  • Dungeons & Dragons The Elemental Might (2005), a sequel, equally corny, but worth it simply for epic geeky win! 6/10. #movies #nowplaying #
  • The afforementioned film is VERY corny, feels like an episode of World of Whorecraft, minus the porn. Awkward acting makes it lol. #
  • The M4 is removing it's toll tonight; I better claim back all my outstanding credit, 90% of every toll paid can be claimed back! 😀 #
  • Telstra dogged me again on fixing the ADSL line, absolutely ridiculous. Third world telco's. TPG need to get together or iPrimus gets me. #
  • My top 500 list has topped several 'twitter list' sites as the most popular list! :O #
  • The Abyss (1989), Camaron pre Avatar, amazing for it's age. Saw it on VHS in 1990, sweet seeing it in HD now! 7/10. #movies #nowplaying #
  • I let the stray cat from out front in, it eats all my vegetables, even capsicum and bok choy! Where was he during my childhood? 🙁 #
  • Telstra repair guy wussed out, can't rebook because TPG hangs up when you go to tech support due to 'too many callers', wtf man? #
  • If TPG learnt effective communication their service wouldn't be so crap–they wouldn't have so many callers–and could FINALLY fix my ADSL? #
  • Just gave away 5 x Fujimi Attack Evo X signed by me (by real name), three more to give away. Follow @gear4gamers and @ them to enter. #
  • 5 'Dark Drifter' anime customs on auction at cost, search BMW M3 GTR B-class, one is randomly signed, also an A-class is up. #forza #xbox #
  • RT @gear4gamers 3 x Fujimi Attack Evo X up for grabs, signed and dropped, http://twitpic.com/13efwy @ us your gamer tag to enter! #
  • Up until 1932 Italians drove on the left in cities and on the right in rural areas. #fact #facts #omgfacts #forza #gear4gamers #
  • I need to be awake in two hours. I hate broken sleep, nothing more irritating. Going to try and sleep some more, night to my twibe! <3 #
  • I let the vegetable eating stray cat sleep inside out of the rain. If he continues to eat my vegetables he's destined to join the zoo. #
  • Uh, I mean *snores* >_> #
  • The Edge (1997), Anthony Hopkins always plays a brilliant badass genius. Can't rate this, Hopkins bias is in the way. #movies #nowplaying #
  • Forza 3 fans, 3 x Fujimi Attack drift 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X GSR's on the auction house, would love feedback! #forza #gaming #xbox #
  • Two hour Top Gear special @1930AEST channel 9 (100/209HD) for Top Gear Australia. #topgear #forza #racing #nowplaying #tv #
  • Flat tyre, I haven't even driven anywhere! Fuck my car is cursed; needless to say it's a tubeless 1" low profile. $390. 🙁 FML! #
  • Had to swap on a stock rim; http://twitpic.com/13jzd3 Found the problem, a fucking nail. 🙁 #
  • TPG say Telstra did 'major line work' yesterday, their link is 200k slower than before: http://twitpic.com/13tjfu #fail #tpgsux #
  • Courtesy of the US, Kellogg's Australia stopped selling poptarts because they have small penises. http://twitpic.com/13wy4o #
  • I've officially given up on the @foxtel take on SyFy, @scifitv, as now do few shows on it are scifi and the ones that are air 8 times a day! #
  • God even Apparitions is two years behind. Why do I PAY for cable when every 'new' thing is years old? Australia only has @foxtel too. :/ #
  • Dexter is a year behind. This is why I'm pro-piracy, unless @scifitv and @foxtel pick up their game they lose advertising exposure! 😉 #
  • No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or under a bed; instead he puts it on a stand that those who come in may see the light. #quotes #
  • So much AC/DC everywhere today, due to the concert last night and the 30th anniversary of their lead singers death. Not sure if want. #
  • Sydney Mardi Gras: 60,000 sleazy hetero office bitches, 10,000 sleazy hetero school girls trying to be edgy, 2 fags and 1 sheep. #
  • 54 TPG representatives over 43 days, 1 call to Nicole from the Gold Coast tech support team for Telstra. Guess which one got it sorted? 🙂 #
  • Seriously, NO ONE should have to go through what I went through today, let alone the last month and a half. TPG should be fucking ashamed. #
  • I spent 2 hours going over the difference between a 'line in' and a 'network boundary' with a L3 technician. FFFFF. I'm not typing anymore. #
  • FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. *shakes fist and puts away keyboard* #
  • It's going to be about another '20 days' until I get a solid net connection up. This is by far faster than relying on TPG to fix it. #
  • Only thing better than an SMS hotline is one that is free and gets printed and handed to every AU Olympian daily: http://twitpic.com/143u76 #
  • I was bored and felt like I should be sharing more of my random photos, recent one is strangely striking, http://bit.ly/ct9zyd #lomography #
  • Attention iPhone users; grab Trapster and save yourself, and others, from evil revenue raising cops. It's free! #iphone #apps #trapster #ff #
  • I've finally broken 5000 friends on Twitter! Add me on Facebook http://tr.im/I9d3 or MySpace http://tr.im/I9du too if you use them folks. 🙂 #
  • About to watch Gamer, loosely based on Game by Nevaldine & Taylor, about VR playing FPS with real humans as your characters! :O #
  • When will Hollywood learn that gunshots do NOT blow people back?equal and opposing force, I don't see shooters flying back ten foot. *sigh* #
  • Gamers (2009) lots of T&A, not much in the way of plot but a brilliant concept, lacking in execution. 6/10. No zombies. 🙁 #movies #
  • Just watched ep4 of Caprica, little top human drama IMO. Thank god for @SyFy torrents, AU's version @SciFiTV is really crap. #
  • Watching the latest eps of House, I don't know how I'd get by without http://eztv.it to watch shit when -I- want not when @Foxtel let's me. #
  • Uh, I just realized how jaded I sound. Australians will get it, other nationals won't. We are 1-2 years behind on TV here, it's sooo crap! #
  • So I see HTC have finally capitulated and released a nasty iPhone knock off. Phone co's need to up the ante, consumers ultimately win. 😉 #
  • Also, spicy Italian sausages so not mix well with yoghurt. :/ #
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Anti-Semitism in Dead Like Me?


Originally uploaded by BaSH PR0MPT

I was watching Dead Like Me: Life After Death (2009) the movie length sequel to the series. Throughout it there’s a dying cat which plays an impetus in the narrative of a side story. Ultimately the cat owner decides to put the animal down.

I tend to notice a lot of small things others don’t, and for not even a second a cut-shot appeared of a needle drawing serum from a vial and something tweaked in my head as not quite right about the image. And for once it was something other than the ugly little troll of an actress in her mid 40′s playing an ’18 year old’.

On further inspection, and fifty attempts to pause it just right this is the clearest image I could get. You’ll note the fictional name of the substance is “Sleepklon-B” TM and under it reads “Euthanasia Solution,” now I may be splitting hair here but to me that’s pretty fucked up shit.

‘Zyklon-B’ was used as part of Hitlers ‘final solution’ for those who slept through history classes. How did something so morose slip through unnoticed? Searching the name of the fictional substance or any names related to the program with keywords relating to anti-semitism yielded nothing, but surely something this distasteful has been noticed by someone else out there?

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AAPT Snubs Australian ISPs

Telecom New Zealand’s Australian arm, AAPT, has started offering unlimited ADSL2+ broadband service to customers who are willing to sign-up for two years for around a $99.95 per month.
AAPT claims that the service is the first not to impose throttling or give preference to off-peak traffic.
AAPT chief executive Paul Broad said that the carrier’s offer would prompt its rivals to lift their broadband caps.
“This is a milestone day for Australia as AAPT’s benchmark decision will force our major competitors to do the same thing. All Australians will benefit from AAPT leading the way with unlimited broadband,” Mr Broad said in a statement released today.
AAPT has also struck a deal with music label EMI to bundle an online music service with the offer which will include $50 worth of song downloads and unlimited streamed content.
“As consumers, we all have a moral responsibility to ensure recording artists receive the royalties they rightly deserve and by offering our Entertainment Bundle we’re encouraging Australians to do the right thing,” Mr Broad said in a statement.

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Ancient Manuscripts of Epic Fun

I usually avoid posting about truly personal things, and stick to keeping religion, politics, or any such similar things clear of my public life; however I recently found myself reading 65 pages of ancient poetry. There’s possibly nothing in the world more shit than poetry, but ancient poetry is just an entirely new shade of shit nature never knew existed. Soooo exciting!

The poem in question is a Masonic manuscript known as The Halliwell Manuscript or the Regius Poem. The first known Masonic text. The poem begins by evoking Euclid and his invention of geometry in ancient Egypt and then the spreading of the art of geometry in “divers lands.” This is followed by fifteen points for the master concerning both moral behaviour (do not harbour thieves, do not take bribes, attend church regularly, etc.) and the operation of work on a building site (do not make your masons labour at night, teach apprentices properly, do not take on jobs that you cannot do etc.). There are then fifteen points for craftsmen which follow a similar pattern.

The general consensus on the age of the document dates its writing to between the late 1300s and the middle of the 15th century, and from internal evidence its author appears to have been a West of England clergyman. The manuscript was recorded in various personal inventories as it changed hands until it came into possession of the Royal Library, which was donated to the British Museum in 1757 by King George II to form the nucleus of the present British Library.

During this time, the document was generally described as a poem of moral duties. The significance of the document as relating to Freemasonry was not realized until it was featured in an article on Freemasonry by James Halliwell in 1840.

The text of the document states that Freemasonry was brought to England during the reign of King Athelstan from 924 to 939.

The manuscript is presently held by the British Library in the Royal Manuscript Collection, catalogue reference 17 A. I. Or go here if you think you’re tough enough to handle 60+ pages of drivel: ttp://www.masonicdictionary.com/regius.html

Don’t get me wrong btw folks, I love history and all things of that ilk, although I can’t deny how painfully dull a lot of it is to read in depth! 😛

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Weekly Tweets for 2010-02-14

  • #retweetthisif you want followers, add me and those on my follow back list for 501 assured follow backs! #nowplaying #JustinBeiber #ff #
  • Can't sleep, clown'll eat me. #
  • 4,001 followers, thats 1,000 in THREE DAYS! :O – picsoritdidnthappen: http://twitpic.com/11wuuy #
  • Doctor Strangelove – http://twitpic.com/11wv2p #nowplaying #
  • My top list of people who follow everyone back, RT this and share the love: http://bit.ly/9QxwfZ #
  • Btw folks, add @peteriliffe to your follow list; top bloke and probably a better read than me! 😛 in reply to peteriliffe #
  • Toy Soldiers for Xbox looks fantastic! WWI simulated toy soldier combat in all it's corny light hearted glorification of war! Can't wait. 🙂 #
  • God v-day is overhyped. But they have us over a barrel, reasoning will merely look like piking. Enforced consumerism via guilt from corps. #
  • Metal: A Headbangers Journey (2005), awesome docco on metal culture from the hip to the cliche. Interesting watch, for sure! 7/10. #
  • New Order, Iggy Pop, Pink Floyd, David Bowie. Yup, my xbox playlist is looking good. #nowplaying #
  • Portal? What's a portal? Why would a bear say such horrible things?! (YouTube 'bear hello', you'll never be the same again!) @peteriliffe 🙂 in reply to peteriliffe #
  • If the Swedish chef from the Muppet Show did a double press of rock and metal covers that's an album I'd actually PURCHASE. #
  • As far as animals go, humans can be pretty terrible, but are capable of such wonder. If only more people were enlightened. One day. I hope. #
  • Alien Siege (2004) is such a rip of V the miniseries/series (70-80s reimagined in 2009) almost identically, except B-grade. New V rocks! 🙂 #
  • The Mist (2007) is amazing, Half Life (1&2) drew inspiration from the short story by S. King. I love apocalyptica! 9/10. #
  • I'm disgusted that HCF or any health insurance would cover chiropracty in 2010; maybe they'll buy Scientologists BT removal surgery too? #
  • I sprayed a fly liberally with fly spray, it promptly kamikaze'd into my mouth. The irony. 🙁 #
  • The Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit DLC for Forza 3 is so stupidly overpriced. Tempted to vote with my feet and not get nor review it. #xbox #
  • Nothing worse than a busy day when you're feeling bleh. 🙁 #
  • Going Bush on SBS, Australian aboriginies cooking animals alive. 2010 and we allow savagery and cruelty defended as 'culture'? That's sick. #
  • And Cathy Freeman defends cruelty to animals as 'part of her identity', if your identity or deity or whatever requires cruelty; drop it. #
  • The end of Assassins Creed 2 is a thing of beauty. #xbox #ps3 #pc #gaming #ac2 #holyfuckingshitthatrocked #iwee'dalittlebit #
  • Foxtel has been out since 5PM yesterday, watching Ice Age movies. Ashamed to admit it, but they make me lol hard. :/ #
  • Also a @telstra tech was meant to fix my shitty @TPG ADSL line but was a no show. @iPrimus, I'm open to bribery; hit me with a deal! #
  • RT @gear4gamers WANTED: pro-gamers to review content, pre-releases, and dev. @ reply us if you can commit a weekly. #xbox #ps3 #gaming #dev #
  • I don't mean to fangirl, but it's not every day a Penthouse pet follow me; YAY @AdriManning 😀 #
  • The Lost Symbol: Fact or Fiction (2008) conspiratorial docco on Freemasons and Freemasonry. Cowans love exposè's of The Craft. #freemasonry #
  • Carbolic Smoke Balls batman! #
  • And if someone replies to that about snails in bottles imma facepalm, two handed. The double slapper. #
  • I'm so enthused about the Olympic Games I used the 'AUSSIE HERO TEXT (TM)' hotline: http://twitpic.com/1360e2 #
  • Channel Ten (the only FTA that lacks HD) 'fast tracked from the US' House episodes are things I saw over a year ago. Why does TV here suck? #
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Mobsters and Pirate Ships

A wealthy British businessman with alleged links to gangland murders was under police guard in hospital today after a blundering assassin apparently struck at his home.

Arran Coghlan, 38, was detained by armed police after a known gangster was stabbed to death in his bathroom yesterday afternoon, The Sun reports.

The victim, Stephen “Aki” Akinyemi, 36, suffered fatal knife wounds, despite wearing a stab-proof vest.

Coghlan, who dialed emergency services as Akinyemi lay dying, also suffered serious knife injuries to his upper body in the 2pm GMT attack.

Today, officers were swarming around Coghlan’s multi-million dollar converted chapel in the village of Alderley Edge in Cheshire, northern England, where he sleeps in a bed shaped like a pirate ship. How awesome!

Father-of-one Coghlan, who survived an attempt on his life in a bar on New Year’s Day 2009, became notorious after standing trial for murder twice in six years over unrelated gangland killings in his native Manchester.

The first was of drug baron Chris Little, dubbed the “Devil Dog Mobster” because of his habit of setting Rottweiler dogs on rivals to settle scores.

Little, 32, was shot dead at the wheel of his Mercedes convertible in 1996 but Coghlan was cleared by a jury after claiming he was ‘playing computers’ at the time of the murder.

The second was petty drug dealer David Barnshaw, 32, who was kidnapped and burned to death in the boot of a car in September 1999.

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Skating & Censorship

Two things made me facepalm today, I was going to tweet about them but after many rewrites it was impossible to squeeze either into 140 characters.

Skatestan. Australian skaters in Afghanistan trying to use skating as a segue to engage kids there, a nation where 50% of the population are 16 and under.

The organizers pointed out that girls thrashing boys gives them a life lesson that they can do anything men can. I can’t help but wonder how many stonings will derive from changing one element such as the belief of Afghani women.

Sure, empowerment is good, but when you forget to tell the boys a girl beating them doesn’t mean they can flog her; well that’s plain silly. Need I even mention the fact skateboards will just provide suicide bombers with a way to go out kickin’ rad style? 😛

The second is Anonymous DDoSing Australian government websites. It merely reaffirmed politicians detached-from-reality belief that the Internet is a haven of criminals and kiddy touchers. Especially given every anon and ther dog were throwing themselves, curtains and all, at the press wanting to get their name in print; such awesome soundbytes of “Don’t fuck with our porn!” isn’t marginalizing your cause at all!

Posted: February 10th, 2010
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TPG, cheap but shit

As many of you know I was lured away from Optus not only because they kept breaching contract and restricting my connection to below 1kbps when I reached my cap (which made it fundamentally unusable as it was slower than even my mobile phone on 2G), but due to their social media VIP handling team courting me.

I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it goes, they are by far one of the cheapest ISP’s with decent caps. The first hurdle was the fact they wanted me to install a new line, $270 right there, second that they demand you use their overpriced hardware, $300 right there. So $570 later they then tell you it’ll take ‘up to 20 business days’, which is ridiculous and patent nonsense.

They got me connected in 8 days, and I suggest any of you wanting to use theirs or any ISP service demand service in under 10 days or tell them to fuck off and stop being prats. Here’s the kicker though; they got me connected alright, but again my mobile phone on 2G goes faster.

I’m currently on a 200kbps ADSL2+ connection, how the fuck it can get that low is beyond me, yet that’s not half the pain of the situation. The painful part is the fact when you call TGP you go to some dodgy call centre in the phillipines with horrible line quality. Every single person I have dealt with fails to take responsibility for the matter and see it through, they palm you off, and in some cases if your situation sounds difficult they’ll just outright put you on hold then ‘accidentally’ hang up.

Yes, they hang up on you! I’ve had it happen several times, if you call them at say, 7pm, and they close at 7:30, even if they answer you before cut off, as soon as 7:30 hits they just outright hang up on you mid sentence! I shit you not.

The entire downfall of TPG in my opinion, and this was told to me by almost everyone I know before I went with them, is their inability to manage customer support, services, or management of any nature. Their call centre team are under-educated in case management. I’ve had dozens of random people try and help me, every time you have to start back at square one and be VERY CAREFUL not to confuse them, if you get too technical they get confused and suddenly the line ‘accidentally’ drops out again.

I’m a week in to having a TPG/SOUL connection and it’s still 200kbps, I’ve explained to them I am not authorising payment from my CC to them until I have a connection as outlined in contract. So, for a week in, they’re as good as Optus for handling contractual obligations.

I am going to attempt, again, to contact them today. I highly doubt I’ll have any luck, and I’m so disinterested now in having to repeat my story. The biggest piss off is when they’re all “computers and p2p or routers can slow your internet”, yeah, you’re right it can, but there’s no fucking way it’ll reduce a 10 megabit link to 200kbps unless you’re the worlds biggest leech, but I happen to have NOTHING connected to the network aside from an iPhone to talk to the modem and measure speeds.

Nonsense. Oh well, let’s try this again. I love how the recorded voices are all ocka Aussie (for non-Australian’s ‘ocka’ is our term for like, really really Australian, nasal beer drinking footy watching working class type stuff) yet it’s a front for a call centre with some poor underpaid saps who are barely coherent in English.

“What is the username?”
“Can you please spell the username?”
“I did? Tango, Hotel, X-ray, 6, 9, 0.”
“T for Tango, R for Romeo, X for X-ray?”
“H for Hotel, Harry, Hippo, Happy, H, H?”
[hangs up]


It’s like getting blood from a stone, I swear. Apparently ‘Mark’ from Telstra (because there’s only one Mark who works for Telstra!) is ‘assigned to rectify the problem’. I should update this post just so I can laugh in retrospect when my line is working correctly, and dread the day I EVER need to contact them by phone again.

I’m waiting for Optus to complain about me not paying my bill. I already told them there was an anticipatory breach of contract, and listed several other occasions of breach and advised them that further breach would void (ab initio) the contract as they cannot maintain the terms required for service.

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Weekly Tweets for 2010-02-07

  • I love rock operas. Especially ones involving scantly clad women. http://twitpic.com/10rqad #
  • I'm watching Repo! playing Forza on xbox and World of Warcraft on PC. This is multitasking at it's finest. #
  • I inadvertantly got fly spray in my kettle and drank insecticide coffee. Really fucking bad man. I've never tasted something so nasty. #
  • RT @johnmalkovich Wondering why the smeg I signed up to twitter. (Posted 3 years ago. I lol'd.) #
  • Lady Gaga trending again? A duet with Elton just goes to show what a phenomenon she is; and after heavy post production she's hot too! 😛 #
  • Gippsland Yogurt Blueberry Twist. Better than sex. #
  • Lady Gaga v Britney on MTV. That's no contest. One bitch plays crazy, the other is. One can sing, and one is Britney Spears. #
  • Had a highway car behind me for 15+ mins. Close. My license is still suspeded; not to mention the corpse in the boot. 🙁 #
  • Heartburn so bad the last two nights that I flipped my shit and just spoonfed myself sodium bicarbonate. Tastes like ass. #
  • I just had hot cross buns and a giant mug of coffee. Best breakfast ever, damn I love hot cross bun season. #
  • Ironman (2008), pretty fresh, super hero via 'science' approach, a little over the top but a good no brainer. 7/10. #
  • Changeling (2008), police conspiracy after 'finding' a lost boy returning a strange kid to a mother. Jolie sucks, compelling story. 7/10. #
  • BP Racing 2010 Nissan GT-R Spec V in racing livery up for auction, starting $250,000 (at cost) L5 raced in world champs. 2h. #forza #xbox #
  • Tara Reid was so cute in Jose and the Pussycats (see: product placements to music with some dialog) it's a shame she went off the rails. #
  • Long nails went out with pubic hair in the 70's ladies, and boys, deoderant isn't a replacement to showering. #facts #
  • That Nissan GT-R '10 sold for $683,000. You guys are crazy, but awesome. <3 #forza #xbox #
  • Watching Caprica S01E00-02. Fuck you @SciFiTV you'll probably air it in a year. Grab it from eztv.it and save the wait folks! #bsg #caprica #
  • Hot cross buns drowned in butter and a big mug of coffee for lunch too. I'm such a kid. 😛 #
  • I'm saving children from exposure to pornography on the internet by downloading it all. #
  • Chapter 27 (2007) is crap. Couldn't wait for him to kill Lenon so it was over. Boring subect presented boringly. Bored. 3/10. #movies #
  • "It's not an iPhone, it's an iPad Air." is my marketing pitch from now on. iPad's look like big iPhones, we know! Why is it STILL trending? #
  • Follow @LOGGYMUSIC and give him some T-love folks, give his music a listen to over at http://bit.ly/docyZZ when you can! #music #ff #
  • Who the fuck are 'Anberlin' and why are scene fucktards wrecking epic goff anthems with their whiney auto tune faggotry? What is this?!? D: #
  • Damn the 90s were a good source of great songs to rock out to on guitar. Playing Bush atm, they rocked. Whatever happened to them anyway? #
  • China Syndrome (1979) is on FOX Classics (114) ATM, that film is awesome! #
  • I just booted a very large mug off my bedside table whilst being a tard, broken mug and a pint of coffee across my floor. Fml. 🙁 #
  • Since calling @OMGFacts out for speaking absolute unsourced shit and urban myths it appears their 'top 10' facts on their site are sound. #
  • That doesn't mean @OMGFacts are using proper sources now, merely that the top ten aren't outright BS. Facts, popsci, myth; fine line. #
  • When 'Tyra' is trending cause she's on TV you've got to question the demographics of @Twitter — ban mobile Twitter apps, increase quality! #
  • Want 500 followers with no catch? @anthonystevens4 has a great list who all follow back: http://bit.ly/as8Sa6 #
  • If 500 isn't enough @chrisjacobs7 has a top 1k list going on: http://bit.ly/cTsL8j #
  • Optus Cable 5mb, TPG Soul ADSL2+ 587kb, my 3G mobile phone 980kb … what is wrong with this picture? Australia #fail s at Internet. #
  • Broke 3,000 followers with exposure of 109,169 with a demographic reach of 23,315, that's just crazy. #
  • I'm sure @Foxtel programming is run by chimps throwing darts at a wall of shows, chimps with really bad luck or good aim for shit TV. #fail #
  • Looking to meet more brothers who tweet; add me if you're on the square. #freemasonry #freemasons #masonry #masonic #masons #mason #s&c #
  • Dead Can Dance while I slip away torpidly in bed, utterly wonderful! #nowplaying #music #epic #
  • At the doctors. Bored. A lovely family with 50 screaming kids let me cut in front, all I need is a script repeat. Been here for ages. :/ #
  • Idk why AU Olympic posse claim the boxing kangaroos an Aussie symbol, it's Alan Bonds yacht racing flag. Australians are so dumb sometimes. #
  • Late night dash for hair dye, risking it unlicensed. Things we bitches do to look hot. 🙁 #
  • Magnets, detox, herbs, chiropracty, chinese / alternative medicines have no medical benefit beyond placebo effect. #facts #omgfacts #fact #
  • Follow Friday list of 500 users who will auto-follow you back within 24 hours like I do: http://bit.ly/9QxwfZ #ff #followfriday #followback #
  • RT this daily and get added to it. <3 Top 500 users who will follow back: http://bit.ly/9QxwfZ #
  • Electric windows for cars first came out in 1946! WWII technological leftovers much? #fact #facts #omgfacts #
  • Heading to bed. Check out http://bit.ly/9QxwfZ for 500 follow-back users, took a while to compile so you should put it to use folks! <3 #
  • 500 guaranteed follow back tweeps list, http://bit.ly/9QxwfZ RT daily to be included! #ff #follow #followfriday #followback #nowplaying #
  • Weird, I just used a twitter sync site to add my own list I made and it claimed my Twitter account was suspended. :/ #
  • Since Mobil dogged Australians by dropping E10 octane (but not the price) I can't find a high oct. eth. for boosted use. Any suggestions? #
  • Stargate (1994) for a film with Kurt Russel is always surprisingly good to watch. 8/10, needs moar Bangles. #movies #nowplaying #stargate #
  • Do you ever wonder if the BILLIONS spent in life support for 'sports' could cure world hunger? The US superbowl's due soon, right? Priority? #
  • The automobile is the most widely recycled consumer product in history. #facts #fact #omgfacts #
  • Just watched S06E00-01 of Lost. Worst CGI since Babylon 5, and the plots getting tardy; they also need to sack who does the music score. :/ #
  • 1k, 1 month, 2k 14d later, 3k 12d later, looks like 4k -2- days after hitting 3k, crazy! Glad to know I'm providing some value I guess! #
  • By value I mean my tweets aren't too boring and people read my crap, which I still find bizarre. Oh Web 2.0c what a strange thing you are! #
  • #retweetthisif you want 500+ followers, follow @bashpr0mpt and access my 100% follow back list! #ff #followfriday #follow #
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  • Damn, didn't realise the program I wrote to manage my twitter list had it's warning flagged, sorry about the spam tweeps. :/ #
  • I hit 1k users in three days between 3-4, that's crazy. Demographic reach is at 120kp. #
  • Goodnight tweeps, early to bed for me, can't keep my eyes open. 🙁 #
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Anti-Vaccination & Other Quackery

I am astounded that we have walked on celestial bodies devoid of atmosphere far from our planet. We have crossed all oceans, ascended all mountains, mapped, charted, surveyed most of the known world. We have advanced in science and technology beyond even our own limited imaginations. And yet, in the year 2010, we still have ignorant fuckwits in our society and we still have the naivity to humour them or otherwise skirt around their patent nonsense.

I am guilty myself, having a friend or two who practice yoga–which isn’t a mere stretching class, but a cult of pseudo-hindu hippy tripe about opening your chakras and giving each other a jolly reach around under the guidance of a yogi (see: fuckwit who did too much acid in the 60s-70s enough to believe the shit they spin) and is all about ‘healing energies’–alas I digress.

The Internet brought us many wonders. Free porn, Viagra without prescriptions, free porn. Uh. Okay, so it brought us some cook stuff, but it mixed with the cataclysm of ‘cool to be daft’ 90s culture blended to encourage tin foil hat conpiracy theorists and coffee shop intellectuals all pushing their batshit agendas down the throats of anyone who’ll stop and listen.

Bonus critical thinker points for those who drew a comparison of the above to my soap box here. However, I base this on common sense and observation as opposed to the cryptic rantings of deranged desert nomads or heroin shooting hack sci-fi authors and submit to you all that it’s time we all make an effort to shun nutjobs.

I am a prolific softy. Recently I had the displeasure of dealing with a few unstable people who go from sycophantic to telling you you’re pure evil within hours. I got to wondering how these people travel through life without appreciating how bizarre their behaviour is. The reason is that we humour it.

A call was made for mass vaccination before school begins here in Australia, specifically against the swine flu. Instantly there are anti-vaccination nutjobs who put their own pathological mental disorders before the lives of their children jumping up and down. Vaccinationa are safe, ‘big pharma’ is a myth, and YOU are just deranged.

I recently had a few nasty comments put to me by some zany trailer park living born agains at my being a Freemason, espousing the usual ‘if you’re not in my sect of a cult of a church of a faith you’re going to get buttfucked by black men with giant dongs in hell’ type stuff. S’cool, once you go black and all. But yeah, again hair brained lack of critical thought nonsense, usually linking ALL the worlds fraternal or secret societies into one mythological entity; an entity however you as a member are clearly not yet aware of yet. There is no illuminati. Fluoride saves your teeth and isn’t a mind control drug, and YOU are just deranged.

I see vitamins and suppliments sold at insane prices on TV, academic google search; unless you’re mad malnourished to take vitamins in doses for therapeutic effect you’ll be mainlining liters of it. Heaven forbid ‘detox’ an equal con. Just do the induction to the Atkins diet, same effect and a millionth of the price. Or hell, whatever happened to shoving your fingers down your throat fatty?

WHY do we as civilized individuals allow this bullshit? Wouldn’t it be FAIR for the Department of Fair Trading to demand all ‘claims’ made be proven under double blind conditions in an empirically measurable way? That way only REAL things can be sold and bullshit can be canned. There goes chiropractors (another cult that believe in healing energies and curing by alignment) or homeopathy, or psychics, feng shui? I’ll feng your shui baby.

Try it out for a month. Let’s get real and stop humouring nutjob fuckwits. Hi, I’m calling to notify you that your reality check just bounced!

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AUS R18+ Petition, Ending Feb 28

UPDATE: Submissions to the Government close on February 28. Once this closes, it may be many years before Australian’s get a chance to raise this issue again.

EB Games has launched a petition, which you can sign at any of their 350 stores, urging the Government to bring in an R18+ classification so that games deemed too graphic for the current MA15+ rating can still be sold without massive edits that impact on gameplay.

Despite the average age of a gamer being 30, Australia remains one of the last major territories in the world in which an R18+ rating for gaming does not exist. As a result, games that fail to get the MA15+ rating are either banned or require editing to pass the Classification’s Board’s strict guidelines.

Last year the Federal Government released a discussion paper on whether or not an R18+ rating for games should be adopted and called for submissions. EB Games managing director Steve Wilson said the company started the petition after finding overwhelming support for R18+ ratings from customers, News Ltd. polls depicted a 98%+ demographic demanding a fair go and an EB Games poll on the R-rating attracted more than 50,000 respondents, with 84 per cent voting in favour of an 18+ game rating.

Submissions to the Government close on February 28.

“Once this government paper is closed, it could be many years before we get another chance to voice our opinion on this issue.” Mr Wilson said the call for an R18+ rating was not to gain access to more violent or sexual content in games.

“This is not a call for violent video games but rather a call for a better classification system that brings Australia in line with the rest of the world and other Australian entertainment industries, such as films,” he said.

Recently the Classification Board overturned a decision to ban up-coming title Aliens Vs Predator after game publisher Sega appealed against the decision while refusing to edit the game in any way, stating that their game will turn better profits in nations where their Governments believe their citizens are mature enough to evaluate their choice of entertainment for themselves without Government interference.

Games edited for Australian players include Left 4 Dead 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV – the latter broke sales records in 2008, both of which on many platforms include impacting gameplay butchering which leads to incompatible play with international players, especially along the Xbox Achievement and Gamer Point reward system.

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15 Most Hated Twitter Types

t can be argued that those of us who tweet links to content on the web are the most annoying of Twitter users. That is the “category” that I fit in, so it makes sense that I would exclude my personal type from this list.

Otherwise, there are probably dozens of other types that are just as annoying.  This is, of course, a partial list, but we’ll be expanding the post once more annoying Twitter types come to light. In the meantime, here’s the first 14. Post any that we missed in the comments or tweet at us with your suggestions.

1. The FOREX Spammer

Forex Spammer

With as much money as people are apparently making on FOREX, it’s amazing that they have time to work their Twitter accounts.

2. The Linkjacker


When you post links to stories, you really should make sure that everyone can see what the story says rather than link to your own site and expect people to click through from your site to the source content. Just a thought.



4. The Twitter Gamer


Unlike many, I have nothing against the games on Twitter like SpyMaster, Mafia, Ninja, whatever. I actually play SpyMaster in the background. However, there’s more to Tweeting than posting your last gaming action. For those not in the game, it can get rather mundane if all you post is who you’ve assassinated, what weapons you’ve purchased, and how we can join your clan/family/ring/dojo.

5. The “Get 100 Followers a Day” Spammer


Have you ever noticed that most of the accounts that Tweet about being able to pick up hundreds of Twitter followers per day only have 84 followers?

6. The Celeb Who Has 2 million People Following their 3 Tweets Per Month

Inactive_CelebsI know. Everyone loves Oprah. You can’t say anything bad about her because she is perfection boxed up into human form. Still, what are her 2 million followers doing? She doesn’t talk to any of them. She rarely tweets at all (going on a month of inactivity).  It reminds me of the people who followed Forrest Gump on his runs across the country. They were there, waiting for him to say something magical, and it never came.

7. Porn Spammers

Porn Twitter Spammers

It’s the Internet. Porn is everywhere. Why would anyone go to Twitter to find it? Answer: they don’t.

8. The Repeater Tweeter


These are amongst my favorites. You see them in your stream – the people who have something so important to say that they have to say it over and over again in case you missed it 30 seconds before.

9. The Random Tweeter of the Utterly Mundane


I know Twitter in its purest form is supposed to be somewhat mundane, but some people take it way too far.

10. The MLM Spammer

MLM Spammer

Everyone has to make a living, and because Twitter is about networking it has become a natural fit for the MLM crowd. That doesn’t make it any less annoying.

11. The Quoter of Witty Wisdom


Some of the best quotes I’ve ever seen came from Twitter. I have been known to throw out some of my faves myself. Still, that shouldn’t be ALL that you tweet, should it?

12. The Super-Fan


Everyone idolizes someone whether they admit it or not. I feel bad and somewhat uncomfortable when I see those who are doing anything they can to get a reply from those they idolize. What will they do if they get a response?

13. The Account Named After A Twitter Action


That’s nice. What are you going to Tweet about? “Following @0boy back because he followed me!”,  “Following @soshable back because he followed me, too!”, etc.

14. The Tweeter of the Same Link 500 Different Ways


They have one link they’re pushing. It’s the only thing they will ever tweet about, so if you’re really, really interesting in everything pertaining to that link, please follow these people. You won’t be disappointed.

15. The White Teether


I never knew about this one until @bobf_vstpgh pointed them out to me. Once I did a search, I discovered that there seems to be a growing number of people Tweeting about white teeth! Who would have known?

* * *

I know there are more of them out there. Let me know via comment here or @bashpr0mpt on Twitter  if you know of any other annoying Twitter user types.

Reprinted without authorization. Piracy, fuck yeah.

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Australian ISPs Suck

On the heels of iinet winning a very important case where distributors sued them for ‘facilitating piracy’ by being the ISP’s pirates use, I felt it worthwhile to go on record with something:

Australian ISP’s are shit.

We have overpriced Telstra, scamming Singtel / Optus who’ll shank you over a kilobyte and count your upstream unethically, now my TPG connection is through. Good news right? Wrong.

First they make you do the running around getting a new phone line installed, then they try and talk you into buying crap you don’t need at prices ten times that which eBay has them listed for, but once you wade through the twenty day wait and unintelligible call centre staff who shrug you off at a whim you get a rip roaring speed of 286kb down.

256k is what an ISDN pulled in 1998. it’s 2010 and twirl ADSL2+ links pull that? I’m terrified to address the fact they left out my VOIP phone handset and line filters because you KNOW they will claim that’s why you’re not getting 15+ MB as it should be pulling and make you wait another week or two while they mail it to you.

It pissed me off enough that it cost $270 for line installation, $300 off the cuff for modem and contract, $27 for the line for an additional month and $120 to keep my old net up all because they ran 4 days into the new month instead of bringing it forward as requested.

I just spent an hour on hold. I’m adding TPG to my list of really crap ISPs.

Any non-bullshit Australian ISP’s out there that value their clients want a long term customer? DM me!

Posted: February 4th, 2010
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