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News for March 2011

Libya, Less Bloodshed More Logic

I try to steer away from political issues, and I often go through and sanitise my blog to remove random angry rants I’ve posted on political subjects simply because people come here to read my angry-angry-man rants about non-political things and for light fluffy kittens shitting rainbows kind of entertainment.

This recent bullshit in Libya has been irking me though, ever since the greater population of the world decided to get involved. Gadaffi is a muppet, sure. But he’s pulled his head in happily leading his banana republic and would continue to do so until he died of old age, at which point allegedly according to multiple statements over several decades the nation would be left with democracy.

We have to keep in mind here, the ‘rebels’ may be looking for political change, but most of them are NOT supporters of democracy and are supporters of sharia law and Islamic government. The ‘interim governments’ set up in all these middle eastern nations who’ve recently slung off the yolk of their opressive tyrants are just a COUNCIL of tyrants who’re batshit insane religious nuts, most members of these ‘interim governments’ are members of the political movement Muslim Brotherhood. Or at least their own admission to the media on the subject says so.

So you’re ditching one tyrant who’s hands are tied and has literally been towing the line and being a good little prat since the September 11 attacks last decade and has gone out of his way to try and appear to transperently oppose ‘terrorism’ and other negative adjectives I’m sure. And you’re what, hiring a pack of mouth frothing god botherers who’ll put women below goats as far as human rights go and instil their personal favorite weapon of mass subjugation, Islam, on the people through sharia and other such nonsense.

Why are we supporting this action?

Now we’re talking about ARMING these rebels, even though we’re not asking the hard questions of who they are, what they aim to achieve, what their political and ideological and most importantly THEOLOGICAL motives are.

We should stop meddling with the middle east, or other far slung nations, because time and time again we find our views aren’t reflected by the people we’re aiding or opressing regardless, and that we end up with everything blowing up in our faces and fighting not one, not two, but now several vietnam wars of clusterfuck after clusterfuck with the cost in blood usually being paid more by the people we’re trying to ‘help’ (including women and children) than by the ‘bad guys’ or our own military.

I understand the human need to help others, but when you do so without questioning and understanding the situation as the ‘west’ so often does, it is little wonder that things don’t always go as planned.

Below is an excerpt from an article that set me off on this tangent. Maybe instead of arming them, or talking about military intervention, the ‘west’ could … I don’t know, maybe ASK Gadaffi to take a holiday and resign? Pretty sure he’d do it if he realised it’s that or another wonderful ‘westerner intervention’.

LOYALIST forces have overrun the Libyan oil town of Ras Lanuf, scattering outgunned rebels as world powers debate arming the rag-tag band of fighters seeking to oust Muammar Gaddafi.

Rebel fighters said Gaddafi’s troops swept through Ras Lanuf, strategic for its oil refinery, blazing away with tanks and heavy artillery fire soon after dawn yesterday.

Panicked rebels fled in their hundreds through Uqayla, 20km east of Ras Lanuf, calling for coalition air strikes on Gaddafi’s forces, before driving further away from the front lines through the oil town of Brega and on towards the main city of Ajdabiya, 120km away.

“We want two things: that the planes drop bombs on Gaddafi’s tanks and heavy artillery; and that they (the coalition forces) give us weapons so we can fight,” rebel fighter Yunes Abdelghaim said.

The 27-year-old, who was holding a Russian AK-47 assault rifle and French flag, said it seemed as if the coalition had halted its air strikes for two days coinciding with a London conference on the Libyan crisis.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/world/outgunned-libyan-rebels-scatter/story-e6frfkzi-1226031082945#ixzz1I9N4up2i
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Top 10 Email Blunders of This Decade

Things going viral that their authors don’t want to go viral often become the source of much internets mirth. Here’s a top ten list of email leaks that led to hillarity and more memes than you can poke a domo’s dick at.

1. Do You Know Claire Swire?
When Claire Swire sent a naughty note to her solicitor boyfriend Bradley Chait remembering a recent romp, he proudly shared the email with some friends, who shared it with their friends under the subject line “Do You Know Claire Swire?”. Millions ended up reading the gory details.

2. Ham Strung
An exchange between legal secretaries over a missing ham sandwich leads to both women getting the sack.

3. A Very Bad Day
When the World Trade Centre fell on September 11, 2001, US Transport Secretary Stephen Byers’ special adviser Jo Moore emailed colleagues saying it was a good day to bury bad news. She had to apologise after the email became public.

4. Hot List
Three male employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Ireland were suspended for circulating an email which rated thirteen new females employees on their looks.

5. Human Relations
When personnel officer John Crook recommended one of his colleagues for a pay rise and was asked by his manager why he felt his colleague deserved it he gave his reasons and jokingly added: “She was a grrrrrrrrreat shag as well!” He lost both his job and a claim for unfair dismissal.

6. Chat-up Cheese
Joseph Dobbie met a woman at a party, later acquired her email address and sent her a message describing her smile as “the freshest of my special memories”. He went on to say he was sure she would “be able to see sincerity where others would see cliche”. Instead, she forwarded the message to her sister and millions ended up reading it. The sender had included his phone number and was bombarded with mocking calls.

7. Web Browser
Former British Treasury press officer Robbie Browse sent an email to friends making fun of Chinese people’s eyes. But he accidentally copied it to his press list, containing 83 leading national newspaper journalists. One them immediately replied asking: “Will we all be invited to your leaving party?” Browse faced disciplinary action.

8. Insult the Aged
When principal Patrick Hazlewood and his school’s treasurer Barry Worth jointly received an emailed complaint from local pensioner Mary Kelly about some misbehaviour by their pupils, Mr Hazelwood responded: “Tell her to get stuffed”, thinking his response was only going to his colleague. But he hit ‘Reply All’ so his message also went to Mrs Kelly.

9. Penta-gone
Devon schoolgirl Claire McDonald found herself receiving emails containing top secret information from the Pentagon after being accidentally added to a round robin list by a navy commander. One of them was offering advice to the UK on how to prevent secrets from being leaked.

10. Email Boob
A Ray White property consultant sent an email with the subject “Show me your tits” to a columnist at the Courier-Mail. His explanation was that he his office had changed their email program and he was sending a test message to his partner, the contents of which are a long-standing joke between the couple.

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Duke Nukem Forever Review

Duke Nukem Forever is coming. The long argued vaporware game has had it’s ups and downs to the point of becoming almost memetic by reputation alone. But it’s recent application for classification in Australia has led to a nice juicy leak of information that we can use to sum up what’s in store for us as gamers! And you guessed right if you guessed more sex, drugs, violence and toilet humour.

Below are the moments of most interest to Australian classifications censor dicks, spoiler alert btw. If you want to read the full review, you can find the report here (PDF).


An example of crude humour includes playable elements which enable Duke to “piss” and “throw” faeces.

In various bathroom locations throughout the game, the player can have Duke “piss” in urinals and on occasion, in these same venues can also pick up faecal matter from a toilet bowl and throw it about.

Dialogue contains various crude reference to “pissing” and when throwing faecal matter Duke is heard to utter “what sick motherf—er picks up wet faeces” and “what am I? A monkey?”

The Board also notes the player ability, in a final climactic scene when Duke kills the alien general, to implicitly urinate into the defeated creature’s eye socket.


The game contains violence that is strong in impact and justified by context. Constant battle with robot-like alien creatures is present throughout the game and is therefore strong in viewing impact.

Battles incorporate the use of futuristic weapons such as a Freeze Ray, Shrink Ray, other super-sized guns, grenade launchers and hand-to-hand combat.

In one of the game levels, Duke enters an alien lair to “rescue” kidnapped Earth women who have been implicitly impregnated by the alien enemy.

These women are rendered with a mannequin-like appearance, and appear torso nude and partially cocooned either suspected from a cave-like roof or against walls.

In order to “spare” the women’s suffering Duke has the ability to shoot the women resulting in small blood bursts. Those he does not shoot are seen implicitly exploding as the alien “baby” matures.


The game contains implied sexual activity that is strong in impact.

In the level Duke Lives, the player sees a first person perspective of Duke’s lounge room, as he implicitly sits on a couch, playing a computer game on a big screen TV.

Off-screen, sexual noises are heard and the shot widens to reveal two women rising up from a kneeling position just below Duke’s waist line. Fellatio is implied as the women wipe their mouths and giggle.

In the level Titty City, Duke enters a strip club where he meets a stripper who invites him to locate (among other items) a vibrator and a condom.

In the men’s toilet, Duke can enter a toilet cubicle with what appears to be a “glory hole” in the cubicle wall. A cartoon image of a woman’s face is on the wall with a hole evident in the drawing’s mouth and the word “Yum” beside it.

Upon the successful completion of this level, Duke is given a “special” lap-dance by the stripper. The breast nude female is depicted in a first person perspective implicitly gyrating on Duke’s lap.

The Board notes a facility also exists for the player to “jiggle” the stripper’s breasts during this scene.

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Superglue, Keeping the World Together Since 1908

Actually, that’s just a completely random date I added in ad hoc when I thought of a catchy title for a story I wanted to share that made me smile, lots. It IS about superglue though.

First, in related news the inventor of superglue, Dr Harry Coover, died on Saturday at aged 94. Workmates said they will miss his adhesive sense of humor and inseparable work ethic.

AN ENGLISH man got himself in a sticky predicament when he didn’t quite think through his Halloween costume.

Shawn Merter had a tiny sequinned top-hat to round out his outfit, but rather than tie it on with string, he superglued it to his head. “I had fabric glue which is washable, but it wasn’t sticky enough,” he says in the video. The point at which he realised his mistake is unknown, but the next morning an embarrassed Shawn was in the emergency ward at the hospital to have the formerly fashionable, now ridiculous headpiece removed. His understanding boyfriend was there to offer support and muffled giggles as the doctor gave him the bad news; the best they could do is cut off part of the hat, leaving the rim stuck to his scalp until it came off on its own. “I don’t know which looks worse,” says the nurse with the scissors. Yes it happened months ago. No it’s not really news. But aren’t you glad you read it? Via The Hairpin.

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Messenger Probe sends Back First Pictures of Mercury

Many of you may have seen my incessant tweeting updates of the final leg of this probe, but today NASA has released the first images sent back from it. Whilst the highest resolution version of it looks like they sent an iPhone (version ONE) into space six years ago–isn’t it odd how space cameras are always shit quality?–it’s still a pretty picture to say the least.

The associated press feed reads as follows: –

NASA has released the first picture taken of Mercury’s surface by the US space agency’s orbiting Messenger craft.

“Early this morning, at 5.20 am EDT (2020 AEDT) , Messenger captured this historic image of Mercury,” NASA said.

“This image is the first ever obtained from a spacecraft in orbit about the solar system’s innermost planet.”

The spacecraft snapped 363 images over the next six hours, and more were expected to be released later today in conjunction with an expert press conference to discuss the findings.

The upper part of the image shows an unusual, dark-rayed crater called Debussy, while the lower part reveals a portion of Mercury near its south pole that has never before been witnessed by spacecraft, NASA said.

NASA’s Messenger craft – which stands for MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging – became the first vehicle to orbit Mercury on March 17.

Messenger was launched more than six years ago, traveling through the inner solar system and embarking on flybys of Earth, Venus and Mercury.

The first NASA craft to study Mercury since the Mariner mission more than three decades ago, Messenger has already been able to return a partial map of the planet’s crater-filled surface after just a handful of flybys.

This is one of the first images from the orbital craft Messenger, at the apex of it's six year journey to Mercury.

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Creepy, My Cat Paints While I Sleep

My desktop in my lounge room is setup near the couch, this morning I came in to find my mouse missing. Of course, I should have guessed, the natural culprit for eating mice would be a cat. My hyperactive little boy kitten had grabbed the mouse off the table, and judging from the kinks in the wire and it being unnaturally wrapped around several items, clearly an epic battle ensued.

One oddity to come from it however, stems from the fact I have paint shop pro and photo shop and other often used programs pinned to my taskbar. Thus, during the epic battle, my cat opened paint shop pro, and drew the attached drawing (clearly a norse rune of cat battle power!) which I found eerily sitting open on my desktop when I first sat down.

Prior to finding the mouse and cord tangled around furniture, I naturally assumed I just had some mental break down and sleep drew it … >_>

Although, that’s not all. Curiosity got the better of me, and I wanted to see where my cat sizes up in competition with other artistic cats. Very lowly apparently. YouTube has quite a collection of videos of cats painting: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cats+paint&aq=f


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Islam, Where it Goes, Suffering and Death Follow

Regarding my last article about Islamocrazies trying to kill people because they’re not Muslim and other batshit insanity, I found a link to a Queer’s Against Radical Islam group (don’t ask, I’m in the closet or something), which had a very well thought out little write up.

I’ve often cited of all the vile ‘religions’ out there, Islam takes the cake and slits it’s throat while screaming it’s name for it’s variant of the sky fairy. I always state that where Islam goes, suffering and death soon follow. But these guys really expound on that.

I’m quoting it textually, without hyperlinks, as each second word was linked to articles depicting videos or photos of each point in question, sometimes entire folders and galleries of these atrocities a hundred fold over, emphasising that their words aren’t hollow and that their about us write up wasn’t bullshitting or beating around the bush.

I’d like to post it with the links included because I personally feel that any hate crime or atrocity should be exposed, but honestly, it was all too much even for me. And I grew up on the interwebs, most of you know how much of a tolerance I have to midgets fucking goats while giraffes juggle chainsaw weilding cows tweaking their nipples and eating green jello. But this shit’s just fucked up.

Anyway, their write up is as follows, and if you’re curious, the website is thereligionofpeace.com (and no, don’t go there just because you’re a gore creep, your kind generate MANY deaths of sick fat lifeless fucks like yourselves who want to be internet famous by making a gore contribution and go out and fucking kill some poor cunt just to feed your filthy habits, go get laid or something) and their about us section (partial) is as follows: –

What other religion’s most devoted members videotape themselves cutting people’s throats while screaming praises to their god?

What other faith has tens of thousands of terrorists across the globe united by an explicit commitment to advance the cause of their religion by pursuing horrific mass murder and mutilation?

What other religion has clerics lauded as ‘moderates’, ‘bridge-builders’, and advocates of ‘peace and tolerance’ who, at best cannot even bring themselves to condemn suicide bombers or denounce Islamist terror organizations, or at worst actually support the terrorism, along with wife-beating, female genital mutilation and the justified killing of apostates and homosexuals?

What other religion kills innocent people over cartoons and teddy bears, and murders humanitarian workers of other faiths who are merely trying to help them?

What other religion actually celebrated the 9/11 attacks, described the carnage as “one of the miracles of the Quran” and proclaimed it to be “God’s work against oppressors”?

What other religion childishly brags about its growth while at the same time openly denies other religions equal opportunity to evangelize and even endorses killing those who leave?

What other religion has prominent PR organizations and charities so closely tied to terrorism – organizations like CAIR, which whine about dress codes and rubber ducks in the West while ignoring the Jihad genocide of thousands in Darfur?

What other religion has verses in its holy book that remind men of their divine permission to beat their wives and rape their slaves?

The list could go on (and does – each day on TheReligionof-Peace.com). Islam so routinely produces horrible atrocities in the name of Allah that no one is all that surprised when…

Adults are tied to a tree or planted in the ground and bludgeoned to death by fundamentalists for engaging in consensual sex…

A New York woman trying to file for divorce is beheaded by her husband, who also happens to be the founder of a Muslim-American TV channel dedicated to combating “misconceptions” and “stereotypes” about Islam…

Religious leaders are charged by authorities with plotting spectacular acts of mass murder in the name of their god…

Clerics advocate raping virgins prior to executing them for verbal crimes such as political dissent…

Pollsters admit that about 1 out of 3 Muslims worldwide (450 million) view the terrorism of 9/11 as justified…

A Christian is murdered in front of his own family for leaving Islam, and his children then kidnapped and ‘conscripted’ by his killers…

A religious faith that comprises 1% of all Americans accounts for 80% of all federal terror prosecutions…

How shocking all of this would be if it didn’t involve devout Muslims. As it is, most of it barely registers in the media. The very fact that the bar of expectation is set so low for “the Religion of Peace” underscores just how different it really is from others.

In fact, Islam is more than a religion. It is a rigid political and cultural system with a mandate to conquer and govern the lives of others via necessary force “until religion is only for Allah.” As the Ayatollah Khomeini once put it, “people cannot be made obedient except with the sword.”

Thus, the enemy of this orthodoxy is not just intellectual dissent and free speech, but human freedom. The divine charter of Islam is to impose itself and thus prevent the individual from discovering a different meaning for their own lives.

Islam breeds arrogance and self-absorption. The Quran and Islamic law glaringly define a supremacist ideology which draws the sharpest distinction between those within the group of believers and those without – towards whom arbitrary denigration is cast and hatred, harsh treatment and eternal punishment is prescribed.

As a consequence, not a day goes by that someone, somewhere in the world, is horribly murdered by devout Muslims in the name of this religion – over ten thousand persons each year. More innocent lives were taken in two hours by devoted Muslims on 9/11 than by the Ku Klux Klan in its entire 140-year history.

Where Islam dominates, there is systematic discrimination and oppression of those of other faiths. Where Muslims are a minority, there is peevish self-interest, disloyalty and eventual rebellion and terror when special demands are not met – all part of the eternal jihad to bring about the rule of Islam as Muhammad ordered of true believers.

It isn’t the victims who need lessons in tolerance and understanding – it is the Islamic world.

Those willing to open their minds will find that, regardless of the excuse-du-jour, the remarkable level of narcissism, repression and violence is deeply ingrained in the teachings, double standards and early history of the Islamic religion. While there is not a single verse in the Quran that commands love for those outside Islam, there are over 493 that either promote violence or speak of Allah’s hatred for unbelievers – in a book that is largely about how to think of and deal harshly with those outside the “true” faith.

Why rely on rosy platitudes and carefully-edited fragments of Quran verses from apologists when Islam speaks so well for itself? Beyond the whitewashing are obvious reasons why so many devotees do horrible things in the name of Allah, while most of the rest never seem to get terribly upset by it – busy as they are demanding for themselves what they deny others.

How much favor are we really doing Muslims by not challenging them to the sort of self-critique necessary for moral progress? How much favor are we doing ourselves by desperately trying to accommodate that which has no intention of accommodating us, or by continuing to sacrifice blood and budgets for those who hate us in return? Is it really in our best interests to assist the expansion within our own borders of a religion that is consistently incapable of building countries in which even Muslims themselves want to live?

Tolerance is a good thing, but not when we allow it to be used cynically against us by those who have no use for it once they obtain power. We need to back away from the altar of political correctness and abandon our preconceptions. We need to rediscover critical thinking.

The truth is that Islam is not a religion of peace and it is not like other religion. Sometimes the truth isn’t comfortable. Sometimes the truth offends. But it is far better that we offend others than lose our own freedom

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Christian’s in Pakistan Fear Massacres (Again)

One particular article I came across on an asian news website I frequent detailed a lot of bigotry and outright attacks based on religion in Pakistan against Christian residents. Now you all know I hate all religions and people equally, but I particularly hate batshit insane religious zealots who go out of their way to victimise, let alone attack people based on what their particular version of the same fucking sky fairy tells them to do.

This is one of those cases. Ftr, I got a Pakistani bloke I know to contact the division of the police department mentioned, they wouldn’t confirm or deny anything (ie: it happened), and had no comment to make on the issue (ie: we got caught). I’d up the mp3 of his resultant call, but … well, it’s not in English and was quite anticlimactic for me. But god they talk fast over there. >_> My two cents of the day.

Article sourced from asianews.com: –

Kot Addu’s Christian community is facing more wrongdoings by local landlords who grabbed Christian-owned fields and shops with the complicity of local police and officials. Christian symbols are desecrated but the blasphemy law is not applied in this case. Local authorities say accusations are all made up but fail to provide legal backing for grabbing Christian property.

Lahore (AsiaNews) – More.. “I have worked all my life to buy this property. My ancestors are buried in the graveyard. I am an old man now with four four daughters. I had planned to save this property for their marriage,” said Boota Masih, as he lamented Christian powerlessness against local landlords grabbing Christian-owned land and property with the complicity of local administrators and police. His woes come as tensions rise the wake of Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti’s murder. If the authorities do not act, security forces warn, a tragedy like Gojra could happen again.
Kot Addu is a city in Muzaffargarh district, southern Punjab. A fresh wave of anti-Christian violence has swept over it. Last year, Christians suffered discrimination when aid was handed out to flood victims. In July 2009, a Christian man, Anwar Masih, was charged with blasphemy based on false accusations. When his family agreed to give a local Muslim lawmaker their property, they were dropped.

In recent days, Christians have had to endure even more abuse. Landowners in Kot Addu have grabbed Christian-owned stores and fields as well as a Christian cemetery. With the backing of local lawmakers and administrators, they threatened local Christians, desecrated Bibles and crosses in a local church and destroyed 150 tombs.

Local Christian leaders tried to file a case against the attackers at the Jaggi Moor Police station but got nowhere. Station House Officer Zubair Khalid drafted a First Information Report, but failed to include crucial details, thus allowing the culprits to walk free.

Speaking to AsiaNews, Boota Masih, one of the victims of local potentates, said that the local police refused to hear his complaint. Instead, they accused “Christians of illegally occupying the land on which they built their church and cemetery.”

Another Christian, Ghani Masih, noted that even though the attackers “desecrated Bibles, crosses and tombs,” the complaint against them was registered under Section 297 of the Pakistan Penal Code rather than Sections 295- and 295-B, which involve blasphemy.

Tensions have reached a critical point and many people fear outbreaks of large-scale violence like in Gojra, where thousands of extremists attacked Christian residents in August 2009 (pictured), burning eight people alive.

Last January’s murder of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and yesterday’s execution-style assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti have made the situation worse for Christians, who now fear more than ever blasphemy-related attacks.

A Christian representative from the minority wing of Pakistan People’s Party visited Kot Addu. He promised that action would be taken in support of Kot Addu Christians.

Similarly, a local district police officer denied that anything untoward had actually happened. Instead, he said that the local Christian community made the whole thing up in order to stir up trouble.

When asked about Anwar Masih, who was forced to hand over his property under duress to have false charges dropped, the officer refused to comment.

@SBS and Irresponsible Programming, Heston’s Feasts

Tonight I watched some ugly bald twat ‘foodie’ undo sixty years of work of a close family friend who got an OBE for the protection of the massively endangered species of turtles. The first heads up the production team should have noted was when he had to fly to the US to a specific state as it’s the only place left in the western world you can legally hunt turtle, and it is there that their ethical responsibility should have kicked in.

The awareness of turtles being endangered is pretty low, but with 40 kinds on the near extinction list they’re surpassing whales. Turtle meat is grown in the place they went for the Chinese market which, given their national sport being erectile dysfunction, and anything and everything involving extremely endangered species, or extreme pain to an animal, is listed as some batshit insane ‘Chinese traditional remedy’ for their bonerless nation state, I am honestly not surprised when they claim some idiotic alternative medicine ‘need’ for an endangered species anymore.

The English fuckwit behind the show, and the Australian programmers at SBS aren’t that moronic, or are they?

How many idiots out there are now going to want to make ‘turtle soup’ in nations where it’s illegal to catch or kill them? I mean, people who’s entire lives revolve around food, tend to not have the greatest mental acuity when it comes to morality surpassing filling their stomachs.

Yes, foodies lack forethought, it’s a given, their entertainment outlet is FOOD for fucks sakes, you don’t get more primal an urge than that. It is up there with porn obsession and hypersexuality if you ask me as far as the pathology of it goes.

So right now because of this fuckwit, and SBS’ airing of this show, we’ve got a bunch of red neck hicks in the Australian outback who’re going to snare turtles, even if it’s a small number, when you have that many species of turtle on the brink of extinction, we don’t need these sorts of examples.

I don’t understand why every food program has to have it’s ‘out there’ section which involves cruelty, or just fucked up behaviour, but almost every show I’ve heard of filling this narrow minded demographic end up going that way for ratings.

Then again, the last half of the show was him submerging thousands of living creatures in boiling oil alive, enough said.

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10 by 10 Entertainment / Bedlam UK TV Series (Subliminal advertising)

I recently saw a subliminal flash in S01 E02 of the Sky UK D-grade supernatural thriller Bedlam during the closing credits.

Curious I tried to pause-skip to it, which is usually doable if your reflexes are fast enough. But after a few dozen attempts of not being able to nail it, I broke out CS3 to narrow the goal posts and found it was a single frame and it was an advert for 10 by 10 entertainment (see attached).

I thought it was odd for a production company to use a subliminal insertion of their own logo in their outro, so I screen capped it as you see it with intent to add a little quip and tweet it. It wasn’t until I got side tracked, came back and googled the show I found it’s actually produced by Red Production Company which is registered and operated in the UK.

I thought perhaps it was a failed hashing in of the audio and clip bar of the show Blue Bloods which was being pimped out in the voice over, but a little more digging around I found that 10 by 10 Entertainment is a registered US trademark for the company that produces America’s Next Top Model and … well, that’s about it.

I’m not sure what it’s doing inserted subliminally for exactly one frame (I mean c’mon, what’re the chances of pollution being exactly a frame?) or why I suddenly want a Big Mac and am wondering what smoked baby tastes like, but it kind of makes you wonder about the ethics behind this kind of shit.

The show is full of flashy lame ‘freak out’ scenes involving lots of cut-scenes so what else could be inserted in things? I mean, didn’t that really bad attempt at subliminal advertising in the MTV VMA’s for KFC and stuff lead to almost all nations outlawing the practice?

What’s the deal Sky UK?

(Ps: A link of this blog post has been sent to Sky UK, Red Production Company, and 10 by 10 Entertainment, I’ll update on any replies.)

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Baby Polar Bear Knut Found Dead in his Cage

The world famous cute little polar bear Knut who became an international star after his mother rejected him and he was raised by his Berlin Zoo keeper has died.

The cause of four-year-old Knut’s death was not immediately known, said Heiner Kloes, who is in charge of bears at Berlin zoo.

Knut collapsed and was found dead in a pool of water.

He was the first bear to be born in captivity in the zoo for 30 years and the first public appearance of “Cute Knut” in March 2007 attracted 100 camera crews from around the world.

He generated millions of euros for the Berlin Zoo in lucrative merchandising and extra entrance fees.

Knut weighed 9kg at birth and triggered a wave of media coverage after a batshit insane alleged animal activist said he should have been put down after he and his brother, who later died, were rejected by their mother following their birth in December 2006.

Knut was reared by the zoo, with his keeper Thomas Doerflein bottle-feeding him and strumming Elvis Presley songs for him on his guitar.

Mr Doerflein died of a heart attack in 2008.

Later in Knut’s life, he shared his zoo enclosure with his mother, Tosca, and two other females, Nancy and Katjuscha, he was a polar bear pimp.

Hopes that Knut might form a romantic attachment with one of the females were dashed as stories emerged of violent maulings.

One video posted online showed Katjuscha hurling herself at Knut’s throat, in an apparent attempt to bite him, before tipping him into the water.

Theorise have arisen that he was murdered by the other polar bears for being too cute.

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Shut @iPhone Dictionary Ducking with Your Words? (Workaround for the Secret Blacklist!)

For quite some time I’ve been nerdraging about the epic fail of the iPhone dictionary, it’s so prolific it’s a ducking meme, there’s entire sites devoted to how shit it is. Apple seem to flat out disregard user complaints on the subject. Earlier versions of iOS would learn after three declined word suggestions, or by re-writing the red underlined word.

After iOS 4ish, I noticed a distinct lack of it’s ability or willingness to learn new words, be they profanity or otherwise. You’d have to re-write a word and decline auto-suggests dozens of times for it to learn something SIMPLE but profanity, nope. No go. It just WOULD NOT work.

After extensive research (see: my legs went numb so I got off the toilet) on the subject, I discovered many ‘work around’ suggestions, most were dated and for older versions. I messed around with several and found the one sure way to duck that iPhone shut right off once and for all, and found TWO very good ways, one a solid performer and the other an INSTANT WIN.

ADD the profanity as a CONTACT in your contacts section. It’s irritating and frustrating but it finally let’s you use naughty words. (Edit: After typing in a metric fucktonne of words, I only just tested adding multiple words to one entry. It works effectively. However, you WILL get strange looks when people see your contact list!)

HOWEVER! There are some words it will still not recognise. It appears as though there’s a black list tier level, black listed words when added as contacts and / or retyped a gazillion times are still b& from your iPhone.

I added every profanity and pseudo-profanity I could think of, it still red underlines ‘cunt’ but the rest are fine. On racial epithets however it will force change ‘nigger’ to ‘bigger’ yet is an equal opportunity racist, it auto-changes ‘kyke’ to Kyle and ‘kike’ to like, it also red-underlines ‘cracka’ even if stored as a contact. I actually had to hit the wiki article of racial epithets to find more creative varying ones to test and EVERY single racial slur in existence is double blacklisted even when added as a contact.

Apple are not so kind to people of non-straight persuasions, with ‘faggot’ or ‘poof’ working, ‘dyke’ and various others all work, however GAY does not work. The one NON-offensive thing gets changed to ‘gag’ half the time.

I decided to tinker with the inner workings of my iPhone to look into this a bit more, so I took a peek at in/private/var/mobile/Library/Keyboard, there’s a file called dynamic-text.dat which has most of the plain text words it has to give special attention to and tells the auto-correct to lay off being a dick with or even suggest or accept the spelling. To test the manual update I tried the notes application instead, and started trying to add random words (nonsensical ones) to see how long it took to learn. I found that it wouldn’t. After typing pages of shit, the last modified date of my dynamic-text.dat file was my earlier edit.

-rw------- 1 mobile mobile 1244 Mar 19 20:30 dynamic-text.dat

I gave it a shot in safari, this instantly updated the dynamic-text.dat file on one attempt without repetition. The words added also appeared IN the file itself in plain text.

-rw------- 1 mobile mobile 1359 Mar 19 21:34 dynamic-text.dat

Testing this again in notes showed the words taught through safari were universally added and accepted in all other forms of addition. This means not every iPhone program will learn words or add them to your special dictionary, the data processing program Notes is completely non-functional in that way, and as we saw above the Contacts section has limited success. Safari, however, is the answer. I’d honestly expect the learning algorithym to be far less shit than this, but it appears that this is the only way to force learn things.

Go figure. Either way, this is clear proof that Apple have some deep seated issues! Not to mention they love to cramp my style, not that I tout out hate words, but I’m an Australian, every second word out my mouth (or fingers in this case) is a profanity. 🙁

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Treatise on Female Grooming (Or Some Overlooked Elements)

I have a predominantly female audience, I have to face this fact. And whilst I love to bust out my fairy wings and lecture on female fashion and style I have fallen a few seasons behind in my savant abilities due to unavoidable life committments. I’ve noticed a lot of buzz about one of my recent posts lambasting females with long fingernails, so I wanted to address a few things that fly under the radar that ALL those girls out there–you know the kind, the ones boys look at instead of you, the kind you bitch out on and hate for irrational reasons–know that most girls seem to drop the ball with.

Long nails, french tip, nail art are out. They’re repugnant, always have been, always will be. Fashion for personal grooming has gone towards hygeine and sanity. Just as extremely long hair is a thing of the 60′s and 70′s, fingernails have gone the way of pubic hair. Preferably not there. Okay, well not NOT there, but men have always subscribed to the ‘doctors hands’ look of keeping their skin soft, their nails cut back to the nail bed proper, and hands clean and uncalloused, topped off with a no polish manicure. If you’re a guy and reading this (I’m not judging, I’m a guy and I’m writing this!) I recommend purchasing one of those four color sided buffing boards you see in the girls section of the magical wonderous music-from-the-heavens brightly lit personal product aisle down your generic supermarket. No one there will question it, you could be buying stuff for your wife or girlfriend. Follow the instructions, and abide by the above, and notice the difference. Women notice small details, as do men. And let’s face it, if you have manky hands, no one is going to want you to touch them with them.

Now, on other small details, bright nail polish has been back with a vengence for the past decade nearly, with no color off the shelf being too bright. Guys love bright fun colors, just don’t step into the Kesha void and draw bright colors all over your body and face. Your lips, eyeshadow, and .. well the rest of your body should NEVER match a color you can buy in a make-up section, other than kohl / black.

Eyebrows are the killer element 99% of women miss. Those ‘gorgeously intimidating’ girls you see? Well, now I’ve said it, go back and look at a few. Eyebrows frame the face and totally define the look; they can set off facial bone structure so perfectly or they can crash your fashion train into an oncoming diesel freighter.

There are a plethora of articles delving into these in fine detail, but when you see sites that look like they’re written by some morbidly obese fashion victim who’s merely trying to push their own grooming habits onto others (kind of like me with mens hands, except I’m not morbidly obese, but sometimes I can be a bit of a fashion victim!) or if they look dated and daggy, disregard them.

One sure fire way to base personal grooming habits on a winner is to turn to the fashion world. Ignore fat housewife magazines or pubescent teenage hormone fuelled soft-core porn passing off as girls mags; turn to the catwalk. Look at what known models are toting. They always have shortish well kept hair and put effort into it even when they’re bumming around. They ALWAYS have doctors hands, al la above, and they’re always paying attention to the small details.

In conclusion, I wasn’t joking about the pubic hair. I haven’t seen that shit since the 80′s. Oh, wait, no. That’s not what I was talking about. Uhm. Yeah. Pick up your game, change one element at a time if you don’t believe me over a period of a few weeks and NOTICE the difference you get in attention from your partner or members of the opposite sex in general.

Posted: March 19th, 2011
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Internet Laird’s and Lord’s of Lochaber Highland Estates (& Ors)

The fake coat of arms used by scammers.

I got bored. As I often do. And you know what happens when I get bored. Someone always ends up crucified. Usually scammers who exploit the stupidity of others, sometimes the stupid for being scammed, but this time around I flogged the self professed Laird’s of Lochaber. A friend of mine bought a square foot of land ages ago on the internet and started posting shit calling himself a Lord, I too own a square foot of land, I bought it purely because I wanted to build a one foot square castle one day, I ignored the big sexy deed scroll in hand ink stating my Lordship’s validity, although retrospectively they did a far better job faking it back in the days of mail order before the internets was readily available. Do note however, my friend was fully aware it was a scam and he too bought it to be a dick, and most probably to build a square foot castle too. Oh, we should totally go to war and raid each others castles. And kick their walls in! :O

Anyhow, I turned to Google and found that the district as an Estate was only registered in 1975 and dissolved in 1996. Ironically they sell ‘woodland plots’ of half and quarter acres for merely 10x the price they extort for a foot square. I actually am wondering whether they legitimately hold right to SELL the land in question.

Wikipedia had several people posting on the Lochaber page claiming to be the current Laird of Lochaber, so I piped up on the discussion page to let them know that it’s scammers who bought a foot of land online.

I turned to google again and found a discussion thread run by the guy selling the land on a forum entitled Highland Titles, ironically the landed gentry in this alternate universe are so poverty stricken they have to have their forums on freeforums.com. I found that the only named admin of the forum was a ‘Lady Arwen’ (clearly one of ‘those types’, we’ve all met them, basement dwelling nutjobs with celtic princess fantasies that lurk MUD’s and MMO’s when they’re not taking up space being hippogoths at SCA gigs) who ironically is morbidly obese, wears black and purple velvet, and cites her interests as “Tolkien, Scotland, Reading Fantasy, Herbology, Cooking” clearly my interpretation of that is along the lines of she cooks brownies with special herbs, read too much Tolkien, and lives in a Fantasy Scotland in her head. She comes from Passadena in Texas, US I might add.

I noted that one critic was cited by the site owner and the rest of the ‘Lairds’ were ripping in to him in a thread entitled “To the critics (competitors) of Lochaber Highland Estates”. Breaking down the psychology applied, they were basing their entire claim upon a dictionary definition of the origin of the term and that it is up to others to disprove their claim. Now to address this as the two elements of logical fallacy they’re employing, firstly the dictionary reference completely neglects to point out that there is a court of law appointed specifically to administer these titles and the arms that go with them, and only this court of law can decide who and who can not use these titles, but further (to their defence, they are clearly idiots for buying something on the internet thinking it’ll give them some form of prestige or respect to begin with, so they’re clearly either morons or merely utterly delusional to start with) and I’ll totally carriage return to give this it’s own line because it’s a common idiotic fallacy you’ll encounter: –


Now, I feel so much better. The caps was kind of a last minute addition, and it was very satisfying. It wasn’t caps either, I’m that passionate about stamping out moronicism I went the whole hog and held the shift key. Now that’s nerd rage. 😛 Okay, now, where was I? Oh, yes. Well, they were all hurring and durring backing up their fallacious logic and I decided to rain, no, not rain, piss with the power of the gods, like a giant fucking riot water cannon, all over their parade, in their ears, eyes, nose, and I’m pretty sure I got one in the mouth. I couldn’t restrain myself, I had to address their stupidity. So I launched into my vitriolic attack, and hopefully by syndicating it here, and given the popularity of my blog I’ll most likely hijack their keywords, this post alone I know will incur serious financial harm to the owners and operators of the scam, but my reply was along the lines of: –

Whilst I’m aware it’s highly unlikely my reply will remain on this forum without being deleted by the scammers selling land to saps on the interbutts, I’d like to address those poorly educated individuals claiming title to Lairdship, or Lordship.

You are the claimants of the title, it is up to you to prove your claim. It’s not up to the ‘critics (competitors)’ to prove, that logic is utterly flawed and absurd. But, then again, you also believe you hold a Lordship you bought online.

Further, you did throw down the gauntlet asking the critics (competitors, lol) to prove your claims are invalid, allow me to cite the following sources: –

“Scottish Highland Titles”. http://www.faketitles.com. http://www.faketitles.com/html/scottish … itles.html. Retrieved 18 June 2009.
Cramb, Auslan (11 Dec 2004). “How to lord it over your friends for only £29.99″. Telegraph.co.uk. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/ … 29.99.html. Retrieved 20 June 2009.

Both sources clearly reflect the view of the Court of the Lord Lyon, which considers these particular titles to be vacuous and meaningless in claim. Now given the absurdity of the claimants to begin with, I’d like to clarify who the Court of the Lord Lyon is, because I honestly doubt the mental acuity of anyone who’d think they can buy gentry or peerage status through a cheap internet transaction.

The Court of the Lord Lyron is the standing court of law regulating heraldry in Scotland, an equivilent of the English College of Arms it maintains the register of grants of arms for all arms and bearings of Scotland as well as the genealogical records involved.

Per the internuts: The Lyon Court is a public body, it is headed by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, who must be legally qualified, as he has criminal jurisdiction in heraldic matters, and the court is fully integrated into the Scottish legal system, including having a dedicated prosecutor, known in Scotland as a Procurator Fiscal. This contrasts with England, where the College of Arms is a private body, and the Court of Chivalry, which is a civil court, has met only once in 230 years, in 1954.

So, your Lairdship is far less valid than my Lordship where I bought a square foot plot of land by mail order back in the early 90′s before internets shysters existed in England. But, that being said, I know for a fact buying a square foot of land is just that, and won’t try to use it to scam respect or attempt to garner positive prejudice from others based purely on my own shortcomings as a man.

FYI, I have syndicated this post on my blog, I’ve got a 4M reader demographic and I enjoy sharing my exploitation of scammers and morons alike.

So I’ll leave you with some (paraphrased) words of a true Laird of Scotland; you may take my post, but you can never take my freedom (of press). You’re a bunch of dolts. (<– He said that, the last part. Prove me wrong. Because y’know, people in your world apparently can make batshit insane claims and it’s up to others to prove their claims wrong. )

I’ll let you folks know if I get a reply, although I’m not holding my breath. Scots-titles.com found another Laird of Lochaber scamming to the extreme and outed him in a post at http://www.scots-titles.com/2011/02/10/reverend-cardinal-lord-dr-kim-moffatt/ – very worth reading, his claims are batshit insane, but there seems to be an underlying pathology behind these individuals where they think they can buy the respect they should be earning through words and deeds, or somehow purchase prestige to make up for a vacuous missing element in their life. Amongst his claims he’s the Reverend Cardinal (Dr) Kim Moffatt Lord of Lochaber. He’s also the Governer of the British East India Company, which he registered as a business name, and a ‘trillionair’ after spending ten pound on a 100 trillion zimbabwian note (the editor at scots-titles points out that the trading cost is actually one quid, irony seeing a scammer get scammed).

The scots-titles editor also has a page on the scam, pointing out that: –

The purchase of land in Scotland is not sufficient, per se, to qualify anyone to legally use the title of Laird.  The title ‘Lord’ is a ‘Peerage title’ (or a courtsy title of a Scottish ‘Law Lord’) and although it is true to say that the word Laird does derive from Lavert, which is the same root as the word Lord, a genuinely recognised Laird, is a member of the Nobilitas Minora, whereas those who are legally entitled to call themselves Lord, belong to the Nobilitas Majora, or the Peerage.  The two terms are certainly not interchangeable.

A Lairdship is, in itself, a title which is linked to the Land, but for it to become a title and part of the name of the individual who owns the land, it is necessary to petition Scotland’s supreme herald, the Lord Lyon King of Arms, for the title to be officially recognised.  The Lord Lyon does not actually recognise anyone as a Laird.  Rather, he recognises their right to a territorial designation.  For example, if someone buys a Scottish estate which for many years has been known as Glensmith, and if this meets the land criteria stipulated by the Lord Lyon (in terms of acreage), on petitioning for a Grant of Arms in that name (or for a change of name certificate if he already has Arms) he will be recognised as “John Smith of Glensmith”.  He is also entitled to call himself “The Laird of Glensmith”.  It is impossible to have numerous “Lairds” of a single Estate at the same time, as has been advertised by these companies. It should also be pointed out that an area of between one and one thousand square feet does not constitute a legitimate “Estate”! If simply being a landowner in Scotland made you a Laird, Lord or Lady then every owner of a house, garden plot or window box would be one….how ridiculous!!

In closing, I’ll end with the paragraph he posted in relation to Mr Kim Moffat’s incredulous claims: The so called Lochaber Coat of Arms displayed on his website, appertaining to his 1sq ft Scottish Estate, leads you to believe he has a Grant of Scottish Arms. Displaying Arms which have not been officially granted to you or to which you do not have a legal right, can lead to prosecution in Scotland where heraldry is carefully and rigorously regulated. In other countries you could merely look foolish and attract a certain amount of ridicule.

So remember, when you see a Lord, Laird or Lady, google their title, if it’s fake, don’t have anything more to do with them. If you’re in the UK, call the police and report it as it’s a criminal offence. You CANNOT buy respect or prestige, so don’t show pity to those who think they can.


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A public service announcement for women with male friends.

I encountered a novel argument put forth by Hunter S. Stalin, or whatever his name is, some crackpot journalist who over the past thirty years has scraped together a meagre career trying to mash two incompatible personalities together. Aside from the sophmoric political nonsense he used to drivel he’s actually turned around and dropped some gems.

This one hits home, I’ve had many talks with females who were oblivious that all of their male friends, ALL OF THEM, at some time or another, probably all the time, want to screw them. In fact, it’s highly probable all their male friends are only their friend because they want to screw them.

I’ll drop an excerpt and a link to the rest of the article, I definitely agree with him in his nailing of the male psyche and the female obliviousness to the fact that men think with their little brains more than the bigger ones. And no, mate, before you reply, your big one is up top I assure you, here goes:

It’s a lesson that should be taught in schools, preached from pulpits, magnetically pinned to fridges and relentlessly repeated by a caring media. It goes something like this:

Men want to have sex with you. All of them. If you have been seen by a man, you have been considered sexually. He doesn’t even have to be attracted to you, and he certainly doesn’t have to desire your prolonged company. He might not be thinking it now, right at this very instant, but that guy on the other side of the room with whom you work every day, or the one who sold you your ticket this morning, or the elderly gent who stood behind you in the lift, has at some point probably cast you, however briefly, in a scene, broadcast in his own mental cinema, in which you might not wish to star. If he seeks your company, does you a good turn, assume there’s a sequel in the works.

When a man asks you to go somewhere alone with him, there is a very, very, very good chance he is planning on having sex with you. There are exceptions to this rule – if the man is your father, your gynaecologist, or a real estate agent showing you a property, you can probably relax, though even then you should not make the mistake of thinking inappropriate thoughts are far from his mind. Generally speaking, you can depend upon sex being paramount in the thoughts of any man who shows an interest in your exclusive company.

If you do not wish to have sex with a man it is preferable that you do not allow yourself to be navigated into a private situation with him. If this has been somehow unavoidable – if you realise you are suddenly alone with a man you do not wish to have sex with – leave immediately. If your way to the door or official exit is blocked, use the window. Say nothing, just get out. You can make up excuses later, when you’ve had time to think of them, though there’s every chance you’ll never hear from him again.

Read the rest at: http://blogs.news.com.au/jackmarxlive/index.php/news/comments/the_only_lesson_from_dickigate_that_matters/

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Major Flaw in @USArmy Stryker Vehicle Design

Within 30 seconds of seeing the new design for the US Army Stryker I had designed a system using a that will stop it dead and trap it. I wonder how many millions, perhaps billions in research has gone into that vehicle?

Maybe the US military should vet their designs for internet nerds to examine and throw up an email address for feedback. I mean, better an email from me than an in the field example from some Al Qaida insurgent costing them lives.

Y’know, just saying.

Ps: US military, my consultation fees are low. Twitter me, @bashpr0mpt <3

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Ryle Hilton is the Real Jesus

Okay, I figured a line like that would probably catch more attention in a shameless prop to an amazing mentalist and showman. He could probably walk on water. He can definitely raise the dead. And I’ve seen him turn water to wine, and wine into cheese. Don’t ask.

Whilst I profess the magic abilities of a lower grade shaman, being able to make fingers appear on other hands, raised in the air, or perhaps making my middle fingers turn into a see-saw, this guy blows minds for a living and it’s definitely a great thing to see in person as opposed to the mystical feats ‘magicians’ can achieve with a television show and post production techniques to cheat along their show a little, as commonly done by Blaine and Angel (YouTube it, but be warned, you’ll lose all respect for them if you had any to begin with).

Having recently caught an impromptu performance of his, I figured it was definitely worth putting fingers to keystroke for my Australian fans to catch him live, and for international readers I’ve definitely suggested he get his stuff on YouTube for some camera veritas action!

I won’t go into details, they’d be too horrible and liable to cause mass hysteria. But from detailed readings of people, recalling past events they were thinking off and an old wooden box that was given to a young lady to hold throughout the show that seemed inconsequential but later as he was finishing up was unlocked and opened to reveal key details of the events during the performance that one would deduce are purely impossible to know let alone substantiate beforehand were definite shockers.

Bookings, info@rylehilton.com and I’ll update here when his site goes live.

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Dihydrogen Monoxide takes Another Toddlers Life

Addendum: For those wishing to help inform others about the risks that dihydrogen monoxide puts friends and family at, check out http://www.dhmo.org for more details.

In a long line of deaths by the dangerous toxic substance, news.com.au reports today that a toddler has drowned in a container of water left out for a pet in a family tragedy at Thebarton in South Australia.

The girl, believed to be aged under two, drowned in Ballantyne St, on Saturday about 7pm.

Ambulance crews rushed to the scene and the girl was taken to the Women and Children’s Hospital, but she could not be revived.

A neighbour said the family had lived in the street for the past five years and were known to be friendly but quiet.

“I think they’ve got another child and I know they have a lot of animals … this is just horrific,” she said.

“Just a little baby, it’s sad.”

Police will prepare a report for the Coroner.

The tragedy comes as new research shows that most child drownings could be prevented with better supervision, research has shown.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/toddler-drowns-in-freak-tragedy-at-thebarton/story-e6frfkvr-1226017101338#ixzz1FstG1FPj

PS: Yes, the above is all tongue in cheek, but the kid really did drown in a dog bowl of water. D:<

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