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News for August 2010

Weekly Tweets for 2010-08-29

  • Just found 1000 business cards, full colour, $25, that's actually a decent price, details here: http://spn.tw/tgqzD #ad #
  • This hung government shit is lame. Call another election, don't make voting mandatory, and let those who want to vote do so. #ausvotes #
  • Twits, add http://facebook.com/bashpr0mpt FBers add http://twitter.com/bashpr0mpt and close my demographic overlap gap! <3 #
  • Last week I was the 16th highest Australian in #followfriday recommendations! Thanks folks. 🙂 #
  • Autotune aside, Ke$ha is looking more like a dude every time I see her. #
  • Casting call for a mature ETSY type interested in a business opportunity running a gamer foc. custom product website. @me your email. #ETSY #
  • Optus' new 'unlimited' plans (with lots of *'s) just show how disconnected from the broadband market they are. They're amazingly shit. #
  • 7AM is far too early to be awake. #
  • China has a 100km traffic jam, it's 10 days old and set to last 'weeks'! I'm never complaining about traffic again. RT this! #
  • Bickfords Ice Coffee & Chicory mix, add it to a regular coffee and double the milk for ice coffee win: http://yfrog.com/f13vfkj #
  • Wondered what's inside a deodorant can but lacked the balls to rip one in half with your bare hands? http://yfrog.com/bhlp2sj #
  • LOTR:ROTK on 7TWO! Kgo! Wow, that's a lot of caps. #
  • Canberra? Moarlyke Can'tberra. Bulldoze it, make Australia face the fact Sydney is its only real city. (Bawwmoar Melbourne.) #
  • Big few days coming up, forgive my silence. uSocial (@areusocial) getting nearer to public launch. <3 #
  • Yay, 48 hour quarantine because I was exposed to someone with H1N1/09. #
  • Zooey Deschanel totally could be Katy Perry with a little rhinoplasty. (Watching HHGTTG, don't ask.) #
  • So tasty, homestyle choc chunk cookies, not sure if they're Australia specific, they're White Wings: http://yfrog.com/g0c1hij #
  • Super 8 (2011), Another gripping JJ Abrams production, check the preview out over here – http://bit.ly/9E14FA #movies #
  • 6:46AM. D: #
  • A glass is not half full, nor half empty; the glass is merely the wrong size for the liquid contained. RT if you agree. <3 #
  • Follow Friday time? I recommend everyone following @areusocial, great nexus of users who follow back, 100%! #ff #teamfollowback #followback #
  • My first run in with the law: http://yfrog.com/5bcgsdj #
  • I just realized non-Australians would never have seen our common rail sign defacements: http://yfrog.com/7ezv1qj #
  • Just leaving this here before I lose it: http://yfrog.com/m9s57aj #
  • Belgian F1 Grand Prix race 13 (spa), few big crashes, tight race on points. Live on Ten in Australia. #
  • Eyes on the (now deemed legal) duct above the F in Vodafone's F1 car, puts the spoiler in stall for straights by airflow over drivers knee. #
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Protip: Don’t Post your Hitlist on Facebook

POLICE in Colombia said today they are investigating disturbing “hit lists” circulating on Facebook that have been linked to the murders of three teenagers.

The Facebook lists containing the names of about 100 teens are sowing panic in the southern town of Puerto Asis where the slayings took place.

Several police teams were sent to investigate and discover who was behind the lists, police General Jose Leon Riano said.

A criminal gang known as Los Rastrojos operates in the area, as well as a faction of the guerrilla group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

According to officials, the crime scare started August 16 when two teens, aged 16 and 17, were shot dead while riding a motorbike.

The teenage boys were asked to leave the town or face the consequences, local media reported.

The Facebook hit list was posted on August 17th. On it were 69 names, including those of the two killed.

Three days later, another boy whose name was on the hit list, Norbey Alexander Vargas, was killed.

Another young man, 16-year-old student Juan Pablo Zambrano Anacona, was wounded in the same incident, according to PattayaToday.

Since then, another two lists have been issued, panicking parents.

Most of the names on the lists belong to people under 18 years of age.

Police said they were weighing the possibility of the lists being a macabre joke or game between adolescents in the town.

Citizens claim police aren’t taking the hit list seriously enough and that the death count is much higher.

“In Puerto Asis they have killed 20 young people threatened on Facebook and the authorities have not said anything,” jesusmhenriquez posted on Twitter.

“That is Colombia.”

Gen Riano said several of the teenagers on the lists no longer lived in Puerto Asis.

He also said that threatening messages against local police have been posted in the town, with the authors accusing officers of having a hand in the killings.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/world/teen-murders-linked-to-facebook-hit-list-in-colombia/story-e6frfkyi-1225909823526#ixzz0xajyapZI

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Apple to Exploit Front-Camera for Spying on Users

I always thought I was a bit of a sensationalist when I first realised I felt uncomfortable carrying an accessable camera on a mobile device. I always thought it was one of those nagging paranoia’s you’d only admit to your mates, whilst drunk, and bumming. However news today has arrived that Apple will be using ‘traitorware’ to capture photos of jailbreakers and plan to attempt to then disable the devices.

Whilst this is merely a ‘planned’ act, and has only been greenlit by a US Supreme Court that ruled it a reasonable action, it’s no big threat; and let’s face it within a matter of days someone will bash out some code to ensure this threat is defeated. Yet it causes some concern for security having a camera on both sides of the device. Now I can’t simply place my phone camera side down to set at ease that nagging 1984 orwellian paranoia. Read on for details, courtesy of news.com.au: –

APPLE has been accused of creating “traitorware” for trying to patent security software that tracks down people who jailbreak their iPhones and iPads and locks them out of their devices.

Jailbreaking allows users to access software and features for their devices that have not been sanctioned by Apple.

The process was declared legitimate by a US court earlier this month, but Apple said any such interference in their device will void its warranty.

Apple’s patent, which went before the US Patent and Trademark Office earlier this week, is for “systems and methods for identifying unauthorised users of an electronic device”.

Using the software, Apple can remotely access your sensitive information and data, ostensibly to determine if you are an “authorised user”.

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Among the information they can access, the system can take a flashless, undetectable photo of the users’ face (with the iPhone 4′s front-facing camera) and multiple photos of the surrounding location.

It can also record the users’ voice regardless of whether they are making a phone call, monitor their internet usage and record the heartbeat and “vibration signature” of the user.

According to the patent application, if these identifiers do not match the “authorised” user, the system then determines if there is “suspicious behaviour”.

Suspicious behaviour, says the application “comprises one or more of hacking the electronic device, jailbreaking the electronic device, unlocking the electronic device, removing a SIM card from the electronic device, and moving at least a predetermined distance away from a synced device”.

If Apple decides that all this adds up to unauthorised use they will remotely lock or shut down the offending iPhone or iPad, making it unusable.

It’s been labelled by watchdog organisations as dangerous spyware. They even invented a new word for it – “traitorware”.

US civil liberties group, Electronic Frontier Foundation, has called the patent “downright creepy and invasive” and overkill for technology that is to track down a lost or stolen phone – something already possible with the “Mobile Me” app.

“This patented process could be used to retaliate against you if you jailbreak or tinker with your device in ways that Apple views as ‘unauthorised’ even if it is perfectly legal,” it said.

There are obvious financial incentives for Apple putting an end to the legal process and the Electronic Frontier Foundation believe this could be the greater motive behind the software.

“This patent application does nothing short of providing a roadmap for how Apple can – and presumably will – spy on its customers and control the way its customers use Apple products.”

Electronic Frontiers Australia shares their concerns.

“There are huge privacy implications.” Colin Jacobs, chair of EFA told news.com.au

“It raises the risk of what happens if someone gains unauthorised access to the information… if this information is stored then it’s pretty clear that someone will come looking for it.”

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/technology/apple-traitorware-can-take-your-photo-and-shut-down-your-jailbroken-iphone-ipad/story-e6frfro0-1225909901032#ixzz0xaemny1w <– Not really, this is all there is to read, this is just included so News Ltd. won’t cry about copyright.

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X-COM, Alien Invasion by Bioshock’s 2K

In the early 90′s, most of us gamers may (or may not) recall the cult title X-COM in 1994, marketed under various names X-COM: UFO Defence, or for the rest of the world UFO: Enemy Unknown. The name screw-around was a bad idea as many non-US gamers missed out on the immediately pumped out sequel, X-COM: Terror From the Deep in 1995. It was turn-based poly table top digitized epic win. You played as the faceless controller behind the top secret research, interception, and combating of alien species set to attack earth. From cattle mutilating small teams of observers through to full scale invasion, you hired, fired, and trained your forces to combat and salvage aliens and their technology for research purposes.

It was pretty pointless gaming with no real purpose once you reached a certain level, and invariably the alien invasions became too hot and rapid to consequentially engage. But we all played it none the less. Addictively. Fanatically.

The worst part was what came next, in 1997, with some wanky attempt at a trilogy with a buggy as hell art deco future tech world with flying cars and circle jerking that really bombed called X-COM: Apocalypse. Due to the transition of computer technology and their attempt to try and make things cutting edge most people were playing the game on older systems, or systems too new, back when CPU clock throttling was manual and dodgy leading to the game running too slow, or too fast, or otherwise just not running at all.

1998 brought Interceptor, a space based version that was the polar opposite of Apocalypse, polygon graphics and really retro-feel can be achieved by … well, poor programming and no game design, which was the case. It too was another flop. Later in 2001 X-COM: Enforcer arrived from another company, Infogrammes, as opposed to Microprose. By this stage most gamers who were original fans weren’t interested, there were a plethora of fan based games, RPG’s, and stuff along those lines but they were all abysmal.

So, I apologise to those fans who’ve read this far, for being four months late in addressing that … wait for it.

X-COM is being remade, set in the 20′s or 30′s from the looks, by 2K the guys who brought us fun titles from System Shock to Bioshock, etc. 2K Marin hasn’t released many details about the project just yet, but has confirmed that the game will be played from the FPS perspective, eschewing the isometric viewpoint of previous games. That means it will probably be in real-time too, rather than the old-style turn-based – though the official press release promise there’ll still be a strategic element to the gameplay.

The plot of the new game will put players in the shoes of an FBI agent who has to identify and eliminate a new threat.

“With BioShock 2, the team at 2K Marin proved themselves as masters of first-person, suspenseful storytelling, and with XCOM they will re-imagine and expand the rich lore of this revered franchise,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K.

“Players will explore the world of XCOM from an immersive new perspective and experience firsthand the fear and tension of this gripping narrative ride.”

The new official XCOM website has a few bits of concept art which imply a minimalist look for the game, as well as an update to the series name; it’s changed from X-COM to just XCOM.

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

I understand how scissors can beat paper, and I get how a rock can beat scissors, but there’s no fucking way paper can beat rock. Is paper supposed to magically wrap around rock and leave it immobile? Why the hell can’t paper do this to scissors? Screw scissors, why can’t paper do this to people? WHy aren’t sheets of college ruled notebook paper constantly suffocating students as they take notes in class? I’ll tell you why, because paper can’t beat anybody. A rock would tear that shit up in two seconds. When I play rock paper scissors, I always choose rock. Then when somebody claims to have beaten me with their paper I can punch them in the face with my already clenched fist and say, “Oh shit, I’m sorry. I thought paper would protect you, you arsehole.”

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Weekly Tweets for 2010-08-22

  • After Life (2009), psych and body horror at it's finest, w/ Christina Ricci is naked throughout. Fresh narrative by a fresh director. 9/10. #
  • RT @Camtastic023: @bashpr0mpt HOPE YOU CAN MAKE IT –> ROC THE MIC | #BLACKLION DIZ WED | ENVAZIONENT < Sorry, I don't speak moronese. #
  • I just combed my cat, she gave birth to two kittens worth of hair. D: I should shave her, less hair on my blacks in future. #
  • White Chicks (2004) never fails to make me laugh, hard. 7/10. #
  • I just inhaled my coffee. :'( #
  • Apparently @Sandra_Sully has a twitter. Hey Sandra, tits out at 11pm and make the late edition news worth watching eh? #
  • Hey, @Sandra_Sully, U no we dnt talk like dis on Internet rite? You have 140 characters, show some literacy, 'SENIOR editor' of 10 news. 🙂 #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Pug sings Batman theme http://youtu.be/GrIp3k5pJQM?a #
  • I might vote for Tony Abbott just because everyone hates on him so much and I'm a dick. 🙂 So much money wasted on ads slagging him out too! #
  • Been up a couple of hours, it's 830AM and still cold as Neptune's bollocks in Sydney, AU. #
  • RT @LickDaJuiceBox: #YouEverWonder WHY THE SKY IS BLUE AND NOT PURPLE < This is why there should be an IQ test before sale of phones. Wtf? #
  • Btw @LickDaJuiceBox, pretty sure you're studying cosmEtology, learn to spell your profession if you want to seem professional. 🙂 in reply to LickDaJuiceBox #
  • Sometimes I wonder how stupid people remember to breathe. #
  • Riverworld (a brilliant scifi series) is on Movie Extra yet Buffy/Angel/Charmed/Xena are on @SciFiTV? @Foxtel programmers are retarded. #
  • Gillard push for a republic; a poorly supported move that has cost us billions in referendums. She's forced my hand, voting Libs. #ausvotes #
  • "How do I vote this weekend?" "Well, *insert in-depth explanation*" "I mean, who are you voting for? I'll vote for them too." Gen Y, ilu. 🙂 #
  • Faceplanted on the couch. Had a mad headache all day. I'm out folks, night. <3 #
  • Police and nanny state combine on social media for cheap arrests, regardless the cost: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-20013632-36.html #
  • RT @MrMilestone: @bashpr0mpt Oooo, you are close to 31000 followers!! < Whoa, I only broke 30k two or so days ago! Thanks to all! <3 #f4f #
  • Joe Hockey v Wayne Swan on Sunrise debating the economy, it's pretty lol. #
  • So far my iPhone 4 has survived a dozen drops, half submersion in cat food, and a shower. I'm impressed. For a pretty phone it's rugged. #
  • Extreme Gaming: Xbox Bomb Disposal, IRL: http://bit.ly/cqelqI RT if you like it and SHARE the love! #gaming #xbox #lol #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Extreme Gaming: Xbox Bomb Disposal IRL http://youtu.be/Fh5IfzG8Y6Y?a #
  • Profanity warning ahead, if this doesn't make you rofl you're already dead: – http://jurassicparkwtf.ytmnd.com/ RT if you like it. #
  • Most REPULSIVE meat product EVER, even the animals won't eat it. Do not buy. Fat & gristle wrapped in fat. D: http://yfrog.com/bgc02fj #
  • 100% of the idiot kids on Strictest Parents have facial piercings. Says a lot, about the kids, and the parents. D: Disgusting! #
  • Just had an epic troll of some kid on my Facebook; add http://facebook.com/bashpr0mpt and see the hilarity! Now, kgo! 🙂 #
  • Yay. Pets and medical emergencies FTW. ._. #
  • Worst. Day. Ever. #
  • I'm shocked at how hot it was today for winter; I hope it doesn't mean a scorching summer for Australia. Yay, global warming. #
  • Today Tonight covering halal from a racial POV as opposed to the real reason people object to it; extreme animal cruelty. #
  • It confuses me why people buy phones that aren't iPhones these days. It's like those idiots who stuck with discmans instead of iPods. #
  • Watching SBS TWO, about dodgy shrinks creating reincarnation / past life memories through suggestion without realizing it. Cool stuff. #
  • For the first time since adulthood I clean KO'd myself. Heavy dish bowl to head while feeding a cat. Pwned. 😛 Man it hurt! #
  • Today Australian's go to the polls to decide who'll lead after the coup; and this election is more about who's the least shit option. 🙁 #
  • Policies aside, Tony Abbott is totally an Australian Vladimir Putin. I'd like to see a cage fight between Abbott and Obama. 😛 #
  • Spelgail, quite the spell fail, random sign in the local shops: http://yfrog.com/n4nipij #
  • So many people ask opinion and political beliefs but fail to ask WHY we hold them. Why is always more important than what. #
  • Aussies, do one thing at the ballot today; vote UNDER the line so your views are the only ones put in that box, not the pollies preferences. #
  • Man vs Wild (series), should be renamed 'Watch an Idiot Eat Live Critters', idk why it's even on TV. 1/10. #tv #reviews #
  • It's cute that SUV owners think they have any business in the fast lane. Keep left, dickheads. #
  • Looks like I called it right, Tony Abbott is the new PM. Majority of votes almost counted now and he's got a significant lead. #ausvotes #
  • Australia REALLY needs individual election of representatives and a first past the post election system. This is so confusing and rubbish. #
  • So the libs have won nearly every seat so far, but due to pref. voting system they're not winning. #
  • ALP71, COA72, and Gillard is on TV doing her 'an historic moment' routine saying ALP have 'clearly won'?! I'm lost! #
  • Coalition have 8% more votes, the most senators and house of reps but Gillard is on TV saying she's won? Idgi? #ausvotes #
  • Brilliant challenges to the legitimacy of the current caretaker government, including a few digs about the coup on Sky ATM. #ausvotes #
  • Everytime an iPhone rings, even on TV, everyone goes for their phone. I think we all need to stop being lazy and change ringtones! 😛 #
  • My eyeballs feel two sizes too big for my skull. D: #
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Brand Infringement for Charity? – An Appeal to Australian Customs

After watching an episode of Border Security, a twee show documenting Australian customs, border skippers, illegal fishing, and all those sorts of things (think: cops meets airport meets big brother on lysurgic acid) and I couldn’t help but think about the massive amount of wasted materials that are destroyed because they are ‘counterfeit’.

I decided to shoot off an official complaint to Australian Customs, whilst it’s just an idea I’ll add any resulting commentary to this thread. Email below: –

Dear Australian Customs,

I am writing to submit a suggestion, by way of a complaint, in relation to the thousands of tonnes of counterfeit clothing that Australian customs destroys every year.

I am sure that it would be very simple to orchestrate, and that many charities would jump on board, a program by which all counterfeit shoes, clothes, materials that could be considered essential clothing items for individuals be defaced by, for example, dipping in vats of black ink, thus rendering the brand infringement void and then given to the tens of thousands of homeless people in our country.

Further if this tactic were looked into, surplus could be sent overseas to nations where some children have never even owned a pair of shoes and where even a scrap of blanket could mean the survival of a person from the harsh elements of their world.

We are a nation of waste, and it disgusts me to be a part of (through inaction) this cycle of waste that has gone from being over officiousness to a culture in itself.


Please note: all correspondence will be published on bashpr0mpt.com and may be syndicated through RSS or other means to other networks or hosts.

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Random Zany Invention of the Week

I’ve realized that I come up with far too many zany inventions, I won’t even state my claims of what I’ve thought up and later seen become reality as it makes me want to cut myself; but as this world has no place for thinkers I’ve considered the option of dumping musings or inventions online for people to steal in hopes I get to benefit from the tech involved.

From electromagnetic aqua jet propulsion through to self tinting glass I’ve come up with thousands of hair brained ideas but this one struck me at 1AM during a late night wee. Oft the best room of the house for thought, the toilet never let’s me down.

If a solid state light emitting diode can cycle literally as fast as the current going to it to power each cycle can pass, and if the human eye cannot perceive cycles beyond a certain threshold of speed making light appear to be a constant, then why not have light emitting diodes strobe at that peak level and thus benefit from the 50% on 50% off ratio of high speed strobing saving 50% of all power used for lighting the world over?

I’ll just leave this here.

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Dear @Optus, please fuck off. Read this first, please, then fuck off. 🙂

Almost every month now since the begining of the year I have contacted you to complain about ongoing bills, I terminated my services at the end of the year after giving you the opportunity, as a 15 year customer, to keep me provided you met the terms of your contracts (1. TV packages were far too overpriced and lacked High Def options, 2. mobile phone never had service at residential address, ever, 3. when shaped I would receive 1kbps maximum instead of the 56k shaping in the contract).

You were given plenty of warning before I cancelled these services, yet after several emails, three phone calls, and ongoing complaints through this form, including each time drawing your attention to the articles I’ve written about your negligence even in losing a customer on my blog which averages traffic of 1.8m viewers per week.

I am again writing to complain that I am still getting bills at my previous address, I informed you several months ago that I had changed address and asked you to stop annoying the current tennants with bills for services that were long gone come 2010.

Please cease sending correspondence to the current tennants, and frankly, fuck off and leave me alone. If you contact any credit firm in relation to these accounts and dare to register negatively against me, legal action will be sought and compensation will be sought.

Again, to summarise; I haven’t had your services since 2010 started, don’t want your services, paid all my bills up to that date, and cancelled the services by means required per contract due to YOUR breach of the contracts in question.

To summarise further; fuck off. Ok?

This complaint has been syndicated on my blog, for my viewers amusement, because you guys are absolutely useless and they enjoy seeing how retarded big corporations are. 🙂

To the people manning the @optus account, feel free to go back through my blog to find all the nitty gritty details. But seriously, what do I need to do to get you guys to stop? I can file an injunction if you want, but surely SOMEONE in your company MUST be reading those complaint forms and emails I’ve been sending?

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NBN, Fibre Optic Magic and Political Skulduggery

Fibre optic technology will make the National Broadband Network capable of speeds Tony Abbott finds unbelievable.  When he was asked what he thought of Labor’s National Broadband Network serving up speeds of a gigabit a second he looked as if he’d just uncovered a Fabian socialist plot.

“This idea that, hey presto, you can suddenly get 10 times faster speeds for something that isn’t even built yet I find utterly implausible,” said Mr Abbott. The bad news for Mr Abbott is that Labor’s expensive $43 billion NBN will be technically capable of many “hey presto” speed increases due to the fibre optic technology at its core.

Last March, researchers at Japanese telco NTT managed to transmit at a speed of 69.1 terabits a second (a terabit is 1000 gigabits) over a single 240km optical fibre. Fibre is high capacity and very, very fast, which is why telcos have been using it as their fundamental pipe for decades.

We won’t see those record speeds on our own NBN if it gets built but the first customers will see close to 100Mbps through what is known as gigabit-capable passive optical fibre technology, or GPON. Configured for our NBN that will reach 93 per cent of Australians, GPON provides 2.5 gigabits of bandwidth split between 32 premises, giving 78Mbps download if everyone hanging off the local splitter box takes up the service.

The next speed step coming for the NBN is XGPON, which lifts the bandwidth to 10 gigabits split between 32 premises. Here, Mr Abbott is unwittingly correct and the government is guilty of some “hey presto”. Split between 32 premises, it delivers a 312Mbps service per house, not the gigabit per second upgrade the government boasted of.

All that speed within the Australian NBN will make it very handy for transmitting  large amounts of data around in Australia but speeds will drop dramatically offshore due to the expense of transmitting via submarine cables. To keep perceived performance high, NBN access providers will need to build large local caches for frequently used overseas data — 70 per cent of our traffic comes from the US — and spend up on international capacity. At present ISPs charge like a raging bull for data transmitted regardless of whether it is intra-national, from their cache, or international.

The Coalition broadband policy document describes the NBN’s fibre to the premise plan as a “hugely expensive bet” on a particular technology but as techno bets go it’s very future-proof. Fibre or lack of it and $36 billion are the big differentials between Labor’s NBN and the Coalition’s $6.3bn broadband plan and may just be the deciding factor of many voters.

The Coalition aims to guarantee a minimum of 12Mbps to 97 per cent of the population using a mix of wireless, copper and fibre backhaul technologies. The plan cements in place the copper network built by Telstra and its antecedents over the last 100 years and the ADSL2+ technology that so far is the end of the line for copper-based internet access and is still considered ‘adequate’ by most telco’s even when it’s only pulling 3Mbps. Both of these figures fall drastically short of the real speeds of ADSL2+, and it’s a miracle that ISPs can legally sell these packages as ADSL2+ when they scarcely meet old fashioned regular ADSL standards.

ADSL2+ gives a theoretical maximum download speed of 24Mbps and upload speeds of a couple of megabits per second, of which from a DSLAM the extra 4Mbps are to be considered ‘fall off’ for the 7 km range that ADSL2+ has. Meaning a property at 7 km from a DSLAM should achieve 20Mbps, but properties closer can reach up to 24. At present no ISP in Australia who offers ADSL2+ stipulates ADSL2+ in their terms of service but rather claim their interpretation of the international standard, and if you’ve signed on the dotted line then tough you’ve missed out.

Not all exchanges are enabled for DSL-style internet services, so the Coalition plan provides $750 million over seven years to boost exchanges to DSL. For those beyond the reach of copper and also as a boost to slow old copper, the Coalition plan invokes fixed wireless technology. While it makes no mention of it in the plan, the Coalition almost certainly means WiMax technology. WiMax is a promising wireless technology already used here on commercial wireless services such as the Bigair network. It can already deliver peak speeds of 40Mbps a second and there’s a one gigabit per second upgrade in the wings, although WiMax performance drops off with distance from the transmission tower. It’s also a shared service, so the more users in a radio sector, the less bandwidth available.

There’s $1bn apiece for rural/regional wireless networks and metro wireless networks in the Coalition plan, which is laughable when you consider that in the middle of suburbia we have people pulling under 2Mbps; although most campaigns are about pleasing rural, families, and baby boomers only.

If you want more bandwidth, the Coalition suggests you move on to the hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) networks built by Optus and Telstra for cable TV. Telstra have been planning a roll out of this service since 2009, having trained all their technicians and linesmen on this technology in 2008 however at present are not seeing it’s release anytime before 2014.

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Weekly Tweets for 2010-08-15

  • I had so little sleep I feel like I'm going to puke, had one of those nights where you struggle so hard when you finally sleep it's futile. #
  • RT @jeninaguiriba you dont ask me if you wanna followed you back… < I don't understand how someone can fail so much in one sentence. #
  • Now the proud owner of an iPhone 4. Took Australia long enough to get them too. :/ #
  • Interesting interactive feature on @Foxtel w/ Australia's Next Top Model, chat-on, live comments from viewers. Wish more shows did that! #
  • RT @Ladonnaz81 This is Pure Genious! http://budurl.com/4kme < the irony is the sender is a spam bot, but it's a good antispam concept! #
  • just joined a video chat with 11 other people at http://tinychat.com/australia #tinychat #
  • First tweet from my iPhone 4, cracked the shits and experimented with my 3GS sim and cut it to size and lo, it works! 😀 #
  • Red Dead Redemption, the flatulent alcoholic uncle that overstays his welcome. Drags on too much and asks too much but great concept. 7/10. #
  • A lot of brilliant political satire on ABC1 tonight, including a cameo by the boys from The Chaser. Gruen Nation is on atm; hilarious. #
  • "Big on sizzle but no sausage." .. Tony Abbott, he might win my vote yet with such brilliant wit. #
  • Maxine McKew from @australianlabor needs to get the spit out her mouth before gobbing up mics, just watched a horrid interview. :/ #
  • You haven't seen mobile porn until you use an iPhone 4. HD in the palm of my hand. Haha, palm. #
  • Ironically the donkey is a symbol of the democrats in the US, to the rest of the world it has another meaning: http://yfrog.com/mtvv3rj #
  • Milo. The missing food group. #
  • Thanks for the recommendation to your followers @Mulhel, look forward to your tweets. 🙂 in reply to Mulhel #
  • Logans Run (1975) brilliant for an old film; could make an amazing remake. Osnap, ones in shoot due 2012! :O 6/10. #movies #
  • I swear by my leave in conditioner, makes hair SO soft: http://yfrog.com/1sbhbgj #
  • Another peddler of woo comes to Sydney with the arrival of fake 'psychic' Derek Acorah (http://bit.ly/c4u9mh), I want to go see his show! 😛 #
  • Red Dead Redemption is so tedious, I don't think I can be bothered anymore; it's more task than fun to complete. #
  • Damn Vodafone AU is bad, it takes hours to get even the simplest thing done. They're utter morons. #
  • 11:17 and no resolution–bar a promise of another 'call back'–from Vodafone. I can't believe this. Night folks. #
  • Just a plug, follow @RyleHilton, master mentalist and general mind bender. #
  • #twiends http://wee.gs #
  • I just realized Radioheads Karma Police & Paranoid Android are the same songs! D: Well, the guitar work is! Never noticed before! #
  • Both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are amazingly unappealing candidates; and neither have any policies that woo me. Guess it's donkey time. #
  • Saw Glee ep1, this show is possibly the most abysmal thing I've seen; it's quality is reflected only in it's fanbase. Worst. Show. Ever. #
  • 11 years of SETI@home. If you want a screen saver that makes a difference, google it and donate your wasted CPU time in a global project! #
  • For those keen to join me in SETI@home I setup a new public account to team up, so get involved! http://yfrog.com/5xgafnj #
  • The Australian labor parties fiber optic to the premises Internet in Tasmania is like feeding strawberries to pigs. I want it. Now. 🙁 #
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iPhone 4 LED flash; can you hear yours?

Every year I had to undergo two medicals, one for flying and one for scuba diving. My doctor for it was CASA and PADI qualified so I could kill two birds with one stone. I started seeing him when I was about 16-17 and he always remarked about my hearing being ‘freakishly good’, which I’d always claim in disbelief that he ran the test wrong given my exposure to loud music.

Here’s where shit gets weird.

I recently bought an iPhone 4, first thing I wanted to do was download an epilepsy inducing strobe app to be annoying with the LED flash. It gave me my 2 minutes of amusement, and eventually (half a book and two movies later) I crawled into bed.

I wanted to see if the torch aspect of the LED was good in zero lux, I flicked it to strobe for farts and giggles, and lo and behold I could hear it. Not it in the phone, but in my ears. When it’s dead silent and you get that whine of silence that isn’t quite tinitus, and the strobe goes off the sound vibrates, I hear an oscillation in the monotone of silence.

I figured it was a neurological bias inflicted by optical receptors crossing wires somewhere up top; but even with my eyes closed, and even under a pillow I could still ‘hear’ the oscillation. I’ll get a third party to test it soon, but seriously, when the doc said I had dog hearing I thought he was just exaggerating!

Do you hear the iPhone 4 LED? Is so, let me know!

Posted: August 12th, 2010
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@LiberalAus; National Broadband Failure, From a Swing Voter, Please Read

As a swing voter, I’m definitely up for not voting Labor this time around, more out of spite for the fact that they ran a coup against the Prime Minister as elected by the people, and my distataste that our first elected female Prime Minister should not be so full of fail with a mar on her ministership from rocking up to ol’ Kevin Rudd with the Minister for Defence in tow asking him to stand down. That shit is just undemocratic and vile, and totally flew under the radar of the mainstream media who are now in love with ‘The Real Julia’.

As some of you read, the libs replied to an email (after a friggen month) where I outlined that I can’t endorse or vote for them given their anachronistic censorship policy (they actually tabled the Orwellian filter that Labor were running ahead with) and a few other minor issues. At present they’ve announced their plan for the NBN, they’re going to hack it up and sell it off which is stupid.

They’ve promised we’ll get ‘at least 12 mbps’ and that’s all they’ll guarantee. That’s like my current @Telstra plan where they call it ADSL2+ but only guarantee speeds that barely fall into ADSL (Yes, just ADSL) category. We NEED the government to push ahead with something like this because our telco’s won’t. They don’t give a shit about progress or proper infrastructure, I mean at the moment I’m paying $129 for 10mbps pretending to be ADSL2+ (Which is set at 24 mbps, of which 4mbps bleeds out to the 7km range it’s meant to run from DSLAMS) and only getting half my 100GB quota before getting shaped because they count upstream. This is plain unfair conduct, but it’s perfectly legal and legit. The only way crap like that will end in this country is if the Government steps in.

If the Liberal party can come up with a realistic NBN plan, or even adopt Labors, I will vote for them, I’d even fucking campaign for them. But the ball is in their court and I’m sure they’re not as tech savvy as Labor and probably don’t read such things like ALP’s PR team do scouring the net for blogs about them. But we’ll see. C’mon Libs, get real. It’s bad enough we were a bipartisan politics nation, now we’ve only got one political party? Really?

Don’t be that guy @LiberalAus.

Attached: News. Ltd. Article on NBN fail.

The Coalition today revealed its alternative to the Government’s costly plan to roll out fibre-optic cables to almost every building in the nation.

It says it will use a patchwork of different services and funds to encourage private sector development and improve broadband connections on an individual basis where necessary.

It’s a much cheaper, but slower, alternative. It will cost about $6bn compared to the Government’s $43bn network.

But the Coalition will only guarantee a minimum of 12 megabits per second (Mbps). The Government says speeds on its network will begin at 100Mbps.

During a heated debate on communications policy this afternoon, Senator Conroy said the scheme was “second-class”.

“We will give a gold-class broadband network to every Australian,” he said.

Shadow communications minister Tony Smith said he made no apologies for deciding not to spend big on broadband.

“We’re not running fibre down every street at the taxpayer’s expense, whether people want it or not,” he said.

Key elements of the Coalition’s plan include:

FIBRE-OPTIC backbones to populated areas that all internet providers can access.

The Coalition will provide $2.75 billion to build them, while $750 million will need to come from the private sector.

A $750 MILLION fund for “broadband optimisation”, to upgrade connections on an individual basis.

“That is for people today who can’t get a decent service over copper,” Mr Smith said.

A $1 BILLION grant fund to encourage the private sector to create wireless networks in rural and regional Australia.

ANOTHER $1 billion to invest in metropolitian wireless networks to address blackspots in outer metro areas.

“Together these initiatives will ensure that 97 per cent of Australians have a baseline minimum 12Mbps peak speed,” said Mr Smith.

“Of course many will have higher speeds.”

Posted: August 10th, 2010
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1 in 5 People Have False Memories

The University of Sydney study found that when someone discusses an event with a friend or co-witness, they include misinformation into their memory.

Lead researcher Dr Helen Paterson said people contaminate each other’s memories: “False memories are common among Australians; it explains why two people can have different recollections of the same incident.

“When people remember an event together their memories become more similar to each others’ than if they had not had this discussion.

“Through this process, known as memory conformity, a group of people can come to share a single, inaccurate memory for the event.”

During the study, 64 students viewed a three-minute crime film which they later discussed with a co-witness.

They didn’t know that the co-witness had viewed a slightly different version of the film.

A week later the students were individually interviewed for 45 minutes: 42 per cent of the students reported at least one piece of misinformation they had adopted during their discussion with a co-witness.

When quizzed, they said they remembered the event that way.

Ms Paterson said: “This suggests to us that people sometimes find it difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between genuine memories and false memories of an event. This research has clear implications regarding the reliability of witness memory.”

She said it is important that police separate witnesses before interviewing them to avoid inaccuracy.

Leading questions, repetition and suggestive interviewing techniques can negatively affect witness memory of an event.

The findings are in line with a UK study from the University of Hull, published last week, that revealed one-in-five students experienced a false memory.

Of the 1600 students surveyed, 320 students recalled “fictional” memories, mostly dating back to when they were four to eight years old.

One volunteer claimed to have vivid memories of seeing a living dinosaur. Another remembered being a hockey player, despite never playing.

Ms Paterson said her research has found 20 per cent of Australians recall memories of their childhood that never really happened.

Posted: August 9th, 2010
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Weekly Tweets for 2010-08-08

  • I'm getting 50-usable-gb@6mbs/$129 months into @Telstra's promise of 100gb@20mbps/$89, not happy Jan. #fail #
  • Miss Chubby, http://bit.ly/9cBHz5 – ladies, anything over 75kg is OBESE, not chubby. Unless you're a giant. Way to promote unhealthiness. :/ #
  • Visiting relatives, boring. Visiting relatives and leaving your iPhone at home, unbelievably boring. Hijacking an 80s laptop, priceless. #
  • Astroboy in Roboland, an awesome documentary about robots, on SBS Two, right now. #
  • It's pouring in old Sydney town tonight. I'm curled up reading a good Stephen King's latest spec-fic. Feels good man. #
  • I have zero reception this side of my house. My areas providers are all so fickle with my granite roofing. :'( #
  • #australiawantsjbback so we can identify the lowest IQ populace and sterilize them before they breed! #
  • Finally watched Inglorious Basterds [sic] (2009), it was kind of lol but glorification of war crimes even on our side .. idk. 5/10. #movies #
  • Currently reading 'In The Year 2889' by Jules Verne (free from iBooks) and am amazed at his foresight, predicting our present 100 years ago! #
  • I don't get fangirls. They're so 2D and boorish. Develop an opinion, explore the world, leave the house. Stop consuming what you're told. #
  • Unidentified object hovering over Hornsby >1.5hrs, rapid motion through the sky; check it out if you're in Australia, http://bit.ly/dzHF3r #
  • Contacted Hornsby LAC, nothing flying out their way; it's showing rapid movement then static movement. #
  • 8 more followers and I crack 29,000. Nice. Pimp me out folks, I'm not sleeping until the big 29! 😛 Pretty please? #
  • Currently reading Stephen King's Under the Dome. Not as waffle filled as usual and he has totally changed his writing style for dummies. #
  • Just what I've ALWAYS wanted; a pig .. holding a skateboard .. in a snowglobe. WTF?! http://yfrog.com/e4579bj #
  • Ffs, @SciFiTV have put The Sentinel back on, along with Charmed, Angel & Buffy; none of which are scifi, all of which suck the fat one. 🙁 #
  • Goodnight folks. #
  • Jennifer Hawkins absolutely rocks the new Myer commercial. I snub my nose at the 'body stylist' claiming she looked malnourished. #
  • My cat impersonated Bishop from Aliens and sprayed white throat poo all over the couch. Fuck animals. #
  • Knight XV, twice the size of a Hummer, at £650k it's definitely my next car! http://www.topgear.com/au/car-news/knight-xv-2009-06 #
  • If Nietzsche were alive and worked for Apple would we see the superfluous ego of I removed? Would I be typing this on an itPhone? 😛 #
  • Pets; natures napkins. #
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Internet Filter Canned, Finally!

Several weeks ago I emailed Tony Abbott regarding my willingness to avoid voting Labor as I 1. don’t want to reward back stabbing arseholes who’s coup deposed the democratically elected leader of our nation, 2. do not wish to see our first female PM come to power in such disgusting circumstances (especially given that she knifed the elected PM because big mining companies were pissed off that he was taxing them fairly for OUR mineral assets), and 3. I didn’t want to vote for people who planned on censoring the Internet (even though the ill fated idea was originally a Liberal invention).

I informed them first and foremost of who I am, what I do, and provided estimates of my demographic reach and klout (for their nerdier PR types) and explained that I feel, as a swing voter, to be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. I didn’t really expect a reply.

Late last night the Coalition announced it won’t be voting for an internet filter that censors the web. This comes after the Government responded by deferring the filter until 2012 (with the likelihood that the filter will never come back in its current form).

With independent Senator Nick Xenophon, the Greens and now the Coalition all walking away from the ineffective policy of censoring the internet, there is now no way for the Senate to pass the dodgy scheme as a whole.

While this news was epic, one issue I raised about Work Choices (the individually negotiated contract of employment allowing unfair and downright unconscionably things of new employees, in some instances forcing unpaid overtime regularly) being dead and buried.

The line they’re still towing is that they cannot say that all elements of work choices are off the table.

The main issue with this is that the Coalition assume that the average Australian has the cognitive abilities to fairly negotiate their own employment contract; which time has showed they clearly haven’t. It was this Act that led to the Coalition being ousted in a landslide victory by Kevin Rudd in 2007 who was brought in to undo some serious Coalition fuck ups.

For now, I’m willing to risk it and vote Lib, (similar to conservatives for US readers or Tory for UK) and see what bag of worms we untie this election.

Posted: August 8th, 2010
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Trololol gets pwned by a Magistrate, Legal Precedent for Trolling? :O

A magistrate has warned online trolls the “heavy hand of the law will come down on you” if disturbing material is posted on social networking sites.

Jessica Chantelle Cook, 22, pleaded guilty in the Gympie Magistrates Court today to one count of using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence, The Courier-Mail reports.

The Gympie shop assistant was charged by police in July after she posted hateful comments and crude photographs on a Facebook tribute page set up in the memory of slain Sunshine Coast woman Justine Jones. (If you saw a photo of this trollolol you’d realise why she was angryrawr at any other female who wasn’t as revolting as her in all her chinless splendor! – Bash)

Ms Jones, 22, from Alexandra Headland, was murdered last month and her body was found dumped at the Nambour rubbish tip.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin described Ms Cook’s actions as “appalling, incomprehensible and absolutely sickening.”

She posted offensive pictures including a headless corpse and a vagina on to Ms Jones’s Facebook tribute page.

The court heard Ms Cook created a fake profile and disguised herself by going online under the name Wendy Woods.

Prosecutor Jason Todman told the court Ms Cook was one of the site’s administrators and posted “disturbing material” on the memorial page.

He said Ms Cook boasted online that her actions had gained media attention.

Prosecutor Todman told the court Ms Cook wrote: “I got a story in the local paper today, all my hard work has paid off.”

Ms Cook’s lawyer, Michael Connolly from Connolly Dore Lawyers, said his client was picked on as a child and suffered mental health problems. (He left out “She’s fugly.” – Bash)

He said she used the internet “as a way of venting her frustrations.” (Trofflemao! – Bash)

Mr Connolly would not confirm whether his client knew Ms Jones.

Magistrate Baldwin told the court she could not “even begin to put myself in the shoes of those families” hurt by Ms Cook’s actions.

She described it as a “sick sense of fun”.

Ms Cook fought back tears as she was given a three-month suspended sentence.

If she reoffends she will have to forfeit $3000.

She was released on a three-year good behaviour bond, two years probation and was banned from using social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Richard Peter Coburn, 26, from Sippy Downs has been charged with the murder of Ms Jones and remains in custody.

Read more at The Courier-Mail.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/technology/facebook-troll-jessica-cook-pleads-guilty-to-defacing-a-tribute-page-to-justine-jones/story-e6frfrnr-1225900174784#ixzz0vS60IW21
Posted: August 2nd, 2010
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More Surprise Tax for Australians

In a nation that’s one of the highest tax, most people face ‘surprise tax’ as I’ve often pointed out, huge costs that they slug onto the cost of living from stupidly over the top $300+ parking fines, to huge speeding fines for doing 5 miles over the limit. Smokers, just three months after the Federal Government’s $5 billion slug on cigarettes, will be copping an extra tax and and regardless of who wins the federal election, beer and spirit taxes are also going up under the twice-a-year hit on so-called “sin taxes”.

The tax rise, which has been leaked not been announced, will add 24c to a pack of 50 cigarettes and 13c to a pack of 25s. A smoker who buys a pack of 25 cigarettes every day will pay $58.24 a week in tax. The original surprise tax rise pushed up prices by $1.44-$3.60 a pack for cigarettes, although punters were looking at (in reality) price rises of $5-$8 per pack due to dodgy mark ups. Beer drinkers will pay more from Monday with a tax grab of 21c for a full-strength slab of 24 cans – taking the total excise on the carton to $14.28.

A carton of light beer will increase by 8c, a six-pack of full-strength cans rises by 5c with a 2c rise for light beer. Those who prefer spirits face the biggest tax rise. The Federal Government is adding 27c to a 700ml bottle, taking its share on every bottle sold to $18.81.

Welcome to the Lie Downunder, home of the surprise tax.

Posted: August 2nd, 2010
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Weekly Tweets for 2010-08-01

  • I dreamt that everyone changed their names, most were changed to the same thing, and everyone was butthurt that I kept getting them wrong. #
  • Game stores are packed tonight, midnight launch of the new Starcraft! #
  • 30 more minutes until nerds in Australia get their hands on the new Starcraft, Melbourne stores are packed: http://yfrog.com/n4ygoj #
  • I planned on getting a nice skyscape of the Melbourne CBD last night but passed out early. 🙁 #
  • Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010) is set for a September release in Sydney, I'm kind of looking forward to it: http://j.mp/902QAo #
  • 1 in 6 people in the world have some form of parasite living in or on them at any given time. Gross, huh? #
  • If you own an 'SUV' or 4WD of any kind, odds are everyone thinks you're a cock and are a clot in the arteries of society. Gtfo the road! 🙂 #
  • In case you ever wanted to drive an 18 wheeler, (@maudegarrett) you can jump in the simulator: http://yfrog.com/htktppj #
  • Just saw a guy win 1k tickets at Galactic Circus, then saw a fat guy playing DDR. The awesome keeps coming thick and fast! #
  • Epic flight simulator w/ 360 mobility, if it were a networked mech warrior station I'd sell a kidney to own one: http://yfrog.com/4on4gj #
  • At the Crown Casino, can't sleep. Bored. 🙁 #
  • One of the few places where your dinner can be served with a side of Gordon Ramsay sass (profanity optional): http://yfrog.com/863epwj #
  • Anyone on my list in or near Crown in Southbank, VIC? Sleepless. http://yfrog.com/nee80j #
  • My Wang may be little, old and wrinkly, but it'll tear you apart! http://yfrog.com/1f6o5j #
  • "Please not to make jokes about being terrorist, its illegal." I fucking lol'd, and may have called him a wanker. :$ #
  • Fuck airplane mode. 😛 http://yfrog.com/ng1qexj #
  • Sup Sydney. http://yfrog.com/jtnxij #
  • So didn't miss waking up this early. #
  • "Are you doing that thing you do where you're being sarcastic but sound REALLY convincing?" #
  • iPhone 3GS 0-1 bar service, upside down 3-4 bar. Proof design flaws aren't just for 4's. External ribbon antenna plug please @Apple? PLEASE? #
  • I've favourited a YouTube video — Ian McKellen – Fresh Prince of Bel-Air http://youtu.be/V1HSNV9y25A?a #
  • It's rare I ask such, but RT this now to your friends if you like me and think I'm worth following! <3 🙂 #
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