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News for November 2010

Weekly Tweets for 2010-11-28

  • Reason why kittens suck #149 http://yfrog.com/0smridj #
  • Tonight Azeroth, the 'old world' of World of Warcraft is being shattered by Deathwing! Exciting times for WoW nerds ahoy! #
  • Reason why kittens suck #149 http://yfrog.com/0smridj #
  • <3 Kraftwerk #
  • Pans Labyrinth could have been an amazing film if only it were in English. #
Posted: November 28th, 2010
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Weekly Tweets for 2010-11-21

  • The sound effects guys for AMC'd The Walking Dead need to be fed to zombies; it cheapens the show from a 10/10 to a 2/10. #
  • Just saw a chick I know through twatter in Woman's Day (uh, not that I read it) and lol'd: http://yfrog.com/0ojzrrj #
  • iPhone auto complete is so unintuitive and takes forever to learn profanity of non-US slang terms. It's a big shortcoming. @apple #
Posted: November 21st, 2010
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Weekly Tweets for 2010-11-14

  • I can't believe @syfy canned Caprica; their only non-Z grade series of late. Doesn't pay to have intellectual narratives in the US it seems. #
  • Catch The Walking Dead for your zombie apocalypse fix on AMC, don't let it go the way Caprica did! E02 is out, damned good show! #
  • Ligers. Not just bred for their magical powers. Troofax: http://bit.ly/at279g #
  • It appears IBM ThinkPad's are like iPhones, they pretend they can run two programs at once but really can't! #
  • When you hit this level, you may have lost the plot: http://bit.ly/9WFrKn #
  • Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! #
Posted: November 14th, 2010
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Weekly Tweets for 2010-11-07

  • Krispy Kreme Australia's gone bump and is in voluntary receivership; 13g of fat, not much dough. #
  • When they warn you about too much contact with chemo patients; they mean it. Feel nauseated. 🙁 #
  • Today is Guy Fawkes day in the UK, well a few hours ago. The only man to enter parliament with honest intentions. 😛 #
  • I lol'd. http://yfrog.com/14983vj #
Posted: November 7th, 2010
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The Walking Dead TV Series

I began reading the comics when they were first released, I love all things zombie, apocalyptic speculative fiction is a staple for me, so it followed I’d love the series.

I heard rumours that there was going to be a TV series, but it just didn’t bode well with me; things that have huge cult followings are always stuffed on a shelf and never brought to life for some reason. Look at the Aliens colonial marine spin off fictions, for example.

Lo and behold, it aired it’s pilot, finally. Those in the US check your guides, anywhere else where we’re trickle fed films go grab it at http://www.eztv.it and grab it in HDTV or 720HD.

I was wondering how the writers would get around the cliche opening sequence. The author originally apologized for how derivative it seemed as it was a ‘wake up from coma’ type identical to 28 Days Later. They did it in a seamless fashion that really didn’t make it too offensive to sensibility.

There were a few inconsistencies with it that irritated me, mostly the set design. It feels B grade, the credits make it look top shelf, but the design flaws are kind of unforgivable. The opening scene (medium spoiler warning) involves cars all over the place, scattered, some all mangled, some burnt, but the pattern in which the vehicles are situated doesn’t follow what one would logically see at a scene of a crash. Mangled cars on the road but no matching collisions, no second or third car just one car obviously mauled with a sledge hammer, then another and another. I think the most irritating part is you can almost hear the dipstick director telling people where to park their cars, as most of them clearly are just parked, the ones tipped over have a clear line where the fucking tow truck left them there in that state.

Other issues are similar in nature, small arms fire bullet holes that try to look like an automatic rifle shot them in a hall where the only way such marks could occur would be if someone walked along and intentionally shot a hole every few feet. Wires and insulation hanging from places to look all trashed but with no logical reason why they would miraculously fall.

I don’t know, am I the only person who seems to notice these things? If humans vanished for a week, month, or year buildings don’t suddenly fall apart in bizarre fucking ways like that.

Okay, enough griping like a bitch. The series premise is rad, the execution isn’t top notch but it’s acceptable, and the sheer content of it makes it a must watch!

Just pray Hollywood exec’s don’t fuck up it’s airing, frequency, or number or this could flop as much as any other series, a la firefly. Grab it. Watch it. Now! 🙂

Posted: November 3rd, 2010
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