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News for December 2009

Physics of Space Combat

The last two nights in a row I’ve found myself watching S02E11-12 of Battlestar Galactica (Reimagining), one of the best space operas in the history of science fiction. These two episodes featured the first huge scale combat scene, which reminded me of a post I read a few days back by Joseph Shoer on the physics of space combat and future tech weaponry. I figured it’s worth syndicating and reposting as it’s something worth reading even if you’re only a little bit nerdy! Also, if you’ve never seen BSG, check it out. I found it hard to get into and only by Season 3 did I ‘get it’ enough to watch all the earlier ones like a fanatic. Alas, I digress.

Joseph Shoer is a Ph.D. candidate in aerospace engineering, studying how modular spacecraft could be assembled, and hoping that they will be the telescopes and human exploration vehicles of the future, and not for crushing the dreams of Martian colonists.
I had a discussion recently with friends about the various depictions of space combat in science fiction movies, TV shows, and books. We have the fighter-plane engagements of Star Wars, the subdued, two-dimensional naval combat in Star Trek, the Newtonian planes of Battlestar Galactica, the staggeringly furious energy exchanges of the combat wasps in Peter Hamilton’s books, and the use of antimatter rocket engines themselves as weapons in other sci-fi. But suppose we get out there, go terraform Mars, and the Martian colonists actually revolt. Or suppose we encounter hostile aliens. How would space combat actually go?

First, let me point out something that Ender’s Game got right and something it got wrong. What it got right is the essentially three-dimensional nature of space combat, and how that would be fundamentally different from land, sea, and air combat. In principle, yes, your enemy could come at you from any direction at all. In practice, though, the Buggers are going to do no such thing. At least, not until someone invents an FTL drive, and we can actually pop our battle fleets into existence anywhere near our enemies. The marauding space fleets are going to be governed by orbit dynamics — not just of their own ships in orbit around planets and suns, but those planets’ orbits. For the same reason that we have Space Shuttle launch delays, we’ll be able to tell exactly what trajectories our enemies could take between planets: the launch window. At any given point in time, there are only so many routes from here to Mars that will leave our imperialist forces enough fuel and energy to put down the colonists’ revolt. So, it would actually make sense to build space defense platforms in certain orbits, to point high-power radar-reflection surveillance satellites at certain empty reaches of space, or even to mine parts of the void. It also means that strategy is not as hopeless when we finally get to the Bugger homeworld: the enemy ships will be concentrated into certain orbits, leaving some avenues of attack guarded and some open. (Of course, once our ships maneuver towards those unguarded orbits, they will be easily observed — and potentially countered.)

Now, Let’s Talk Technology
First, pending a major development in propulsion technology, combat spacecraft would likely get around the same way the Apollo spacecraft went to the Moon and back: with orbit changes effected by discrete main-engine burns. The only other major option is a propulsion system like ion engines or solar sails, which produce a very low amount of thrust over a very long time. However, the greater speed from burning a chemical, nuclear, or antimatter rocket in a single maneuver is likely a better tactical option. One implication of rocket propulsion is that there will be relatively long periods during which Newtonian physics govern the motions of dogfighting spacecraft, punctuated by relatively short periods of maneuvering. Another is that combat in orbit would be very different from combat in “deep space,” which is what you probably think of as how space combat should be — where a spacecraft thrusts one way, and then keeps going that way forever. No, around a planet, the tactical advantage in a battle would be determined by orbit dynamics: which ship is in a lower (and faster) orbit than which; who has a circular orbit and who has gone for an ellipse; relative rendezvous trajectories that look like winding spirals rather than straight lines.

Second, there are only a few ways to maneuver the attitude of a spacecraft around — to point it in a new direction. The fast ways to do that are to fire an off-center thruster or to tilt a gyroscope around to generate a torque. Attitude maneuvers would be critical to point the main engine of a space fighter to set up for a burn, or to point the weapons systems at an enemy. Either way, concealing the attitude maneuvers of the space fighter would be important to gain a tactical advantage. So I think gyroscopes (“CMGs,” in the spacecraft lingo) would be a better way to go — they could invisibly live entirely within the space fighter hull, and wouldn’t need to be mounted on any long booms (which would increase the radar, visible, and physical cross-section of the fighter) to get the most torque on the craft. With some big CMGs, a spacecraft could flip end-for-end in a matter of seconds or less. If you come upon a starfighter with some big, spherical bulbs near the midsection, they are probably whopping big CMGs and the thing will be able to point its guns at you wherever you go. To mitigate some of the directionality of things like weapons fire and thruster burns, space fighters would probably have weapons and engines mounted at various points around their hull; but a culture interested in efficiently mass-producing space warships would probably be concerned about manufacturing so many precision parts for a relatively fragile vessel, and the craft would likely only have one main engine rather than, say, four equal tetrahedral engines.

How About Weapons?
We have to consider just how you might damage a spacecraft to put it out of action.

Explosions are basically a waste of energy in space. On the ground, these are devastating because of the shock wave that goes along with them. But in the vacuum of space, an explosion just creates some tenuous, expanding gases that would be easily dissipated by a hull. No, to damage spacecraft systems, you can’t hit them with gas unless it’s really, really concentrated and energetic. So unless you want to just wait till your enemy is close enough that you can point your engines at him, the best bets for ranged weapons are kinetic impactors and radiation.

A kinetic impactor is basically just a slug that goes really fast and hits the enemy fighter, tearing through the hull, damaging delicate systems with vibrations, throwing gyroscopes out of alignment so that they spin into their enclosures and explode into shards, puncturing tanks of fuel and other consumables, or directly killing the pilot and crew. You know…bullets. But it sounds much more technical and science-fictiony to say “mass driver” or “kinetic lance” or something of the sort. Of course, the simplest way to implement this sort of weapon in space is just as some kind of machine gun or cannon. Those will work in space (ask the Soviets, they tested a cannon on their first Salyut space station), and the shells will do plenty of damage if they hit anything. However, space is filled mostly with empty space, and hitting the enemy ships might be a challenge. Furthermore, if the impactors are too large, the enemy could counter them by firing their own point-defense slugs and knocking the shells out of line. Therefore, I contend that the most effective kinetic space weapons would be either flak shells or actively thrusting, guided missiles. The flak shells would explode into a hail of fragmented shards, able to tear through un-armored systems of many craft at once without the shell directly hitting its target, or able to strike a target even after it tries to evade with a last-minute engine burn. The missiles would be a bit different from the missiles we are used to on Earth, which must continuously thrust to sustain flight. In space, such a weapon would rapidly exhaust its fuel and simply become a dummy shell. No, a space missile would either be fired as an unguided projectile and power up its engine after drifting most of the way to its target, or it would fire its engine in sporadic, short bursts. A definite downside to kinetic weapons on a starfighter is that they would impart momentum to the fighter or change its mass properties. Very large cannons or missiles might therefore be impractical, unless the fighter can quickly compensate for what is essentially a large rocket firing. Even that compensation might give the enemy just the window he needs…

Radiation-based weapons that burn out the electronics of a spacecraft sound exotic, but are still potentially achievable. This would be the attraction of nuclear weapons in space: not the explosion, which would affect just about nothing, but the burst of energetic particles and the ensuing electromagnetic storm. Still, such a burst would have to be either pretty close to the target vessel to scramble its systems, or it would have to be made directional in some way, to focus the gamma-ray and zinging-proton blast. But while we’re talking about focused energy weapons, lets just go with a tool that we already use to cut sheet metal on Earth: lasers. In space, laser light will travel almost forever without dissipating from diffraction. Given a large enough power supply, lasers could be used at range to slice up enemy warships. The key phrase there, though, is “given a large enough power supply.” Power is hard to come by in the space business. So, expect space laser weapons to take one of three forms: small lasers designed not to destroy, but to blind and confuse enemy sensors; medium-sized lasers that would be fired infrequently and aimed to melt specific vulnerable points on enemy space fighters, like antennae, gimbals, and maneuvering thrusters; and large lasers pumped by the discharge from a large capacitor or similar energy storage device to cut a physical slice into the enemy craft wherever they hit. Such a large weapon would likely only be fired at the very beginning of a battle, because the commander of a ship with such a weapon would not want to keep his capacitor charged when it might unexpectedly blow its energy all at once once he’s in the thick of things.

Deflector shields like those in fiction are not possible at present, but it would still make sense to armor combat spacecraft to a limited extent. The spaceframes of the fighters would likely be designed solely for the space environment; the actual ships would be launched within the payload fairings of a rocket or assembled in space. If launched from the ground, armor must be minimized to reduce the launch weight of the spacecraft. But if built and launched in space, it would make sense to plate over vital systems of the vehicle. Thick armor would prevent flak or small lasers from piercing delicate components, and might mitigate a direct strike from a kinetic impactor or heavy cutting laser. However, the more heavily armored and massive a space fighter is, the more thrust it will take to maneuver in orbit and the more energy it will take to spin in place. (Here’s where computer games get space combat all wrong: the mass of a huge space cruiser would not place an upper limit on the speed of a vehicle, but it would reduce the acceleration a given engine could produce compared to the same engine on a less massive vehicle.)

I’m assuming that we’d have some intrepid members of the United Earth Space Force crewing these combat vessels. Or, at least, crewing some of them — robotic drone fighters would be a tremendous boon to space soldiers, but the communication lag between planets and vessels in orbit would make the split-second judgments of humans necessary at times. (Until we perfect AIs… but if we’re giving them the space fighters from the beginning, we deserve the robot uprising we’ll get.) The crews will hardly be sitting around nice conference-room command bridges with no seat belts; nor will they be standing upright in slate-gray console pits with glowing glass displays all over. It’s not even a good idea for them to have windows, which would be vulnerable to flak and could give the crew an intense sense of disorientation as the spacecraft maneuvers, and could give them tremendous trouble adapting to rapid changes in light levels as the ship rotates near a planet or star. No, they should be strapped into secure couches and centrally located in the most protected part of the spacecraft. They should also be in full pressure suits, and the interior cabin of the spacecraft should already be evacuated — to prevent fires, or any secondary damage if all the atmosphere rushes out a hull breach. This also reduces the need for escape pods. Camera views from the exterior of the ship and graphical representations of the tactical situation would then be projected directly onto helmet faceplates.

Now, for the final word, let’s say the United Earth Space Force defeats the Martian rebels in orbit. What do we do to hit them on the ground? Well, strategic weapons from space are easy: kinetic impactors again. You chuck big ol’ spears, aerodynamically shaped so they stay on target and don’t burn up in the atmosphere, onto ground targets and watch gravitational potential energy turn into kinetic energy and excavate you a brand-new crater. At some point, though, the imperialist Earthlings probably want to take over the existing infrastructure on Mars. Time to get out the Space Marines!

It’s not terribly expensive or difficult, comparatively speaking, to get people from orbit down to a planet surface. You fall. This is the purpose of a space capsule. What’s really, really, prohibitively difficult is getting them back up again. So, the victorious orbital forces would have to bring in a transport ship chock full of Space Marines and drop them all at once in little capsules (little because they can only be so big for the atmosphere to effectively brake them, and because you don’t want all your Marines perishing in some unfortunate incident). Some orbital forces would remain in place to threaten the ground with bombardment and give the Marines a bit more muscle, but really, the ground-pounders are going to have to be pretty self-sufficient. If they ever want to come back up, they would have to build and/or fuel their own ascent vehicle. (This is the problem facing any NASA Mars efforts, too: getting back up through the Martian atmosphere is much harder than any of the lunar ascents were.)

What Would Combat Spacecraft End Up Looking Like?
There are good arguments to have both large and small spacecraft in the Earth forces. A big spacecraft could have a lot more armor to keep its systems and crew safe, more room for large fuel tanks and electrical power supplies, and larger mass to resist impulses from cannon recoil. However, a smaller craft would be less visible to radar, more maneuverable, and could achieve higher accelerations for constant engine thrust. As with just about any military force, the role of the craft would be tailored to the tactical operations required, so the Space Force would probably include several sizes of craft.

Enemies could come at your ship from any direction in space, which means that you would want to react, strike, and counterattack in any direction. So, you would either have to mount weaponry all around your starfighter, put the weapons on gimbals so that they could rapidly point in any direction, or make the fighter maneuverable enough that it could rapidly point in any direction. Gimbals would be a bad option, because they would introduce points of increased vulnerability, unless they could be very well-armored. I conclude that the big ships would have many weapons, pointed in many directions; the small ships would have a few weapons, with the main weapon systems pointed in one direction.

Maneuverability (angular acceleration) you could achieve with gyroscopes, or by mounting engines or thrusters away from your fighter’s center of mass. For the highest levels of maneuverability, the spacecraft should be close to spherical and these engines should be as off-center as possible, which might mean putting thrusters on long booms or struts. The problem with this kind of Firefly-like engine layout is that it becomes very vulnerable. If a fighter can achieve high maneuverability with gyros, those are probably the best option.

So, I think the small fighter craft would be nearly spherical, with a single main engine and a few guns or missiles facing generally forward. They would have gyroscopes and fuel tanks in their shielded centers. It would make sense to build their outer hulls in a faceted manner, to reduce their radar cross-section. Basically, picture a bigger, armored version of the lunar module. The larger warships would also probably be nearly spherical, with a small cluster of main engines facing generally backward and a few smaller engines facing forward or sideways for maneuvering. Cannons, lasers, and missile ports would face outward in many directions. On a large enough space cruiser, it would even be a good idea to put docking ports for the small fighters, so that the fighters don’t have to carry as many consumables on board.

I think it’s time to sketch some pictures and write some stories!

Space-Wide Peace
I certainly hope we don’t get into any space wars. Human nature being what it is, though, and given how scarce a lot of resources really are on the scale of a solar system or a galaxy, I don’t think it’s out of the question. I would like to think that when we start colonizing other worlds, we will be sufficiently enlightened to do so from on board the Ship of the Imagination, and not as futuristic conquistadores. Still, the part of me that loves science fiction has fun with these thought experiments.

Reprinted without permission from Joseph Shoer, hope he doesn’t mind non profit use. 😛

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Internet Homicide Can Be LOL

I was reading about that crazy German cannibal guy, Meiwes the ‘master butcher’, after seeing an ad for a show called “Interview with a Cannibal” and wanting to know what it was about. This got me onto reading his wiki article, eventuating to the topic ‘internet homocide’, aside from being shocked that almost all notable Internet homocide occurs from or has involvement with Craigslist I found one story which actually made me double handed facepalm while reading it.

“Thomas Montgomery, a 47-year-old married man was convicted in 2007 of murdering a workmate in a case called the “Internet Chatroom Murder”. He posed as “Tommy”, a 21-year-old marine, and began an online relationship with a 17-year-old called Jessi. A workmate of his, 22-year-old Brian Barrett, subsequently began an online relationship with the same girl after Montgomery’s deception was revealed, and Montgomery shot him in their work car park. “Jessi” was actually a middle-aged woman who had been using pictures of her daughter. A police officer said “he became a completely different person online”. Another commented that “It’s very odd that someone would take another’s life over jealousy of a person you’ve never laid your eyes on”.”

How absolutely facepalm is that? I mean .. I’m not one to laugh at others misfortune, but did anyone else get that flashback to that picture of the half nude fat 60 year old in front of a PC with the demotivator text of him invariably claiming to be a nubile young lass?

Oh internets. Where would we be without you? (Probably being productive and having lives.)

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Russia Calls for US Transparency

Hot off the presses, RUSSIAN Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said today that Russia will continue to develop offensive weapons to counter U.S. missile defences.

Putin said he would share information on Russia’s offensive weapons if the U.S. did the same with its missile defence.

The development of new offensive weapons will help “preserve a strategic balance” with the United States, Putin said.

The two countries are in talks to develop a new strategic offensive arms reduction treaty for early 2010 to replace the START I treaty, which was signed in 1991 and expired on December 5.

Putin described the talks as “positive” and said the new treaty should be “equally understood, easily tested and transparent.”

The outline of the treaty, agreed upon by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and U.S. President Barack Obama, calls for the reduction of nuclear arsenals to about 1,600 operational warheads and 500 to 1,000 delivery vehicles.

It’d be nice to see a greater reduction, but it seems that the USSR, uh, sorry, Russia now, is the only other super power who will overtly make a stand against the US aggressive military expansion.

Growing up through the cold war, I never thought I’d find myself saying it, but I feel more comfortable knowing the Russians have enough nukes to assure mutual destruction should the US ever attempt to use theirs. It will ensure that the American’s are less likely to get too trigger happy.

Speaking of, I still VIVIDLY remember the two tactical nuke blasts in Baghdad that launched the immediate propaganda spin of teaching the public about ‘MOAB’s although the original spin was that they were clean tactical nuclear weapons that do not hit fission, that later turned into HE and other such derivative stories. Does anyone remember seeing those two huge mushroom clouds looming over the skyline?

There was video of it all over the place at the time, but within weeks if not months there was nothing left of them, ‘mushroom cloud in iraq’ used to yield conspiracy theories about it all, surely someone has to remember it too?

On the topic of conspiracy theories, I was watching a video debate in Australia of doctors versus some nutjob named Meryl Dorey who runs an anti-vaccination mob who are batshit mental and believe that aliens talk to them, it was pretty lol and gave me a good half hour of entertainment.

In other cold war related news that us gen X and cold Y folks will lol at,  McDonalds plans to open a new outlet at Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie, completing the landmark’s 20-year transformation from Cold War front line to money-making tourist hotspot. The 120-seater restaurant will be opposite the Mauermuseum dedicated to the Berlin Wall that used to divide the city.

The 600-square-metre restaurant, on the site of where Soviet and US tanks famously faced off in 1961, is a “top location,” the Bild daily cited the US fast food giant as saying.  Spokeswoman Christiane Woerle told AFP said that McDonald’s, which has come to symbolise US capitalism more than any other firm, has applied for planning permission with the German authorities.

Checkpoint Charlie was the main crossing point for foreigners between East and West Berlin from the post-war division of the city until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.  After the communist East German authorities erected the Berlin Wall overnight in 1961 as an “anti-capitalist protection barrier”, the crossing point expanded over the decades to include several traffic lanes. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city is barely recognisable, having undergone such an architectural metamorphosis that visitors find it hard to tell what was West Berlin and what was East.

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Whacky Nature: Home Building Octopii

“We were blown away,” said biologist Mark Norman of discovering the octopus behavior off Indonesia. “It was hard not to laugh underwater and flood your [scuba] mask.”
Finding marks first reported instance of an invertebrate acquiring tools.
An octopus that uses coconut shells as portable armor is the latest addition to a growing list of animals that use tools.

The veine More..d octopus (Amphioctopus marginatus) apparently can stack discarded coconut shell halves just as one might pile bowls, sits atop them, makes its eight arms rigid like stilts, and then moves the entire heap across the seafloor. These soft-bodied creatures perform this ungainly “stilt walking” to use the hard shells for shelter later when needed.

The discovery was a lucky accident.

“While I have observed and videoed octopuses hiding in shells many times, I never expected to find an octopus that stacks multiple coconut shells and jogs across the seafloor carrying them,” said researcher Julian Finn, a marine biologist at the Museum Victoria in Australia.

In recalling the first time that he saw this behavior, Finn added, “I could tell that the octopus, busy manipulating coconut shells, was up to something, but I never expected it would pick up the stacked shells and run away. It was an extremely comical sight — I have never laughed so hard underwater.”

The researchers were originally investigating the mimic octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus) — a species that can impersonate the appearance and movements of snakes, fish and other creatures — when they chanced upon this unusual tool use on the part of the veined octopus.

“Complex behaviors are not the exclusive realm of ‘higher’ vertebrates,” Finn told LiveScience. “Even the soft-bodied octopus, a relative of the snail, is capable of amazing tricks.”

Over the course of 500 hours spent diving underwater off the coasts of Northern Sulawesi and Bali in Indonesia, the researchers observed 20 veined octopuses. On four occasions, the creatures traveled up to 65 feet (20 meters) lumbering with stacked coconut shell halves beneath their bodies. Two shell-less octopuses were also seen extracting coconut shells buried under the surface and squirting jets of water at them to flush them clean of mud.

Although hermit crabs do use discarded seashells as homes, “there is a fundamental difference between picking up a nearby object and putting it over your head as protection versus collecting, arranging, transporting — awkwardly — and assembling portable armor as required,” said researcher Mark Norman, head of science at the Museum Victoria. They suggest the octopuses used large empty seashells before people began discarding coconut shells nearby.

Tool use was once thought of as a defining feature of humans, but over the years the number of known animals using tools has grown to include other primates, as well as dolphins, elephants, birds and other creatures. These new findings are the first reported instance of an invertebrate that acquires tools for later use.

“The fundamental question is whether this is a sign of learning capacity or inherited,” Norman said. As octopuses have no parental care and short, highly vulnerable life cycles, he believes these are hardwired complex behaviors that evolution has selected for “since ancestors of this group moved away from the safety of reefs out onto the exposed muddy seafloor.”

The scientists detailed their findings Dec. 14 in the journal Current Biology. By Charles Q. Choi
updated 1:09 p.m. ET, Mon., Dec . 14, 2009

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Silent Hill: Homecoming Text Walkthrough

This is a full-text walkthrough of the 2008 survival-horror game Silent Hill: Homecoming. Outlined in this guide are step-by-step tactics to 100% completion of each map, item and weapon locations, boss battle strategies, fighting strategies for enemies, and how to obtain the extra outfits for Alex. Also included in this guide are instructions on how to obtain each of the game’s five endings, as well as an Achievements listing. This guide was ganked from somewhere, reformatted and in parts re-written by myself, the original was unreadable due to too many adverts, so I figured if I’m re-writing it for myself to read on my mobile while playing, I may as well copy paste it here for others. Enjoy!


The game begins with Alex Shepherd, the protagonist, recovering from battle injuries in a military hospital. Upon his discharge, he returns home to find his mother in shock and his father and brother missing. Shepherd is led to the small, deserted town of Silent Hill in search of his brother. As in prior releases, the character will be confronted with monsters and horrors that directly challenge his current psychological state.

Shepherd’s military background leads to enhanced combat skills that add depth to gameplay. Camera angles can now be maneuvered to allow players to see events and objects prior to their actual occurence.


This guide is dedicated to 100% completion of Homecoming – complete with boss battle strategies, weapon locations, strategies for use against common enemies and a comprehensive list of Achievements. Details on unlocking all of Alex’s outfits and obtaining each of the game’s five endings are also listed in their respective sections, along with a step-by-step walkthrough for completing the game and collecting the secret weapons. The guide is broken into sections, with enemies encountered and current objectives listed along with tactics to use to defeat and complete each.

The guide assumes that you are on your first playthrough on NORMAL difficulty; the walkthrough can be used for HARD difficulty, but the monsters are stronger, tougher, and you find less ammunition – some ammo stashes may not exist on HARD that exist on NORMAL difficulty.


Left Thumbstick: Move, select a menu option
Right Thumbstick: Control the camera
Directional Pad (D-Pad): Cycle weapons; toggle flashlight; select menu option
Back Button: N/A
Start Button: Pause
Right Bumper (RB): Access Inventory Wheel
Left Bumper (LB): Access Weapon Wheel
Right Trigger (RT): Combat Stance
Left Trigger (LT): Fire/swing weapon
A Button: Fast attack; investigate; select highlighted menu option
Button: Defense; previous screen/return to Main Menu
X Button: Strong attack in Combat Stance; reload firearm
Y Button: View map

* NOTE: You can reconfigure the controls to better suit your tastes in the Options menu at the start of the game. This walkthrough assumes the default button configuration.

* Below are explanations on the basics of Silent Hill: Homecoming, and tips and tricks on using them. These sections are designed to help you to grow accustomed to the games controls, and with a little practice, will have you fighting demonic monstrosities and enjoying creepy scenarios in no time.


The map is necessary to get around – some of the areas in this game are huge, and most of the Hellstates are confusing in their layout. To decipher the scribbles on your map, refer to the following list:

Red Double Arrows: Open doors
Red Curved Lines: locked or blocked doors
Blue Arrow: Alex’s current position
Red Scribble: Blocked area or impassible passage

Maps are detailed with room numbers (if applicable) and make getting around a snap. View the map with Y, and check the objectives by pressing X while viewing the map. You can’t view a map for an area you haven’t collected the map for, but you can still view objectives.


To initiate combat, hold down LT to enter Combat Stance. From this stance, you can swing melee weapons with A(Fast Attack) or X(Heavy Attack), dodge or block attacks with B, or (if you’re using a gun), shoot the gun with RT and reload with X. Due to recoil, dodging after an attack with a firearm takes longer to perform than dodging after a melee attack. Some weapons are fast (i.e. Combat Knife), but do little damage, while other weapons are slow (i.e. Fire Axe), but do a high damage. Find which weapons work best for which enemies for your personal play style.

Radio and Flashlight

Your radio and flashlight are essential for detecting monsters. The radio will emit static whenever an enemy is nearby – it also allows you to receive transmissions from Deputy Wheeler and Elle. Depending on which way the monster is oriented to your position, the static will fade and swell – when it’s at it’s loudest, you are facing the enemy. Your flashlight can be used to detect enemies in dark locations, but be warned – it attracts enemy attention as well.


To heal, you need to first collect Health Drinks and First Aid Kits. When you take damage, go into your Inventory menu (LB) and press X to use a Health Drink, or Y to use a First Aid Kit. First Aid Kits heal you by a larger amount than Health Drinks, so be wary about which you use. The little number on the icon for each tells you how many of that item are left in your inventory.

Context Scenarios

Sometimes, you’ll need to press a certain button with proper timing, or mash a button repeatedly in order to accomplish an action. These are Context Scenarios – the most common one is the Dialog Scenario. Dialog Scenarios occur at certain points in the game when Alex talks to certain characters – you’ll be given a choice of what to say to them, inciting different responses. Multiple playthroughs and selecting different options is the only way to fully explore the Dialog Scenario. Other examples of Context Scenarios include rapidly tapping a button during a Smog attack, or tapping buttons that appear during a boss fight to finish it off.


Your Journal (accessible from the Pause menu) gives you access to Clues, Manuals, Photos, and Drawings you’ve collected during your game.

1. Clues are anything you find written on a wall, or read in a document. If it’s important, it gets stored here for future reference.
2. Manuals teach you things about combat – before you find the Combat Knife, you’ll find a Basic Weapons Combat Manual. Reading through these teach you how to attack and defend with different weapons.
3. Photos are Polaroids that are scattered about the game world – collect them all for an Achievement.
4. Drawings are sketches and doodles of Josh’s that are scattered about the game world – collect them all for an Achievement.

Visible Achievements

These achievements are visible before completing them.

1. Lock ‘n’ Load: Found Rifle, 25 GP
2. Sightseeing: Found 1 Photo, 10 GP
3. Josh’s Gallery: Found ALL Photos, 50 GP
4. Alchemilla’s Finest: Defeated 1 Nurse, 10 GP
5. Eddie’s Legacy: Defeated 1 Feral, 10 GP
6. Lurk No More: Defeated 1 Lurker, 10 GP
7. To The Point: Defeated 1 Needler, 10 GP
8. Split Personality: Defeated 1 Schism, 10 GP
9. Shades of James: Defeated 1 Siam, 20 GP
10. Clear the Air: Defeated 1 Smog, 10 GP
11. Creeper Reaper: Defeated 1 Swarm, 10 GP
12. Out of Order: Defeated 1 Order member, 10 GP
13. Kaufmann’s Handiwork: Found 1 Serum, 10 GP
14. Health Junkie: Found ALL Serums, 50 GP
15. The Old Gods… …Haven’t Left This Place. Complete game on HARD difficulty, 100 GP
16. Nursery Rhymes: Found ALL the Children’s Drawings, 50 GP

Secret Achievements

* These achievements aren’t visible until you complete them.

1. Six Feet Under: Defeated Sepulcher, 20 GP
2. Blood Donor: Defeated Scarlet, 20 GP
3. Catch Your Breath: Defeated Asphyxia, 20 GP
4. Head Above Water: Defeated Amnion, 20 GP
5. Rising Tension: Found Circular Saw, 25 GP
6. Science Fiction: Found Laser Pistol, 25 GP
7. Smile: Achieved Ending 1, 50 GP
8. In Water: Achieved Ending 2, 50 GP
9. Judgment: Achieved Ending 3, 50 GP
10. Intensive Care: Achieved Ending 4, 50 GP
11. No Dogs Allowed: Achieved Ending 5, 50 GP
12. Mercy: Alex ended his mother’s suffering, 50 GP
13. Compassion: Alex could not end his mother’s suffering, 50 GP
14. Forgiveness: Alex forgives his father, 50 GP
15. Angela’s Choice: Alex does not forgive his father, 50 GP
16. Now About Those Drinks: Saved Wheeler, 25 GP

Chapter One – Nightmare

1. Escape from the hospital
2. Follow Joshua
3. Find Joshua’s Toy

* CUTSCENE: Alex is wheeled through what appears to be a dilapidated hospital, strapped to a gurney. As he is rolled down the hallway, scenes of torture jump at him from the open doors to either side. Finally, he’s wheeled into a room and left, where he witnesses through the door’s windows a doctor being impaled by a large blade.

You’ll come across your first Context Scenario – mash A repeatedly to break free of the gurney straps and gain control of Alex. You can examine the memo by the double doors by pressing A when standing close to it – you can also examine the sink at the back of the room, though no context clue displays. The door to the stairwell is locked – the only unlocked exit is the double doors through which you witnessed the death of the doctor earlier, so head through them to the Operating Room.

The doctor’s body is gone, and there are bloody drag marks leading through the door on your right. Go through them, and check on the right for another cryptic bulletin. To your left is a barred door with a keypad next to it. Walk towards the door.

* CUTSCENE: Alex believes the child on the other side of the barred door is Josh, his kid brother.

The door is locked – it needs a keypad combination to unlock it. Head through the door to your right closest to the keypad and examine the picture in the back to find a map of the Hospital. From this point, directions are given based on the map’s compass – up being north, down being south, and so forth. You’ll currently be in the Nurse Center. Behind you on the X-ray display are the first three digits of the keypad code, scratched into an x-ray.

Go to room 203 – the rest of the rooms are blocked, or the locks are broken. Inside you’ll find a Health Drink and a page from an incident report. Examine the burned Child’s Doll incubator, then head over to the broken window and press A to hop over into room 204.

Inside room 204 you’ll find a Basic Weapons Combat manual, which can be accessed again later by selecting Journal in the Pause Menu. There’s also X-Ray Film on the board to the left – take it, and head back through the window to room 203. Head back into the hallway, and enjoy the spoof scare on your way back to the Nurse Center.

Once back in the Nurse Center, press LB to bring up your Inventory, and select the X-Ray Film to place it on the board next to the first one – the remaining three digits appear, and you can see the full code to use to open the keypad-locked door. Go enter the code to open the door (it was 624872 in my game). The door unlocks – head through it.

* CUTSCENE: Josh rises and runs to a door, entering it before Alex can comprehend what’s happening.

Walk forward to collect the Child’s Drawing, which you can look at later using your Journal if you like. The door that Josh went through (which leads to the Men’s Restroom, incidentally) is the only unlocked door here, so don’t worry about missing anything by not exploring – there’s nowhere else to go for now. Head after him, and a short cutscene of Josh running into the storage room for the restrooms will play, and you’ll see an odd symbol on the wall before he slams the door.

Go into the storage room to the strange symbol, and examine it – these symbols are your Save Points. Save your game, and continue North in the storage room to the door leading to the Women’s Restroom. When you enter, try the stalls – take note that the one closest to the storage room is locked. There’s a Combat Knife stuck in the mirror – retrieve it to trigger a cutscene.

* CUTSCENE: A fluorescent light falls, and the room transitions to a hellish version – the “Hellstate” version – when a Nurse exits the locked stall, wielding a scalpel.

Use simple combos to take the Nurse down – tap A three times, then X to perform a spinning slash attack with the Combat Knife. When she falls, you’ll receive the Alchemilla’s Finest Achievement.

Both of the doors out of the room have broken locks – check the last stall to find a hole. Press A to squeeze through into the Men’s Restroom. There’s a First Aid Kit on the wall by the door into the room where you first met Josh – take it, and head South to the stairwell – the other doors are locked or broken. As soon as you enter, Josh pushes a wheelchair down the stairs at you – ignore him for a minute and head over to the note taped to the wall across from the doorway to learn what one patient thought about staying safe – sitting in the dark and staying quiet. Head upstairs.

There’s a window you can break, and a door you don’t need to bother checking – the lock’s broken. Bust out the window, and hop over into the Day Room. Defeat the two Nurses here, and use A to cut a gash in the fleshy wall blocking the path into room 303. You’ll need to tap A repeatedly, then squeeze through into 303 and save your game. There’s a cryptic note on the bed by the Save Point.

Go into the hallway and head towards the Linen Room – a cutscene will play of the Swarm bugs crawling through a hole underneath the gurney to attack you. Run into the Linen Room, and take advantage of the Context Scenario to defeat the Swarms – press B when one lands on you, and tap the button that displays repeatedly to throw it to the ground and crush it. Grab the Health Drink on the shelf in the lower-left corner of the Linen Room, then head out of the upper-right door and go South to find a photo of Joshua’s Robbie the Rabbit doll on a broken table near the bathrooms, and unlock the Sightseeing Achievement. This photo is also accessible from your Journal in the Pause Menu.

Head North to the Operating Theatre, and grab the patient’s chart from the rack that details Dr. Copen’s ability to perform electroshock therapy. Head around, then down the stairs to the lower-level balcony, and walk around until you see the “drop down” option. Take a look first – you’ll be fighting some more Nurses. Drop down, wipe out the three Nurses with some quick combos, and take in the atmosphere created by a decapitated body torn in half. Examine the double doors to see that they are chained shut – a key will be needed to get into the Operating Room. Head East to the stairwell door and cut it open.

Back on the third floor, there’s a body laying on the gurney when you first reach the top of the stairs – examine it to discover it’s the other half of the body from downstairs. Take the Operating Theater Key from his cold, dead hands, and head back downstairs to the Operating Room doors and use the Operating Theater Key to remove the padlock.

Examine the document in the lower-left corner of the Operating Room to learn about one doctor’s attitude towards his patients. Head out of the West door to trigger a Dialogue moment – Josh is busy drawing rabbits again. Ask him Y button questions to learn that he wants his toy, Robbie the Rabbit. Head into the Nurse Center to find a Health Drink and a Save Point – grab the drink and save the game. There’s a document on the desk in the bottom-right corner about a missing patient in 205. Ignore it for now, and head south.

Enter room 203 to watch Robbie the Rabbit get sucked through the window to room 204. Examine the hole, and press A to reach inside it. Alex will reach in, and something will grab him – tap B repeatedly to retrieve your arm and the Robbie toy. Once you retrieve the toy, watch out for the Swarm that appears. Head back to the Nurse Center, save, and then give Josh the Robbie toy.

* CUTSCENE: Josh makes as if to grab the toy, but then runs off down the hallway into an elevator. The door blocking Alex opens.

Grab the Child’s Drawing on the ground before heading down the hall. Head to room 206, and take the next Child’s Drawing on the door. Examine it, and Alex swears he can hear the ocean just beyond it. Head to the elevator, and use the button to the left of the door to call the elevator.

* CUTSCENE: As Alex descends, he hears metal scraping. He walks towards the elevator doors, and is stabbed by a huge blade – only to awaken in the cab of a semi, on his way to Shepherd’s Glen.

Chapter Two – Missing Persons

Chapter Two Objectives

1. I need to go home.
2. Look for a way to fill the gas can.
3. Drain the water in the basement.
4. Joshua isn’t at home. Search the rest of the town.
5. Search the graveyard and nearby sections of the town for information on Joshua’s disappearance.
6. Find someone who knows something about fixing guns.

Shepherd’s Glen

* CUTSCENE: The trucker drops him off, and Alex makes his way towards his house.

You’ll find it difficult to head back toward the West side of town – it’s not possible. Head toward Craven Ave., and don’t bother trying the side streets or doors yet – they’re blocked and locked. You’ll trigger a cutscene where you met Judge Holloway, who talks to you for a bit and suggests you go to visit your mother.

Head on into the Town Hall building and go to the center room to find a photo of Judge Holloway and Alex’s mom talking. Head to the far right of the building and examine the case on the table to collect Serum and obtain Kaufmann’s Handiwork Achievement. Head towards the back of Town Hall to find Judge Holloway, and start a conversation with her. Ask her about the town, and Elle, and explore the room a bit. Head to the room adjacent to Judge Holloway’s to find a Health Drink and a Save Point. Save your game, then head back out to Craven Ave. – take the right-hand path when leaving and take note of the boarded door; with a different weapon, you can hack those boards up and enter that room.

Go South on Craven Ave. to find a huge fissure blocking the path. Go north, and head to Alex’s house. Head left towards the garage and duck under the wall, head down the path, and duck under the next wall to find yourself in the Park – there’s a Child’s Drawing to collect, as well as a photo of a spider and some army toys. Head back to the house and go in through the front door.

Alex’s House

Head upstairs and take the first left to enter Alex and Josh’s room – there’s a Flashlight on the bottom bunk. The bookshelf in the back has a secret – move all the books left to reveal a switch, which opens into a secret room containing a map of Alex’s house drawn by Josh. Head back towards the stairs and through the double doors, to find Alex’s parent’s bedroom; head through the door to find a Cassette Tape with no label in the bathroom. There’s a letter to Alex’s dad from Alex’s mom sitting on the dresser by the door.

Head back downstairs to trigger a cutscene.

* CUTSCENE: Alex sees his mom, who’s in a near-catatonic state. He asks about Josh, and she tells him that everybody is gone. He notices that she has a gun in her lap, and he asks what happened, but she only tells him that she misses Josh. Alex sneaks the gun off her lap, and tells her he’ll find Josh. A cry emanates from the basement, and Alex goes to investigate.

Alex’s House, Basement

Follow the water trail to the door leading to the basement, and head downstairs. A cutscene will play that introduces you to Lurkers – defeat it to earn the Lurk no More Achievement. Check the pump by the stairs to get the Garage Remote and read the note to find that you’ll need gas from the garage to operate the pump.

Head to the area marked “SECRET” on the map and cut through the camouflage curtain to find a door – examine it to watch a disturbing scene. It’s locked, so go back upstairs.

Shepherd’s Glen

Go outside to the garage, open your Inventory, and use the Garage Remote to open the door, which releases a Lurker. Defeat it, and enter the garage. You’ll find a Steel Pipe to the left; equip it, then use it to pry open the cabinet at the back to obtain the Empty Gas Can. Read the pamphlet to the right to find another Combat Training Manual.

Head back outside and through the small holes by the barn to get into the Park again, and head to the gate at the South side. Pry this gate with your new Steel Pipe, and look for the semi truck on your left as you progress. Kill the Lurker that’s here, and examine the semi – you can fill up the Empty Gas Can. Go into your inventory to use it, and you’ll get the Full Gas Can. Go back to the basement.

Use the Full Gas Can on the pump and examine the door to the backyard to unlock it. Head through the door into the backyard – collect the Child’s Drawing by the tree house, and examine the backpack on the back fence gate to find a photo of Alex’s dad’s hunting room (the locked room in the “SECRET” portion of your map). Head up the back porch and enter the house.

Alex’s House

Look in the fridge to get a Health Drink, and use the Cassette Tape on the answering machine to listen to an interrupted radio show Alex and Josh made a while back. Head through the East door, and read the note by the phone – Alex’s dad’s name is Adam, and he’s supposed to ask a man named Curtis about an engine. Head back to the backyard and go through the back fence gate.

Rose Heights Cemetery

Walk South and you’ll come across a municipal access gate – follow the path into the Rose Heights Cemetery. You’ll find the Rose Heights Cemetery map in the first room you come across, the Old Crypts room. From here, go to the East Garden room. You’ll trigger a short cutscene of a man digging a grave. Head left from where he is and jump down to trigger a cutscene.

* CUTSCENE: Alex is attacked by a Feral – a hideous, skinless dog.

Defeat the Feral to obtain the Eddie’s Legacy Achievement. Take the Odd Stone Plate from the busted fountain, and climb up out of the pit (it’s underneath the word “East” on the Cemetery map).

There’s a Health Drink in the small gazebo by the gate with vines – grab it, and rattle the gate to the Bartlett Family Mausoleum to learn that it’s locked.

Go down the path for Family Crypts North, to the third box on the bottom (from the map view), and squeeze through the hole to find yourself in Family Crypts Mid. Head East one room and check the North crypt for a Health Drink. Head due South from there into another crypt and duck under the hole by the displaced grave due East to get through, and squeeze through the hole in the Southern crypt to exit Family Crypts Mid and arrive in Founders Row.

Go through the southern-most gate and hop down to the lower level, then duck under and climb up to be just outside of the Founders Garden. There’s nothing here, so just head on through and go up the stairs to the West Garden.

Here you’ll find two plaques that talk about reuniting two things to make something whole and reveal the way – there’s also a Strange Stone Plate to grab. Head up the middle path to the gate and place the Odd Stone Plate and the Strange Stone Plate to open it and head to the Front Entrance – follow this around and you’ll find yourself on the other side of the impassable section of road where the trucker first dropped you off in Shepherd’s Glen.

Shepherd’s Glen

Head down Main Street past the S.G.P.D. to trigger a cutscene.

* CUTSCENE: Alex meets up with Elle, and they talk. Alex asks Elle if she’s seen Josh, and she tells him about the people who keep disappearing in Shepherd’s Glen. She gives Alex a Walkie Talkie.

You receive the Walkie Talkie from Elle – it’ll give you a heads up when enemies are nearby. Head South on River View and take the bridge West. Read the sign over the door for a chuckle, and open the door to enter the junkyard.


Dunk under the gap in the fence and head up and around the building. Stay on the outskirts of the path and wind your way around the building to an entrance with a hole you can squeeze through. You’ll come out on the other side of the junk from the entrance. Head into the building. It starts a Dialog Scenario. Talk to him to find out that Mayor Bartlett is the guy digging up graves in the Cemetery. He’ll give you the MK 23 Handgun. There’s some Pistol Ammunition behind the counter, and a Combat Training Manual on basic ranged combat on the toolbox. Head into the back room to find the Junkyard Map, a Health Drink in the broken fridge, and more Pistol Ammunition in the standup toolbox in the corner. There’s also a Save Point, so save your game, then head out the door next to it.

Exit the Junkyard, and be wary of the Feral that appears once you duck under the gap in the fence.

Shepherd’s Glen

Head back across the bridge to trigger a cutscene.

* CUTSCENE: Alex gets a radio transmission that’s garbled, and begins to cough on noxious fumes as a Smog attacks.

Defeat the smog using well-timed combos, avoiding the fumes by using B. If you do get surrounded with fumes, tap B repeatedly. Once you defeat the Smog you’ll obtain the Clean the Air Achievement.

Rose Heights Cemetery

Head back to the Cemetery, defeating the Ferals you encounter along the way. A Smog will be waiting in the Founders Garden – you can avoid fighting it if you’d like.

Go back to the entrance of the Bartlett Family Mausoleum – it’s open now. Head into the crypt. You’ll encounter a puzzle holding a child’s coffin closed.

* Child’s Coffin Puzzle

To unlock the coffin, the top piece must be pulled free – clear out the pieces from below it so that it can come all the way down. There are six pieces – two squares, two horizontal rectangles, and two vertical rectangles. Place both of the horizontal pieces in the top right, the two square pieces in the bottom left (forming another vertical rectangle), and a vertical piece on either side of the path the top piece must follow to unlock the coffin. Pull it all the way down to trigger a cutscene.

* CUTSCENE: The coffin slides open, revealing a watch. Alex takes it, reading the inscription on the back. He holds it up to his ear to see if it still runs, but falls unconscious, and awakens in Silent Hill. Josh runs across his field of vision when he awakens, and takes refuges in a hotel – the entrance to which is blocked by boards Alex can’t get through.

Chapter Three – Hotel

Chapter Three Objectives

1. Catch up to Joshua.
2. Power has been restored. Use the elevator.
3. Room 306 has a unique lock. Find a way to open it.
4. Find three memories for the lady in room 301.
5. Use the key from the lady in room 301.

Silent Hill

Josh ran into the Hotel, which is boarded – you can see him, but you can’t get in there. There’s only one available path – down the alley by the building with the sparking wire out front. There’s a Smog back here, so defeat it, then climb down the embankment. Head to the vehicle, duck under it, and claim the Fire Axe (a personal favorite). Head back to the Hotel and hack down the boards to gain entry – Josh is gone, of course. Enter the Hotel.

Grand Hotel

Down the first path on the right is a Health Drink and a locked door. All four of the doors here are locked, so continue to the lobby, and check behind the counter for the Grand Hotel Map. Check the map now – the only path that isn’t blocked or locked is directly West from the hall you started in. Head there, and jump across the gap.

Check the toolbox for a Maintenance Key, then jump over the gap back into the lobby. Head back out the way you got in, and you’ll be on Simmons St. – the Grand Hotel map also tells you what buildings are outside.

Silent Hill

There’s a locked gate in the alley West of the Grand Hotel – use the Maintenance Key to open it. There’s a Smog out here, as well – circle him until he attacks, and combo his back, rolling backwards (hold down on the Left Thumbstick and tap B) to avoid his counter-attack. Take the Health Drink on the windowsill, and say hello to the Grand Hotel Wiring Puzzle.

* Grand Hotel Wiring Puzzle

There are five wires in the circuit box outside, each connected at the top in this order – yellow, white, purple, blue, and green. To rewire the box, you select a wire with A and select which of the five locations at the bottom that wire runs to. The correct way to do it is (from left to right) – white, yellow, blue, purple, green. This causes the lights to come on in the Grand Hotel, so it’s time to go back in.

Grand Hotel

Once back inside the Grand Hotel, walk up to the elevator area and use the button just outside the door to call the elevator – there’s some Pistol Ammunition inside. Use the buttons inside the elevator to head to the fifth floor – it’s the only one that works.

* CUTSCENE: The elevator makes horrendous straining noises, and a Needler appears.

The Needler here is a pain – it’s able to hit you through the hole it gouges in the elevator, but hitting it back with the Fire Axe or Steel Pipe is difficult. I’d suggest equipping the Mk 23 Handgun and shooting it – you’ll obtain the To the Point Achievement for knocking it off the elevator the first time – it keeps attacking for a while. When it’s finally finished off, the elevator resumes it’s climb, then drops down to just below the 3rd floor – you’ll need to climb up.

A little aside – the map says “3rd FLOOR”. Every path is blocked but one – examine the painting to the South to decide there’s something behind it, then equip your Combat Knife and cut it. Squeeze through and you’ll find a door with a photo of Joey Bartlett in the tree house. The door is locked – trying to open it makes it appear on your map as room 306. Duck under the gap into room 302 to save your game.

Head into the hallway to trigger a Dialog Scenario – ask the voice who she is, how she got there, and agree to help her. In room 303 you’ll find a cryptic message, and in 304 you’ll find a document about the Atrium. Go to the center of the 3rd floor and South to find a passage – squeeze through, then duck under the gap, to find yourself in room 307. There’s a message for you in room 308 about room 405. Head into the hall way and to the East of room 309 – there’s some boards you can hack through. Inside, you’ll find rubble stable enough to climb up through the hole in the roof – do so.

You’ll wind up in room 408. A hole leads into room 406, which contains a note to Carol. Since everything else is blocked or broken, head to room 402, defeating the Nurse you encounter. There’s a dresser in here that you can push – do so, and enter room 404.

Check in the bathroom to collect the Alchemilla Postcard, one of the memories belonging to the voice on the 3rd floor. Head back to room 406 to trigger a cutscene.

* CUTSCENE: Alex gets a look at Pyramid Head – the wielder of the blade that impaled the doctor in his dream, and himself.

Swarms will attack, and the door to room 405 will be open – head in. Go through the hole leading into room 407 and back into the hallway where you just saw Pyramid Head (according to fans of the series, this is his unofficially proper name, though in Homecoming he’s referred to as “Boogeyman”. For the purposes of this guide, for the fans, I’ll still call him Pyramid Head). Hack your way into the bathroom of room 408 to find another Serum, and then hack through the hole in the upper right corner to gain access to the stairwell.

Head upstairs, jump across the gap, and say hello to the 5th floor. As soon as you get here, a cutscene triggers.

* CUTSCENE: A Needler attacks Alex, who doesn’t like the look of things…

Defeat the Needler by dodging it’s attacks – when you see it raise one of it’s legs, be ready to tap B. After you dodge, counter-attack, and retreat. Keep up the pattern until it falls.

TIP: Don’t attack the Needler from the front – it can block your attacks.

After you defeat the Needler, jump across the gap to the South to collect a Health Drink. Then, head back down the hallway to room 508 to find a note about Carol’s affair, as well as Swarms and a giant hole. Exit, then hack your way into room 505, and push the dresser over to get into room 507. There’s a note about the Mayor’s odd habits on the dresser in here, a Health Drink on the sink in the bathroom, and the Lakeside Amusement Park Postcard on the bed, another memory of the lady downstairs. Head back into the hallway, and you’ll find another Needler. Take him down just like the other one, and hack your way into room 504.

There’s some Pistol Ammunition on the bed in room 504. You can duck under a gap in the wall to the bathroom of room 503, inside which you’ll find a hole back down into the 4th floor – room 403, to be precise.

Head into the bathroom to find a Toluca Lake Postcard, the last memory you need for the lady in room 301. You need to head back there now, and you’ll encounter some Needlers, Nurses, and a Smog along the way. Needlers can be beaten easily with the Fire Axe, but Nurses are quick, so use the Combat Knife – just avoid the Smog, it’s slow enough.

Once you reach room 301, press A to reach in and give the lady the three postcards – she’ll give you the Strange Key. Wonder what it goes to…head back into room 302, and save your game.

After you save, squeeze through back into the room with the locked door leading to room 306. Use the Strange Key to unlock it, and jump across the gap to get to Josh – and trigger a cutscene.

* CUTSCENE: Alex doesn’t quite make it, and falls through the gap, catching the edge with his arms. Josh looks on as Alex loses his grip and falls all the way to the ground floor.

There’s a Health Drink and Pistol Ammunition on a table by your starting location. You can only carry two spare clips – the numbers on the gun will say 9/18, one clip loaded and two spare. Unless you’ve been using the Mk 23 Handgun, you should already be full on ammo. Take advantage of the Save Point on the East wall, and head south through the doors into the Atrium – there you’ll find the doors locked. Feast your eyes on the glory of real-time Hellstate transitions, then head through the southern-most doors.

You’ll find Mayor Bartlett, who’s apparently done digging up graves for now. You’ll have a Dialog Scenario – Y options are nicer, more polite, with X options being more forceful.

* CUTSCENE: Alex shows the Mayor the broken watch, and Mayor Bartlett gives Alex some cryptic messages before being killed by a huge monster.

BOSS: Sepulcher

To kill this boss, hide behind the dressers and equip the Mk 23 Handgun – use it to shoot the four meat sacs hanging from the ceiling. Three shots per sac will destroy them, which causes the monster to drop to the ground.

Equip the Fire Axe, and dodge his attacks until he slams a fist into the ground with enough force to get it stuck. Hit it with the Fire Axe, and it’ll fall on its face. Use heavy attacks on its head until it rises. Do this twice, and when you see the X context clue pop up, hit it to finish off Sepulcher, earning the Six Feet Under Achievement.

* CUTSCENE: With Sepulcher defeated, a hole opens up and swallows the monstrosity. Alex, weary from the battle, peeks over into the abyss, only to faint and fall down into it as well. He awakens in a prison cell, back in Shepherd’s Glen.

Chapter Four – Sheriff’s Station

Chapter Four Objectives

1. Follow Deputy Wheeler through the station.
2. Escape the station and meet up with Elle.


You start with no weapons, no items, and your radio and flashlight are missing. Walk around, check the cell doors, and a cutscene will play.

* CUTSCENE: A light comes on, and Deputy Wheeler, who demands answers, holds Alex at gunpoint.

Another Dialog Scenario occurs – tell the truth by selecting the A answers to get out of the cell and earn Wheeler’s trust. He’ll release you from the cell, so follow him. Eventually, he’ll lead you into a room with a Save Point, and tell you that you need to find Doctor Fitch. Save your game, and follow Wheeler down the hallway.

* CUTSCENE: A new kind of enemy appears, and Wheeler holds them at bay to give Alex a chance to find and equip his gear.

Run back down the hallway, and when an enemy breaks down the door on your right, dodge past it into the room to find a photo of Wheeler and Adam. Then, head further down the hall, and take the door on the left. Walk forward and enter the first door on the left to reclaim your gear.

* CUTSCENE: Elle calls Alex as he grabs his stuff, and tells him that she’s being chased and is on her way to the Police Station. Alex tells her to head to the parking lot behind the building, and Wheeler gives him a shotgun.

You’ll obtain the 12 Gauge Shotgun. Equip it, and take the Station Map. When you exit, a cutscene will play with another enemy destroying the ceiling and blocking your path back to the hallway you came from. Use your Fire Axe to hack down the barricade, and you’ll face more enemies like the one Wheeler was shooting at – Schisms. There are four just here, so use your Shotgun to take down the first two, and the Mk 23 Handgun to take out the last two. Check the bathrooms, and then hop over the ledge into the room South of the Lobby to find a Health Drink.

Head east, and duck under into the Briefing Room – you’ll encounter two more Schisms here. There’s some Shotgun Ammunition in the Southwest corner of the room. Use the Fire Axe to hack through the barricade leading East, and South into the Garage. Kill the Schism here, and enter the room with the TV – flip the switch on the back wall to cause the garage door to lift up enough to duck under.

Once you get outside, a cutscene of Elle getting into a squad car to avoid a Siam will play. When it finishes, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with it. It’s not that difficult to beat – dodge it’s attacks, and slice it with the Fire Axe. It’ll attempt to counter-attack from time to time, so stay ready to dodge at any moment. When it’s defeated, a cutscene will play, and you’ll obtain the Shades of James Achievement.

* CUTSCENE: Elle crawls out of the cruiser and escapes with Alex to the sewers, avoiding a swarm of Schisms just in time. With a few moments to rest, Alex learns that Elle’s sister, Nora, disappeared at the beginning of everything. He promises to find Nora for her, and they continue.
Chapter Five Objectives

1. Keep Elle Safe.
2. Find a way out of the sewers.


Head forward, and you’ll find a grate with a valve by it. Rotate it by pressing A repeatedly, and Elle will slip through and hold the gate open for you. Head forward and left, and climb up onto the ledge. Follow the path around. Step down into the water, and watch out for the Lurkers. Follow the path to the next place to climb up, and grab two boxes of Pistol Ammunition off the top of the propane tank at the end of the area.

Step down into the next path, and equip the Steel Pipe. Climb up on the left ledge and use the pipe to pry open the fence gate, and rotate the handle – you’ll see water being drained from somewhere. Head further down the tunnel to find another ledge – climb up it, and walk forward to use the Save Point. The room behind it contains the Sewer Map, and a box of Shotgun Ammunition.

Take a look at your map to familiarize yourself with where you’ve been – you started at the far left Gate, and entered through Gate 13 into Gate 4. You went left from Gate 4, and used the Bilge Control Valve to drain water out of the Bilge Tank. Gate 12 is the bricked up gate you saw at the last ledge.

Head to the Bilge Tank area, climb down, cross it, and climb back up. Head down to Gate 8, taking the East tunnel dead end to collect a Health Drink. Open Gate 8, and then head back to Gate 4, avoiding or defeating the enemies along the way. Elle will open Gate 4, so duck under and start towards Sluice Drain. Stop in at the offshoot to the right to grab some Shotgun Ammunition. Defeat the two Needlers you encounter, and climb up the ledge and down the ladder to the Sluice Drain. Head across the bridge to the Spillway.

There’s a Lurker in the water, so defeat it so Elle can cross the Spillway. When you climb up on the far side, climb up the ladder. Pull the lever, kill the Needler, and head to the far West end to collect a box of Pistol Ammunition and Shotgun Ammunition. Head out of the East door, and North to drop down. There’s a Save Point in the room to the East, so save your game, then head towards the Main Drain Chamber.

When you arrive at the Main Drain Chamber, head to Gate 15, and open it using the valve. Elle tells you there’s no way to open it from her side, and you’ll have to face off against three Needlers – use the Combat Knife to slice them until they go on the defensive and back away from you, then shoot them in the head with the Mk 23 Handgun. Alternatively, you can finish them off with the Mk 23 Handgun. When they’re defeated, you have to face off against a Siam – use the same tactics as the first one you defeated.

When Siam is beaten, Gate 15 opens. Walk down the tunnel, climbing up the left-hand ledge to grab a photo of Nora Holloway. You’ll spot Elle’s radio, sitting in a pile of blood – follow the trail to the ladder and climb up.

* CUTSCENE: Alex climbs up out of the manhole right in front of his house.

Shepherd’s Glen

There’s barbed wire covering your door, so don’t bother trying to go back home. Instead, follow Wheeler’s advice from the Police Station and try to get to Dr. Fitch’s – it’s off Main St. Walk towards Main St. to get a radio call from Wheeler, who’s on his way to Fitch’s office. Alex agrees to meet him there, and marks the location on his map – guess where you need to go?

When you get on Main St., a cutscene plays of Alex finding Dr. Fitch leaving bloody footprints and carrying a well-used scalpel around. He flees from you back into his office, so follow him on in.

Dr. Fitch’s Office

Look in the reception area to find a Health Drink, then walk down the hallway to the last door on the right – you’ll find a photo of Scarlet Fitch, and a locked case on a dresser. When you leave the room, Nurses appear – use the Combat Knife to combo them to death, and you’ll notice the door that’s now open. Enter the room.

Inside the room you’ll find a Serum, a Small Key, and a document to Dr. Fitch from the Psychiatric Department of Alchemilla Hospital. Use the Small Key on the case on the little girl’s dresser to trigger a cutscene.

Chapter Six – Hell Descent

Chapter Six Objectives

1. Investigate the area.
2. Find Joshua.

* CUTSCENE: Alex finds a creepy doll, that ages and decays in seconds – he then faints, and reawakens in a Hellstate.

You’ll obtain Scarlet’s Doll. Head down the narrow path to your left and climb down to find Josh. He’ll run to your right, but you won’t catch him – besides, it dead-ends. Head left instead, down the stairs, and take the first right path and jump across. Tap A repeatedly to remedy the failed leap across, and head left.

Jump across into the hole, then across the broken fan. There’s a doll to your right that instigates a fight with a Smog – leave it alone and drop down into the hole. You’ll fight Swarms, and find a box of Pistol Ammunition. Drop down the next area, and continue forward – you’ll see a sign that says “Staff only beyond this point”. You’ll come to a wide gap to jump across, so do so and climb the stairs beyond.

When you reach the top of the stairs, keep an eye out left for an area to drop down. Head up the stairs to find a Health Drink, then head back down them. As you descend the stairs, you’ll see Josh run by – go to where he started to find a Child’s Drawing. There’s a Smog down here, as well, so defeat or avoid it and continue towards where Josh ran off to. Jump across to the path, then head left and drop down.

Head down the narrow path and climb down the ladder. Head left and drop down, and jump across the lava gap. You’ll see a cage, and a place to step down on your right – do so, and climb down the ladder. You’ll find some pipes you can squeeze through, and a fan to duck under. Behind the fan is the Crowbar(which replaces the Steel Pipe), so grab it and head back to where you first dropped down. There’s another place to jump across – do so now.

Step down, then climb down the ladder – you’ll see a spinning fan to your left. Pull the lever on the wall to stop the fan, then duck under it to continue forward. Drop down at the end of the stairs, and turn around to find a fan you can duck under – and catch a glimpse of Josh, running away from you, again. As soon as you duck under the fan, there’s a Child’s Drawing for you to collect.

Head to your right, then left, and you’ll run up to three fans – two spinning, one broken. Duck under the broken one to find two doors, one of which is locked. The other must be cut open with your Combat Knife. Squeeze through to find a lever that’ll stop the spinning fan to your left. Pull it, and duck under the fan, then drop down the hole made by the other stopped fan.

Follow the path around to find the Fan Puzzle.

* Fan Puzzle

There are six fans, labeled 1 through 6. The lever for fan 1 is broken, and no fan that is already on can be turned on. You switch power from one fan to another, so go ahead and duck under fan 3 and 2 and grab the Serum before you start. Head to the right side and switch power from fan 5 to fan 4, then switch power from 4 to 3, then from 3 to 2. Then, switch power from fan 6 to fan 5, then from 5 to 4, then from 4 to 3. This clears a line of fans to duck under to get to the area behind the broken Exit door.

Climb down the ladder and use the Save Point to save your game. Climb down the next ladder, and you’ll see Josh run away from you – follow him. A path will materialize in the wall that looks like a hallway, and the lights will cut off – head down the hallway. At the end of it, you’ll see an industrial door that you must open. Dr. Fitch awaits just inside – talk to him with the Dialog Scenario, and give him the doll when the option appears – he’ll begin bleeding profusely, and a giant monster will appear from his blood, holding him. Fitch asks it to forgive him, and it bites his head off – so is the boss Scarlet introduced.

BOSS: Scarlet

Whack the monster’s legs until they crack and break – it’ll fall, giving you a chance to smash its arms. When all of its limbs are maimed, you’ll see the X context clue appear – tap it, then press A repeatedly to mangle the monster. It’ll reform as a spider.

Stay back from it when it becomes a spider, and it’ll crawl up the walls to the roof. A scream notifies you that it’s ready to pounce – tap B when it appears to dodge it. It’ll fall to the ground – run up and stab it with X. Three times will destroy it, and give you the Blood Donor Achievement.

* CUTSCENE: As Alex pulls the crowbar from the monstrosity, a key flies out. He suddenly is jerked through the pool of blood, back into the normal version of Dr. Fitch’s office. He finds the key there.

Chapter Seven – Town Hall

Chapter Seven Objectives

1. Explore the Town Hall.

* You’ll get the Founders Key. You’ll need to head to the Town Hall from here.

Shepherd’s Glen

Run straight to the Town Hall to avoid taking any unnecessary damage, and enter. Aren’t you glad we already went through here?

Town Hall

You’ll find a Smog blocking the left-hand hallway – head down the right one and enter the Save Point room to save your game. From there, hack open the door in the left-hand hallway to find a picture of Alex’s ancestor. Push the bookshelf over and grab the Child’s Drawing on the wall. Enter the middle room and use the key on the Cross keyhole in the pedestal to open a path underground. Follow it, and defeat the Nurses that appear.

There are four books in this room – read through them, then examine the cross to obtain the Ceremonial Dagger. A flashback informs you that it’s the key to open Adam’s door in the “SECRET” section of Alex’s basement. Use the dagger to unlock the door between the two books across from the entrance, and follow the tunnel until you find a ladder. Use it, and you’ll find another door to use the Ceremonial Dagger on to unlock. When you open it, you’ll find yourself back in Founders Garden of the Rose Heights Cemetery.

Rose Heights Cemetery

Walk over to the door across from where you are and unlock it to find another Serum. There’s a Health Drink in the furthest upper left corner of the Founders Garden area. Head back to the Founders Row, duck into the gap and follow the newly opened path. At the end of the hall behind the two Smogs are a box of Shotgun Ammunition, and a First Aid Kit. Duck into the next gap and climb up. Head back through the Crypts, using the Fire Axe to hack open the boarded entrance in Family Crypts North to obtain the Chrome Hammer Pistol. There’s also a Save Point in Family Crypts North, so save your game.

Continue backtracking to your backyard, avoiding the Smogs when possible.

Alex’s House

First, head in through the backdoor and use the Fire Axe to break down the barricade on the door to the dining room, and collect the First Aid Kit there. Then, head back outside and enter the basement through the backyard entrance.

Head to the “SECRET” area on your map and use the Ceremonial Dagger to unlock Adam’s Hunting Room. There’s a Bluesteel Shotgun in here, and the Attic Key, so grab them. Head upstairs to the attic, and unlock the door with the Attic Key. Head through the door into the attic. Check the North section for a photo of Alex. Push the bookshelf over to find a door.

* CUTSCENE: Alex has a vision of Adam giving Joshua an important ring, and making him swear to never show it to anyone, not even Alex.

When you enter, you’ll find a document of Adam Shepherd’s honorable discharge, and a book puzzle.

* Attic Book Puzzle

Slide the pieces to form the coat of arms on the flag above the table. It’s rather easy; just slide them around until the flag matches. For a hint, the open spaces will be in the top corners. Finish it to get a Letter from my father for Alex, and a Map of Silent Hill. Leave the attic, and head downstairs to trigger a cutscene.

* CUTSCENE: Alex demands information from his mother, but members of the Order, who kidnap his mother, attack them. The house undergoes a transformation as a Hellstate occurs, and Alex awakens.

Chapter Eight – The Attic

Chapter Eight Objectives

1. Escape the house.
2. Solve each puzzle.

* YouTube: Silent Hill: Homecoming -56- Attic Puzzle (Time: 2:06)
* NOTE: You still have a map of this area – it’s slightly different, but still available.

First things first – defeat the Schism that appears. Walk into the kitchen and collect the Frowning Mask from the stand. Grab the Health Drink, and head through the single door to the East to find two bodies on either side of a cross – it’s another puzzle, but you don’t have everything you need yet.

There’s a lever by the stairs, pull it to open the way into the attic. Head upstairs, and push the large piece of furniture in the room leading to the attic to obtain the Heart of Darkness Medal. Head to the attic, and move through the now-typical obstacles (squeeze through, duck under, hop over) until you reach the East side – there you’ll find a Fallen Star Medal and a Jacket. The Jacket is where you’ll be placing the Medals you collect – head to the West side of the attic to acquire the Vile Acts Medal. Head back to the Jacket, and place the Medals in the following order – Fallen Star Medal, Heart of Darkness Medal, Vile Acts Medal. This will cause one of four runes around the exit will light up.

Head back to the 2nd floor, and grab the Meat Cleaver from the bureau. Then, head through the double doors, jump across the gap, and grab the Stuffed Rabbit from the bathtub, and the Indifferent Mask from the stand by the mirrors. Head back downstairs, and pull the lever again to open the door to what was Josh and Alex’s room. Head in, read the creepy message on the wall, and examine the document by the door to hear about the lobotomy from Alchemilla Hospital again. Set the clock in the room to 2:06 to open the four windows. Place the Stuffed Rabbit in the lit window to cause a rune to glow at the exit. Cut open the door by the clock to find a Butcher Knife and a Child’s Drawing. Head downstairs to the room Alex’s mother was in and collect the Angry Mask and save your game.

Open the door to the kitchen and head back to the Cross Puzzle, and place the Indifferent Mask on the body facing South, and the Frowning Mask on the body facing North. Another rune around the door will glow. Time to head into the basement.

When you enter the basement, work your way through and defeat the Lurker that appears. Duck under the pipes, squeeze through the gap, and cut open the door. You’ll be in the Hellstate version of Adam’s Hunting Room – grab the Bogeyman Knife from the Schism body hanging on the wall. Place the knives in your inventory in their spots on the board, and the Bogeyman Knife in the Schism head laying there to cause a third rune to glow around the exit.

Go to the exit and use the door – the house will revert to it’s normal state. Alex will exit.

* CUTSCENE: Elle shows up, and tells Alex she can’t find her mother. Wheeler calls Alex on the radio, and Alex asks him to get them a boat to get to Silent Hill. Alex and Elle talk on the boat as they head to Silent Hill, until the Order shows up and kidnaps Elle. Alex is knocked off the boat into the water, and awakens in a foggy area.

Chapter Nine – Dark Times

Chapter Nine Objectives

1. Find Elle.
2. Search for a way into the prison.
3. Disable the electric prison gate.

* NOTE: You already obtained the map for this area when you found the Map of Silent Hill in Alex’s attic.

Work your way up the stairs, jumping across gaps and climbing the ladder, and duck through the gap to Sagan St. Walk across the street to trigger a cutscene.

* CUTSCENE: Wheeler calls Alex on the radio, and informs him that he and Elle were taken to the prison.

You’ll want to stop at the Bait Shop and duck through the gap to find a box of Pistol Ammunition, a Child’s Drawing, and a Save Point. Head across the plank bridge to the front of the Overlook Penitentiary to find out that the entrance isn’t accessible. Go out the West door to the next section of the map. You’ll see a gate circled on Simmons St., and the Toluca Lake Water and Power building will be circled.

Head to the gate.

* CUTSCENE: Alex calls Wheeler to tell him the rear gate is electrified – the Order is running power directly from Toluca Lake Water and Power to do it, so Alex is going to head there to shut it off.

Head to the Boiler Room.

Boiler Room

Head down the stairs. There’s a Lurker here, so be careful when moving around in the water.

Grab the Health Drink from near the northernmost boilers, and head up the West stairs.

Head West out of the alley, and go through the gates on your left to find a Serum on the bench. It’s the indent of the Alchemilla Hospital. Head North up Wilson St. and into the Toluca Lake Offices.

Toluca Lake Offices

Read the newspaper, and grab the Pistol Ammunition in the top right corner of the Reception room. Head North the Lower Landing, then West to the Office. Grab the Health Drink, then go south and jump the gap to find a Save Point. Hack open the door to continue.

Head into the Kitchen to find the Toluca Lake Water and Power Key. Head back to the Lower Landing, and use the key on the locked door to get into the Toluca Lake Water and Power building.

Toluca Lake Water and Power

There are some Order members here – defeat them, and earn yourself the Out of Order Achievement. Move south and climb up the ledge. Climb the ladder and walk over to the shelf to collect two boxes of Rifle Ammunition. There’s a First Aid Kit in the top left corner of the 2nd floor, so grab it, use the valve for generator bank B, and head back downstairs.

There’s some Pistol Ammunition near the bottom right area of the 1st floor, be sure to grab it. Use the valve for generator bank A, then head upstairs and use the valve for generator bank C. This is the proper order to shut down the systems – use the Turbine Control switch after the short cutscene to kill the power. More Order members will appear, head back out to the Toluca Lake Offices.

Toluca Lake Offices

Stop by the save point to save your game, then head out of the Toluca Lake Offices and back to the Boiler Room.

Boiler Room

Head back through the Boiler Room, defeating or avoiding the Lurker when it appears, and exit through the North back onto Simmons St. When you reach the now-safe gate, a Siam will bust through. Defeat it with whatever weapon you’re comfortable with, and head through the gate.

Overlook Penitentiary, Outside

When you first walk through the gate, be sure to grab the Health Drink from the upper left corner, and the Pulaski Axe from the back of the broken down truck. Head North, and wind your way back to the front of the penitentiary.

Chapter Ten – Prison

Chapter Ten Objectives

1. Find Elle.
2. Find Wheeler.
3. Defeat Asphyxia.

When you first enter, you’ll be in Visitor Security – hook a left and use the Save Point to save your game. Walk forward to receive a transmission from Wheeler telling you that he’s in Cellblock B, so head around the barred reception room and through the door. Head into the Lower Guard Room to your right and pull the lever to unlock the gate.

Hack through the barricade into the Visitors Booths, and grab the First Aid Kit. At the end of this hall is another gate like the first one, but the switches are broken. Break the glass to your left and hop over into the other side of the Visitors Booths. When you exit, you’ll be in a large room with a staircase – the Overlook Penitentiary Map is on the West wall.

Head into the little supply closet to the South and grab the Health Drink, then go up the staircase.

Work around and jump across the gap to get into the upper-left building. Pull the lever in here to unlock the entrance to the upper wing of Cellblock B. You’ll encounter two Order members – walk slowly enough and they won’t notice you, giving you time to kill the first one with the Mk 23 Handgun, and the other one with a quick melee weapon (two shots to the head will kill them). In cell B5 you’ll find a newspaper clipping about the degradation of Shepherd’s Glen, but nothing of worth is found in B8 – B6. Pull the lever on the wall to open the door to the stairwell.

You’ll be in the lower wing of Cellblock B, head into the room that connects to the Shower Area to find a box of Rifle Ammunition. Head West into the area with cells B9 – B14 to fight two more Order members – they fall easily enough to combos from the Ceremonial Dagger. Wheeler is in a cell here – pull the switch on the wall to release him.

Wheeler will inform you that they took Elle to Solitary. Suddenly, a Siam appears – pull out the Pulaski Axe and beat it down. It destroys the way that you came from, so Wheeler will go unlock another gate for you. Head through the only available path to 2nd floor.

When you get up there, stop in the busted open Upper Guard room to retrieve a Child’s Drawing. Follow Wheeler, jump across the gap, and duck through the gap to find another switch. Pull it to open the locked gate to let you back into the upper wing of Cellblock B where you started. Head back to the room you first entered up here so Wheeler can find the control panel for the prison’s gate system – it magically works for him. He’ll tell you to head around to the door leading to the upper wing of Cellblock A – do so now.

After Wheeler unlocks the door for you, head North through the double doors and continue North – Wheeler will try to open the gate, but it’ll be damaged. Head back inside and he’ll unlock the stairwell leading down to the 1st floor.

You’ll be in the lower wing of Cellblock A. Transmission interference will cause Wheeler to shout for you, and a Needler will appear – take him down. Wheeler will open the gate to the Shower Room, so head that way. Two Needlers will attack, so defeat them (combos from the Ceremonial Dagger work well). The only shower stall with a light has a breachable passage – whip out the Pulaski Axe to break your way into the Boiler Room.

Head North out of the Boiler Room, and up the stairs.

There’s a Save Point here, so save your game. Go north, following the path, and you’ll find a jammed set of double doors. Alex will call Wheeler, who tells him to head back – get moving. Head back to the Save Room, and down the stairs.

There’s a metal gate that’ll slide open here, so head through it. Follow the available path and you’ll wind up in the lower wing of Cellblock A (A9 – A14). Head up the stairs and grab the Health Drink from the shelf, then jump across the gap and enter cell A20 to find a Radio Wire. Head back downstairs, duck into the gap of cell A11, squeeze through into cell A10, and grab the Loose Wire from the headlight. Head back upstairs and use the Radio Wire in the Junction Box in the Upper Guard Room. Head out of the 2nd floor exit, and enter the door on your right to find a Scrap of Wire. You’ll have to head out of the bottom floor exit to find the keypad before you can put the Loose Wire in the Junction Box, so go ahead and do that to find the Penitentiary Wire Puzzle.

* Overlook Penitentiary Wire Puzzle

Just like the one at the Grand Hotel, you’ve got five wires in this order at the top – white, green, yellow, blue, red. The proper order to wire the bottom is (from left to right) – red, white, green, blue, yellow. This restores power to three switches – one in the room with the junction box, and two downstairs. It also restores power to the keypad. Pull the switch in the room with you and jump across to the cell that opens to obtain a Serum. Head back downstairs and use the other two switches to gain some clues – prisoner 110391 can help you, so input 1110391 in the keypad to unlock the door to solitary confinement.

* CUTSCENE: Alex finds his mother on a cross – and has a decision to make.

You’ll need to decide whether or not to kill Alex’s mom – this affects which ending you get. As soon as you pick one or the other, the game will transition to Hellstate.


Exit the Solitary Confinement area, and you’ll find a Save Point – save your game. Head back into what was Cellblock A to find a horrific puzzle – a mound of flesh is blocking your path. There are three dials – from the entrance, set the left dial to the Knight (horse), the back dial to the Coffin, and the right dial to the blank space. Investigate the hole to unlock the puzzle, and the flesh is pulled up and out of your way.

Drop down the hole to meet up with Wheeler. There’s a Save Point down here, so save your game. Squeeze through the hole to the West and head up the northern stairs; follow the path until you trigger a cutscene with two Needlers. Having Wheeler around will make the fight a snap, so just finish them off and head down the path until you find a room to the left – there’s a Save Point and First Aid Kit there, as well as a Health Drink.

There’s another industrial door like the one you encountered when you found Dr. Fitch just outside – open it.

* CUTSCENE: Alex finds Judge Holloway, and drops Elle’s locket freeing her. She asks where Elle is, and Wheeler is grabbed by an enormous, malformed monstrosity. Judge Holloway escapes, and Alex faces off against Asphyxia.

BOSS: Asphyxia

* YouTube: Silent Hill: Homecoming Prison Boss (Time: 8:29)

Asphyxia has four attacks – it spits gas at you that can knock you down, and spins around to hit you with it’s tail. If it knocks you down, it’ll attempt to body slam you, or grab you and crush you to death. When it grabs you, tap whatever button appears rapidly to escape, or you’ll be instantly killed – all other attacks can be dodged the usual way.

When you avoid Asphyxia’s body slam, hit its tail to cause it to drop down. Immediately use a charged Heavy Attack to inflict some massive damage. The third time you do this, you’ll see the X context button appear – tap it to defeat Asphyxia, and earn the Catch Your Breath Achievement.

* CUTSCENE: Alex sees Josh through the glass window Asphyxia destroyed when it died.

Chapter Eleven – Church

Chapter Eleven Objectives

1. Search the church for anything helpful.

2. Find the pieces missing from the five prongs.

Follow Josh by hopping over the ledge and going through the doors. Run up to him (he’ll run away again), and follow him. Defeat the Smog, and use the valve to open the gate – as soon as you pass through the gate, look to your right for a Health Drink. Move forward and up the stairs to the entrance of what looks like a Hellstate church.

Church of the Holy Way

Use the Ceremonial Dagger on the organ at the front of the building to unlock some gates, and pick up the Shotgun Ammunition. From the front entrance, head left and duck under the beams to find a baptismal font. Use the valve at the back to open it, and defeat the Swarms that appear. Examine the now-open font to obtain the Chalice Plate. Check the bowl on the dresser to collect a photo of Josh, and head up the stairs – there’s a confessional booth and a Save Point.

Use the confessional booth to start a Dialog Scenario – which options you pick determine the ending of the game. Remember, Y options are polite, nice options, with X options being the blunt or mean options. When the conversation is over, collect the Kneeling Man Plate from the booth the confessor was in. Save your game, and grab the Unlit Candle from the shelf in the back room, as well as the Health Drink near the pit.

From the entrance to the Church, head to the right and duck under the beams to find an offering plate – place the Unlit Candle there to obtain the Candle Plate. Head upstairs to receive a broken transmission, and grab the Health Drink. Examine the paintings, and cut the painting of the man to find the Tree Plate. There’s a box of Shotgun Ammunition in the corner of the pews, a box of Rifle Ammunition in the back room, and a First Aid Kit further down the back room hallway. Examine the window of the Knight being stabbed to find the Sword Plate. This will cause a Siam to burst out of the window, throwing you back to the 1st floor, where another Siam awaits. Defeat both Siams, then place the plates in the organ.

* Organ Puzzle

There are five prongs to place the plates, and each has a word on it. They are (in no particular order) – Sorrow, Desire, Vengeance, Penitence, Sacrifice. Place the plates as follows – Sorrow – Candle, Desire – Tree, Vengeance – Sword, Penitence – Kneeling Man, Sacrifice – Chalice. The organ will open to reveal Alex’s father, Adam.

* CUTSCENE: Adam tells Alex that it’s okay that he hates him – and wonders why he still wears his old dog tags. When Alex tells him they’re his, that he’s a soldier, Adam tells him he’s been in a mental hospital since the day he gave Josh the family ring. Alex refuses to accept it, but Pyramid Head appears, and cuts Adam in half.

You’ll obtain the Shepherd Family Ring. Walk forward past the pieces of Alex’s dad to find a Health Drink and a stairwell. Head down the stairwell, and at the bottom, head left to find a mining suit to protect you. Head back through all the gas jets, and push the button by the door.

* CUTSCENE: Curtis, from the junkyard, greets Alex in the elevator. He tells him he now has clarity, and knocks Alex out with a hammer. He then drags him to a cell with Judge Holloway, who tells Alex about the sacrifices necessary to protect Shepherd’s Glen.

Chapter Twelve – Underground

Chapter Twelve Objectives

1. Find Elle.
2. Find Joshua.

* TIP: Be ready to tap buttons rapidly – you’re about to find yourself in the middle of the most intriguing Context Scenario yet.

When the Judge takes the drill to your leg, wait until the context button appears, then tap it like crazy – you’ll break free of the restraints, and Judge Holloway will attempt to drill a hole in your face. When the context button appears, tap it rapidly and you’ll kill the Judge, shoving the drill into her bottom jaw up into her brain. Take a look around the room to find the Lair Map, a Health Drink, the Ceremonial Dagger, and a First Aid Kit.

Sector 2

There’s a Save Point in the room with you, so use it to save your game. Head to Sector 2, and enter room 212 – defeat the Order member and obtain the Steel Pipe from the cop’s corpse. Break the glass into room 211 and defeat another Order member.

There’s a box of Shotgun Ammunition, an Mk 23 Handgun, and the Sector 3 Key. Head back out of room 212 to the Sector 2 hallway, and head towards Sector 3, defeating Order members along the way. Use the Sector 3 Key on the door to gain access.

Sector 3

Pry open the second door on the right, and head down the hall. Defeat the two Order members, duck under the gate, and watch the cutscene with Curtis and Elle. You’ll need to hurry here – climb up the wall on the left of the door, push the fridge out of the way, and pry open the door with the Steel Pipe. Curtis will spot you and begin his attack – avoid his thrusts and pop him with the Steel Pipe to take him down without taking any damage. Finish him with a Heavy Attack when you stun him, and begin your escape with Elle.

With Elle in your party, head back to the first Sector 3 area, defeat the two Order members (one carries a shotgun, so be careful), and go to Sector 2, heading North to the hall where room 114 is. With Elle in your party, you can open the gate to Sector 1.

Sector 1

Enter room 113, and break the glass to find Wheeler – you’ll have two options, which will affect the end of the game. Head through the door to room 111, which will cause a short cutscene to play, and exit into the hall.

At the end of the hall is a Save Point in the room below room 108, so save your game. Head into the large circular room to find the Lair Puzzle.

* Lair Puzzle

Use the Ceremonial Dagger to unlock the pillars – this will tell you which family belongs to what two symbols. The symbol at the top of the window and the symbol above the pillar lock go to one family a piece – rotate the rings until the symbol for “Man”(between the bug and wind) is in the place where Doc Fitch left his pad, and rotate the outer ring until the symbol for “Eye”(between the triangle and the scales) is behind it. It’ll unlock the door’s lock, letting you mess with it.

Rotate the symbols until the two symbols for the Shepherd family (water and a trident) are lined up on the door to unlock it.

Find the Shepherd family altar and examine it to discover that Alex was to be sacrificed.

* CUTSCENE: Alex will have a flashback of him and Joshua on a boat – and discovers he’s the reason for everything that’s happened.

BOSS: Amnion

Amnion is a bit more difficult than your other bosses – it has several metal legs holding up it’s soft, vulnerable body. Stay near the center, where the grating is, and dodge it’s attacks until you get an opening to whack the soft bits. Keep doing this until it flips over during a cinematic.

In it’s second stage, it’s a little faster, but not by much. Again, stay in the center, avoid it’s attacks, and it’ll get it’s legs stuck in the grating during it’s smash attack. Whack the soft bits until you finally see X pop up as a context clue, tap it and defeat Amnion to obtain the Head Above Water Achievement.

Congratulations! You’ve completed Silent Hill: Homecoming!

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Art, Painting, Photography

So, I’ve been putting off painting for a very long time now, although I rationalise it with the fact the global financial crisis has put people into a position where consumption of arts is at an all time low. I am however trying to force myself to get back into it, and I’ll be sharing my progress with you folks as I go. My art will be located at my other site, and yes I’m totally blowing my identity here, but I’ll be throwing stuff up on http://lexwinter.com as I get motivated. I’ve also been toying with the idea of releasing a (limited) fashion line, mostly things I’ve found horribly lacking out there.

By that I mean accessories for men, custom jeans that don’t make you look like you’ve shat your pants, and other random eye candy stuff I find myself looking for but unable to find.

Anyway, this is just a random rant and in part committing myself to having to produce something now or be laffed at by my readers. So feel free to peer pressure me. <3

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Star Trek Most Pirated Film 2009

STAR TREK 2009 Poster

Originally uploaded by Mark Storey Graphic Design & Art

News Ltd, an Australian corporation that owns several tabloid dramu generating pulp rags of hack reporting have revealed today that, “Star Trek has emerged as the most illegally-downloaded film of 2009.

Blog site TorrentFreak, which monitors file sharing, reported the Paramount movie was pirated more than 10 million times by internet users.

The site says the record number of downloads proves peer-to-peer web crime is still on the up.”

It is however a good example of News Ltd. making up facts to suit theoriest, think of the demographic that make up Star Trek fans. Nerds. What do us nerds do when we want to watch something? We download it. Now, I’ve gone and seen Star Trek at the movies, but let’s face it … movie projectors are grainy and gritty and far from high resolution.

So I’ll buy the DVD? Wait, no, that’s not 1080i either, it’ll look good on my television but TV resolution is half a monitors resolution. So what do I do if I want to appreciate the special effects and high quality I originally paid for but found lacking in a cinema? I download it! The fact I’m computer literate, as are almost all Trekkies just means that I’m more likely to have that reaction. So, is piracy on the up? Well, if they’re basing it off ST stats then we can assume that that is an entire load of tabloid driven fallacious nonsense.

The film was pretty boring anyway.

Reaffirming the digital revolution, had News Ltd. taken their other top article into account, it was revealed that “On Christmas Day customers bought more online books than hard-copy ones from internet Giant Amazon.com. The retailer also said its e-book reader, the Kindle, “has become the most gifted item in Amazon’s history”.  I’m not a fan of kindle, but I use my iPhone to carry any books I’m reading in a digital format in the same way it carries my CD collection. It’s nice to see others are embracing the digital realm!

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-12-27

  • This awareness test on YouTube left me feeling a right moron, thus I shall spread the idiocy on: http://bit.ly/eCflw Once you see it … :< #
  • Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind is on @SciFiTV atm, man this was ahead of it's time, as a kid though it scared the crap out of me. :/ #
  • I'm still unsure whether alien mother ships will sound like a tuba though … >_> #
  • The Soup ruined the ending of Dexter for me. I hate that guy so much right now. #
  • Is it bad I'm kind of excited that I'm approaching 1,000 followers? Thanks for my #ff / #followfriday recommendations, you're pretty rad. 😀 #
  • Forza 3 #forza players add gamer tag xBaSHxPR0MPTx (zero in prompt) to your xbox friends list now, giving away cars. <3 #
  • Been pretty busy today, sorry for the neglect. Made a beautiful new custom in Forza 3 today, recreating all brand livery by hand hurts! #
  • Oh and to the folks who've added me today, I'll add you back as soon as I can; hit my cap. 🙁 #
  • Human poo methane v bovine poo methane v petrol in identical Rovers down the 1/4! Placed petrol, human, cow. Poo power! #
  • Goodnight folks, bed time for me. <3 #
  • "You are unable to follow more people at this time." <– That message is the bane of my Twitter existence. :/ #
  • By the below post, I mean, I feel like I'm being rude by not adding back people who follow me in a timely fashion. 🙁 #
  • Patrick Stewart is mah homeboy. #
  • Found an awesome iPhone app that uses your camera to make your phone transperent. It's called 'type and walk,' pure genius! #
  • And no, I wasn't walking while typing that (or this) tweet! 😛 #
  • Watching a documentary about Prince Charles Edward, his life and circumstances are so tragic. #
  • There's probably no Santa. Now stop worrying about which list you're on. #
  • I was gnawing at my arm out of sheer boredom; the back of ones hand has such a strange texture when chewed on! D: #
  • I am tweeting whilst upside down. Can this possibly be the most boring day ever? #
  • A 'preview of next seasons sex in the city' is not news Channel 7, you fucking morons. L2journalism. #
  • In other news Time Trackers is on; also, if you give animals as gifts you're a twat. Millions of dumped animals in the next few weeks agree. #
  • Still can't add any more people back, this twitter cap is ridiculous, #bugreport much? #
  • Wasps decided to make a nest in the brickwork of the front door, getting inside resembled bullet time from the matrix IMO. :'( #
  • Worst intro to a song ever: Pendulum – Showdown. What dick thinks 4/4 hi hats would be anything but shit? Wtf were they thinking? #fail #
  • Happy birthday Jesus, Adonai, Mythra and all the other virgin born birth-death-rebirth deities that were born today within Saturnalia! #
  • And yes, it's the 25th ATM in the GMT+ regions, the cycle has commenced, Santa is rollin' out across the globe! #
  • Merry Christmas all, hope you have a splendid one with family! If you don't have family, feel free to take mine … please! #
  • I cooked Christmas dinner and it was awesome! #
  • Exhausted as can be. Too much to write about; hope you all had an awesome Christmas! Goodnight folks. <3 #
  • I dreamt of zombie outbreaks! Clearly L4D2 has left an impression as there was a boomer, as unrealistic as that is. 😛 #
  • NSW Police dish out awesome Christmas presents, making orphans and a widow by shooting someone on Christmas day: http://bit.ly/6pAIHd #
  • #ff #followmefriday #followfriday Follow Friday time again, I auto follow back for folks looking to meet a crazed gamer and blogger! <3 #
  • Why are there so many twats trying to make money on Twitter? $/time they'd make more flipping burgers. Pipe dreams of big bucks, I guess. :/ #
  • It's amazing what a hairstyle can do as far as attractiveness, in both males and females. If your hair is drab, take heed and do something! #
  • Some people on twitter are plain scary http://yfrog.com/1ezqjj #
  • #FF #Follow Add me on Facebook http://bit.ly/4zbZK8 | Myspace http://bit.ly/5wuNOW | Twitter http://bit.ly/6aEpUw and I'll add you back! <3 #
  • I'm playing Ice Age 3 on my Xbox. Idk man. :/ #
  • Cats will claw at the most expensive furniture, from leather to wood, all but the scratching post you bought them. 🙁 #
  • My god I've eaten (or rather been force fed) twice my bodyweight in 48 hours, fml and fxmas. 🙁 Fattyfattyfatfat. Time to embrace bullemia. #
  • Heading towards 1K friends here and 2K on MySpace. Facebook is the let down, no one seems to use it. 🙁 If you do, add me, Bash Prompt! 🙂 #
  • If you're not already, follow me on Twitter, I'm pretty awesome and will do my best to entertain. 😉 #FF #FollowFriday #FollowMeFriday #win #
  • To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach. http://tr.im/IFKo #
  • No matter how hard I struggle my cat forces his way between my arms in the way of my iPhone. He's like a creepy rapist at night. >_> #
  • Japanese websites are so profanely slow and tardy, they're so backwards as a nation when it comes to web tech! Why?!? #
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Christmas, Horror & Christmas Horror!

To commence, merry Christmas and all that jazz. This post is well overdue, as I’ve been slack with my posts the last few days. I’m sitting on the end of my bed being accosted by a very lovey cat who gets horribly clingy when it’s ‘bed time,’ or at least the second I join him on the bed.

If you’ve never seen nor heard of Kingdom Hospital I encourage horror fans to look into it; I also recently stumbled across a fun podcast while waiting for “We’re Alive” (the zombie podcast I reviewed a while ago) takes it’s sweet time with an update. It’s classic old radio plays of horror stories!

It’s called Tales of Horror, it’s free and on iTunes in the podcast section, or for non apple folks click here: http://www.google.com/search?q=Tales+of+Horror+podcast&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari

I broke 2k gamer points on xbox which was fun and well overdue, I realized I was playing the same games daily–not that I don’t still play them and think them awesome–but Forza 3, Assassins Creed 2 and L4D2 consumed most of my gaming, even World of Warcraft hasn’t been touched in so long my mail is probably auto deleting as I type this losing me tens of thousands of gold pieces! D:

I started playing FEAR, cool game, but the plot is very j-horror and thus doesn’t really suit a western mindset horror fan as creepy little kids and freak out effects don’t make me wet myself. It’s fun, challenging, and I’m one of those tards who always get lost / don’t know where to go or what to do next.

Prince Caspian is another I’ve been playing, it’s from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe famed Narnia series in case you’re from some deep jungle tribe (speaking of, I watched 30 minutes of Attenborough interacting with the Biami tribe who had never met white men and use a 12 base calculating system and share no common words other than nouns with other locals!) and the game play is unbecoming. It’s like Assassins Creed 2 minus parkour, minus assassins, minus creed … but it has a lot of cut scenes from the movie at least?

Ice Age 3 is another I’ve been playing a lot, it and Prince Caspian are identical in every way, although IA3 has parkour like AC2; albeit an animated lullzy style. It too shares the marginally interactive movie (ie: button mash for five minutes between five minute cut scenes!) but is a good no brainer to play, and Scratte + Sid sloth == AMUSED! You get to play both of them too!

I’m wearing a beanie with cat ears and a cat skull motif on the front, suddenly my lovey cat is wide eyed and won’t come near me. This is brilliant, no rubbing in my face tonight!

So, I’m curious. What did you, my dear readers, get for Christmas and what’ve you been up to? I think one of my most awesome gifts are a snazzy pair of mooks sunnies and a car polisher (because everyone knows I’m anal retentive about my car and try to keep it in show car standard) along with a crapload of xbox games which will be keeping me out of trouble for some time.

I have, however, eaten far more than I can take. I cooked Christmas dinner on a BBQ for my family, and didn’t even touch what I cooked opting for more light food stuffs, but familial peer pressure has led to gluttony and god knows I need to get back into working out daily until this one-pack ab I’m sporting pisses off.

I managed to cruise through the Christmas break so far without hitting a police check point; lucky because I’m still suspended and the second a cop stops me and runs my license I’m done for and will be facing six months suspension in court. :/

I got caught speeding between 10-15kph over the limit twice in three years; that’s how unreasonable road laws are in New South Wales, Australia. Even the government admitted it was unreasonable, with 15% of all drivers currently suspended, 1:3 drivers having no license, and almost every case in local and district court being vehicle related–they even released details on the new road rules–but they haven’t brought them in, and probably won’t because they’re spineless and make more from fines / public transport usage!

Anyway, this is all tl;dr and I’m sure only a handful of you have read this far. So to reward your reader loyalty I’m going to attach a picture of myself naked here … okay, I’m lying, but you’re awesome! <3

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Fast Cash Scams / MLM

Twitter users, this is almost exclusively for you. I know it’s Boxing day, or Christmas in some places, and it’s a time for being happy and avoiding anything ‘heavy’, and I’m sure I’ll lose a few fans for this post but I simply MUST say it.

Every day I get my arse spammed off by good hearted dim witted folks (see: twats) trying to promote their formula of get rich quick / make money / cash for tweeting crap. From the ‘Trump Network’ through to all kinds of rubbish, every single one of them requires you 1. purchase something to ‘teach you’ to 2. be a spammer like the person who spammed you, and none 3. provide any real financial income other than one or two success stories that are not verifiable in any way.

What these dimwits don’t realise is, scamming online may seem easy, it might even seem good natured, hell they may even have justified themselves so well that they believe that it IS a business opportunity; but the fact of the matter is, it’s a crime.

Every nation around the world has various penal codes or laws preventing online fraud, and all of these multi-level marketing scams are online fraud. Every person sending you a get rich quick scam spam message could be reported to Twitter or local authorities and pursued. But the internet community just sucks it up and ignores it. Problem is, some people don’t. Right now I’m sure there’s families rather destitute due to scammers who’re having an absolutely crap Christmas.

Remember that next time you see a spammer, remove them from your list and @reply pointing out that they’re a scammer and hell, link them to this post: – http://bit.ly/81Nu6Z

Hope you all had/have/are having a Merry Christmas, keep in mind your good fortune this time of year!

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Italy’s CNR is Bad Science

After hosting a panel earlier this year to discuss supposed flaws in evolutionary theory, Italy’s science agency the National Research Council (CNR) reportedly put up thousands of dollars to help with the publication of a follow-up book, Evolutionism: The Decline of an Hypothesis. The move has vexed many scientists in the country where the Vatican recently came out in support of Darwin’s ideas.

Authored by CNR’s Vice President Roberto de Mattei, the book asserts, among other things, that scientific dating of rocks is inaccurate and that dinosaurs went extinct just 40,000 years ago (rather than some 65 million years ago, not accounting for modern birds, of course), according to the blog ScienceInsider. The American Academy for the Advancement of Science blog notes that an Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, is reporting that CNR provided 9,000 Euros (some $13,255) to help publish the book, which came out last month.

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Forza 3 Paint Hack

2010 Nissan GT-R BPR 01

Originally uploaded by BaSH PR0MPT

I’ve been spending far too long on this car, and this game in general. But it’s definitely a one of a kind. Well, I’m sure other people have figured it out, so it’s not THAT unique, and it definitely won’t be the second I click the [post] button on this update, but check out the sexy paint job before I get to the hack.

Custom paintwork, BP Racing is fictional and just something a few mates and I race under, BP standing for bashprompt (not just my nick, but a command line prompt in *nix based systems) and all other brand livery was recreated by hand by myself because Forza is lame and doesn’t let you export car designs if you use any manufacturers logos, even though EVERYONE has copies of the logos on their hard drives from the game anyway .. go figure.

The car only has livery of companies it is using and has discounts with, features a splash wrap with pin striping, black GT stripes with ghost stripes over a carbon fiber bonnet and carbon fiber sun roof. The sun roof has a two pixel pitch black line around it before the grey of the undercoat for one pixel then the carbon fiber, this gives it the effect as though it’s popped out and part of the facade of the vehicle and not just drawn in. Positioning of stickers was hard to keep things original, there’s a minor defect in the Nismo sticker I can see as I write this, but it’s on three panels (L side, R side, and front) made to look like two stickers.

Check it out, then on with the hacks.






So, did you notice anything? Notice the wheels are a set you can’t paint, but they have a clearly painted inner spoke section? Notice the spoiler is painted even though you can’t paint those spoilers? It really completes the look of the car and makes it utterly unique in it’s class, although it’s locked off however there’s a little hack I discovered through fucking around with a lot of rims, then later gave it a shot with the spoiler and lo and behold it worked!

First we’ll start with the wheels: –

Go into Upgrade Shop, wheels section, pick a pair of wheels (I usually use ‘buddyclub racing’ wheels because they -12 kg’s off your car which is perfect for racing) and then back out to main, go to Paint, Paint Car, Rims, paint them the colour you want, then go back to the Upgrade Shop, wheels section, and purchase a set of rims that look epic but are unpaintable.

This hack works on the following rim types: –

Haman Edition Race
Rota JPL
Holeshot Hole Star
Tenzo RS-5

To carry out the same with body kit features, find one you CAN paint on, and repeat the above steps but with the body kit. This gives you a far more professional finish and leaves a lot of people bugging you in game and in private asking you how the hell you painted your spoiler up, or painted your wheels. 🙂

If you want anything featured on the car, from NSW license plate through to the tow tag or electric certification tag (small icons on the front, that are stickers all race cars are required to have on 99% of race tracks before they can race indicating certification and safety, as well as providing an emergency towing point location tag) it’s all on my storefront.

When I’m finished this design and everything is flawless, I’ll release a limited run of these cars, high end R2 rated, for direct purchase. Stay tuned, and tell your Forza chums to check my shit out and add me, always up for more friends in the Forza community!

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2010 Nissan GT-R BPR Livery

2010 Nissan GT-R BPR Livery

Originally uploaded by BaSH PR0MPT

Been playing with the editor in Forza 3 after seeing many an inspirational video by graphic artists on YouTube and figures my tardy race team livery needed updating. Retiring my two 2009 Ford Focus RS’ and their dated blue red and white stripes is sad but there’s no option to use them anymore as A-class races are long gone in my season play.

Forza / Turn 10 gave out 2010 Nissan GT-R’s with lame ‘seasons greetings’ designs that made them look shit, I had two laying around so figured I’d doll them up. I intend on playing as a race team with a few mates so figured I need to get my livery in order, but in a way I can share so our cars are similar. Needless to say all manufacturer logos are locked, you have to strip them before you can gift or sell a car, then it struck me!

I searched the auction house for some of the brands in my car, found lots of remakes for very little, grabbed everything in the car and began by choosing to create a new vinyl group, import their version, colour in my version over the top (takes a little patience but it’s easy) and bam, I have a fully decked out race car that I can send!

This isn’t a good res shot but I’m not near my PC and screen capped it from my forza garage on my iPhone to upload it.

Follow this link to see the rest of it in high definition: – http://forzamotorsport.net/en-us/profile/default.htm?gamertag=xbashxpr0mptx

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Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Originally uploaded by BaSH PR0MPT

I still don’t get it. Saw it on the shelf a while back, now I’m seeing it reviewed everywhere. Plants vs Zombies as a concept still makes me flip my shit at the absurdity of it all! 😛

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George Romero’s ‘Survival of the Dead’ gets Distributor

The Wagner/Cuban Companies’ Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, announced today that it has acquired US rights to George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead, the latest in the legendary and beloved series of zombie films which bowed at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals earlier this year. Romero, one of the most influential and respected horror auteurs of all time, has created a new, terrifying vision that combines viscerally gory undead action with biting social commentary and a return to the black humor and playfulness of his seminal film, Dawn of the Dead. Magnet will release the film as part of its Ultra VOD program this spring, debuting it on VOD platforms nationwide a month before its theatrical release.

Like its predecessors, George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead takes place in a desperate, nightmarish world where the dead walk the earth, relentlessly attacking the living. It is the story of Plum Island – a beautiful refuge whose isolation allows two powerful families to maintain a semblance of order in the wake of the zombie holocaust. But as the inhabitants slowly die off, the two clans become sharply divided: the O’Flynns believe that the undead must be destroyed without exception, while the Muldoons insist that afflicted loved ones be kept “alive” until a cure is found. The result is an escalating showdown with echoes of a classic Western stand-off that erupts in brutality and violence.

“George A. Romero is an undisputed cinematic legend, and we’re honored to be bringing another installment of this incredible series of films to horror fans,” said Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles. “Survival… is smart, extremely fun and a worthy addition to the …of the Dead franchise.”

Says Romero, “I’m a big admirer of the team at Magnolia. They’re creative and passionate, and I’m excited to put Survival… in their hands.”
Other related zombie news: –

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Vote for us at Podcast Alley at http://tinyurl.com/mozvote/

Eric D. Knapp, author of Cluck: Murder Most Fowlhttp://www.ericdknapp.com/
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13 Visions Art + Design – http://www.13visions.com/

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Left 4 Dead 2 “The Passing ” add-on – http://tinyurl.com/lfd2passing
Natalie Portman in Pride and Prejudice and Zombieshttp://tinyurl.com/ppzportman
David O. Russell to direct Pride and Prejudice and Zombieshttp://tinyurl.com/ppzrussell
Pentagon creates zombie pigs – http://tinyurl.com/zombiepigs
Zombie Roadkillhttp://tinyurl.com/zedroadkill
Survival of the Dead on Region 2 DVD – http://tinyurl.com/survivaldvd
Survival of the Dead on Blu-ray – http://tinyurl.com/survivalblu

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Top 25 Horror Movie Twists

I stumbled across a very amusing run down of the top 25 horror movie twist endings last night laying in bed reading on my iPhone, I had to bookmark it with intent to repost it, as much as I hate reposts, it really is a good read, especially if you haven’t seen a couple of the films on this list!
Everybody’s a sucker for a good twist ending, and no genre tries harder to throw viewers for a loop than horror and suspense movies. Below are the best 25 that I can think of, ones that go beyond a mere Scooby Doo-like unmasking of the killer. It goes without saying that if you don’t want to find out what the movie’s twist is, don’t read beyond the “Spoiler Alert!“. Now that I’m legally free of liability, on with the show…

25. April Fool’s Day (1986)

© Paramount
This seemingly typical ’80s slasher has a twist ending that has made it more memorable than it should be — unfortunately leading to the woeful 2008 remake.Spoiler Alert! It’s all been a big April Fool’s Day joke. No one is actually dead. (Apparently, the pranksters are very good at special effects and makeup.) It’s a nice idea for a twist in general, but a slasher with no one dying is pretty lame.

24. When a Stranger Calls (1979)

© Sony
This movie is best known for its “prank calls coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE” concept, but in the original film, this moment accounts for only the first 20 minutes. The rest is a dull case study of the killer, seven years later, trying to live life on the outside of the loony bin…until the ending.Spoiler Alert! After following the killer around for an hour or so, we suddenly switch back to the babysitter from the opening scene, now grown up with kids. She receives a call from the killer reminiscent of the calls from seven years ago, and although her kids are OK, can you guess where the killer is? That’s right, in the house. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, I’m dead. Not only is he inside the house, though, but he’s IN THE BED!

23. Identity (2003)

© Sony
Ten strangers stranded at a remote hotel in the middle of a torrential rainstorm begin dying at the hands of an unknown killer. Sounds simple enough, but the twist turns this been-there-done-that premise on its ear. It’s perhaps the most divisive ending on this list, but love it or hate it, it’s unique.Spoiler Alert! The people in the motel are all personalities in the head of a killer sentenced to die. He’s been given a special treatment designed to “kill” his alternate personalities, leaving a kinder, gentler killer.

22. The Descent (original ending) (2005)

© Lions Gate
A group of female spelunkers get trapped deep underground by a cave-in and discover a race of humanoid beasts looking for a spelunker meal.Spoiler Alert! The original European ending was a much more depressing — though probably better — affair than the American ending. In the original version, the last surviving spelunker finally escapes the cave and drives away, only realize that her escape is a hallucination, and she’s still trapped in the darkness. The end.

21. Fallen (1998)

© Warner Bros.
The soul of an executed serial killer jumps from body to body, and only Denzel Washington realizes what’s going on.Spoiler Alert! We’re set up in the opening scene by Denzel’s voiceover, saying that he almost died during the ordeal. What we don’t realize is that Denzel is possessed by the killer while he’s speaking, so in fact it’s the killer who almost dies, while Denzel, sadly, bites the bullet.

20. Carnival of Souls (1962)

© Criterion
A woman is the lone survivor of a car crash but soon thereafter begins to see strange ghouls chasing her.Spoiler Alert! This is one of the first films to use the plot twist of the protagonist being dead all along, which now has been beaten to death. Enough, people!

19. The Others (2001)

© Buena Vista
During World War II, a woman and her two children move into a mansion and begin to suspect that it might be haunted. Is it or isn’t it?Spoiler Alert! The house is indeed haunted…by them! The woman and her kids have been dead all along and have been bothering honest living people trying to make a living. The ending might’ve had more of an impact had it not come on the heels of The Sixth Sense.

18. Scream (1996)

© Dimension
A serial killer in a mask and robe stalks a bunch of teens. This is one of the few slashers in which the revelation of the killer is a true twist — one almost impossible to guess precisely.Spoiler Alert! The killer is…two killers! Neve Campbell’s boyfriend and his friend team up to play “Stab the Student Body.”

17. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

© Image
A man relates his tale of madman Dr. Caligari, who along with his zombie-like henchman, committed a string of murders.Spoiler Alert! It turns out that the narrator is the real madman, and he’s telling his tale in an insane asylum. Caligari is in fact his doctor in the asylum.

16. The Mist (2007)

© The Weinstein Co.
A fogbank containing bloodthirsty monsters comes rolling into a small town, trapping a few dozen people in a grocery store. The movie changes Stephen King’s original ending to provide a major jolt.Spoiler Alert! Five characters drive a truck out of town, only to see that the creature-filled mist goes on forever. They run out of gas and are so despondent that they decide to commit suicide rather than be killed by the monsters. Since they have only four bullets, David (Thomas Jane) shoots the other four people — including his son — and steps out of the truck to let the creatures kill him…except the Army shows up, saving the day. Whoops! While the ending doesn’t fully work — partly due to Jane’s acting — it takes guts to even attempt.

Everybody’s a sucker for a good twist ending, and no genre tries harder to throw viewers for a loop than horror and suspense movies. Below are the best 25 that I can think of, ones that go beyond a mere Scooby Doo-like unmasking of the killer. It goes without saying that if you don’t want to find out what the movie’s twist is, don’t read beyond the “Spoiler Alert!“. Now that I’m legally free of liability, on with the show…

15. High Tension (2005)

© Lions Gate
A psychotic truck driver invades a home one night, killing the family and kidnapping the daughter. He doesn’t realize, though, that the daughter’s friend, Marie, was spending the night at the house, and she hitches a ride in the back of the killer’s truck in order to help free her friend. Then things get weird…Spoiler Alert! The male killer we see throughout the film is actually a figment of Marie’s imagination. She’s the one doing all of the slicing and dicing. It’s one of those improbable endings that explains away the inconsistencies by stating that everything was seen through the eyes of a crazy person. The same thing happed with Glitter.
14. The Wicker Man (1973)
© Anchor Bay
An uptight British policeman investigates a missing child on a British isle that celebrates pagan customs. Although considered to be a horror classic, the only real moment of horror comes in the movie’s final moments.Spoiler Alert! The story of the missing girl was made up to lure the cop to the island so that he could be sacrificed to the inhabitants’ pagan gods in a burning “wicker man.” Weenie roast at 8:00 by the goat’s skull!

13. The Orphanage (2007)

© Picturehouse
Soon after a couple moves into an abandoned orphanage, their young son goes missing, and the mother suspects that the ghost of a boy she saw with a bag over his head might be responsible.Spoiler Alert! The ending is open to interpretation, but from what I gather, the house is haunted, but the “ghost” that the mother sees is in fact her son dressed as the bag-headed ghost boy. After she punishes him for misbehaving, the son puts a bag on his head, attacks his mother, then gets scared and runs to hide in a secret room accessible through a closet, where he falls down and dies. In the mother’s haste to find him, she inadvertently knocks over a post in the closet that blocks the secret passage, preventing the son’s body from being found.

12. Diabolique (1964)

© Criterion
A wife plots to kill her husband with her husband’s mistress, but after the deed is done, the body disappears. This French film actually includes a message at the end warning viewers not to reveal the twist ending to people who haven’t seen it. Oh well…Spoiler Alert! The husband isn’t really dead. He and the mistress plot to make the wife think he’s dead, then scare her into having a heart attack.

11. Black Christmas (1974)

© Eclectic
A sorority house must deal with a series of threatening phone calls and the disappearances of some of their sisters.Spoiler Alert! Five years before When a Stranger Calls, Black Christmas originated the “crank calls coming from inside the house” routine and put it where it should be: at the film’s climax. Granted, this revelation isn’t terribly surprising, since we see the killer systematically picking off sorority figures inside the house, but it was influential, and the film’s final twist is that the man who dies and is assumed to be the killer turns out not to be the one. He’s still INSIDE THE HOUSE.

10. Angel Heart (1987)

© Live / Artisan
A private investigator in the ’50s named Harry Angel is hired to find a former singer named Johnny Favorite, who disappeared after fighting in World War II. During his investigation, Angel stumbles upon a series of murders on the way to a shocking revelation.Spoiler Alert! Harry is Johnny. Johnny killed the real Harry and assumed his identity, then was drafted into the war and got injured, requiring extensive facial surgery and causing amnesia — so he doesn’t realize who he is, and no one recognizes him. Furthermore, Harry/Johnny is the person killing all of the people, under the influence of the man who hired him…Satan himself! (who looks surprisingly like Robert De Niro)

9. The Skeleton Key (2005)

© Universal
Caroline gets a job as a live-in nurse for an incapacitated man living in a Louisiana plantation with his wife, Violet. The house is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of two servants — a husband and wife — who were hanged in the 1920s for trying to teach the owner’s children hoodoo.Spoiler Alert! The spirits of the two servants are in the bodies of the old couple. Well, originally, the old man held the male servant’s soul, but it was transferred into a young lawyer, while the spirit of the female servant is transferred at the end from Violet into Caroline’s body. The film ends with Caroline’s soul and that of the young lawyer occupying the old couple’s bodies, both incapacitated and mute, and the servants having new young bodies.

8. Seven (1995)

© New Line
Two police detectives, Mills and Somerset, try to catch a serial killer who chooses victims who break one of the seven deadly sins. As we reach the climax, the killer has accounted for five of the seven sins, until…the box.Spoiler Alert! The killer offers to take Mills and Somerset to the location of the sixth and seventh victims. When they arrive at the barren outdoor location, a delivery van drives up and drops off a box containing Mills’ wife’s head — thankfully, not C.O.D. The killer confesses that he killed her because he was envious (the sixth sin) of the Mills’ family life. Mills, using his wrath (the seventh sin), then shoots him dead, all according to the killer’s plans.

7. Friday the 13th (1980)

© Paramount
A boy named Jason drowns at Camp Crystal Lake in 1957, and a year later, when two counselors are murdered, the camp is closed down. Jason’s body is never found, and he’s rumored to still be lurking. Twenty-two years later, it reopens, only to have a killer begin stalking the camp counselors once again.Spoiler Alert! Is Jason responsible for the deaths? No, it’s his mother, Mrs. Vorhees, wearing a fashionable sweater. But wait, there’s more! The last remaining counselor, Alice, kills Mrs. Vorhees and goes for a gentle float in a canoe — at which point Jason’s decaying little boy body jumps out of the water and drags her under. The police eventually pull her out, and Jason is never heard from again…except 11 or so more times.

6. The Ring (2002)

© Dreamworks
Rachel, a reporter investigating a video tape rumored to bring death to anyone who watches it, finds out that it is somehow tied to a mysterious young girl named Samara.Spoiler Alert! Rachel does all of the grunt work to find out that Samara’s body is lying at the bottom of a well and then even goes down there to retrieve it — thus, by all normal movie logic, freeing the restless spirit from haunting people through video tapes and prank phone calls. However, as Rachel’s psychic son so effectively points out, Samara is evil, and Rachel has succeeded in freeing her spirit to kill at will. Nice one, Mom.

Everybody’s a sucker for a good twist ending, and no genre tries harder to throw viewers for a loop than horror and suspense movies. Below are the best 25 that I can think of, ones that go beyond a mere Scooby Doo-like unmasking of the killer. It goes without saying that if you don’t want to find out what the movie’s twist is, don’t read beyond the “Spoiler Alert!“. Now that I’m legally free of liability, on with the show…

5. Sleepaway Camp (1983)

© Anchor Bay
Mousy teenager Angela is sent to summer camp, only to be caught in the midst of a rash of murders. This cheap slasher is by all accounts worthless and would’ve faded into obscurity if not for the final jaw-dropping, tape-rewinding, pause-and-stare-and-call-your-friends-over-to-stare moment.Spoiler Alert! Angela turns out to be not only the killer, but a boy as well. Angela is actually Peter, Angela’s brother. The real Angela died years earlier, and Peter assumed her identity after being dressed up in girl’s clothing by their aunt. We realize that she is really a he during the film’s climax, when he reveals himself in all his glory, naked beside the lake, holding the head of his final victim. Eat your heart out, Crying Game.
4. Psycho (1960)
© Universal
Mild-mannered motel owner Norman seeks to cover up a series of murders committed by his overbearing mother.Spoiler Alert! Norman, apparently a great mimic and voice-thrower, dressed as his mother to commit the murders. Years earlier, he killed his mother — whose skeleton sits in his cellar in a rocking chair — and developed a split personality: that of him and his mother. The movie’s little-known alternate title was Freud’s Field Day.

3. Saw (2004)

© Lions Gate
Two men, Adam and Lawrence, find themselves chained in a large bathroom with a dead body. A recording informs Lawrence that he must kill Adam within eight hours, or his wife and daughter will die. As the deadline approaches, we see the man who’s been monitoring the men’s actions break into Lawrence’s house and attack his family.Spoiler Alert! The man who appears to be the mastermind behind the “game” is in fact a player himself. He’s being forced to act by the true mastermind, the man posing as the dead body in the bathroom. Lawrence eventually cuts off his foot in order to escape (presumably bleeding to death), at which point the “dead body” rises and proclaims to Adam, “Game over,” locking him in the room to die.

2. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

© Anchor Bay
Several people trapped in an isolated farmhouse struggle to defend themselves against a horde of flesh-eating zombies surrounding the building.Spoiler Alert! Ben, the last person left alive in the house, manages to survive by locking himself in the basement after the zombies break in. The cavalry arrives the next morning in the form of a bunch of good ol’ boys shootin’ zombies real good. Unfortunately for Ben, as he runs upstairs to greet the rescuers, they mistake him for a zombie and put a bullet in his head. The hopelessness of the ending embodied the war-ravaged era and, combined with the (unintentional or intentional) racial implications of Ben’s death, made for one powerful bummer.

1. The Sixth Sense (1999)

© Buena Vista
Child psychologist Malcolm Crowe is working with a boy named Cole who claims to be able to “see dead people.” At first, Malcolm is skeptical but eventually comes to believe in the child’s ability.Spoiler Alert! Malcolm helps Cole learn to use his power for good. The end. Oh, and Malcolm is really a ghost who doesn’t realize he’s dead. When anyone mentions “twist ending,” The Sixth Sense comes to mind, and for better or worse (probably worse), it’s spawned a generation of films that feel they must “trick” the viewer into liking them. Pretty sneaky, sis.
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Ghosts, masturbation & weird findings

Creepy shit, worth reposting.

Ghosts, masturbation and weird findings
* From: AAP
* December 16, 2009 4:35PM

WEIRD, wild and decidedly offbeat research findings have emerged in 2009.

Among the most bizarre medical discoveries were:.

- Pulling a tick off the wrong way can lead to meat allergy. An Australian doctor found the link while studying rising cases of the allergy among people who live on Sydney’s tick-prone northern beaches. “I now tell everybody I see who lives anywhere near ticks to use `Aerostart’ (spray-on engine cleaner) or another high-alcohol substance,” said Dr Sheryl van Nunen. “Stun the tick before you scrape it out and it can’t inject what it injects.”

- Serial coffee drinkers are more likely to feel “the presence of dead people”, British researchers found. They asked students about their caffeine intake and those with the highest were also most likely to report seeing, or hearing, things that were not there.

- The hotter a common laser printer gets, the more likely it is to spew out potentially hazardous “ultrafine particles”, Australian scientists warned. The particles can be as toxic as cigarette smoke, and 60 per cent of printers in one study were found to emit them.

- British scientists have created a custom-made bacteria that glows green when it comes into contact with chemicals leaked by buried explosives, meaning it can be used to safely detect the presence of landmines.

- A UK study found men who reported more frequent masturbation and sex during their 20s and 30s went on to have an increased risk of prostate cancer. However this was at odds with Australian research prompting claims “bashful” Brits may have skewed the result. “Men who haven’t got the disease … are less likely to admit to high levels of self-satisfaction,” said Melbourne’s Professor Graham Giles.

- They provide relief from the body’s aches and pains but they can also burn, doctors from an Adelaide hospital’s emergency department warned after treating a string of “wheat bag” injuries.

- The first US case of “cannabinoid hyperemesis” was recorded in the medical literature. The syndrome was first described in 2004 in 20 South Australian men. Sufferers experience nausea and vomiting as a result of chronic cannabis use, but these ill effects are relieved by taking a very hot shower. “Grown men, screaming in pain, sweating profusely, vomiting every 30 seconds and demanding to be allowed to use the shower. It’s a very dramatic presentation,” an Adelaide-based doctor said.

- US surgeons successfully restored a woman’s sight by pulling out one of her teeth, placing a lens inside the tooth and then implanting the tooth in her eyeball. The technique can only be used when a person has a scarred cornea on an otherwise healthy eye.

- Australian medicos found a new use for saline solution. The hospital staple is very effective at removing a leech from an eyeball. A Sydney hospital treated a woman who had a leech “tucked up underneath her upper eyelid”. “Our little fellow started off at about half a centimetre and by the time we removed it, it was about 2cm long – it had quite a good lunch,” said doctor Toby Fogg.

- Caffeine does temporarily dull the body’s ability to feel pain, according to a US study that looked at how long cyclists could maintain maximum exertion.

- A study of children taken to emergency departments in Australia and New Zealand has found boys were over-represented, even when accounting for their higher accident rate. “All of the nurses in my department think it is because males are the weaker sex,” said Dr Jason Acworth.

- A 62-year-old cancer survivor was temporarily denied entry into the US because the drug he was taking had wiped out his fingerprints. The journal Annals of Oncology issued a travel warning for the drug capecitabine, which lists inflammation of the hands and peeling palms among its side effects. “Patients … may have problems with regards to fingerprint identification when they enter US ports or other countries,” it warned.

- Brain scans on 30 Brisbane-based mums showed that some experienced a “natural high” when looking at photos of their crying child, while for others the same scenario inspired feelings of “disgust”.

- A paper in the Journal of Clinical Practice listed cases of people who drank up to nine litres of cola a day. One man was confined to an electric scooter as a result. Another saw his GP for muscle weakness, and admitted to drinking more than four litres a day during a trip to the Australian outback. Excess soft drink consumption can cause “mild weakness to profound paralysis”, researchers warned.

- Many smokers feel more compelled to quit when asked to ponder the impact of their habit on their pet’s health, a US study revealed.

- Having a hook worm in your stomach was found to be an effective treatment for coeliac disease. The parasite reduced the sensitivity of the immune system, which would otherwise malfunction and attack the stomach lining. Despite the “yuck factor”, 20 study participants opted to keep their hookworm at the end of an Australian trial.

- Research into a 17 per cent jump in Australian men who sought tests for prostate cancer found the cause was Sam Newman. The controversial AFL identity went public with his diagnosis in early 2008, and it had a similar impact on prostate cancer testing as Kylie Minogue had on breast screening following her 2005 diagnosis.

- A testosterone patch designed to pep up a woman’s sex drive received the thumbs down in a study published in the UK’s Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin. The side effects included acne, excess hair, breast pain, weight gain, insomnia, voice deepening and migraine. “Significant numbers” of women placed on a placebo patch reported an increase in sex drive.

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Cop Massacre at DC Snow Fight

Originally uploaded by matthewbradley

Made you look, didn’t it. The massacre was of him, with snowballs, so much so that he flipped his shit and pulled a gun on twitterers and tumblr’s who orchestrated a flash snowball fight. According to an eyewitness, a D.C. Police detective (pictured w/ gun) went nuts after kids pelted his Hummer with snowballs at 14th and U Streets NW. The ‘veteran detective’ got out of his car and eventually grabbed for his gun, displaying it to the crowd. He did not immediately identify himself as a police officer. He calmed down once his fellow uniformed cop arrived. Apparently, someone called 911 to report a man with gun. The snowball fight had been well hyped on Twitter. The news of the incident first broke there. We caught up with an eyewitness moments ago.

Eyewitness Matthew Bradley tells City Desk:

“An hour ago, we showed up to see a snowball fight already in progress. Two factions along 14th Street along the intersection. It was pretty friendly, mostly OK. At one point, there was one interaction with the police that I saw. A cop got stuck in the snow. People stopped and helped him out. A couple moments later, at the intersection, heading west along U was this big maroon Hummer. A small faction of people decided to target it with snowballs. They’re throwing snowballs at the Hummer. It turns out the driver of the Hummer is a detective. He gets out. He’s waving a walkie talkie. It’s not going well. Then he starts waving a gun. He hadn’t identified himself at this point. There was a point where things cooled off a bit, more police showed up, and he identified himself at that point. The name was Det. Baylor. My guess was B-A-Y-L-O-R.”

“There was a point where it got really tense. The experience for many people was snowball fight kind of fun…and then there’s a guy with a gun.”

Bradley says he heard that the police were responding to a 911 call for a man with a gun. The detective calmed down once his fellow cops arrived. Bradley says that he thinks the cop was a detective but is not 100 percent sure. D.C. Police later confirm that the gun-waving cop is a veteran detective.

Later in the incident, the detective goes into the crowd and grabs a man who he thinks threw a snowball at him.

Like so many others, Robin Bell heard about the snowball fight at 14th and U Streets NW and decided to go and check it out. He tells City Desk that prior to the incident, a cop car got stuck in the road and everybody stopped the snowball fight and helped the cop get his car out of the snow. “The crowd cheered and everybody was happy,” Bell says.

Soon, though, he started hearing people shouting: “Don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight!”

“Then I walked over and I saw a police officer brandishing a weapon,” Bell says referring to the uniform cop. He says he didn’t see the detective brandish his weapon–only the furious aftermath. He says the detective was yelling and “kind of out of control.” “It was really strange to see a police officer so upset and angry over what seemed at best a misunderstanding,” Bell explains. “At worst, it was some kids throwing a snowball at him.”

At one point, Bell says, the detective ran into the crowd and grabbed man whom he thought might have thrown a snowball at him. Bell adds that the detective them put the individual next to his Hummer. Cops grabbed two others. All three were given warnings. “It was ridiculous because everyone was throwing snowballs,” Bell says.

Via Twitter:

“Detective Baylor(sp?) hummer get hits by snowballs and he waves a gun around. Cops on radio say Det is being ‘blackmailed’”

And later:

Chant from 14 & U snowball fight: “You don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight.” Banner: “No war but snowball war.”

Prince of Petworth reports similar cop scene:

“A reader writes in about the snowball fight at 14th and U. Word on the street is that apparently it started in good fun but then someone hit a Hummer driving by belonging to a police officer and then the reader says multiple patrol cars responded.”

D.C. Police Officer at the 3rd District does confirm to City Desk that the police did respond to 14th and U, refused further comment.

An officer tells me that 2D cops responded and that 3D cops assisted on the incident. An official at 2D says that officers did respond to an incident involving snowballs being thrown at a passing vehicle at 14th and U. He stated that he had not heard about an officer waving his gun around. WJLA just posted a story on the incident with video. It appears that the officer merely brandished his gun. Another uniformed officer took out his pistol.

Still not cool.

Assistant Chief Diane Groomes tells LL via e-mail:

“Hello..i am just learning of this alleged incident..we are trying to verify and get in contact with witnesses to interview…to confirm and investigate”

More video here.

Assistant Chief Peter Newsham tells LL: “There was no police pulling guns on snowball people.”
Newsham described the detective as a veteran detective.

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-12-20

  • Ezio's family being executed in front of him is so sad. 🙁 #
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  • "Unable to follow more people at this time." .. I could be in bed, damn you Twitter, htfu and let me add people back. 🙁 #
  • Night for now twits, thanks to all those masochists who #follow me, it's time I hit the hay I think. Downside is, it's so hot tonight. :/ #
  • Watching S1E01-02 Jericho on @SciFiTV, I can't believe they canned this show, it was awesome, bit too much interdrama I guess. #
  • The bombs just dropped! D: I'm gen-x or cold-y depending on the system used, so nuclear war was a real threat when I grew up, it's scary! #
  • Ever get tempted to open hardcore porn on unattended workplace computers just to leave stuff in someones history that involves goats? #
  • I have an awesome #pickone .. add bashpr0mpt on twitter and have him add you back when he wakes or asphyxiate on fail. Pick one! #ff #
  • Goodnight twits, stay wonderful! <3 #
  • For every person that checks out http://tinyurl.com/ycs4mh8 , I will get more followers! You can too! #
  • Being up this early sucks. #
  • Have any of you been victims of school bullying? If so, how has it impacted on your life as an adult, positively or negatively? #
  • AUSTRALIAN'S: Say no to government regulation and censorship of social networking sites, SIGN HERE | http://bit.ly/8yU2Wf | RT THIS PEOPLE! #
  • New folks following me, I'm not being rude and I always follow back, just waiting for twitters timer to let me add you all! #ff #followme #
  • I possibly had the worst sleep I've had in quite a while last night, you know when you're up that late it'll hurt less to do an all-nighter? #
  • Reading theological site that doesn't push a POV and discusses religion v science rationally. I'm scared. It must be a trap! #
  • I think it's time for some serious L4D2, them zombie's ain't going to kill themselves, and I'm half way through chain of command. Chainsaw! #
  • Although I'm kind of sidetracked watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's weird there's no ST shows made anymore, at all. #
  • #pickone #followme or lick yak scrote. Srsly. I know it's not #ff (#followfriday / #followmefriday) anymore, but I -do- follow back. 😉 #
  • When Twitter LETS me that is, still frustratedly trying. I must seem so rude to some of these new folks. 🙁 #
  • On the contrary, not following me #willgetyouslapped #convoOVER hmpf. 😛 And yes, I structured that to fish some new randoms to follow back. #
  • It's weird, today's been the first day I've pimped myself out to meet new people, but from the growth rate of friends I don't need to. Why? #
  • I'm mean surely my constant tweets adding to thoughts I've tweeted (like this) get annoying, along with the fact all I do is geek and game. #
  • "Not to sound all movie of the week, but I think you may have amnesia." … I lol'd. #
  • Squeeze from the bottom of the tube. The people you live with will secretly hate you a lot less. #
  • L4D2, hard rain. Atmospheric++ #
  • It's overcast and stormy here, great mood setter for Hard Rain, done in 50 minutes or so. What campaign now? #
  • "Unable to follow more people at this time." … this is getting old twitter, idgaf about your anti spam shit, I'm a legitimate user here. #
  • I've been unable to follow anyone since yesterday, wtf. #
  • Home made pancakes from scratch. So yummy I think I'm going to shit myself in excitement. Counter productive as that may be! #
  • Off to sleep, #ff / #followme / #followfriday / #followmefriday folks, following you all back now, sorry for the delay, others add me! <3 #
  • I find the dreadlock guy and pseudo-native American chick in Stargate: Atlantis an archetype cliche of the 'noble savage', it's so lame! :/ #
  • At least @SciFiTV is airing some scifi, normally it's Buffy, Charmed & Angel marathons. The AU scifi channel is utter crap. #
  • Before scifi 2 we only got to watch the same 6 hour session of shows 4 times a day, now we can watch it 8! @SciFiTV need to l2broadcast. #
  • When I close my eyes all I see is Assassins Creed 2 (#AC2), is this the 'bleed effect' of the Animus IRL? D: Halp! #
  • Morning twits, we've survived another day without zombie invasion; feels good, doesn't it? #
  • Looking at the offerings for 2010 from Hyundai in Forza, not very impressive, and overpriced. Only a tosser would pay 60k for a Hyundai. #
  • Tremors 3 is on @SciFiTV, by 3 they accepted their bad sci fi was comedy. Very much the way Army of Darkness went. Bloody great. 🙂 #
  • Time for some Assassins Creed 2 I think. #
  • Omfg, got Guardin' Gnome on my new profile first go! got my pink Depeche Mode shirt back! #
  • I got an #xbox achievement, 'Wing and a Prayer,' in #L4D2 first go on my old account, on my 9th attempt now, fml. So frustrating. #
  • Okay so i finally got it that time, must have scored a few hundred gamer points today. Yay! 🙂 #
  • I became a Trendbender by committing to reduce 9242.4kg CO2 equivalent per year. Check my blog at bashpr0mpt.com to find out how I did it. #
  • Seems there's thousands of others who took the Trendbender pledge on Twitter, I might add a few interesting ones for more $rand in my feed. #
  • Twitter should add a feature to auto-follow back, there's like 50 peeps I need to follow back still but I hit my limit already. 🙁 #
  • Saw this and lol'd: – A really good accountant, when asked what 2+2 equals, is the one who answers "What do you want it to be?" #
  • I could spend hours messing with my kittens head with remote eject on my xbox. Best xbox game ever! >:D #
  • #nocleanfeed Too little, too late. Should have backed the DLC and EFA more Aussies. Your own fault, you made this bed. 🙂 #
  • Social ettiquette for Twitter; imagine this is a bar. Do you walk up to strangers saying, "I earn $10k a week ask me how!" .. god no. #
  • http://tr.im/HFON <- SEGA appealing classification refusal by Australia for AVP. Although so few bothered with #nocleanfeed we're pwn'd. #
  • #Israel doesn't like being accused of war crimes in #Palestine — Warrant for arrest of #war criminals caused uproar: http://tr.im/HHsZ #
  • My blogs gone green, yours could too! Check out http://tr.im/HHv9 to see what I got up to today to make a difference. <3 #
  • Struggling to sleep, so hot. Got half way through AC2 though. I must have got close to busting out half a grand of GP today! 😀 #
  • I have a kitten trying to sleep on my head, well, on my pillow, but wrapped over my head. I'm her kitten pile! 😛 #
  • Goodnight twits, thanks for hanging around another day and keeping my life spammy and weeeeird. >:D #
  • Hit my cap of adding users back again. Grr. Fml. I want randoms to talk to, add bashprompt [at] live.com to MSN messenger. 🙂 #
  • Hate how in AC2 you have to collect like -everything-, I'm bad at collecting things, although I've had a lot of fun deciphering hidden code! #
  • God the AC3 assassins tombs are frustrating, at the one on Forli, went as far as I could, found a chest & ended where I started. Halp! #
  • 3/6 Assassins Tomb seals so far, this game is horrible for people who are scared of heights like me. ;_; #
  • 4/6 seals. I'm close to getting Altaire's armour! Assassins Creed 2 is FUN. 😀 But scary: :/ #
  • I wonder if I can break 1,000 twitter friends over the coming follow Friday? :O G'night twits. I'm off for two hours sleep! <3 #
  • To summarise their post: Unfortunately myths are spread by politicians to show their own opinion in a less than worthy position over reality #
  • They also say to trust your own council. I dunno, my council are pretty shit. But this company is so professional they earn Mike $500 p/w! #
  • Idgi with internet users and MLM scams, they still fall for them then sucker people into it to try and bail out their losses. #fail #
  • Morning twits. So I hear Lady Gaga was smashing at the Toyal Variety show? Noticed both are trending, was it that big a deal? What happened? #
  • My Facebook account was 'disabled' for no apparent reason. Fuck you Facebook. Filed an appeal, but seriously, wtf? #
  • Holden's new front end design is a rip off of BMW. Their look was just starting to pick up from top heavy bubble car to more muscle too. :/ #
  • AC2 CTF is so rigged, at 2/3 caps suddenly he's 30 yards closer at start than before, WTF? #
  • Why do lamers rage about gamer point boosting? Is it because they can't? Penis envy in the digital realm! #
  • I hate sultanas/raisins. They're NOT fruit. Cereals with 'fruit' in them tend to be 99.99% sultanas/raisins. They should be banned. D: #
  • Starting a new FB profile while they screw around with my appeal, add me: http://bit.ly/58Nvcs <3 #
  • I have Bad Romance by @LadyGaga in my head. Again. Fml. (Does #nowplaying count if it's in my head? D:) #
  • Going to take a cat nap, man my sleeping pattern is screwed, and it's like 41C here today, sweltering. :'( #
  • By cat nap I mean play xbox: or so it seems. Fml, so tired, but them zombies ain't going to kill themselves! #
  • 1325 GP in four days is woeful, need to grab Avatar TLA for 1k in 5 minutes IMHO! #
  • Almost finished all the L4D2 achievements, close to the zombie hand shirt (10k kills)! #
  • Any of you folks L4D2 fans? Xbox? Add xBaSHxPR0MPTx (zero in prompt) and we'll play sometime. #
  • I really miss the vegetarian alt. at McDonalds, chick pea paddy, nicest burger EVER. They never put it on the menu and then just killed it. #
  • Got a letter from my bank saying my VISA is compromised and is b&, it's Christmas, I doubt their reissue will be timely. #FML #
  • I can't bring myself to play another single level of L4D2, I have zombie-killer fatigue. I just need a break, zombies, it's not you it's me. #
  • Is it bad I'm glad I'm a Roman Catholic (non-practicing of course) mostly because the pope looks like the emperor from Star Wars? >_> #
  • C'mon, I know more than TWO of you use facebook. http://facebook.com/bashpr0mpt … ADD ME! >:/ #
  • Oh, also, MySpace are giving away free $'s in advertising as a promo. I'm running $50 worth of 10cpc ASCII dongs. So if you see B===D … 😉 #
  • #thoushallnot let me sit at 493 followers, bump me to 500 please? I always follow back! <3 #
  • Wired article on xbox GP boosting, http://tr.im/HSy8 I can vouch for these, was going to write ip a similar guide, esp. Avatar TLA TBE! #
  • Morning twits. Today I found out I can't gift my cars in Forza, all that custom artwork and detail is locked. Trying to find a workaround. #
  • It's #followfriday in Australia! 😀 I'm thinking of making an alt account to feed my friends list into the trend machine; should I? #
  • Any #forza fans got an unlocked carbon fiber in Forza 3 they could gift me? Need to finish a custom paint job to gift a friend. 🙁 #
  • I put my shoes on the wrong foot and confused myself. 🙁 #
  • Making my bashpr0mpt.com skull and crossbones motif in Forza 3 is hell; it's the S&C from Captain Herlock (80s anime) so it's specific. :/ #
  • Oh what a day. And it's #followfriday in the US now. What's with the three tags now, #followmefriday, and #ff seem to be newcomers. :/ #
  • Originally #followfriday was all about tweeting a few users and why you find them interesting to generate networking. What happened man? #
  • It used to be about the music. :'( #
  • Struggling to sleep, watching Battlestar Galactica on @SciFiTV (one of the few real scifi shows they have, albeit they run the same two eps) #
  • Dear folks@ #ff #followmefriday #followfriday Follow Friday – I need random friends to spice up my feed, add me, I always follow back. <3 #
  • I've noticed all the illiterate tweets come from mobile devices. Conclusion; cell phones are net access for morons, or fingers too fat. #
  • I love ancient machinery that draws tech evolution into question, http://tr.im/I2uj was 1,800 years before it's time. #
  • Almost got killed on the motorway, 120 and an old dear in a commodore decided to cut in front doing 40 under without looking. :/ #
  • Van sign reads awesomewater pty ltd a revolution in progress. Superlative central, water isn't exciting progressive or awesome guys. :/ #
  • Wtf is with Forza's obsession with Audi? They're not even good cars. :/ #
  • Bought the Hot Holidays car expansion for Forza, the car range is unimpressive mechanically, but they'll be fun to paint up. #
  • Is it me or do all car racing games have more oversteer issues than physics could possibly allow? It's dumb. #
  • http://twitpic.com/u602w – Pics or it didn't happen? #
  • #forza / Forza 3 – 2004 WRX STi turbo + mods custom pink paintjob up for auction starting bid $50k. Check it out! #
  • #forza / Forza 3 – 2010 Nissan GT-R SpecV custom paint, chameleon with ghost flames + matching CF bonnet, 150k starting bid, check the AH! #
  • #forza / Forza 3 – 2008 Maserati GranTurismo custom, starting bid 100k, barely above the cost of the vehicle, in the Auction House now. #
  • #forza / Forza 3 – 1980 Chevy Comaro, 200k engineering R3 dragster, custom paint ghost flame on alum CF bonnet & roof, 200k starting bid! #
  • Far top much time spent tonight making pretty cars to auction. Idgi, I play Forza just to afford more cars then sell them below cost. :/ #
  • Oh wow, it's 6 AM. Where did my night go? What happened to sleeping? Wah. ._. #
  • Jericho on @SciFiTV, unlike Buffy/Angel/Charmed this is def more scifi. Well, speculative fiction. 🙂 #
  • It's so lol that you can pick people who spend too much time online by the way they dress or talk. 😛 #
  • Dear Twits, any chance for Christmas you guys RT me lots so I can break 1k friends? Pretty please? 😉 So I aim low for presents, sue me! 😛 #
  • Is anyone else on here sick to death of get rich quick / mlm scammers on Twitter lately? They're all BS and do nothing but waste space. 🙁 #
  • Fuck my family are retarded. My cousin is rocking back and forth making seagull noises and eating salt out of the shaker. < an SMS I got. #
  • Crazy people are so much fun. That accounts for half my friends list. :$ #
  • Picked up an X999 car for $90k in Forza (stock 1.5 mil) but breaking into R1 alone is taking forever. I hate racing games. 🙁 #
  • Oh, for Forza 3 / #forza fans check out my customs on auction under gamer tag xBaSHxPR0MPTx (the 0 in prompt is a zero), selling at cost! #
  • What kind of an utter fuckwit brings a gun to a snowball fight? "You pulled a gun .. ?" "Yes I did because I got hit by snowballs." I lol'd. #
  • It's seriously time for sleep. Well, perhaps kellogs crunchy nuts in chocolate move, then sleep. Mmmm. 😀 #
  • Just an FYI, add me on facebook http://bit.ly/4zbZK8 myspace http://bit.ly/5wuNOW or tumblr http://bit.ly/7Ip106 and I'll add you back. #
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Seasons Greetings my Arse

Seasons Greetings my Arse

Originally uploaded by BaSH PR0MPT

Turn 10 / Microsoft / Forza gave away a ‘seasonally hand painted car’ as a gift moments ago, it does however require that you purchase their DLC and have an xbox gold membership (the hook, for people who haven’t / don’t), and it’s just a GTR that’s been painted up all snowy with ‘SEASONS GREETINGS’ written across it. Seasons greetings? What about merry Christmas?

I understand that they’re located in the US, where hyper-political-correctness is the go, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t a person in their entire country who would want lame PCness forced down our throats come Christmas time? Idgaf about other minor religious festivals held around this period, and after all Christians just ganked the festival off the Roman pagan Saturnalia, but fuck me man, it’s Christmas. Christmas. Yes it has the word ‘Christ’ in it. Not xmas. Not ‘seasons greetings’, I mean it’s fucking summer here in Australia and I’m scorching my nuts off; there’s no need to greet me for summer, there’s nothing festive about melting in 50C degree heat.

So, in due form, I submit my test drive of their shitty ‘gift’ car (see: marketing ploy) and what I think of it. The car handles well actually, much better than I expected from an S class, so it took a bit of effort to smash the crap out of it. But yeah, driving angry is fun. 😀

As an aside, I’m totally thinking of test driving various cars to compare them to representations in Forza just for something ironic to blog about, it’ll also give me a chance to get some good footage up on my YouTube account, although I’d have to go all Stig so I can’t be identified as I am–as some of you are aware–driving without a license for the next few months. 😛

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