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Geek, gamer, misanthrope, cynic, stoic, garden variety sociopath and all around kickin’ rad internet super hero. I’m BaSH PR0MPT, casual blog author, and causal element of apathy. This is my attempt to maintain an ongoing journal for more than a week, linking various new media sources together and embracing the fail that is web 2.0; the land where everyone is their own faux superstar of awesome and win.

Follow me on various social networks to inflate my e-peen and force me to attempt to maintain this blog, click on the LINKS list on the left hand sidebar to find out what social networks I’m syndicating with and follow me where you lurk so I can aggregate data and sell it to huge multi-national corporations who watch you through your television set. Uh …

Edit: So I’ve been running this site for a fortnight, I’ve gotten three or four hundred friends on facebook, two or three hundred on myspace, and a hundred on twitter so far, and my site is cracking 1.2k hits per day, that’s scarily impressive for a lite-blog about random crap, but then again some of the best stuff I read is random crap so it makes sense I guess?

71% of my viewers are new to the site, and 28% are return visitors; that’s almost an ideal balance of viewer retention as opposed to newcomers. If I were a bad daytime network TV show I’d totally get syndication with those percentages! 😛

So, in addendum to this edit, I just wanted to thank those people promoting my random rants and introducing my blog to randoms, because I’m sure as hell doing nothing to advertise this blog other than befriending randoms, you guys are the sicko’s clicking through to it from my profile. I don’t quite get it, but I appreciate it none the less! <3

Edit (January 2010): One month on, hit nearly 10k across all social networks, and have been nominated in not one, not two, not even three, but five Shorty Awards categories and have come in in the top 50 (mostly 20′s and front page for three of the categories), so I’m pretty content right now and feeling motivated. 🙂

Edit (February 2010): Two months on, I have a demographic exposure of nearly 110,000. It became apparent that a lot of my free crap for gamers (in game designs, et cetera) and whacky little contests seemed to be a smashing success, and so with the help of a few other bloggers we’ve decided to start up http://gear4gamers.com, with intent to provision rare or non existent items that gamers want, if it doesn’t exist it seems the Etsy community are more than willing to help us make it exist, so this is proving to be quite an interesting turn in my little blog project. 🙂

Exposure: 109,819

Edit (March, 2011): One year and three months. What a journey. I haven’t updated this in a while, but my demographic now exceeds 4,000,000 viewers, my klout rating is in the top percentile (meaning consumers trust my reviews and actively use them to educate themselves on purchases), and at present sponsored tweets for a mere 140 characters with my name prefixing them are worth $112.00 and a product endorsement exceeds a grand. Whilst I don’t do this for money, the above figures are based on top pricing estimates from industry leaders.

This has been quite an educative journey, and I have still managed to retain near 100% privacy and anonymity for the most part.

I’ve been able to assist many charities and community groups by persuading corporations into filling their needs in exchange for warm fuzzy feelings and a comment or two from me encouraging their good deeds.

I actively have service providers in bitch fights to try and capture my business.

I’ve also managed to touch many peoples lives, and vice versa, meeting wonderful people from all walks of life and from every corner of the earth.

Social media can be used as quite a good tool for good, and for social change. The influence one can gain just by having integrity, not selling out, and being them is amazing. I highly recommend it. 🙂


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