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Guardin’ Gnome

Guardin’ Gnome

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I’ve had a lot of emails and visits to my gnome related pages for L4D2 so I figure a better walk through is in order as I only vaguely touch on how you get / find him.

The Guardin’ Gnome achievement is gained by carrying out a mini-quest within the game, it rewards you with the depeche mode t-shirt, but involves a lot of screwing around with a gnome named Chomski.

The quest begins in the Dark Carnival campaign, on the second level (after the first safe house) you will find a shooting gallery in the fair ground, blue button over the button on the stand and it will commence the game. Targets will move past, one being moustachio (who gives you 100 points), one being the peanut guy who deducts 100 points, then there’s two kinds of skeletons, ones with red sacks (10 points) and ones with blue sacks (20 points).

Many sites incorrectly explain the above, or say you need of points to get it, the game TELLS you how much you need to get, 750 or above. It’s much easier if you have a friend helping and grabbed the two 15 round handguns as opposed to the lame 8 round deagle. After a bit of screwing around, the light around the box to the left of the shooting range will swirl and it will open to reveal the bane of your existence, the gnome you have to lug around with you.

You can drop him and pick him up again, just remember to get into the safe room with him in your hands. Make your weakest player (kills wise) carry the gnome, it’s obstructive and a complete screw around so you’ll need to keep your better players free to clear a path. During zerg rushes I recommend using pipe bombs, so everyone grab one when you see them. General gameplay style of the usual ‘use secondary weapons for standard zombies, pull out main weapon when zerg rush / special undead / stuff gets hairy’ routine is effective during this phase too.

One important part is surviving the crescendo of Dark Carnival, which is the Midnight Riders rock concert pyrotechnics display to signal the helicopter. A lot of people balls up on this part. The problem is, the Z’s zerg rush, non stop, until you get on the chopper. The way to survive this is to get your back into a corner, squat, and pull our a sword or axe as a melee weapon and just hold down your right trigger. You may have to shuffle along the wall due to spitters, or get knocked back by tanks or chargers during this phase, but keep your back to a wall, stay calm, and stay close together and you will survive.

Unfortunately, I’ve still yet to get this achievement, mostly because I’ve yet to have a team that follow any tactic other than run around solo and spray’n’pray at things. That’s just part of the game I guess, but I really hope this assists all those folks who’ve emailed me asking for more info about it.

As an aside, there’s also a whack-a-mole type game and a strength tester on Dark Carnival too, the trick to the whack-a-mole is to use a guitar and spam at it (blue button to turn it on) and hit ‘continue’ before your score expires, get 41+ and you get 10 achievement points; the strength tester is easier, grab a melee weapon, grab a shot of adrenaline, head on over to it, bust the shot into yourself and guitar at it side on, another easy 10 gamer points right there! Good luck!

Btw, if anyone finds the pink Depeche Mode t-shirt IRL, please email me and let me know, or contact me somehow. I seriously want it so, so bad.

EDIT: I have now enabled comments on all posts, so if you find any post of interest or useful, please post a short comment and I’ll ensure more content stylised along that genre for you in future! 🙂

Posted: December 2nd, 2009
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