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Anti-Semitism in Dead Like Me?


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I was watching Dead Like Me: Life After Death (2009) the movie length sequel to the series. Throughout it there’s a dying cat which plays an impetus in the narrative of a side story. Ultimately the cat owner decides to put the animal down.

I tend to notice a lot of small things others don’t, and for not even a second a cut-shot appeared of a needle drawing serum from a vial and something tweaked in my head as not quite right about the image. And for once it was something other than the ugly little troll of an actress in her mid 40′s playing an ’18 year old’.

On further inspection, and fifty attempts to pause it just right this is the clearest image I could get. You’ll note the fictional name of the substance is “Sleepklon-B” TM and under it reads “Euthanasia Solution,” now I may be splitting hair here but to me that’s pretty fucked up shit.

‘Zyklon-B’ was used as part of Hitlers ‘final solution’ for those who slept through history classes. How did something so morose slip through unnoticed? Searching the name of the fictional substance or any names related to the program with keywords relating to anti-semitism yielded nothing, but surely something this distasteful has been noticed by someone else out there?

Posted: February 16th, 2010
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