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Borderlands: New Haven Farming

Borderlands is grabbing a lot of attention lately in the gamer world, but I’m not going to review it at the moment, merely help folks with another awesome walk through, this time with easy loot item farming. This is one of the quickest farming routes for New Haven, one of the better farming spots, it’s a two minute run and grabs everything aside from the easter egg basement one (which requires completion of “Another Piece of the Puzzle” to activate.)

Using this route you will find Eridian / Alien guns every 3-4 runs, one of the best strats for maximum farming skills would be leveling through multiplayer to mid to high 40s, avoiding self-progression, then jump someones completed playthrough 2 with level 49-51 mobs, whilst going with a scavenger spec, try and grab a Scavenger Class Mod artifact, one sweet one is specced:

+3 Team Scavenge Extra Items
+2 Swipe Skill
+3 Out for Blood Skill
+2 Team Find Rare Items

Anyway, good luck, and as with all my other walk throughs, if you find it handy, retweet it and @bashpr0mpt so I know someone got some use out of it; without encouragement my lazy will kick in and I’ll write far less walk throughs. 😛

Posted: December 9th, 2009
Categories: borderlands, games, walk through
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