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Please note: @f4fhub has been suspended by Twitter because they’re cocks, @areusocial is the current alternative. Same instructions as below!

What is this page about? It’s about networking via Twitter, through the Twitter account @f4fhub. Over the past few months I’ve made 5,000+ friends following some simple principals, these principals are what I’ll be explaining to you, for free, no catch, gimmickry, or get rich quick asshattery involved.

Below is a simple 10 step plan, it will get you 500 followers and give you the basics to get started marketing yourself as a brand and your point of view and chatter as a product. If you follow these steps, you’ll be building a network of likeminded people, as well as growing your own userbase of friends dramatically.

1) Follow @f4fhub, click here.
2) Follow people following @f4fhub, click here.
3) Follow me so I can adapt this plan and suggestions perfectly to allow mutual free growth amongst all users, click here.
4) Follow my top 500 follow back list, click here.
5) Download an API management tool to follow back everyone who is following you or do it manually.
6) Find some simple lists of users who follow back, add them, and ask the owner to add you to the list, click here.
7) Tweet often, tweet literately, don’t do spammy surveys or try and ‘make money’ off twitter because for the $2 you make for a months work chasing that pipe dream you throw away hundreds of friendships.
8) Pass this page on to your friends, their growth equals your growth.
9) If you see a padlock (protected lists), don’t follow them, same goes for twitter ‘verification’ systems, just remove the user in question. You don’t need to waste your time for a selfish user who wants to waste their friends time rather than delete the odd spammer, nor do you want to wait around for some wannabe Twitter celebrity wanker to approve you to follow them. Same goes in reverse, don’t become what we all hate! 😛
10) Be yourself, and most importantly have fun!

That’s it, yes it really is that simple. If you keep following people who follow you, and unfollow people who want to think they’re twitter celebrities and want a huge follower to small follow ratio, then you’ll end up with about 5,000 users in a couple of months easily.

Just an update, I’ll be compiling a lot of Web 2.0 self promoting and new media protips into an eBook shortly for ease of transmission; it’ll focus primarily on building social networks across all Web 2.0 and new media sites along with convergence theory simplified and how it can help you, stay tuned!


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