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L4D2 Depeche Mode Shirt

I’ve wasted far too long on this, my team were absolute newbs. To get the Depeche Mode t-shirt in Left 4 Dead 2 you have to find a gnome named Chomsky, a familiar fellow to people who have played Half Life 2, where you meet him to complete the achievement of “Little Rocket Man”.

To get him you have to play the Dark Carnival campaign and find the target shooting amusement ride type thing and score over 720, best to have multiple players shooting at once with at least one rear guard.

This is where things get hard, a player has to carry the bastard to the end of the campaign, which means obstructed vision and inability to shoot your weapon. Fine if you make a newb carry it, awkward if you’re the strongest character and good with a forearm.

I was forever dropping it to save the newbs. After god knows how many runs the rescue chopper landed, just when I was about to board it one of the newbies ran up hopped in and hit X, making the chopper leave without me. Fml.

I want my god damned Depeche Mode shirt. Speaking of Depeche Mode, their new album sucks.

Posted: November 26th, 2009
Categories: L4D2, music
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