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Bustin’ Jeiber Caught Out Lying :O

Financial consultant and founder of two magazines and a newspaper and host of a financial television show, many Australian’s have put their faith in David Koch. Winner of two Logies, extensively published author, Australian Father of the Year for 2007 and listed by Readers Digest in the 50 Most Trusted Australian’s one would be shocked to hear he is apparently a liar. That is according to a teenage kid and his crazed yet amazingly brainless harem of teenage fan girls.

The young singer cussed out a floor manager when the guy put a hand on his shoulder to lean in and tell him where to go he flipped his shit, turned abusive and screamed, “Don’t you ever fucking touch me again.” David Koch, co-host of the Sunrise show, said, “We had him on and he was a thoroughly nice bloke, really decent guy. Our floor manager was directing him to where he was about to perform and he turned around to Nick and said ‘don’t ever fucking touch me again’ and Nick went ‘What?’. And then his sound guy, his audio guy said ‘don’t take offense mate he tells us that all the time’. So I was a little disappointed in that. I thought maybe someone needs to drag you aside and give you a bit of a slap.”

Justin has already taken to his Twitter account to deny the accusations claiming that Kochie ‘made it up’, expressing that he can’t understand why ‘adults’ would ‘tell lies’ and going on an attention whoring tirade in an attempt to save face, albeit it was probably his public relation firm in crisis control who were updating all his feeds, but none the less it was amusing that he’d put his word versus David Koch. What’s more likely, a middle aged father, a earnest and extremely trustworthy man versus a teenage primadonna who’s entire image relies on trying to sell himself as innocence and purity in a handbasket.

He tweeted, “Family time with my mom couldn’t come at a better time….I was raised to respect others and not gossip…nor answer gossip with anger. I know my friends family and fans know the person I am. Hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job I guess.”

I’m not a betting man, but I’d put my money on David Koch any day of the week, guess Bustin’ Jeiber doesn’t want to get caught in a lie. He was definitely right though, someone needs to take that kid aside and give him a slap.

Australian TV Bowing to Pressure

Australian TV broadcasters are bowing to audience demand, reinstating time shifted programs due to public pressure from fan bases. Public broadcaster the ABC is the latest station to follow, restoring Friday-night series Collectors to its usual slot after it was displaced by new comedy Sleuth 101. Angry Collectors fans flooded the ABC with concern about their much loved program, leading ABC TV head of programming Marena Manzoufas to admit defeat and amend the schedule. “The dedicated Collectors audience has clearly demonstrated their preference for the show’s original 8pm Friday slot so I have decided to reinstate it there and move Sleuth 101 to Sundays at 6.30pm,” Ms Manzoufas said.

While fans of certain programs long have felt shunned by networks chopping and changing schedules – often leaving a series incomplete – or moving programs without broad appeal to late-night timeslots, the advent of digital TV has delivered a win. While Channel 10′s digital offering One is purely sport, rivals Nine and Seven’s second channels have become an avenue on which the networks can screen programs that have not rated strongly but have concentrated and passionate fan bases.

Channel 7′s US acquisitions Lost and Ugly Betty are examples of such programs, with fans now treated to weeknight primetime slots on 7Two.

University of South Australia senior communications lecturer Dr Jackie Cook says the shift in attitude by channels is a way of testing out programs and gauging viewing trends across different age groups.

“I think they are developing demographics,” she said.

“They are looking at the capacity of cult shows to develop a much stronger audience. “We’re beginning to see an understanding among networks it’s not a case of trying to appeal to the largest audience and beat their rivals.”

This could also be indication that the average viewer having access to broadband or greater is leading to less viewers of television as viewers obtain what they want to see when they want to see it as opposed to waiting up to several years for a network in Australia to pick it up.

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Japanese Whalers Caught Lying

After super conservative fuckwits jumped up and down while the mainstream media was being ambiguous about the ramming of the Ady Gil, originally referring to it as ‘allegedly rammed’, more video has come to light, and even the mainstream media are releasing the footage from the Ady Gil’s cameraman around about the place that shows without doubt the Japanese vessel moved to ram the Ady Gil, which was floating dead in the water with all crew on deck taking a break, including the captain.

Earlier in the week, Japanese whalers and their puppet ‘research’ groups in New Zealand (who have, off the record, been showing strong pro-whaling flags backing Japan, in exchange for Japanese funding of course) claimed that the Ady Gil pulled in their way at the last minute causing the collision and went as far as demanding that Australia intervene against Sea Shepherd.

Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd announced that $170,000 was pledged in the first few hours after the incident while more was flooding in following the screening of a Sea Shepherd advert featuring Transformers actress Isabel Lucas to replace the $3,000,000 dollar stealth yacht the whalers sunk.

Captain Watson also praised Australian Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard – who has been accused by Japan of inflaming public opinion and making diplomatic resolution of the whaling dispute harder to realise – for speaking out. “Julia Gillard is the only politician who has had the courage to say something about the illegal activities Japan has undertaken; the rest of them are hiding behind Japan’s kimonos as far as I can see.” It’s a fair call given pre-election promises by Kevin Rudd that he would engage the Japanese illegal whaling activities under the guise of research, amongst other intra-political matters along the employment lines, and delivered on none of them.

Captain Watson was especially scathing of New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully, who has said it was not the NZ Government’s responsibility to send armed vessels to protect people “determined to break the law”. “The Minister of Foreign Affairs has made ignorant and unsubstantiated accusations and he should apologise and if he refuses to apologise he should be asked to resign,” Mr Watson said. A fair call given the almost blatent public backing of Japan’s piratical acts over the past decade in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

“How dare he take Japan’s side in this issue against his own citizens? If a Sea Shepherd ship had rammed and sunk a Japanese ship, there would be no hesitation in sending a Navy ship to the Southern Ocean with a warrant of arrest.” It’s unfortunate no governments are taking any action, especially in light of the new evidence that the Japanese vessel intentionally rammed and sunk the yacht.

Below is the only footage to go by prior to the release of footage from the Ady Gil’s cameraman, yes you have to click this to view it, but here’s two views, one from a Sea Shepherd ship and another from the pirate whalers (language warning ahoy): –

Posted: January 11th, 2010
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Artists Must Prove it’s not Porn

Painters and photographers will no longer be able to rely on a defence of artistic merit under an overhaul of child pornography laws in  Australia. Nearly two years after police raided Melbourne artist Bill Henson’s contentious exhibition, the Government will legislate to force artists to account for their works. A ‘working party’ set up by the Government in the wake of the May, 2008, controversy over Henson’s child exhibits has recommended the artistic-merit defence be struck out.

As much as I despise child pornography and those who would produce it or in any way exploit a child, I loath more those who would demand that those facing charges ‘prove’ their ‘innocence’, and equally loath those who would repress art under a moralistic dogma of puritanism last seen amongst the nazi’s.

The report also recommends the introduction of laws making it easier for police to investigate child pornography and for juries and court staff to participate in trials for these offences. This suggestion follows concern within the legal fraternity of the impact that the viewing of child pornography evidence has on jury members, many of whom find the process distressing.

The working party has recommended the law be changed so jury members, prosecutors and court staff are able to view only a sample of images during the trial process.

The assumption is the jury will be shown images and told to assume that there are far worse images, which is somewhat similar to the ‘terrorism’ charges where individuals in this civil liberty stricken nation can be charged and not be told what they’re being charged with, going as far as even refusing to tell the judge what the charges are.

Here I was thinking we voted out the neo-conservative lobby. Besides, what IS art and what IS porn? Can porn be art? Can art be porn? Something tells me the answer to those questions is ‘whichever yields the most convictions’ given that the Australian justice system’s prosecution works on a conviction quota for it’s budget.

Chairman Rudd and his Glorious Workers Party has once again shown us that we don’t have bipartisan politics, but both parties are batshit insane hardline right wingers. As much as I hate talking about politics, and don’t assume I’m a lefty, I’m quite solidly centrist as a civil libertarian.

Italy’s CNR is Bad Science

After hosting a panel earlier this year to discuss supposed flaws in evolutionary theory, Italy’s science agency the National Research Council (CNR) reportedly put up thousands of dollars to help with the publication of a follow-up book, Evolutionism: The Decline of an Hypothesis. The move has vexed many scientists in the country where the Vatican recently came out in support of Darwin’s ideas.

Authored by CNR’s Vice President Roberto de Mattei, the book asserts, among other things, that scientific dating of rocks is inaccurate and that dinosaurs went extinct just 40,000 years ago (rather than some 65 million years ago, not accounting for modern birds, of course), according to the blog ScienceInsider. The American Academy for the Advancement of Science blog notes that an Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, is reporting that CNR provided 9,000 Euros (some $13,255) to help publish the book, which came out last month.

Posted: December 23rd, 2009
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George Romero’s ‘Survival of the Dead’ gets Distributor

The Wagner/Cuban Companies’ Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, announced today that it has acquired US rights to George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead, the latest in the legendary and beloved series of zombie films which bowed at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals earlier this year. Romero, one of the most influential and respected horror auteurs of all time, has created a new, terrifying vision that combines viscerally gory undead action with biting social commentary and a return to the black humor and playfulness of his seminal film, Dawn of the Dead. Magnet will release the film as part of its Ultra VOD program this spring, debuting it on VOD platforms nationwide a month before its theatrical release.

Like its predecessors, George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead takes place in a desperate, nightmarish world where the dead walk the earth, relentlessly attacking the living. It is the story of Plum Island – a beautiful refuge whose isolation allows two powerful families to maintain a semblance of order in the wake of the zombie holocaust. But as the inhabitants slowly die off, the two clans become sharply divided: the O’Flynns believe that the undead must be destroyed without exception, while the Muldoons insist that afflicted loved ones be kept “alive” until a cure is found. The result is an escalating showdown with echoes of a classic Western stand-off that erupts in brutality and violence.

“George A. Romero is an undisputed cinematic legend, and we’re honored to be bringing another installment of this incredible series of films to horror fans,” said Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles. “Survival… is smart, extremely fun and a worthy addition to the …of the Dead franchise.”

Says Romero, “I’m a big admirer of the team at Magnolia. They’re creative and passionate, and I’m excited to put Survival… in their hands.”
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L4D2 New Content ‘The Passing’

In an yesterday, Valve announced the first downloadable content add-on for Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2), “The Passing,” targeted for an early Spring 2010 release. The Passing “brings the original Left 4 Dead (L4D1) Survivors down south for a meeting with the L4D2 cast, while delivering new single-player, multiplayer and co-operative gameplay for the PC and Xbox 360.” Valve stated that players will assume the role of the L4D2 Survivors and merely meet with the L4D1 characters.

In addition to a new co-operative campaign and arenas for Survival, Versus and Scavenge mode, there will also be a “new co-operative challenge mode of play.” It’s unknown whether the L4D1 crew will be joining them making 8 v 8 or whether it will still be 4 v 4. The Passing will also add a new “uncommon common” zombie class, melee weapon and firearms, along with a new set of achievements for xbox users.

Doug Lombardi, VP of marketing at Valve, is calling The Passing “the most important campaign in the Left 4 Dead story.” There has been no comment on pricing yet, nor whether this means there will be more than 1-2 online play servers active at any given time for xbox live users, which is the most common complaint about the game. Even during prime time you can search to join active games and come up with 0 for half the campaigns even though sales dictate that L4D2 is a smash hit, the official game servers just don’t seem to talk to one another.

Digitising the New York Times

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart and was coined in 2000 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas Hopper and John Langford of Carnegie Mellon University, who developed the CAPTCHA programme. To us mere mortals it often appears as hemetic arabic language font, so heavily distorted even humans can’t read it. However they’ve gone a step further, and whilst I may be slow on picking up on this I noticed the ‘easier’ CAPTCHA code to read looks like old type font, and sure enough it is!

CAPTCHA is a program developed by that can tell whether its user is a human or a computer. CAPTCHAs are used by many websites to prevent abuse from “bots,” or automated programs usually written to generate spam. No computer program can read distorted text as well as humans can, so bots cannot navigate sites protected by CAPTCHAs.

About 200 million CAPTCHAs are solved by humans around the world every day. In each case, roughly ten seconds of human time are being spent. Individually, that’s not a lot of time, but in aggregate these little puzzles consume more than 150,000 hours of work each day. What if we could make positive use of this human effort? reCAPTCHA does exactly that by channeling the effort spent solving CAPTCHAs online into “reading” books.

In an attempt to archive human knowledge digitally archive materials, multiple projects are currently digitizing physical books that were written before the computer age. The book pages are being scanned as images, and then transformed into text using “Optical Character Recognition” (OCR). Whilst images are readable by humans the text isn’t searchable and cannot be indexed, also file size is compromised as images are much larger and harder to store.

reCAPTCHA improves the process of digitizing books by sending words that cannot be read by computers to the Web in the form of CAPTCHAs for humans to decipher. More specifically, each word that cannot be read correctly by OCR is placed on an image and used as a CAPTCHA. This is possible because most OCR programs alert you when a word cannot be read correctly.

I was sold by this point and thought it absolutely novel and twee, but I couldn’t help but wonder how they know what we’re entering is correct. The gimmick is, one of the words is a control word, already known and intentionally seeded back and usually from the same source as the second word, the project assumes that you have entered it correctly and saves the word after enough people have entered the same word in the same fashion and assumes it is correct with higher confidence.

The only downside to this project is that at present they’re digitizing old editions of the New York Times, which isn’t of much benefit to mankind as a whole IMHO, but such is life. If you’re REALLY bored, you can click here to answer reCAPTCHA’s just to contribute to the project.

More by von Ahn

Matchin’ is a covert experiment in artificial intelligence. Every time players agree on a picture, it’s tagged as prettier. Von Ahn, a 28-year-old professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon, will put the game online this summer, and as thousands of people play it, his database of 100,000 photos will be imbued with something quintessentially human: an aesthetic sensibility, encoded as a ranking of attractiveness.

The game basically tricks humans into teaching computers what constitutes prettiness. If enough people play Matchin’ — and von Ahn’s previous games have garnered millions of play-hours — it could eventually rate the appeal of every image on the Internet. Google could incorporate the ratings into its search engine, so you could search specifically for “beautiful” pictures of houses, people, or landscapes.

“People are good at figuring out what’s attractive, and computers are good at quickly searching and finding,” von Ahn says. “You put them together, and bang!”

This is “human computation,” the art of using massive groups of networked human minds to solve problems that computers cannot. Ask a machine to point to a picture of a bird or pick out a particular voice in a crowd, and it usually fails. But even the most dim-witted human can do this easily. Von Ahn has realized that our normal view of the human-computer relationship can be inverted. Most of us assume computers make people smarter. He sees people as a way to make computers smarter.

Odds are you’ve already benefited from von Ahn’s work. Like when you type in one of those stretched and skewed words before getting access to a Yahoo email account or the Ticketmaster store. That’s a Captcha, which von Ahn developed in 2000 to thwart spambots. Or there’s von Ahn’s picture-labeling games, which have lured thousands of bored Web surfers into tagging 300,000 photos online — doing it so effectively that Google bought his idea last year to improve its Image Search engine.

Above excerpt from Wired Magazine (16.07) For Certain Tasks, the Cortex Still Beats the CPU by Clive Thompson

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Incest + Saatchi & Saatchi = Toyota?

In the nastiest piece of advertising filth to hit the face of the globe Toyota really went in balls and all with this little ditty. I’ve got pretty crass humour, but tbh I didn’t even find this mildly amusing, and I’m glad that the whole hairy armpitted muff diving feminist lobby is raging at these twats, the marketing execs behind this should be hung drawn and quartered, or at least sacked and damned to the pits of advertising and marketing lecturing at some shitty third rate university in Uzbekistan.

This is one of the many adverts in a long line that have been massively sub par released from what used to be the hoity toity brand of Saatchi & Saatchi, their most recent succession of adverts have been either abysmal quality on par with a second or third year university project, or utterly offensive. Check out the advert below, it’s probably the first and last thing you’ll knowingly see by this ailing advertising firm. It’s doubtful that familial rape and incest will get many brownie points with future clients.

“The people at Toyota have besmirched their brand with this squalid effort, featured above, which revolves around a creepy play on words in which a father discusses her daughter’s virginity and sexual prowess with her young boyfriend.” says one angry journo-blogger, “It almost defies belief that a major company would associate itself with this garbage. It’s offensive on so many levels – the kids in the ad look really young, the idea of a father discussing his daughter in such a fashion is a total gross out, there’s a stupid hubba-hubba tit joke, the “give her a pounding in any direction” line, the girl at the end saying she’s ready to blow. In a perverse way it’s a credit to the creators that they managed to jam so much tasteless and desperately unfunny crap into just one minute and 14 seconds.”

Toyota are ubiquitously pointing the finger at their commissioned advertising firm, claiming they selected the ad ‘at arms length’ by letting Saatchi & Saatchi handle it exclusively, but regardless some balls are going to be getting kicked, and with humour this fucking low brow and lame it’s worthwhile.

There’s one line, as corny as I’d expect from S&S to drop, which you won’t hear their execs saying in relation to their plummeting share prices, “Oh what a feeling!” 🙂

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Sunrise Oversteps The Mark

Please PASS THIS ON to fellow Australian’s you know, and SIGN THE PETITION countering Sunrise’s attempt to have our social networking sites regulated!

In Australia, there’s a morning show called Sunrise. It’s a pop vox piece with news, current affairs, and very hack journalism. Normally it’s harmless, but today they had a special on ‘school bullying’, I listened with interest, having suffered at the hands of bullies, and even at times become one myself, it’s an interesting aspect of growing up that people tend to overlook as far as an emotional and psychological developmental factor in life.

I thought their piece was cute, and as always they ran their usual implementing social justice using their huge fan list and a petition, up until I heard the advert they’re running to promote their campaign. This time they’ve gone too far.

They wish to urge the Australian government to appoint an independent regulator for social media sites. No. Sunrise, no. You will get signatures and support from idiots who don’t realise the danger of what you are suggesting. I am sure that Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter as corporations will lose all respect for our molly coddled nation, with our notorious breach of civil liberties as far as Stephen Conroy’s conjob of the ‘great firewall of australia’ as the government intends to censor our net, or the fact our government do not feel our citizens are old or mature enough to decide on their own entertainment with video games and a lack of R18+ (therefore if a game isn’t suitable for 15 year olds it’s banned) but having our government go to these corporations and say “Sup guise, we want this net nanny to sit on your boards or we’re packing up our toys and going home.” is just ridiculous.

Sunrise needs to google “net neutrality” and get in touch with the people it’s attempting to represent in an ad hoc fashion and appreciate that whilst they will always get a ground swell of bleeding heart viewers, they can, and in this instance have, overstepped the mark. We are not a dictatorship, and our Government interferes with the average citizens life far more than it should in any democratic culture in this nation as it is. This is a DANGEROUS PRECEDENT to attempt to set.

Please PASS THIS ON to fellow Australian’s you know, and SIGN THE PETITION countering Sunrise’s attempt to have our social networking sites regulated!

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Zombie Infection Survivability Results

I stumbled upon this little article floating around the net randomly searching zombie related things to find synonyms to express how sleep deprived I feel; whilst I am unsure of the statistical models used or the science behind it being solid, it definitely made me smile to see something like this in the NY Times: –

Epidemiologists today worry a lot about swine flu. But earlier this year, Philip Munz got interested in a more devastating possibility: an outbreak of zombies. A graduate student at Carleton University in Ottawa, he was watching a lot of movies about the undead and realized that zombification could be regarded as a classic paradigm of infectious spread: people get bitten by zombies, after which they turn into zombies themselves and start biting others. So Munz decided to use the tools of epidemiology to answer a sobering public-health question: could humanity survive a zombie outbreak?

Working with a professor and two other graduate students, Munz built a mathematical model of a city of one million residents, in which an outbreak occurs when a single zombie arrives in town. He based the speed of zombie infection on the general rules you see in George Romero movies: after getting bitten, people turn into zombies in 24 hours and sometimes don’t realize what’s happening to them until they change.

When he ran the model on a computer, the results were bleak. “After 7 to 10 days, everyone was dead or undead,” he says. He tried several counterattacks. Quarantining the zombies didn’t work; it only bought a few extra days of survival for humanity. Even creating a “cure” for zombification led to a grim result. It was possible to save 10 to 15 percent of the population, but everyone else was a zombie. (The cure in his model wasn’t permanent; the cured could be rebitten and rezombified.)

There was only one winning solution: fighting back quickly and fiercely. If, after the first zombies emerge, humanity begins a policy of “eradication,” then the zombies can be beaten. This is, as Munz points out, what traditionally saves humanity in zombie flicks. “People finally realize what’s happened,” he says, “and they call the army in.” Or as he concludes in his paper on the work, to be published in the collection “Infectious Disease Modelling Research Progress”: “The most effective way to contain the rise of the undead is to hit hard and hit often.” CLIVE THOMPSON

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Norway Spiral, Sky Phenomena

A true UFO was spotted in the early hours of the 9th of November, 2009 in Norway. What started off as a blue light soaring up from behind a mountain stopped mid-air, quickly morphing into a giant spiral white spiral on the end of a concaved cone of light, bending far more than a cone of light should in on itself then hung in the sky for about ten to twelve minutes, depending on the eyewitnesses’ account. It then disappeared completely. It was filmed by dozens of people from different angles, with one piece of footage zooming in to the end of the cone of blue light, depicting what appears to be a large plume of red hued smoke similar to that of a very lage bush fire.

Different responses have occured, with various special interest groups offering vague explainations from atmospheric phenomena to large hadron collider paranoia through to a ‘failed icbm test by the Russians’, the latter usually coming with the caveat that it was from an ‘anonymous source within the Russian military’ (see: bullshit).

Other less outlandish theories even dabble in the fourth dimensional cross-over, a natural worm hole opening, through to a micro galaxy collision with our atmosphere, the latter of which often cites the vacuous hole left behind as a mini black hole after the micro galaxy collapsed in on itself, shedding it’s orbiting mass.

The mainstream media has run with the ‘runaway rocket’ story far too swiftly and buried it pretty fast, as a google search will yield as far as very little material being out there on it outside of batshit insane conspiracy theorist sites. Thankfully a lot of Norwegians upped their footage to YouTube so we’re inundated with footage but very few reasonable sources are willing to talk or comment about it.

Any and all of the potential explanations, regardless how outlandish, may be possibilities, but all I’m going to do right now is show you some photos and some video and let you make up your own minds, please comment if you find this interesting.

Images: –




Videos: –

Potential explainations: –

Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway | Mail Online

Spiral UFO puts Norway in a spin | The Sun |News

Awesomely bizarre light show freaks out Norway | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazi…

Giant Mysterious Spiral Takes Over the Skies of Norway – Giant Spiral – Gizmodo

Silent Hill 2, The Play

Silent Hill 2, the play, will be premiering in Sweden on the 17th of December, 2009. With material posted on a member of the production teams deviant art account it looks like they’re going ahead with production! They swear they’ll release it on YouTube and DVD also, but state it may be delayed for English subtitling as it will be in Swedish and to expect it around January / February.

The cast is made up of unknowns, Torbjörn Karlsson as James Sunderland, Rebekka Robertsdottir as Angela Orosco, Peter Joelsson as Eddie Dombrowski, Peter Jacobsson as Pyramid Head, Joy Jonsson as Laura and Madeleine Olsson as Maria. Don’t expect quality though folks, the play is written and directed by Anna Råberg as university project, nothing more.

In other news, whilst this story is old it’s batshit insane and deserves a mention; back on the 13th of October, 2009 a 35 year old man suffering psychiatric illness flipped the hell out and shut down power to a hospital in the Netherlands for over 45 minutes, leaving doctors and nurses to manually support the lives of patients in ICU.

The kicker is, he believed that by ‘pulling levers and throwing switches’ in the right order he would win ‘a toothbrush’ which was required to help him solve a puzzle in Silent Hill. Yep, you read right, he thought he was playing a game, and was actually wigging out in a hospitals maintenance room. Needless to say, the court found him not guilty on–you guessed it– Posted: December 9th, 2009
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Zombie Podcast, “We’re Alive”

Click here to hear the podcast through the website, or go to iTunes and download their free podcasts to your hearts content searching for “We’re Alive” by Wayland Productions.


A small riot in LA has spread past it’s containment. Three reserve soldiers are called to their deserted duty station. Believed to be the last remaining armed servicement in the area, Michael, Angel, and Saul witness the true cause of the riot; people are starting to change and attack each other.

Armed with only what they can carry, they set out to secure an apartment uilding and rescue survivors scattered amongst the shattered remains of civilisation.

In a world turned upside down, every day is a struggle, as those who have taken refuge in “the tower” find out that their safe haven is under constant threat. In this place, however, the strengths of those who stand together, might just be enough to live long enough to see things start to change.

Click here to read an interview with the guys behind this hit podcast brought to you by the folks at A World On Fire. Please link back to us if you found this useful, or want to see more of this kind of content, I blog to keep myself occupied and yourself amused, feedback goes a long way! 🙂

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What is this I don’t even..

Plants vs Zombies

Originally uploaded by BaSH PR0MPT

Found this game at K-Mart, I double handed facepalmed on the inside, I assure you. It looks pretty cute though!

In other news, I’ve got all social networks syndicating properly, gravatar and google reader bring together all my comments on the blogs I follow, so special hi to any traffic from those, and my Twitter app is working properly now. Means I’ll find interesting twits to follow who share my interests to a higher degree.

Special hi to those folks from Twitter too, I assure you I’m not a sp account, although if you need Viagra without a script, or the cheapest cialis online… kidding. 😉

Tonight I got some epic achievements in L4D2, ragin Cajun, price chopper, head hunter, and the use all melée one + chain of command, violence in silence, wing and a prayer, and half completed the mudmen and CEDA operative side quests. Close to finishing everything in L4D2! I should start writing up more concise walk throughs, there’s a lot of them out there for Left 4 Dead 2 that are lacking super important parts or are pretty vague. Anyone have any specific walk thru’s they’d like to see? If so, email me and I’ll do it. 🙂

Posted: December 7th, 2009
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Worlds largest industrial accident

Surfing the net I accidentally stumbled across Union Carbide’s (now owned by Dow) biggest secret and the worlds largest industrial accident. This is an out of character post, I intend to steer away from acitivismesque style posts of all kinds but I’m just stunned I’d never heard of it before.

More than 20,000 have thus far died from their injuries sustained in the leak of a toxic gas which is the primary ingredient of pesticides in December 1984. Over 150,000 people suffer from ongoing pollution from the factory and remnant toxicity from the original incident which means it’s almost 1,000 times larger than Chernobyl. How the hell have I never heard of this?

Read more about the Bhopal disaster here, here, and here. Warning though, the bhopal site condones quackery and woo trying to praise herbal remedies as a solution to the toxic effects the villagers are suffering, which is patent nonsense.

Posted: November 26th, 2009
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