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True Blood Fans are Skanks, and Other Generalizations

I love how underage girls or slutty bitches with boyfriends/husbands gush about and have marathons of True Blood, which I’ve just discovered is pretty much plotless male nudity and soft core porn.

I, like all males, have no interest in it and assumed it was just more Twifaggotry and wrote it off. But more and more people I know have spoken about how awesome it is, many are young and most have boyfriends hell many have husbands.

What I didn’t know is it’s the largest instance of mass hypocrisy and a more contemporary example of sexism against men and objectification of men, along with image crushing emotional scarring that men have forced on them more than women do in modern society.

I noticed that the demographic of fandom into this new Rice-esque vampirism of faggoty Calvin Klein models and very normal almost unthreatening female characters had caught the attention of many girls who I’d probably categorize as the type of sexist chauvinistic pig that deserves euthanasia if not at least being desexed, but I didn’t quite twig as to how prevalent it is.

The kinds of constantly single (gee, wonder why) or walking STD factories that host these marathons also rope in girls who I’d expect far better from, especially given their age or marital status.

Now I’m far from a prude, but it’s the mass hyporpcrisy and trend towards overt sexism against men about this that is really illuminated by current societal norms moving towards the hypersexualisation of females.

I don’t know a single female who wouldn’t flip their shit and get angry at their partner if they were watching porn, overtly, and didn’t give a fuck if their partner knew but hoped that the ambiguity of the brand name of porn will hide that what they’re doing is going over friends places for porn fests.

If a guy did that, he’d find himself single REALLY fast.

Then we have the flip side, women raging about body image stress from models and the like. Those models aren’t there for men to look at, they’re a clothes horse for women’s clothes for women to look at. If that gives them body issues perhaps they should take a look at the ‘expected normality’ imposed on men.

I’ve always been fit, and I’m in no means insecure, but recently having Gaines an easy 10kgs due to medication I’m on I was looking for other fit men on the same meds to see what they did and what their experiences were.

What I found was, more men are insecure to the point of emotional harm, than women in any demographic circle I’ve frequented, and more have serious depression based from this as a curvy girl is ‘womanly’ and the enduring concept of women being comforting baby pooping factories allows chub, but the image of a man has slowly drifted to steroid built protein shake and no solid food intake men al la the film “300″.

The body image of women, not addressing the super skinny but more the mean example of female image is actually something most females achieve by eating healthy and being active a couple of days a week.

The body image of men requires hormone level sabotaging, starving to below 4% body fat, living off protein shakes and exercising an hour a day with an added two hours two days a week. And that’s the regime I used just to get abdominal definition in my hey day.

Then we have the whole issue of men being judged by women, partners, friends, or even ransoms if they so much as look at porn in the privacy of their own home, not some publicly advertised smutfest of a bunch of hipster sluts like a True Blood marathon by any means.

See, men are a visual creature, women are emotional. Men are the hypersexual of the species like most male animals as in nature courting is more a case of fighting the competition off, physically overpowering and raping the female, especially after a few seasons where they know that if a boy jumps them they have the displeasure of having to carry, bare and raise their young.

Women lack these fundamental psychological and genetic dispensations and this current trend seems enforced by peer pressure, and when you follow that social network to the queen bee enforcing the peer pressure it’s always some massively Americanized Hollywood obsessed twat who eats up what the consumerist market tells her to.

This decade we’ve also seen the emergence of equality in alcoholism, longish behavior, and boarding on competitive immorality from the female gender as the male. These are all new things that I would argue objectively are alien both culturally and socially, and something that is entirely foreign to Australia on top of all that. It’s purely American culture reflecting out to other nations, and it’s entirely built by the current Gen Y obsession with conformity to what they are told by any Tom Dick and Harry is normal, and if you’re to stop and question it clearly you’re a prude, or take things too seriously, or heaven forbid, you’re having a rant, not objectively analyzing what appears to be societal decay happening giving us all a front row seat to the show.

So next time you see some chick ranting about True Blood whilst having a “OMG I LUV @MYBF SO MUCH” in her bio, pop -him- a tweet and educate him, let him know clearly her love is subjective and she doesn’t have a problem lusting after other men behind his back, even worse, doing it overtly so all her friends and those on her feed are completely aware that she doesn’t give a fuck and is proud that she spends her weekends lusting over other men behind his back, which is possibly the biggest insult as it’s public humiliation and disrespect except most men wouldn’t twig on this or even realize.

You’d feel obligated to do the same if a guy on your list kept going on about say, some inconspicuous bar he and his friends go on about as totally awesome and go to often as a group while accidentally leaving out the part that it’s a strip joint and he goes there to lust over other women while his loving girlfriend is oblivious and sitting at home. You’d not only out him but give him a good smack about the head for it.

The cancerous effect that mass consumerism at a cost to societal cohesiveness has wrought may seem not to be too drastic, but I challenge you to look below the surface at ‘ladette’ culture, female alcoholism, and the statistical surpassment of men being the more likely to cheat being flipped on it’s head. I challenge you to ask the hard questions, and ignore the victim defense of clearly women are being exploited by being convinced this is normal or even acceptable behavior. It takes two to tango.

The ladette culture as a whole I should add comes in different guises, I know many hipster wanks who are ladettes in regards to thinking it’s fine to go clubbing without their boyfriends purely because they want to play up, flirt with other men, get with other men, or overtly lust over and ‘like looking at’ other men and think that’s absolutely fine. I feel sorry for men in such relationships, especially if they legitimately love their partner and are given the mushroom treatment about any of the above information.

I definitely feel sorry if they’re scared to talk about it openly, when in reality the pressure all this puts on relationships and especially the men in them (keep in mind men have societal pressure to not be sad, depressed, suicidal, hurt, jealous, offended, or feeling insecure or disrespected as that’s ‘being a pussy’ and heaven forbid if they talk about it) causes more harm than any other social pressure, effect, disease or disorder especially on men’s psychological well being and even health.

We deserve better.

Posted: July 9th, 2011
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A Man in the Sky Told Me to Mutilate Little Boys and Girls Genitals

Catchy title hey? But be realistic, 1/3rd of the worlds population are saying this when following their faith and consider it ACCEPTABLE.

I thought I’d introduce you all to a podcast on iTunes I have been listening to recently; it breaks from the normal boring preachy atheist that causes me to troll them and call atheism a religion.

In one edition it even touches on female genital mutilation, although falls short of male genital mutilation which to date has very few scientific arguments (less in this century than any other), but is more a culture of “If I am, my son should be,” thus passing on an abusive act which somewhere stemmed from pseudoscience, paranoia, or a pact with some fictional deity.

That being said, I want to go on record to Jews and Muslims out there. Any ‘god’ that says hey to follow me you have to live by a lifestyle akin to a bunch of old wives tails, oh, and you have to slice half your knob off … dude, you just run, ok?

You do not stay and chat, you do not humor it, you run because clearly it’s batshit insane and evil.

If your god created us perfect, why would you take a scalpel to little boys and girls? Fuck mutilators, fuck religious zealots.

So, take a moment to sit down and have a listen through:

Reasonable Doubts Podcast
40 Ratings

(Live link broke, WordPress of iPad lacks HTML support, will update live later.)

iTunes for Mac and Windows
Copyright © 2011 Apple Pty Ltd. All rights reserved

Posted: July 7th, 2011
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Abdul Tiba of Guildford St, Coolaroo & Kassab Krazies, Want Airfare Back to Lebanon? I’ll help!

Abdul Tiba, a crazy man with a crazy beard, talked tough today to the media. He’s a refugee from Lebanon, and while most of my readers know I’m a softy for the fugees as we’re all immigrants for the most part, this guy’s so fucked up I’ll pay for his airfare to get the fuck out of our country and stay out and take his crazy warmongering with him.

While playing the victim card, he identifies himself as the ‘head of’ a family involved in a so far bloodless fued that has caused several shootings and one bombing over the past week.

On Fairfax Radio, and cross posted on News.com.au he went on to state “No one helps me in this country, no police, not any community, no St Vincents (de Paul), no one … I tell them I want to protect my family. No one cares about this. They want to give me all the responsibility for this and I don’t know nothing. I give them my statement but still no one cares in this country.”

Heaven forbid if a man has responsibility. Especially over caring for his family. Especially while waging war on another family. I’m sure he’ll play ignorant, but I’m pretty sure families just don’t outright try and kill each other for no reason; even more so in a nation where gun laws are so pedantic even our Olympic shooters are fleeding to other nations, losing us dozens of gold medals because of it.

Of course he won’t stand up, take responsibility, and disarm his kin who’re running around in revenge attacks either. That’s too much responsibility for him to handle.

In other gems he went on air with, “I’ve been sleeping in the car. They give me two days in a motel like a fucking gypsy,” nothing like a bit of racial vilification to add to his charm.

And in the best nonsensical passage of drivel I’ve read or even heard: “I’ve had enough of this stress. Australia country they bring on 2006 from Lebanon all the citizenship, they spend 20 million thousand dollars but no one can spend $1000 to save my family. I tell them I want to go back, I don’t want to stay in this shit country like that.”

The fued is between the Kassab family and the Tiba family, and of course Mr Bigbeard-littleresponsibility has no clue why it’s happening or why his house in Guildford Street, Coolaroo is being targeted.

“If I know I tell the police. I don’t know,” Mr Tiba said on Monday to Fairfax journalists. Police have said they have spoken to the families but have received no co-operation, so it seems they’re adamant to duke it out and put innocent lives at stake for some petty blood fued, yesterday at 3pm in Glenroy, on a busy street, they did just that by carrying out a drive by shooting.

For my international readers, I have to stress, this just doesn’t happen here, and it’s only a minority of a minority who carry out such foolish acts.

News.com.au stated that a house in nearby Jacana was shot at last Thursday and again on Monday morning, followed by a car chase that ended in more shots being fired at a playground. They also stated that Mr Tiba’s house has been shot at twice, had a home-made bomb thrown through the window and been rammed by a truck and so far no one has been injured in the incidents.

So, without further ado, I wish to offer to buy the lot of them tickets back to Lebanon, where a lot of refugees originated during their civil war and other violence in the Middle East, most of which are thankful to be here while a minority brought the attitudes of warmongering hate fuelled stupidity across with them (kind of makes you wonder if we accidentally let in people who started the grief over there and not the victims of it per se!).

Again, to international readers, I just wish to stress that shit like this doesn’t happen here, this is a first for our country. And by no means tar all refugees by the same brush, as these two families are a special kind of fuckwit. The kind that clearly comes from thousands of years of incestuous inbreeding, drinking sea water, and eating strange mushrooms down the end of the yard, mixed with liberal dashings of head droppings as children.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/abdul-tiba-head-of-feud-family-says-australia-is-a-s-countryand-police-cant-protect-him/story-e6frfkx0-1226084204186#ixzz1Qdnh847M
Posted: June 29th, 2011
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Silence is Golden; Should We Be Trying to Talk to Aliens?

Sounds daft from the title, but by now most of you know I phrase those to attract readers who are used to modern tabloidal headlines and could benefit the most from a pinch of critical thought.

Very recently Australia has begun the rollout of the largest sequential bank of radio telescopes in history, producing one behemoth structure per week. Also recently we have begun broadcasting, to planets in the goldilocks zone shortlisted as most probably capable of sustaining life.

The new radio telescope banks will form one badass giant radio telescope. This will undoubtedly be at some point used in the above grandiose endeavor of pestering the neighbors, like some chav council housing skank (iPad in it’s infinite fail thinks skank is REALLY an attempt to type ska keyboard … ) blasting Celine Dion waking the elderly residents nearby.

Stephen Hawkings, Arthur C. Clark, even the late Carl Sagan in his infinite wisdom held misgivings about sending out signals. It’s too early in the morning to research my usual citations or sources, but I do believe another equally brainy chap addressed that at any point in human history where a more advanced civilization encounters a lesser advanced it never worked out too well for the locals.

Even decades ago we made such mistakes. The Voyager program is carrying a gold plated copper record (like a vinyl record) that contains audio AND images and a means to access them through convoluted brainy calculations based on the rotational cycle of electrons in hydrogen atoms (I shit you not).

The collection of images includes many photographs and diagrams both in black and white and color. The first images are of scientific interest, showing mathematical and physical quantities, the solar system and its planets, DNA, and human anatomy and reproduction.

Care was taken to include not only pictures of humanity, but also some of animals, cattle, insects, plants and landscapes.

Other images show food, architecture, and humans in portraits as well as going about their day to day lives. Many pictures are annotated with one or more indications of scales of time, size, or mass. Some images contain indications of chemical composition.

All measures used on the pictures are defined in the first few images using physical references that are likely to be consistent anywhere in the universe.

In what may be the worlds most expensive attempt at a galactic message in a bottle we forget one thing.

Globally we feed over TWO HUNDRED TIMES what would feed the entire world to ecologically destructive animals bred for consumption by humans. This, to any advanced culture, would appear asinine, idiotic, and worse, primitive.

Do we REALLY want to be pestering the neighbors, not with Celine Dion, but proof we’re so massively under evolved that while one in three humans lives in squalor going hungry another one in three are not only inflicting horrid acts upon the creatures we share this world with but do so in what could be the most aggrandized snub to our own fellow creatures suffering?

Do we think our ET chums will rock up with a food basket and a nice bottle of ’89 Chardonnay? Or are they more likely to lob some nanite enriched astroidal planet killer our way with cellular destructive technology perfectly attuned to the human genome we so very kindly GAVE THEM extensive mapping of to help liberate all the other animals enslaved, used, and abused under our destructive reign, possibly even signed off by a galactic interpretation of our very own United Nations, for the greater good?

I leave the conclusions to you, dear reader.

Posted: June 16th, 2011
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The @DalaiLama Is a Vacuous Moron, Read Why

I’ve been toying with calling him out for a while. I see him as a figurehead for the intellectually and spiritually lost. He is vacuous, naive, and idiotic. His education is meagre, and his world view reflects this.

I’ve been reading the Dalai Lama’s drivel for quite some time on Twitter, and he is currently in my fair nation of Australia at the moment running around skirt lifting and being a twat for very large fees to trendy wanky folks who’re into contemplating division by zero. I’ve never really found him compelling in any way.

His Twitter feed reads like a Multi-Level Marketing scammers empty headed random quotes.txt. In interviews he takes the generic asian mystic role of spouting utter shit as answers trying to pass himself off as deep or intellectual when in reality koan style responses are just batshit zealot cop outs. But what I want to address is, is he dangerous?

“Rather than working only to acquire wealth, we need to focus on the welfare of humanity as a whole.”

That’s a dangerous idea. Why? Because it deflects the problem, the starving suffering masses NEED to acquire wealth, and not touch each other in the pants and sing kumbyah.

Here’s a little snippet from a TED talk that I hope the Dalai Lama can check out to try and get a LITTLE bit of understanding before spouting crap. Sure, he thinks he’s Yoda, that’s his pitch, it’s how he pulls the bitches, but really; he needs to get a grip, his guru babble puts poisonous ideas into already unintelligent peoples minds who seek out a little asian Yoda in the first place to fill a void in their souls (or minds, given that souls do not exist). But I digress.

So, here we see a perfect example of why altruism won’t solve a situation that a clear lack of finances and especially food will.

“Friends, genuine friends, have much more to do with whether we have a warm heart, not money or power.”

Another example of hippy communist bullshit. People need money. Money is inadvertantly power, the power to control your future, the power to control your life, and the power to be able to obtain resources needed to survive. Circle jerks won’t feed you (aside from protein, if a sao is involved) and good feelings won’t put a roof over your head. This is again nonsense from a man who lives in extreme comfort, toting a rolex, and not in the piss poor nation he is from or represents. That brings me to this little gem.

“We should value our enemies because they provide us with unique opportunities to practice patience, tolerance and forbearance.”

This is from a man who was run out of his own country. He’s definitely not scared of mincing words, oh wait, actually he is, as this excerpt from The Australian from August 22, 2008 outlines: –

PARIS: The Dalai Lama has denied telling a French newspaper that Chinese soldiers may have shot dead 140 Tibetan protesters on Monday. The exiled spiritual leader was quoted in Le Monde as saying troops fired on protesters on Monday and 400 people have been killed since unrest erupted in March.

But his office said he denied a comment attributed to him by Le Monde that 140 people had died on Monday when the Chinese security forces opened fire. His office said there were casualties.

“The Chinese army again fired on a crowd on Monday August 18, in the Kham region in eastern Tibet,” said the Nobel Peace prize winner who is on a 12-day visit to France.

Le Monde quoted him as saying that up to 140 people had been killed, though the figure was not confirmed.

“His Holiness did not mention any number of casualties,” his office said in a statement after the interview was published, adding that “he clearly stated that we had no specific information on the number of casualties.”

Another gem:

“To arrive at certainty, you need to start from a skeptical posture. The best scientists are impartial, not swayed by their own beliefs.”

I particularly find it hillarious when religious nuts comment about science, scientists or skepticism. If he followed his own advice, he’d stop wearing dresses, buy himself a nice suit, and entirely give up his religious faggotry. And I don’t meant faggotry of the fun kind. Another example:

“The aim of spiritual practice is to become the friend of all beings, concerned about them and ready and able to help them.”

In closing, I have found a fantastic replacement for the Dalai Lama, and I propose should he or his representatives read this (you’d be surprised how many people I @reply in my titles of blog posts read the posts in question, I do have an 8 millionpw reader demographic after all), this person has the same character, intelligence, education, and charisma as the Dalai Lama and I propose she should step into his role forthwith.

How can anyone NOT prefer her, at least she can answer fucking questions put to her. Feel free to check out her other videos, she will definitely culturally enrich the readers of his Twitter feed far more than he is currently doing. Enjoy.

Addendum: For the record, I am not Chinese, I am not being paid by the Chinese government, I am not racist, I hate all races equally, I’m not sectarian, I’m a hypocritical Roman Catholic Jewish Atheist Ninja (it’s a religion!) with Jedi leanings who believes in the Ancient Astronaut theory and evolution (and other wonderous scientific mumbo jumbo!), I am also not in any way being paid, bribed, or given free shit to post this blog post, I just sincerely hate fucking moochers who run around touting hypocritical party pieces who live in comfort and tell everyone also living in comfort that circle jerks will cure all the woes in the world rather than addressing the food shortage or even the fact that PIG’s in the UNITED STATES alone consume SIX TIMES the food supply that it would take to FEED THE ENTIRE WORLD each year. Fuck. Seriously. He’s a fucking putz, what more can I say.

</rant> 🙂

Posted: June 12th, 2011
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Journalists & Fame Whores; Why Social Media Trumps Them

It amuses me when journalists try and pimp their Twitter accounts, and on review, I find they have 1/10th my following.

In Australia, on every TV channel from daytime talk shows like Sunrise through to tabloid journalism from the Daily Terrorgraph newspaper through to ACA/TT, you find journalists pushing their social media portfolio to the masses through materials that have HUGE demographic reach

Theoretically they’re using social proof to try and hyper inflate their online presense, yet just can’t get the kind of captive audience bloggers like myself get purely through ACTUAL integrity and not being boring barrels of dicks like most media ‘icons’ are.

I just wanted to take a moment to thumb my nose at attention hungry fame whores. Nothing more to see here folks, move along. 😛

Posted: June 6th, 2011
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RS Fiesta ARC/WRC Setback, Starting my day with a Bang

Well, this morning started with quite a start indeed. I was involved in a three car pile up. Pulled up to an intersection, checked right and noted a black car coming, straight ahead I saw a Ford Falcon heading to the intersection, I looked to my left, clear, looked back centre and saw that the Falcon barreled through the stop sign and got cleaned up by the black car and both came careening into me.

I don’t know whether it’s my latent video game trained ninja reflexes (only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja!) I managed to clutch the car, hard lock to the left, and was 0.5 seconds or less from slamming reverse, the stick was in reverse and I was just about to declutch. Fair enough that the hard lock and clutching prevented my left front wheel assembly from being fucked up, and clutching saved my transmission, driveline, etc from impact. But I’m kicking myself for not hitting reverse. One meter is all I needed and I’d have been clear.

The damage to my car was less than all the others and I took a head on 80kph colision with a 50kph lateral impact from the black car. The other two cars are statutory write offs for sure, but I hopped out and casually crawled under my car, as creepy car fanatics do (usually for mutual fondling and auto-lubbin’s) and I was actually shocked by how little damage it took.

Sure it’s the German model, sure it’s an RS, but it’s a bloody Ford Fiesta, those things are tiny. Two men could probably lift it up. My engine bay was intact, my passenger cab was intact, my chassis was unbent. My right front wheel assembly is a gonner, and there’s a lot of panel damage, but I tell you what, from a big car driver I am honestly humbled by the safety of that little thing.

I’ve seen my Falcon hit tree’s at 120 with a driver walk away but I expect that, they have a 5/5 ANCAP rating and are as safe as a house with PLENTY of crumple room. The Fiesta is about half the size or less, also shares a 5/5 ANCAP, and man did it show today. I’m just glad the airbag didn’t go off to add a broken nose to my injuries.

I injured my back and right leg in the impact, it’s exacerbated a (number of) pre-existing back injury (injuries?) from being a mental little feral kid growing up. It’s also set back my entry into the Australian Rally Championship in August, so I’m not sure what’s going to go on there, I’ll have to get in touch with my sponsors and see where they want to go with it. Either way, I guess it’s taught me a B-car is essential for rallying.

I’ve posted some pics of it on my Twitter stream, 1, 2, 3, 4, but they don’t quite do justice to the carnage of the impact. When the ambulance, fire and police arrived I was checking the wheel assembly and they thought I was a pedestrian squished between the cars. I feel guilty because two of the firey’s looked like they were legitimately shitting their pants at having a squished pedestrian. We all walked (or limped) away. Naturally the guy who caused the crash wasn’t insured, and the other party wasn’t either.

Am I the only sap who always has full comprehensive insurance on all vehicles, or what?

Posted: June 6th, 2011
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TBBT, Walking Dead, Torchwood, @scifitv & @triplej and Other Disappointments!

I am sick to death of TV series’ I get inti being canned or taking six to twelve months down time every fucking week. Today I found out there’s no more Big Bang until 2012. WHY do we have half a year with nothing but shit repeats and nothing new?

Battlestar Galactica ended, Caprica came out and got canned. Star Trek Enterprise got canned, even after the Star Trek film came out nothing came of it. Stargate Universe lasted a season. Let’s not mention Firefly. Big Bang is on hiatus until next year. Walking Dead had like three eps then went off until a year or more later (10-2011) .

It just seems bleak for me, no shows I like are in production at present, NO science fiction is being made anywhere in the world. ScifiTV and Syfy show non-sci fi ,ore than sci fi, it just really seems like the entertainment sector of TV world is anti-mensus and only mass producing crap that appeals to the brainless under achieving teenage demographic.

I know I’m not alone as I see many complaints on social networks and blogs everywhere, but how are the market research departments of these big networks utterly OBLIVIOUS to the huge demographic I’m a part of?

I just can’t fathom why it is acceptable in any way to have a year between seasons, BBC’s Torchwood is a perfect example of a huge offender. Season 1 was a MASSIVE hit, season 2 was a year and a half in the waiting and they decided to make a three part miniseries instead, then another season was ‘pending’ announcement for a year or more and now in six months we’ll see ANOTHER miniseries, this time only two lousy parts.

How do these fucks justify anywhere up to a year in wait? Is it all based on the fact ratings are measured over a short period and not the entire year? Surely given that 99% of people have digital cable with set top boxes measuring ratings can be a constant thing?

I propose lobbying ratings measuring companies to make their rating system based on a full calendar year, ensuring that ALL the year is filled with new material as opposed to lame repeats, or worse in the case of Scifi TV in Australia which airs mostly non-science fiction like Xena, Buffy, Angel and Charmed. They obviously think that all speculative fiction is the same as science fiction, but given that their entire customer service department is outsourced to a Mongol living in a yak skin tent drinking his own urine on a satellite phone remnant from the cold war 80′s and a mildly retarded Daschund that can type running their social network presence getting your complaint heard is as unlikely as banging Kaley Couco in the bum.

I’m just so frustrated and totally over how shit TV and even movies have been lately, even the music scene has been lame of late, if I hear another song with choir vox effects or the same but with little kids singing in addendum to main vocalist chorus I’ll self immolate.

What happened to the entertainment industry? Where did it all go wrong?

Posted: May 25th, 2011
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Libya, Less Bloodshed More Logic

I try to steer away from political issues, and I often go through and sanitise my blog to remove random angry rants I’ve posted on political subjects simply because people come here to read my angry-angry-man rants about non-political things and for light fluffy kittens shitting rainbows kind of entertainment.

This recent bullshit in Libya has been irking me though, ever since the greater population of the world decided to get involved. Gadaffi is a muppet, sure. But he’s pulled his head in happily leading his banana republic and would continue to do so until he died of old age, at which point allegedly according to multiple statements over several decades the nation would be left with democracy.

We have to keep in mind here, the ‘rebels’ may be looking for political change, but most of them are NOT supporters of democracy and are supporters of sharia law and Islamic government. The ‘interim governments’ set up in all these middle eastern nations who’ve recently slung off the yolk of their opressive tyrants are just a COUNCIL of tyrants who’re batshit insane religious nuts, most members of these ‘interim governments’ are members of the political movement Muslim Brotherhood. Or at least their own admission to the media on the subject says so.

So you’re ditching one tyrant who’s hands are tied and has literally been towing the line and being a good little prat since the September 11 attacks last decade and has gone out of his way to try and appear to transperently oppose ‘terrorism’ and other negative adjectives I’m sure. And you’re what, hiring a pack of mouth frothing god botherers who’ll put women below goats as far as human rights go and instil their personal favorite weapon of mass subjugation, Islam, on the people through sharia and other such nonsense.

Why are we supporting this action?

Now we’re talking about ARMING these rebels, even though we’re not asking the hard questions of who they are, what they aim to achieve, what their political and ideological and most importantly THEOLOGICAL motives are.

We should stop meddling with the middle east, or other far slung nations, because time and time again we find our views aren’t reflected by the people we’re aiding or opressing regardless, and that we end up with everything blowing up in our faces and fighting not one, not two, but now several vietnam wars of clusterfuck after clusterfuck with the cost in blood usually being paid more by the people we’re trying to ‘help’ (including women and children) than by the ‘bad guys’ or our own military.

I understand the human need to help others, but when you do so without questioning and understanding the situation as the ‘west’ so often does, it is little wonder that things don’t always go as planned.

Below is an excerpt from an article that set me off on this tangent. Maybe instead of arming them, or talking about military intervention, the ‘west’ could … I don’t know, maybe ASK Gadaffi to take a holiday and resign? Pretty sure he’d do it if he realised it’s that or another wonderful ‘westerner intervention’.

LOYALIST forces have overrun the Libyan oil town of Ras Lanuf, scattering outgunned rebels as world powers debate arming the rag-tag band of fighters seeking to oust Muammar Gaddafi.

Rebel fighters said Gaddafi’s troops swept through Ras Lanuf, strategic for its oil refinery, blazing away with tanks and heavy artillery fire soon after dawn yesterday.

Panicked rebels fled in their hundreds through Uqayla, 20km east of Ras Lanuf, calling for coalition air strikes on Gaddafi’s forces, before driving further away from the front lines through the oil town of Brega and on towards the main city of Ajdabiya, 120km away.

“We want two things: that the planes drop bombs on Gaddafi’s tanks and heavy artillery; and that they (the coalition forces) give us weapons so we can fight,” rebel fighter Yunes Abdelghaim said.

The 27-year-old, who was holding a Russian AK-47 assault rifle and French flag, said it seemed as if the coalition had halted its air strikes for two days coinciding with a London conference on the Libyan crisis.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/world/outgunned-libyan-rebels-scatter/story-e6frfkzi-1226031082945#ixzz1I9N4up2i
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Islam, Where it Goes, Suffering and Death Follow

Regarding my last article about Islamocrazies trying to kill people because they’re not Muslim and other batshit insanity, I found a link to a Queer’s Against Radical Islam group (don’t ask, I’m in the closet or something), which had a very well thought out little write up.

I’ve often cited of all the vile ‘religions’ out there, Islam takes the cake and slits it’s throat while screaming it’s name for it’s variant of the sky fairy. I always state that where Islam goes, suffering and death soon follow. But these guys really expound on that.

I’m quoting it textually, without hyperlinks, as each second word was linked to articles depicting videos or photos of each point in question, sometimes entire folders and galleries of these atrocities a hundred fold over, emphasising that their words aren’t hollow and that their about us write up wasn’t bullshitting or beating around the bush.

I’d like to post it with the links included because I personally feel that any hate crime or atrocity should be exposed, but honestly, it was all too much even for me. And I grew up on the interwebs, most of you know how much of a tolerance I have to midgets fucking goats while giraffes juggle chainsaw weilding cows tweaking their nipples and eating green jello. But this shit’s just fucked up.

Anyway, their write up is as follows, and if you’re curious, the website is thereligionofpeace.com (and no, don’t go there just because you’re a gore creep, your kind generate MANY deaths of sick fat lifeless fucks like yourselves who want to be internet famous by making a gore contribution and go out and fucking kill some poor cunt just to feed your filthy habits, go get laid or something) and their about us section (partial) is as follows: –

What other religion’s most devoted members videotape themselves cutting people’s throats while screaming praises to their god?

What other faith has tens of thousands of terrorists across the globe united by an explicit commitment to advance the cause of their religion by pursuing horrific mass murder and mutilation?

What other religion has clerics lauded as ‘moderates’, ‘bridge-builders’, and advocates of ‘peace and tolerance’ who, at best cannot even bring themselves to condemn suicide bombers or denounce Islamist terror organizations, or at worst actually support the terrorism, along with wife-beating, female genital mutilation and the justified killing of apostates and homosexuals?

What other religion kills innocent people over cartoons and teddy bears, and murders humanitarian workers of other faiths who are merely trying to help them?

What other religion actually celebrated the 9/11 attacks, described the carnage as “one of the miracles of the Quran” and proclaimed it to be “God’s work against oppressors”?

What other religion childishly brags about its growth while at the same time openly denies other religions equal opportunity to evangelize and even endorses killing those who leave?

What other religion has prominent PR organizations and charities so closely tied to terrorism – organizations like CAIR, which whine about dress codes and rubber ducks in the West while ignoring the Jihad genocide of thousands in Darfur?

What other religion has verses in its holy book that remind men of their divine permission to beat their wives and rape their slaves?

The list could go on (and does – each day on TheReligionof-Peace.com). Islam so routinely produces horrible atrocities in the name of Allah that no one is all that surprised when…

Adults are tied to a tree or planted in the ground and bludgeoned to death by fundamentalists for engaging in consensual sex…

A New York woman trying to file for divorce is beheaded by her husband, who also happens to be the founder of a Muslim-American TV channel dedicated to combating “misconceptions” and “stereotypes” about Islam…

Religious leaders are charged by authorities with plotting spectacular acts of mass murder in the name of their god…

Clerics advocate raping virgins prior to executing them for verbal crimes such as political dissent…

Pollsters admit that about 1 out of 3 Muslims worldwide (450 million) view the terrorism of 9/11 as justified…

A Christian is murdered in front of his own family for leaving Islam, and his children then kidnapped and ‘conscripted’ by his killers…

A religious faith that comprises 1% of all Americans accounts for 80% of all federal terror prosecutions…

How shocking all of this would be if it didn’t involve devout Muslims. As it is, most of it barely registers in the media. The very fact that the bar of expectation is set so low for “the Religion of Peace” underscores just how different it really is from others.

In fact, Islam is more than a religion. It is a rigid political and cultural system with a mandate to conquer and govern the lives of others via necessary force “until religion is only for Allah.” As the Ayatollah Khomeini once put it, “people cannot be made obedient except with the sword.”

Thus, the enemy of this orthodoxy is not just intellectual dissent and free speech, but human freedom. The divine charter of Islam is to impose itself and thus prevent the individual from discovering a different meaning for their own lives.

Islam breeds arrogance and self-absorption. The Quran and Islamic law glaringly define a supremacist ideology which draws the sharpest distinction between those within the group of believers and those without – towards whom arbitrary denigration is cast and hatred, harsh treatment and eternal punishment is prescribed.

As a consequence, not a day goes by that someone, somewhere in the world, is horribly murdered by devout Muslims in the name of this religion – over ten thousand persons each year. More innocent lives were taken in two hours by devoted Muslims on 9/11 than by the Ku Klux Klan in its entire 140-year history.

Where Islam dominates, there is systematic discrimination and oppression of those of other faiths. Where Muslims are a minority, there is peevish self-interest, disloyalty and eventual rebellion and terror when special demands are not met – all part of the eternal jihad to bring about the rule of Islam as Muhammad ordered of true believers.

It isn’t the victims who need lessons in tolerance and understanding – it is the Islamic world.

Those willing to open their minds will find that, regardless of the excuse-du-jour, the remarkable level of narcissism, repression and violence is deeply ingrained in the teachings, double standards and early history of the Islamic religion. While there is not a single verse in the Quran that commands love for those outside Islam, there are over 493 that either promote violence or speak of Allah’s hatred for unbelievers – in a book that is largely about how to think of and deal harshly with those outside the “true” faith.

Why rely on rosy platitudes and carefully-edited fragments of Quran verses from apologists when Islam speaks so well for itself? Beyond the whitewashing are obvious reasons why so many devotees do horrible things in the name of Allah, while most of the rest never seem to get terribly upset by it – busy as they are demanding for themselves what they deny others.

How much favor are we really doing Muslims by not challenging them to the sort of self-critique necessary for moral progress? How much favor are we doing ourselves by desperately trying to accommodate that which has no intention of accommodating us, or by continuing to sacrifice blood and budgets for those who hate us in return? Is it really in our best interests to assist the expansion within our own borders of a religion that is consistently incapable of building countries in which even Muslims themselves want to live?

Tolerance is a good thing, but not when we allow it to be used cynically against us by those who have no use for it once they obtain power. We need to back away from the altar of political correctness and abandon our preconceptions. We need to rediscover critical thinking.

The truth is that Islam is not a religion of peace and it is not like other religion. Sometimes the truth isn’t comfortable. Sometimes the truth offends. But it is far better that we offend others than lose our own freedom

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Christian’s in Pakistan Fear Massacres (Again)

One particular article I came across on an asian news website I frequent detailed a lot of bigotry and outright attacks based on religion in Pakistan against Christian residents. Now you all know I hate all religions and people equally, but I particularly hate batshit insane religious zealots who go out of their way to victimise, let alone attack people based on what their particular version of the same fucking sky fairy tells them to do.

This is one of those cases. Ftr, I got a Pakistani bloke I know to contact the division of the police department mentioned, they wouldn’t confirm or deny anything (ie: it happened), and had no comment to make on the issue (ie: we got caught). I’d up the mp3 of his resultant call, but … well, it’s not in English and was quite anticlimactic for me. But god they talk fast over there. >_> My two cents of the day.

Article sourced from asianews.com: –

Kot Addu’s Christian community is facing more wrongdoings by local landlords who grabbed Christian-owned fields and shops with the complicity of local police and officials. Christian symbols are desecrated but the blasphemy law is not applied in this case. Local authorities say accusations are all made up but fail to provide legal backing for grabbing Christian property.

Lahore (AsiaNews) – More.. “I have worked all my life to buy this property. My ancestors are buried in the graveyard. I am an old man now with four four daughters. I had planned to save this property for their marriage,” said Boota Masih, as he lamented Christian powerlessness against local landlords grabbing Christian-owned land and property with the complicity of local administrators and police. His woes come as tensions rise the wake of Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti’s murder. If the authorities do not act, security forces warn, a tragedy like Gojra could happen again.
Kot Addu is a city in Muzaffargarh district, southern Punjab. A fresh wave of anti-Christian violence has swept over it. Last year, Christians suffered discrimination when aid was handed out to flood victims. In July 2009, a Christian man, Anwar Masih, was charged with blasphemy based on false accusations. When his family agreed to give a local Muslim lawmaker their property, they were dropped.

In recent days, Christians have had to endure even more abuse. Landowners in Kot Addu have grabbed Christian-owned stores and fields as well as a Christian cemetery. With the backing of local lawmakers and administrators, they threatened local Christians, desecrated Bibles and crosses in a local church and destroyed 150 tombs.

Local Christian leaders tried to file a case against the attackers at the Jaggi Moor Police station but got nowhere. Station House Officer Zubair Khalid drafted a First Information Report, but failed to include crucial details, thus allowing the culprits to walk free.

Speaking to AsiaNews, Boota Masih, one of the victims of local potentates, said that the local police refused to hear his complaint. Instead, they accused “Christians of illegally occupying the land on which they built their church and cemetery.”

Another Christian, Ghani Masih, noted that even though the attackers “desecrated Bibles, crosses and tombs,” the complaint against them was registered under Section 297 of the Pakistan Penal Code rather than Sections 295- and 295-B, which involve blasphemy.

Tensions have reached a critical point and many people fear outbreaks of large-scale violence like in Gojra, where thousands of extremists attacked Christian residents in August 2009 (pictured), burning eight people alive.

Last January’s murder of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and yesterday’s execution-style assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti have made the situation worse for Christians, who now fear more than ever blasphemy-related attacks.

A Christian representative from the minority wing of Pakistan People’s Party visited Kot Addu. He promised that action would be taken in support of Kot Addu Christians.

Similarly, a local district police officer denied that anything untoward had actually happened. Instead, he said that the local Christian community made the whole thing up in order to stir up trouble.

When asked about Anwar Masih, who was forced to hand over his property under duress to have false charges dropped, the officer refused to comment.

Treatise on Female Grooming (Or Some Overlooked Elements)

I have a predominantly female audience, I have to face this fact. And whilst I love to bust out my fairy wings and lecture on female fashion and style I have fallen a few seasons behind in my savant abilities due to unavoidable life committments. I’ve noticed a lot of buzz about one of my recent posts lambasting females with long fingernails, so I wanted to address a few things that fly under the radar that ALL those girls out there–you know the kind, the ones boys look at instead of you, the kind you bitch out on and hate for irrational reasons–know that most girls seem to drop the ball with.

Long nails, french tip, nail art are out. They’re repugnant, always have been, always will be. Fashion for personal grooming has gone towards hygeine and sanity. Just as extremely long hair is a thing of the 60′s and 70′s, fingernails have gone the way of pubic hair. Preferably not there. Okay, well not NOT there, but men have always subscribed to the ‘doctors hands’ look of keeping their skin soft, their nails cut back to the nail bed proper, and hands clean and uncalloused, topped off with a no polish manicure. If you’re a guy and reading this (I’m not judging, I’m a guy and I’m writing this!) I recommend purchasing one of those four color sided buffing boards you see in the girls section of the magical wonderous music-from-the-heavens brightly lit personal product aisle down your generic supermarket. No one there will question it, you could be buying stuff for your wife or girlfriend. Follow the instructions, and abide by the above, and notice the difference. Women notice small details, as do men. And let’s face it, if you have manky hands, no one is going to want you to touch them with them.

Now, on other small details, bright nail polish has been back with a vengence for the past decade nearly, with no color off the shelf being too bright. Guys love bright fun colors, just don’t step into the Kesha void and draw bright colors all over your body and face. Your lips, eyeshadow, and .. well the rest of your body should NEVER match a color you can buy in a make-up section, other than kohl / black.

Eyebrows are the killer element 99% of women miss. Those ‘gorgeously intimidating’ girls you see? Well, now I’ve said it, go back and look at a few. Eyebrows frame the face and totally define the look; they can set off facial bone structure so perfectly or they can crash your fashion train into an oncoming diesel freighter.

There are a plethora of articles delving into these in fine detail, but when you see sites that look like they’re written by some morbidly obese fashion victim who’s merely trying to push their own grooming habits onto others (kind of like me with mens hands, except I’m not morbidly obese, but sometimes I can be a bit of a fashion victim!) or if they look dated and daggy, disregard them.

One sure fire way to base personal grooming habits on a winner is to turn to the fashion world. Ignore fat housewife magazines or pubescent teenage hormone fuelled soft-core porn passing off as girls mags; turn to the catwalk. Look at what known models are toting. They always have shortish well kept hair and put effort into it even when they’re bumming around. They ALWAYS have doctors hands, al la above, and they’re always paying attention to the small details.

In conclusion, I wasn’t joking about the pubic hair. I haven’t seen that shit since the 80′s. Oh, wait, no. That’s not what I was talking about. Uhm. Yeah. Pick up your game, change one element at a time if you don’t believe me over a period of a few weeks and NOTICE the difference you get in attention from your partner or members of the opposite sex in general.

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IT Crack Monkey @KevinRuddPM’s Reality Check Bounced

As most of my international readers (and let’s face it, that’s like 800,000 per week of you, Australia only has two modems, and we have to share) are aware, our government here have been pushing an agenda to ‘censor’ the internet with a mandatory ‘clean feed’ for some time. There were protests many years ago to try and stop them but the overall response of the average punter back when they could have made a difference was “It’ll never happen.” so as much as it pains me to say it, we kind of do deserve what we get with that. But recent pure asshattery to come from our parliamentarians–who are so detached from reality they can’t even operate VCR’s, which is ironic as you can’t even buy them anymore–is something that explains why anti-virus companies were very pro-filter.

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communication (They don’t represent us, just batshit vocal minorities, I assure you) have stated that all Australian’s should be forced to install anti-virus and firewall software on their computers before being allowed to connect to the internet under a ‘new plan’ to ‘fight cyber crime’. And if their computer did get infected, internet service providers could cut off their connection until the problem was resolved.

Those are two of the recommendations to come from a year-long multi-million inquiry into cyber crime. They spent all the money on K-Rudd’s crack and then did an all nighter the night the findings were due. Results of the inquiry, titled Hackers, Fraudsters and Botnets: Tackling the Problem of Cyber Crime, were released last night in a 260-page report, there is no mention whether it met copyspace clearance however and may have been plagerised from first year ethics students at UWA.

In her foreword, committee chair Belinda Neal said cyber crime had turned into a “sophisticated underground economy”, before taking a rasping breath from the pipe under the table. “In the past decade, cyber crime has grown from the nuisance of the cyber smart hacker into an organised transnational crime committed for vast profit and often with devastating consequences for its victims,” Ms Neal said. I postulate whether she is referring to the ‘russian mobsters’ who ‘hacked’ a dentists website and ‘uploaded child pornography’ to ‘make money’ as Senator Conman Conroy stated when asked why a dentists office was on the super secret government black list.

During its inquiry the committee heard a growing number of Australians were being targeted by cyber criminals and that increasing internet speeds were likely to make the situation worse. Something we don’t inherently need to worry about in Australia given that we still pay several hundred dollars per month for speeds not exceeding ADSL1 technology branded as ADSL2+ with a lot of fine print that anything over 56k dialup ‘in their terms’ is ADSL2+ (forget international standards here folks).

It also heard the problem was costing Australian businesses as much as $649 million a year. Including dentists with large kiddy porn collections replacing their virtual store front. The committee looked at several different examples of cyber crime, including hacking, phishing, malware and botnets. They intently carried out this research by leeching torrents, using Back Orifice on inter-office computers, and asking each other for their banking details from fraudulent hotmail accounts, such as imnotsenatorconroy@hotmail.com.

Among its final 34 recommendations were:

  • The creation of an around-the-clock cyber crime helpline. This, I agree with. I don’t pay for phone calls so I will ring them and chant “Cocks, cocks, cocks.” until the end of time.
  • Changes to the law to make unauthorised installation of software illegal. What the fuck, seriously.
  • Companies who release IT products with security vulnerabilities should be open to claims for compensation by consumers. This I agree with. Microsoft, give me moneys.
  • Another of its recommendations was to create a new “e-security code of practice” that would define the responsibilities of internet service providers and their customers. Cocks, cocks, cocks.
  • The code of practice would see companies like Telstra give their customers security advice when they signed up and inform them if their computer ever appeared to be compromised. More fine print we won’t read and will click yes to.

For their part, customers would have to install anti-virus and firewall software before their connection was activated and endeavour to keep the software up-to-date. It pisses me off enough as it is when they ask what kind of computer I’m using to access the net, when half the time I’m not even using a computer at all, nor any OS they’d have heard of. Find me anti-virus software for my xbox, or my iPhone hard-booted to run Lunix (yes, Lunix, no, it’s not a typo)  please K-Rudd.

If a customer’s computer was infected by malware, the service provider could introduce gradual restrictions and eventually cut off their internet connection entirely until the machine was “remediated”. This implies that the Government will not only be ‘filtering’ us, but also packet sniffing our shit in a clandestine way.

This entire thing just makes me want to pre-emptively ring that hotline, or maybe Senator Conroy’s office. In fact, brb, cocks, cocks, cocks time.

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@AustralianArmy Pays Peanuts, Shocked at Getting Monkeys

This morning Australian news sensationalised (gasp, shock) a new Auditor-General’s report reveals more than 13,000 soldiers are not considered battle ready. About 7300 had either failed the basic fitness test – the most arduous element of which is a 2.4km run – or hadn’t done the test in the last six months. About 5800 Diggers failed weapons proficiency tests or were overdue for refreshers.

The Auditor-General found only 18,900 soldiers, about 53 per cent of troops, were ready to go at short notice.

Now let’s draw things into perspective. The Australian Bureau of Statistics cites that the average weekly income of an Australian is $1,268.50 with the average public sector employee being exactly a hundred more at $1,368.50. There are several methods of entry to employment with the Australian Defence Force (ADF), but I’m writing this primarily as a post-grad qualified guy who dabbled with the idea of off-setting university costs with enrolment for some time before realising it just had no financial worth at all. If you’re a professional with even reasonable qualifications you can easily make four to five times in private sector as you would with the ADF. But let’s assume you’re not.

Let’s assume you’re a regular person who signs up at age 18, for the first two years you’ll be getting 2/5ths of the average weekly wage Australian’s would get elsewhere. On completion of training, you’ll get a base wage of $25-$30k based on the salary scale on the ADF website. At the HIGHEST non-commission rank you can reach (and let’s face it, a lot of ADF personel can spend twenty years in and not get a commission) CPO/WO2/FSGT you will be on $1,138.53 so you’re still falling $100 short of the national, or $200 of pub. sec.

The biggest insult of it all is, part time ADF employees don’t pay income tax on their ADF salary, whereas full timers pay the same income tax as civillians. So drop several more hundred off that reach for full-timers as Australia is one of the worlds highest taxed nations (not to mention surprise tax, as I like to call it, on almost everything you purchase, from GST, to stamp duty, to other mythical unicorn taxes, speeding fines, bus lane fines, parking fines that hedge just short of $300 a piece, you name it).

So it’s safe to say we’re a reasonably expensive nation to live in, the ADF are paying fuck all, and then people rage at them for having people who can’t be arsed. Would you do your job for their wage? Would you do THEIR job for their wage? Fuck no.

Food for thought.

1 368.50
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Man Kills Gods; Creates Life in Lab

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him…”
Friedrich Nietzsche. The Gay Science (1882), s126.

Long have we theorised the above line by a madman bearing a labtern not to be talking about the literal God believed in by so many theists. Instead, we interpret, he is talking about what this god represented for European culture, the shared cultural belief in God which had once been its defining and uniting characteristic.

So to has man thrown off the yolk of theism, every element of the divine has been replicated at large through science, trickery, art, illusionism except one final element; the creation of life.

Until yesterday when flamboyant geneticist Craig Venter held true to the pledge he made nearly 15 years ago, unveiling his magnum opus. This landmark of scientific progress, published in the Journal of Science, stands on the shoulders of his race to decode the human genome in his own laboratory, egotistically his own DNA I might add.

The madman carrying this lantern has indeed created the first instance of purely synthetic life, opening the doors nanoscience falter at with the potential to create designer microbes for special jobs such as production of biofuels, pharmaceuticals, through to filtering contaminents from air and water.

“This is the first synthetic life that has been made, and we call it synthetic because the cell is totally derived from a synthetic chromasome, made with four bottles of chemcals on a synthesizer from information on a computer,” Dr Venter said.

Lauded as a tour de force by Prof. Mattick from the Australian Research Council, Dr. Venters work is as ground breaking as science gets these days, the applications for man made life are phenominal and limited only by our imagination. That being said, mans imagination can often be self destructive, so think of all the fantastic synthesized zombie viruses the US military will make with this!

The bacterium used decoded DNA from Mycoplasma mycoides imprinting the synthetic DNA and inserting it into living bacterium, in this case Mycoplasma capricolum, allowing the bacterium to flourish with both it’s own and the synthetic DNA within, then finally using an antibiotic designed to kill all but the synthetic DNA allowing only the synthesized organism to proliferate and produce protein strands from the original Mycoplasma mycoides creating, simply, artificial life.

Klatu barada neck-tie?

Twitter Client Reviews: My New Weapon of Choice

Most of you have probably seen me evangelize the wonders of API functional clients for Twitter, I have several very large Twitter accounts, @bashpr0mpt is just the one you know me as, the rest are for business, and some for pleasure. Some are just to blow off steam anonymously even. But all are pretty bloody big. So when it comes to clients, I don’t have time to fuck around with various trialware, shareware, etc. Many of you know I’m a no nonsense kind of guy and I’m not some cash strapped welfare twit either, so I’m willing to fork out some dosh for a good product. I previously threw $10 at my first API client, it was (well, later named) MyPostButler, I used it for quite some time effectively but also used several other mass-managers for Facebook and MySpace.
Ideally I eventually want to make a good multiple-network manager software, I’ve thrown up a few adverts on Freelancer to hire me some code monkeys to make this happen but unfortunately that’s a project that’s in the medium-term goals as of yet (and no you can’t have it free, but I’ll make sure it’s as near ‘at cost’ as I can make it depending on how much out of pocket I’ll be). In the interim I’m still using the dodgy mass managers for my other networks, but MPB is sadly closing it’s doors. Well, no, the owner is selling it off. The downside is there’s no assurance that the new owner will honour previous clients by providing free updates everytime Twitter change their API. Future-proofing is integral to any marketing campaign, even if you’re only marketing yourself, with your name being a brand and your product being your words, views, opinions.

Thus it became time to review Twitter managers. I tried about six in total, only one seemed to be what I needed. TweetAttack came close but it’s license fees are too steep ($200ish), TweetAdder is near identical however it lacks a few ‘spammer’ tools TweetAttack has. It should be noted that ‘spammer tools’ when used in every day life for a non-profit entity just makes managing huge bloody friends lists easier for the most part. TweetAdder does all the mass-management I need though.

5 of the main selling features for me: –

  1. I can dump a heap of tweets and let it tweet while I’m asleep so I can keep in touch with my friends across the big puddle.
  2. It manages who I add, and removes them if they don’t follow back within X days (I set it to a fortnight, try before you buy style.)
  3. It remembers who you remove so you don’t add them again.
  4. It let’s me target followers by adding people by niche interest so I -am- finding friends and not just numerics for epeen.
  5. It keeps track of … well, EVERYTHING, and can automate everything so my life is much easier.

As many of you know, and are probably waiting for, I’m putting together a tome of the arcane magic of social networking (for fun or profit) based on my encounters with tens of thousands of fellow net socialites, so expect an entire bloody chapter on this beautiful little piece of software. I forked out $188 for my license for it, but I’ve signed up as an affiliate so I can get a discount for friends, family and followers alike, the link for it for $50 is: – http://tinyurl.com/264hl8m

Even if you’re a tight arse and never want to pay a cent for a Twitter client, hit it up and at least play with the demo and enjoy a day of power-user Twittering for the lullz. There’s no catch, no con, no sign up, no … well, nothing, just a sweet little API accessing client that’ll make your daunting user list seem easy, or make your scrawny userlist grow. 🙂

The downsides of this client, I might add, is the fact it’s for PC and Mac only and thus isn’t for portable devices. Which I tend to use 99% of the time. But bleh, horses for courses.

@KevinRuddPM, An Open Letter Re: Cigarette Tax

Dear K-rudd,

You know, that almost makes you sound like a rapper. I am writing this merely to mock you, knowing the people reading it will appreciate the tongue in cheek as I illustrate the ‘fair shake of the sauce bottle’ you’re dishing out to smokers. I’m aware you’re about as detached from reality as a politician can get, but I do know the 12 year old korean sweat shop workers you have in your off shore PR department will read this and hopefully also get a chuckle at your expense.

Smoking, filthy habit, right? Some say it’s as hard as heroin to kick. In Australia, the land of the ‘surprise tax’ as I like to call it (we’re already one of the most taxed nations yet we have ‘stamp duty’ tax on … everything, which is usually 10% (see: bankrupting on your first home or car purchase by surprise tax) as well as road tax, breathing tax, you fucking name it tax) but now we have taxes on taxes. Cigarettes were always taxed at a premium, where a pack of fags would set you back $7 in the 80′s and early 90′s as opposed to $1-2 outside Australia.

Smokers clog up the healthcare system, right? What with their dying all the time and stuff, why not tax them? Fine. Smokers pay a lot more tax than any other Australian, with almost 90% of the price of them being ‘tax’ all going to the medical system. But fuck giving them organs, they’re smokers. Hell, let’s tax them more. Now we’re nearing $1 per cigarette, and what happens? The price of ‘quit smoking aids’ which always work out to cost more than cigarettes go up too.

As much as governments pretend to want us to not smoke they realise that the tax they can milk out of us by keeping us alive an average 10 years more is far less than what they can by taxing our addiction. I say this as an intermittant lifelong smoker, who quits as often as he restarts, but fairs fair this new tax has gone way too far.

Heroin addicts get shooting galleries, social support, free housing, $380 a fortnight and FREE methadone to inject instead. Smokers get mortgages, bills, two point seven five children, two cars, and a fuckload of surprise tax on top of their taxed taxes of cigartaxes and placebo ‘quit’ substitutes that freely state in their instructions that they won’t give you the ‘fix’ or ‘buzz’ of cigarettes (and thus never last more than a week in a smokers addiction).

So, I propose this K-rudd, rather than making heroin far more appealing to Australian’s, how about you cut back on the smoking tax, or even it out across the three big killers, obesity (being the biggest killer in this nation) and alcohol (and see how long it takes until parliament house is burnt down and you’r nailed to the flag pole given how crazed Aussies seem to be about drinking (coming from a non drinker here)), which I might add are two elements I do not participate in. Maybe we should have photos of the mega-litres of fat sucked out of womens arses and thighs and the horrible chaffed cellulite gone necrotic fat people get attached to every edible product? Why stop there, why don’t we up the gore level and throw up some awesome pics from ogrish of splatter deaths from drunken road kills of people?

Or better yet, maybe repeal the tax and stop being a cunt, eh?

Much love,

BaSH (Your #1 Fan) PR0MPT

Ps: Why the fuck did I vote for him? I guess he was Obama before Obama, he looked good because the competition was horrendous, and promised the right things, then backflipped on all of them.

Posted: May 6th, 2010
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Climate Backflip by @KevinRuddPM

“Absolute political cowardice… an absolute failure of leadership.”1 That’s what Kevin Rudd said just months ago about those who wanted to delay action on climate change. He was right.

Yesterday Kevin Rudd betrayed his promise to act on climate change, deferring action until 2013: six years after he called climate change the moral challenge of our age.

So what can we do about it? To start, we have to ensure this doesn’t go unnoticed – doesn’t go unanswered. Every Australian who took the Prime Minister at his word should see this video of his climate backflip.

The Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme was a mess of a policy: a paltry 5% target, and what the Govenrment’s own advisor, Prof. Ross Garnaut, called “one of the worst examples of policy making we have seen on major issues in Australia.”2 But this is about far more than another policy delay.

Time and again, Kevin Rudd has betrayed the support Australians gave him last election. And yesterday, he broke faith with us on “the great challenge of our time.”3 It is time to say enough. It is time to take a stand and declare a vote of no confidence in Kevin Rudd’s leadership on climate change.

We could say a lot about this latest backflip, but Kevin Rudd himself perhaps said it best. Here’s what he said just months ago about delaying climate action:

“….When you strip away all the political rhetoric, all the political excuses, there are two stark choices – action or inaction.”

“…The resolve of the Australian Government is clear: we choose action, and we do so because Australia’s fundamental economic and environmental interests lie in action. Action now. Not action delayed.”

“…the eighth excuse cannot be far away – which will be to wait until the next year or the year after until all the rest of the world has acted at which time Australia will act.

“…What absolute political cowardice. What an absolute failure of leadership. What an absolute failure of logic.”4

The Prime Minister said it right, what absolute cowardice. And as he said in that same speech:

“It’s time to remove any polite veneer from this debate. The stakes are that high.”

Right again: it’s time to remove the veneer and speak truth to power. Please share this post with friends, and click below to join the vote of no confidence in Kevin Rudd’s climate decision, just a warning though do NOT donate to GetUp!, their donations are spent how they see fit and it is VERY rare they will put much of the funds to use on the topic at hand. One example was the anti-censorship issue, they raised $300,000 and donated $1,000 to the cause and spent the rest on self promotion under cause-oriented guise.


PS – On refugees, on human rights and now on climate change, Kevin Rudd has broken faith with all Australians.


1The Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, Distinguished Speaker Series, the Lowy Institue, 06/11/ 2009.
2Prof. Ross Garnaut, The 7.30 Report, ABC, broadcast: 12/10/2009, reporter: Kerry O’Brien.
3The Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, Opening Remarks to the National Climate Change Summit, Parliament House, Canberra, 31/03/07
4The Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, Distinguished Speaker Series, the Lowy Institue, 06/11/ 2009.

Posted: April 29th, 2010
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Justin Boober in Sydney

7,000 screaming pubescent teenage females rushed the barricades like estrogen fuelled psycho hose beasts for the party frank of a 16 year old boy who resembles a 9 year old (polar opposite of a manchild) who sounds like a 12 year old girl.

What’s wrong with this picture? What the fuck is right with it? (If you answered nothing, read on, else beat yourself across the head, re-read, and repeat until enlightenment)

It’s 2010, when our prime minister lied about stopping Japanese illegal whaling, withdrawing our troops from America’s war against adjectives, and getting rid of the vile fuck-the-workers “work choices” scheme … we saw no one swamp the streets to protest.

In 2008 during the mandatory censorship protests we saw only 5,000 mob Town Hall to protest the decay of Internet freedom in our nation not to mention free speech at the draconian hands of Senator-can’t-program-a-VCR Conroy.

What is wrong with a society which has crazed teen girls acting like sleazy 40 year old men with their hand in their pocket over some kid? In what jilted fucked up take of reality do we see people mobbing barricades and police lines over some b-grade net celebrity? When did Australia turn into the US?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that teenage females are the least intellectually gifted let alone autonomous minority in our society and I’m also aware that they’re brain washed to be the future of mindless consumption technicians that will keep our male workforce subjugated; but there’s something seriously wrong with parents who don’t discourage clearly unhealthy behaviour.

I don’t have children, well none that Centrelink can prove are mine, and I’m personally a fan of ‘late term’ abortions up to the age of 35, but seriously, seeing this in the news disgusted me.

These silly little trollops need to watch less OC/hills/jersey shore and get the fuck back into a classroom or better yet an adidas sweat shop. We boggle our logic to no end trying to figure out why women are paid less than men and have more dick-in-butt ratio in the socio-economic front yet allow borderline psychotic behaviour and encourage hive mentality and worship of TV-told-me-to tin gods. No male would get away with that over any female without their mates outright telling them they’re bent in the head and probably slap them around when they won’t talk about anything but their obsession. Not to mention the extremes many young girls go to (see: changing their online surnames everywhere to reflect obsessed marital fantasies) are just bizarre and unhealthy.

How young females can’t see that there’s no such tangible thing as a ‘fanboy’ but ‘fangirl’ is an ever present term and not appreciate that they’re jipping themselves out of individualistic thought or gender rights progression is beyond me.

Pre-pube girls, grow the fuck up. Pre-pube girl parents, put them in therapy you disillusioned cunts.

Posted: April 26th, 2010
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“You Can’t Make Money Online,” I was Wrong, Barely

As most of you are aware I’ve been examining online ‘money making’ drivel and usually exposing the bullshit behind it and the con artists who’re reaping the rewards. From ‘get paid to tweet’ to MLM I’ve pointed out quite a few organisations and people who are dodgy. This time I’ve been proven wrong. WHAT? ME? WRONG? Only marginally though. $5 in a month is NOT an income.

Credit where credit is due, if you really want to be a knob and try and make a buck on the internet, try Sponsored Tweets, they’re run by IZEA a ‘Social Media Marketingbusiness with decent sponsors. Lifestyle Channel have taken an interest in my blog adventures and whilst I am being derisive by saying $5 in a month that’s because it took a month for them to send me an offer, it works out to be $5 per tweet they feed into my stream, which could be a money winner if you talk about crap that will attract the right sponsors I guess? Their banners aren’t all that crappy too if you’re into the whole affiliate marketing crap, but I for one don’t see any value for time in that stuff. Example below.

SponsoredTweets referral badge

Anyway, that’s as much as an update you’re going to get, so you CAN make money online but not enough to buy a beer down the pub. 🙂

Posted: April 23rd, 2010
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