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Sick People without Manners

People turn into complete morons when they’re sick, suddenly they want to talk face to face with you, or look at your food or talk at your coffee or do completely unnecessary things that guarantee they’ll get those wonderful microbacterial or worse, viral spittle droplets into and onto everything around you.

People never want to talk staring straight at you unless they’re sick and the moronocism effect kicks in, otherwise they’re perfectly capable of talking to you while doing other things.

I think there should be a prison term for wilful neglect causing the infection of a person.

Think about it. You’d have to seriously injure and beat someone to harm them enough for them to lose a week of work, and yet it’s perfectly acceptable for a fucking dolt to put you out of action for a week because they’re too selfish to quarantine themselves or stay home from work or school or whatever.

Fuck sick people with no manners.

(Btw, if you’re wondering why such a random topic, at present I spend most of my weeks caring for my grandmother, who is undergoing chemotherapy for small cell carcinoma. At present her white cell count is SO low she has to have transfusions and has NO immune system. Everyone knows this, and yet they still show complete disregard for the most part. Figured I’d nerdrage and vent here instead of murdering people in their diseased sleep.)


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