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Bustin’ Jeiber Caught Out Lying :O

Financial consultant and founder of two magazines and a newspaper and host of a financial television show, many Australian’s have put their faith in David Koch. Winner of two Logies, extensively published author, Australian Father of the Year for 2007 and listed by Readers Digest in the 50 Most Trusted Australian’s one would be shocked to hear he is apparently a liar. That is according to a teenage kid and his crazed yet amazingly brainless harem of teenage fan girls.

The young singer cussed out a floor manager when the guy put a hand on his shoulder to lean in and tell him where to go he flipped his shit, turned abusive and screamed, “Don’t you ever fucking touch me again.” David Koch, co-host of the Sunrise show, said, “We had him on and he was a thoroughly nice bloke, really decent guy. Our floor manager was directing him to where he was about to perform and he turned around to Nick and said ‘don’t ever fucking touch me again’ and Nick went ‘What?’. And then his sound guy, his audio guy said ‘don’t take offense mate he tells us that all the time’. So I was a little disappointed in that. I thought maybe someone needs to drag you aside and give you a bit of a slap.”

Justin has already taken to his Twitter account to deny the accusations claiming that Kochie ‘made it up’, expressing that he can’t understand why ‘adults’ would ‘tell lies’ and going on an attention whoring tirade in an attempt to save face, albeit it was probably his public relation firm in crisis control who were updating all his feeds, but none the less it was amusing that he’d put his word versus David Koch. What’s more likely, a middle aged father, a earnest and extremely trustworthy man versus a teenage primadonna who’s entire image relies on trying to sell himself as innocence and purity in a handbasket.

He tweeted, “Family time with my mom couldn’t come at a better time….I was raised to respect others and not gossip…nor answer gossip with anger. I know my friends family and fans know the person I am. Hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job I guess.”

I’m not a betting man, but I’d put my money on David Koch any day of the week, guess Bustin’ Jeiber doesn’t want to get caught in a lie. He was definitely right though, someone needs to take that kid aside and give him a slap.

TV Review: Generation Kill

Generation Kill is a warts-and-all series that has just launched it’s pilot over here in Australia on Foxtel showcase, we’re two years behind so I recommend pirating this one if you’re in Australia (Eztv.it haven’t picked it up yet, so use piratebay). It’s a very unapologetic examination of the first 40 days of the firt invasion of Iraq based on the book of the same name by Evan Wright. It indirectly follows his experience as an embedded reporter with the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion‎ of the United States Marine Corps during the 2003 invasion.

It was adapted for television by David Simon, Ed Burns and Wright. The series premiered on July 13, 2008 and spanned seven episodes. It doesn’t look like it’ll be up for more seasons any time soon but the realistic feel of the series makes it compelling viewing. From bigoted red necks, to ethnic rows intents through to the ‘shooting dogs’ fanatacism that the US military are notorious for this seems to be shaping up less of a propaganda piece like most US military related things and more like a show it as it is series.

I’ll probably review it once I’ve finished the series, but in the interim, grab the first few eps and tell me if you like it.

Posted: May 16th, 2010
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Woke Up Dead, Spammy Zombies

The SciFiTv channel in Australia has been airing a lot of crappy infomercial-disguised-as-edgy-hipster-shows of late, the most recent shows the advertising heavyweight of the ‘zombie’ genre mixed with allusions to viral marketing. First, here’s what wiki has to say:

“Woke Up Dead is an American horror/comedy web series starring Jon Heder (best known for Napoleon Dynamite) as a young man who awakes in a full bathtub after ‘drowning’ and has no heartbeat, prompting his friends to believe him to be a zombie.

The show premiered on Sony Pictures Entertainment owned Crackle on October 5, 2009. Woke Up Dead is a production of Electric Farm Entertainment, a company that produced Afterworld, which currently runs on Crackle, along with Gemini Division and Valemont.

The show is executive produced by Brent V. Friedman, Stan Rogow, and Jeff Sagansky. Heder’s co-stars are Krysten Ritter, Josh Gad, and Wayne Knight. New episodes streamed weekdays through the end of October 2009.

The first episode was included on the Zombieland DVD. A season one DVD is in production. It is currently unknown if there will be a second season.”

Those familiar with Afterworld will remember it was a good concept wrecked by bad production and so intermittant you’d never follow the plot, not to mention unless you were in the US you couldn’t view episodes online.

Gemini Devision went one step further into the bowels of Internet fail by portraying it’s narrative as the vlog of some silly bitch on some urgent super mission being leaked. It was PACKED with promotional advertising which left you boggling at how they squeezed ten seconds of trashy hack narrative into four minutes of epilepsy inducing sub and paraliminal marketing gaffes.

So to does this next ‘feature’ from Electronic Farm disappoint. With blatent advertising segues in dialogue disengaging the viewer it forcibly pimps Kodal, Jeep, Ford, Doritos and Motorola. Many items are changed to have their logo physically in view, where logos aren’t found on the items in the real world.

Electric Farm breeds a lot of cows, because they sure as fuck shovel out more bullshit than any other ‘production company’ at present. Maybe film makers will take note of it’s limited success even with horrible advertising, or that of Dead Set (a zombie serial aired on BBC) and bring us a REAL zombie series?

Big Bang Theory, Sheldon + Blossom?

Image Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.comIt’s a match made in TV geek heaven: The Big Bang Theory has tapped erstwhile Blossom star Mayim Bialik to guest star (and possibly recur) as a potential love interest for Sheldon.

Bialik’s character, Victoria, gets paired with Sheldon on an eHarmony-type matchmaking service — and with good reason. She’s described as the female version of Jim Parson’s theoretical physicist.

Bialik, who has a recurring role as the high school guidance counselor on The Secret Life of the American teenager, will appear in Big Bang’s May 24 season finale and could return next season in a recurring capacity. The casting comes amid a flurry of female activity for Sheldon. Judy Greer will “spend the night” with him in early May. Is this proof that exec producer Chuck Lorre has reconsidered creating a third gender for him?

Don’t wait years for your television provider to dole out old episodes of The Big Bang Theory, torrent episodes, from the pilot through to the most recent at: http://eztv.it/shows/23/

Here’s a question that would’ve left Einstein scratching his head: Is Big Bang Theory brainiac Sheldon straight? Gay? Asexual? According to executive producer Chuck Lorre, “other” may be the best way to describe him.“His entire focus is on the work that he’s doing — theoretical physics,” explains Lorre. “‘Alternate reality’ is another way of looking at it. Characters like Sheldon are drawn to an alternate reality that might be more comforting than the ones they live in. And why modify that? Why not let the character be that unique?”

Well, for one thing, because some viewers are dying to see Sheldon in a relationship. Jim Parsons, who plays the scientist, empathizes. “People want to see him cared for in a way that those of us a little more average have been able to experience through love,” he suggests. “But I also [understand] Chuck’s point that all Sheldon really wants is a Nobel Prize. That’s the warm embrace that he longs for.”

Lorre says it’s unlikely questions surrounding Sheldon’s sexuality will ever be answered. “Why would we have to [brand him ever] if the character is so thoroughly focused on his work?” he argues. “If touching other human beings of any gender is irrelevant to him, why label the thing? Why can’t there be a third gender — male, female and Sheldon?”

For his part, Parsons is more than happy to continue playing the ambiguity of it all. “Do I think that he’s ever going to sway one way or the other? I don’t know,” he says. “If nothing else, it keeps open the world of possibilities.”

Okay, now it’s your turn. Use the space below to explain why you think Cupid should target ol’ Smarty-Pants. While you’re at it, shall we take a vote? Straight, gay or… “other”?

Posted: March 30th, 2010
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Why you Shouldn’t Use Optus

Where to begin. Apparently Optus Vision doesn’t exist anymore, their lame resale of Foxtel cable TV is winding up and they will only cater for existing customers. I rang their sales line only to be told to ring back between office hours (which I shouldn’t have to do) to contact their accounts team and they outright refused a sale of a $3,000+ contract for TV and home phone services.


Because they can’t manage a sales team and haven’t even trained their existing sales team in how to sell an upgrade, or anything beyond merely regurgitating advertising materials, or so said the Optus sales person I was speaking to in a more off the record chat of frustrations.

I kind of figured something was up, although haven’t read any news about it; however optus.com.au only listed mobile and internet plans, no mention of TV anywhere, and optusvision.com.au seems to have been hijacked by a domain parker account. Seems they can’t even manage their own intellectual property rights, no wonder they can’t assist someone wanting to throw cash at them.

Optus Mobile coverage is equally abysmal, when you do get a bar of service that is. They’ve been ‘setting up a new tower’ in my area for the past ten years, every few weeks for a laugh I call up and complain about lack of service with intent to one day get a copy of my account contact with them and mail it to their head office with a big frowny face drawn on it. Although, in good news, I found I’m no longer in contract so I can fuck off to Telstra with that one too.

Their internet, on the other hand, is an entirely new shade of shit. They had to hire designers to create the shade of shit of their connectivity, lack of plans, and shaping. Their plans were savvy, in the 90′s, but stayed in the 90′s with 20 gb cap being the largest offering they had until their recent 90 gb scam offer (more on that in a tick), when you hit your cap you’re shaped down to ’64k’, however whilst your contract and their site says this, they consider anywhere down to 2k to be ‘acceptable’ shaping, or so I’ve been told numerous times when I’ve been shaped down to even under 1k.

Their latest offering of broadband internet is whimsical. Their speeds are about 8 meg at the best of times, which I’ll admit is not bad for broadband in Australia, however that’s only on their pre-2000 connections, the rest are all speed limited, shaped, and redirected up the whazoo–a mate of mine’s broadband from home to optus server out to the wilds of the internet had 38 hops, 30 of which were in the same Optus building–newer connections really don’t cut the mustard.

They are, however, offering a whopping 90 GIGABYTES DOWNSTREAM CAP. Although, it’s at twice the price of TPG’s 120 GB downstream plan, AND, if you read the fine print with Optus, it’s 30 GB during peak time (midday to midnight) and 60 GB off peak, reducing to 30 GB off peak during the second year of your two year contract, so they’re selling you a 30 GB account, period, pretty much. The kicker to it all is, they count your upstream in your traffic. Upstream is free, it always has been, and always will be, with all primary backbones and internet service providers, however due to the average internet user being an ignorant twat and the fact consumers rarely ever cause a stir when getting dicked we’re faced with our upstream being accounted for and charged for.

Think of it this way, they get their upstream through the major telco pipelines they use free, they charge you anywhere up to 400% the cost they pay for their downstream on your downstream, then charge you 100% for your upstream, that’s raising their profit margin an additional 100% to a whopping 500% of what their overheads are: for what their product is really worth on a resale level.

I’ve contacted Optus in the past, recently actually, asking them why I should bother staying with them, given that I’ve been an Optus customer since they arrived in the country back in ’96 – ’97 and stayed with them even when they merged with the big flop telco SingTel, and got some copy pasted default reply from some braindead office wank.

It’s sad to say though, I expected no different. Australian companies have become Americanised, customer loyalty isn’t something they care about anymore, there’s plenty of saps left in the world to be sucked in to various plans and packages that sound good at face value.

It’s time for me to switch services. Foxtel straight from the source, Telstra for their epic mobile network coverage and functional 3G network, and TPG for their brilliant naked ADSL2+ plans with huge caps with shaping down to 1 meg when you go over cap as opposed to 1k with Optus.

I’m guessing SingTel are just using Optus as a tax write off, because they sure aren’t looking to make money in Australia anymore.

Posted: January 7th, 2010
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