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Please note: @f4fhub has been suspended by Twitter because they’re cocks, @areusocial is the current alternative. Same instructions as below!

This page is more for power users, most of you know I’m not into time wasting with bullshit and won’t suffer stupidity of marketing gimmicks, and many of you know I’m currently writing a book to be published later this year by Amazon’s publishing house, but I want to be able to get my shit out there sooner and get my friends list benefiting from proper power-user mentality.

Why? You get more friends, your friends will probably stumble upon me, so I get more friends, and we all win.

So, what to do?

1. Most of you have probably seen me ‘spamming’ my list with the @f4fhub account, if you haven’t checked it out I recommend you start with that, click here to read my page about the network plus 10 GREAT twitter tips to build a solid following.

2. Grab a copy of a power user client, my last recommendation has gone out of business (he sold it for a small fortune to a company that aren’t honouring old memberships) but in digging around and after many late nights researching I discovered Tweet Adder, it’s pricey, $55 per license, but if you even want to break 5-10k you’re going to need a real client, that’s one of the ‘big secrets’ of big number power users to be brutally honest. I’ve created an affiliate account, for every sale I’ll be able to reimburse you $17.50 bringing the price tag of it down. Click here to take up this offer, but please MAKE SURE YOU GIVE ME YOUR PAYPAL ADDRESS so I can reimburse you, there’s no point trying to save you a buck if you forget that important step. Tweet it at me along with the date and TIME of the purchase (or ID number) and I’ll remiburse folks once per week or when available. <3

3. This is an ethical grey area, but I’ve sourced the cheapest place to ‘buy’ targetted followers, these services work by pairing you with interested opt-in parties who are also looking to build their friend network. uSocial is a big Australian company that sell bulk followers for $400+ish per 10k but having put the word out there that I’m looking to streamline prices for my friends network (and for my book) to ensure that I can give out pro-tips people can use immediately I’ve sourced 10k users down to $99. Unethical? Possibly, but your follower network is based off social proof; if you have 10k friends people are more likely to add you because they assume you’re not some boring twat. But the bottom line is, most big number twitter accounts have sourced third party followers at some point, I run a half dozen other Twitter accounts but haven’t bothered with it for @bashpr0mpt so it IS possible to do without, but man does it make life easier to build seriously huge social branding with. Click here to grab 10k users off eBay, or click here to source a smaller amount of followers (from $10 for 2k upwards).

Those three simple steps will see you busting out some serious figures in minimal time, and to be honest that’s the apex of the best advice I can offer (and probably did myself out of a book sale by divulging the better secrets free), but as I said, the more you grow the more I grow, so do it! 🙂

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