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GSM Mobile Phones, Integrity ‘Intact’

A wireless technology industry group has claimed that mobile phone conversations are still safe from eavesdropping in the wake of German researcher Karsten Nohl’s leaking of code used to unscramble calls made by most of the worlds phones last week.

The London-based GSM Association yesterday said that it has spent the past few years figuring out ways to thwart hackers who might try to tap into wireless calls using Nohl’s research, which it first learned of in 2007.

GSM Association engineers have figured out a short-term solution to block eavesdroppers, said James Moran, head of security for the association. It involves making slight changes to the settings in each wireless operator’s network. Carriers can quickly make those adjustments by tweaking existing features in the technology, Mr Moran said.

Mr Nohl’s research applies to GSM technology, which runs about 80 per cent of the world’s mobile phones, including systems run by AT&T, Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom. Over the next several years, GSM carriers will adopt a new standard for encrypting, or scrambling, voice conversations that will be tougher to crack, according to Mr Moran.

Posted: January 10th, 2010
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Streaming MKV on Xbox 360

So there’s a file type out there called MKV. It’s shit. Only absolute wankers use it. It provides no greater a compression ratio than any other file format that is supported on almost friggen everything and is supported on very, very few default installs of any player. It’s the bane of the xbox 360 TV streamers world, and causes more QQ from noobs than any other format. It’s commonly used by fucktards who think people use RAR still, or bother compressing single files under a few hundred meg when there’s no compression pay off to time wasted fucking around. Needless to say, the idiot proof program for streaming PC to Xbox, TVersity, doesn’t support it.

MKV will eat your soul, almost every forum and thread on it is people bitching and moaning about how unsupported it is followed by absolute dimwits trying to defend it when all the consumer wanted was something that works out the box rather than a grow-and-assemble-your-own-automobile-from-scratch kit.

Well, let my countless downloads of various programs, codecs, and virii and having to manually remove EVERY FRIGGEN CODEC on my box to use various ‘methods’ that ‘TTLY WRK DOODLOL’ and cut to the chase: –

GOTSent, http://www.videohelp.com/tools/GOTSent

That’ll do it. It does however need you to download and install two programs before installing it, I won’t go into the tl;dr about what they’re for yadda yadda, they are: –

Haali Media Splitter, http://www.videohelp.com/tools/haali_media_splitter
AC3 Filter, http://www.videohelp.com/tools/ac3_filter

Haali will allow GOTSent to split your files to 4 gig (or whatever you set it to) to burn to DVD or whatever, but if you’re reading this you want to stream from your PC to your Xbox. Do this using TVersity. Load the input file, set the output to whatever, choose what box you want to encode for, then hit the button and wait. It’ll open an MS-DOS shell window (black window with white text), don’t freak out. It’ll do this several times as it rips the video, rips the audio, compiles the video, filters the audio, then merges the two. It’ll take about 5-10 minutes for a 1 gb file, it’s output is almost 1:1, about ten meg bigger at the 1 GB+ mark, so remember to abuse MKV users for being absolute fuckwits.

Good luck, and enjoy that HDTV goodness. Remember to check out http://eztv.it to find awesome shows you already watch, but watch them well before you get them on TV and minus ad breaks. Piracy due to substandard TV broadcasters FTW. Oh, also, check out ‘V’, the reimagined series of the 1980′s sci fi thriller of reptillian aliens eating face and stuff. And come February, you’ve got Lost, House, and CAPRICA starting up. 2010 is going to be a good year for couch hounds. 🙂

Posted: January 7th, 2010
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AC2 Treasure & Feathers Guide

Treasure I understand, feathers … not so much, but regardless, Assassins Creed 2 is a collect-a-thon of rubbish to make the game gods happy, many of which are a mongrel to find unless you have a map. Treasure maps you can buy in game, but feather maps are a dime a dozen and most are incorrect. Below is a compilation of the most accurate maps I’ve found (hand verified dozens from each map) and should make your adventures in medieval Italy much less daunting.

I still find the whole parkour thing amusing, but at the same time terrifying due to the whole heights thing. I’m one of those lamers who twitch, or duck IRL when my character does something similar in game unfortunately, so something like Assassins Creed 2 drives me nuts! 😛

Anyway, good huntin’!

• Treasure Map
• Feathers Map
• Feather Locations, San Giovanni District
• Feather Locations, San Marco District
• Feather Locations, Santa Maria Novella District

• Treasure Map
• Feathers Map
• Feather Locations

• Treasure Map
• Feathers Map
• Feather Locations

• Treasure Map

• Treasure Map
• Feathers Map
• Feather Locations

• Treasure Map
• Feathers Map
• Feather Locations, San Polo District
• Feather Locations, San Marco District
• Feather Locations, Dorsoduro District
• Feather Locations, Castello District
• Feather Locations, Cannaregio District

Posted: December 7th, 2009
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Guardin’ Gnome

Guardin’ Gnome

Originally uploaded by BaSH PR0MPT

I’ve had a lot of emails and visits to my gnome related pages for L4D2 so I figure a better walk through is in order as I only vaguely touch on how you get / find him.

The Guardin’ Gnome achievement is gained by carrying out a mini-quest within the game, it rewards you with the depeche mode t-shirt, but involves a lot of screwing around with a gnome named Chomski.

The quest begins in the Dark Carnival campaign, on the second level (after the first safe house) you will find a shooting gallery in the fair ground, blue button over the button on the stand and it will commence the game. Targets will move past, one being moustachio (who gives you 100 points), one being the peanut guy who deducts 100 points, then there’s two kinds of skeletons, ones with red sacks (10 points) and ones with blue sacks (20 points).

Many sites incorrectly explain the above, or say you need of points to get it, the game TELLS you how much you need to get, 750 or above. It’s much easier if you have a friend helping and grabbed the two 15 round handguns as opposed to the lame 8 round deagle. After a bit of screwing around, the light around the box to the left of the shooting range will swirl and it will open to reveal the bane of your existence, the gnome you have to lug around with you.

You can drop him and pick him up again, just remember to get into the safe room with him in your hands. Make your weakest player (kills wise) carry the gnome, it’s obstructive and a complete screw around so you’ll need to keep your better players free to clear a path. During zerg rushes I recommend using pipe bombs, so everyone grab one when you see them. General gameplay style of the usual ‘use secondary weapons for standard zombies, pull out main weapon when zerg rush / special undead / stuff gets hairy’ routine is effective during this phase too.

One important part is surviving the crescendo of Dark Carnival, which is the Midnight Riders rock concert pyrotechnics display to signal the helicopter. A lot of people balls up on this part. The problem is, the Z’s zerg rush, non stop, until you get on the chopper. The way to survive this is to get your back into a corner, squat, and pull our a sword or axe as a melee weapon and just hold down your right trigger. You may have to shuffle along the wall due to spitters, or get knocked back by tanks or chargers during this phase, but keep your back to a wall, stay calm, and stay close together and you will survive.

Unfortunately, I’ve still yet to get this achievement, mostly because I’ve yet to have a team that follow any tactic other than run around solo and spray’n’pray at things. That’s just part of the game I guess, but I really hope this assists all those folks who’ve emailed me asking for more info about it.

As an aside, there’s also a whack-a-mole type game and a strength tester on Dark Carnival too, the trick to the whack-a-mole is to use a guitar and spam at it (blue button to turn it on) and hit ‘continue’ before your score expires, get 41+ and you get 10 achievement points; the strength tester is easier, grab a melee weapon, grab a shot of adrenaline, head on over to it, bust the shot into yourself and guitar at it side on, another easy 10 gamer points right there! Good luck!

Btw, if anyone finds the pink Depeche Mode t-shirt IRL, please email me and let me know, or contact me somehow. I seriously want it so, so bad.

EDIT: I have now enabled comments on all posts, so if you find any post of interest or useful, please post a short comment and I’ll ensure more content stylised along that genre for you in future! 🙂

Posted: December 2nd, 2009
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Xbox 360p (laptop!)

Xbox 360p (laptop!)

Originally uploaded by BaSH PR0MPT

I was reviewing the generic trendy design sites I tend to regularly read when I came across this novel idea. Years ago I used to custom make my desktops, and would go out of my way to make them as tiny as possible, even forking out big bucks for solid state hard drives, something that has only just recently become industry standard for micro pc’s. You can imaging my amusement when I found this.

An Xbox 360p, (see: laptop!) modified by Benheck. It has all the functionality of an Xbox 360 just bunged into a nice little aluminium chassis and coupled with a neat little display. The design, albeit a little on the chunky side, is reasonably chic, I love the keyboard accents and the integration of the green wheel Xbox front end being where a trackball would be on a laptop.

Hidden behind it’s chic design is a rather impressive heat sinking system, so no RROD (Red Ring of Death) recovery there as you’d be hard pressed to overheat this laptop.

Somehow I doubt it’s functional purpose, given that an xbox is reasonably portable, and you generally use a laptops portability for university or work related stuff. Also given the commonality of games consoles and access to them, it packages this into the box of “random yet cool” gadget at best.

I dunno though, I kind of like it.

Click here for build info.

Posted: December 1st, 2009
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Xbox hacking, custom photos

So, I’ve noticed the Xbox only allows you to have a VERY restricted choice of gamer pictures, and the only way to get PERSONAL pictures up is to take a photo of yourself through the special massively overpriced xbox webcam which only your friends can see. It’s still rather lame you can’t upload graphics, so after an hour or so wasting time on google to make sure that there is no possible way out there to make custom gamer personal pics I decided to think a little laterally.

If you can hack this up, you can mount any graphic. Keep in mind, at the moment people take photos of drawings and shit or try and take photos of their laptop screen and it all looks terribly fail.

The thing you want to be able to customise is here, and is only visible when you have your webcam plugged in.

The only way I can think of doing it is to splice the webcam’s cable onto an RSA video cable and plug it into a PC with a TV/AV card and mount it as a display. So you’ll fool the xbox into thinking it’s viewing through a webcam but it’s really viewing your computers screen. Then you load up any image you want to use as your personal picture, and mount it full-screen, then save it on the xbox as though you were taking a ‘photo’ through your webcam.

Downside is you butcher a perfectly good albeit massively overpriced proprietary camera, upside is the epic buff of your geek points off the richter. I’ll give it a shot sometime in the near future and will post results if someone doesn’t inb4 me and hack up their camera.


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